Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - (15)Weakness

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016




Sitting comfortably on the couch in the living room with a T.V remote hanging limp in my hand, I flipped through channels in hopes of finding something good to watch. I’ve got to say that it felt odd, having nothing to do and lacking any worry in the world. 

My thigh still hurt a bit, but I’d learned to ignore the throbbing while I had it propped up on a stool in front of me. When minutes pass and I’m still bored, I switched the T.V off with a sigh. 

Sinking deeper into the couch, my mind wonders off to how my life managed to change so quickly. A little over a week, that’s how long it took for my life to go from a little crazy to out of control. I was now hiding from my father and his goons while trying to find Slick’s brother in exchange for protection. 

I gave a bewildered shake of my head, still can’t believe how quick my life had changed overnight. I’m a high school dropout, temporarily that is, and I was living in a new town in an apartment. With my bully of all people, how the hell did I not get whiplash from all this?

 “We’re going out.” Slick’s words break my daydream and I wondered if I heard him correctly.  “Okay…see you soon,” was my confused reply when turning to get a better look at him. He looked pretty much the same, but except for his sweat pants which were swapped for a pair of dark jean and he had a leather jacket thrown over his hoodie. 

“I said we’re going out. That means you included.” A frown tugs at my lips to his offer. “No thanks, I’d rather stay here.” I say, turning my attention back to the T.V and with a click of a button, it was back on again. Not because I wanted to watch anything, it was just a way of proving my point. 

“It wasn’t a suggestion, Loner.” Letting out a breath, I turn back to him once setting the T.V’s volume on mute, a little irritated by his bossing. “Why should I tag along anyways?” I asked him. Going outside didn’t seem like such a great idea. 

Lately, things didn’t end well for me when I step foot out this building. The fact bugged me, my heart missing the slight freedom I had back with my father. Even though he had me restricted from a lot of things, school was my small taste of freedom; my chance to get out the house and breathe a bit. 

“I’ll tell you once we’re out of here but I need you there with me; that’s all you need to know for now.” Searching my head for a valid excuse, I blurt out “I can’t walk.” He rolls his eyes. “I’ll carry you.” 

My lips twitched upward for a second when I replied “You can’t. It’ll look a little suspicious don’t you think?” For a moment, Slick has no answer to my remark and when he leaves the room, a small victory smirk lit my lips.

 Turning my attention back to the T.V, I’m about to un-mute it when a thud sounds nearby. My head whips around and found Slick standing a few feet away from me with a wheelchair placed near my propped up leg. “Now we can move you around, no problem.” Slick says; a brow raised as if challenging me to protest.

I eyed the object for a moment, making sure I wasn’t really seeing things, before raising my questioning gaze to Slick. “Where’d you get it?” I asked and his response was a stiff, “You don’t need to know.”

 “I’m still not going; I don’t want to be seen around in that thing.” My words were ignored because before I knew it, I was lifted into Slick’s hold. Hands gripped my waist, being careful to avoid my stitches, my body off the couch. 

“Too bad,” he says back. He grunts lightly when I land a hard punch at his shoulder in protest, “No, put me back down!”  “Sure thing, Loner,” A scowl school my face when placed in that damn wheel chair. As his fingers unwinds slowly when he pulls away, my hand quickly grips the collar of his shirt. 

Moving my lips to his ears, I hissed “You’ll regret this.” His own hands moved to rid himself of my grip before standing up to his full height, making me feel mouse size. “Don’t make threats you can’t keep.” Walking around me, my hands make a grab for my chair’s wheel to stop myself when I jolt forward. 

A sinking feeling sets in my stomach as that damn whisper floats about in my head again. My little- no, I wasn’t weak. But my current position made it difficult for me to fight off my mother’s sweet voice. The reminder of her had me shy away, making me wish I’d never met her to begin with. 

A hand wraps around my wrist and pries my hand off the wheel, setting my limp on my lap. I keep my head low, ignoring my slight sickness when I’m moving forward once more. I focused on fighting off my mother’s coaxing whispers which were meant to be an endearment but ended up slicing me up, fearing that the name might be a true reflection of who I was.  

My teeth nips at my inner cheek, when we were in the hallway, hating the sympathetic looks I got from strangers passing by. My heart aches when we passed the garage and Slick informs me that our destination was within walking distance. 

I really wanted to question where said ‘destination’ was, but I was too upset to say anything to him. I feared if I opened my mouth, I’d end up saying something that’ll have him toss me out this wheelchair and out into an incoming car. I felt a little on edge today, ready to snap at anything that provoked me. A small fire lit inside me, slowly warming my freckly skin and making me more irritated the longer I sat in that chair. 

Ignoring the burning flame, I tried fixing my focus elsewhere. Like the fresh air that filled my lungs or the wonderful tune the birds sang around us. I don’t pay attention to the busy streets or the strangers passing by with sympathetic looks but more on my surroundings like the small park we passed or the fenced woods that caught my eye a while back. 

The longer Slick walks, the more I felt the heat of the sun seep into my warming skin. It’s then that I take note of my outfit; Slick’s sweats and his loose tank top. I scowled at my choice of clothes, I really needed to buy my own wardrobe and fast. 

His stuff barely fit me, always burying my small frame in a heap of cotton material, no wonder why I was slowly feeling hot. At the thought of shopping, something clicks in my head. 

My cash; when was the last time I saw it? When thinking back, I felt slightly panicked when remembering how far back it was. Back at the hotel where Goth girl had tried to kill me. That was days ago and anything could have happened to it. All that money, at there was a lot, could’ve been stolen. 

My eyes widen a fraction and a thick cloud of worry slowly fills my lungs. I quickly craned my neck to look up at Slick whose mind didn’t seem to be there. “Slick,” snapping out of his daze, he looks down to me with a raised brow. 

“We need to back to that hotel a few days back, I left my bag there and it has really import-” “You mean my bag?” he asks, cutting off my rambling. I give him a quick nod and before I could say anything further, the continues “I’ve got it, but it’s in your room though. Figured I’d give you a chance to take your stuff out before I take it back.” 

All the worry that clouded my lungs is immediately exhaled when I let out a loud sigh. Feeling grateful, I thanked him to which he replied “Don’t thank me, I was just too lazy to throw all your shit out the bag and onto your bed.” 

Facing the front once more, I gave a roll of my eyes and bit down a remark. My gaze caught onto a store nearby and I point towards it, my head turned to him once more when I ordered “Let’s go there, you need to get some stuff.” 

Slick looks to the direction I gestured at and his brow crease a little. “And what do I need at the drug store?” “I need pain killers,” I explain and set my hands on my wheels while forcing us into the store’s direction. 

My life has been hell without it, and I don’t want Slick giving me another strip down so I can bath, I want to be able to do things on my own. To regain my sense of independence. 

“You don’t need it, Loner,” Slick said, bringing my wheelchair to a halt and I fought harder to move forward, the palm of my hands aching at the force I used to try get my wheels moving. 

Irritated, I stop and glared up at him, “I do, I need do things on my own, Slick.” “That’s why I’m there to help, so you don’t need them.” His argument earned him a snort. “Like strip me down, cooking my food for me or carrying me where I need to be? I don’t need to be babied. I need to start doing things on my own again,” 

He parts his lips to comment but I raised my palm to silence him when I quickly added, “And besides, it’ll speed up the healing process. I’d be able to help you find your brot-” “Don’t.” he warns me and I rephrased my sentence “- help you find Mason.” Slick lets out a breath and directs us towards the store.

We entered the building and a bell chiming above the door, notifies people of our presence. The place is small, and has that light chemical smell to it. We travel down rows of products till we found what we were looking for. Slick grabs a bottle and makes a move to leave but my hand darts out and snags four more. 

I received a disapproving glare from him but I simply shrugged “My leg hurts, I’m going to need a lot of this.” He rolls his eye yet doesn’t say anything except a, “You’re paying me back.” A small smirk graced my lips when he’s back to pushing my chair; there’s no way I’d pay him back. 

It’s his fault my thigh hurts like hell and he’s got to pay for it, one way or the other. Once the items are paid for, we’re on the side walk again but not for long because we enter another store three shops down. 

The smell of coffee fills my nose and I squint against the sudden brightness of the place. We’d stepped into a café and most of its furniture was made of white, and the color gleaming against the sunlight could make anyone blind. 

My eyes cast to my lap and soon, I was relieved to see a large shift in lighting. Looking up, I saw we’re seated at the very back of the store where a shadow casted its dark blanket. 

We weren’t the only people here; in actual fact, majority of the customers (which wasn’t much) were seated here as well. 

The only people sitting out in the bright light was what appeared to be a blind man slowly eating his food, his watch dog and a women furiously tying away on her laptop with a pair of sunglasses shielding her eyes. 

Turning my gaze to Slick, I spoke “Alright, so now what we’re here, what do you need me for.” “There’s too many people here, we’re going to have to wait till they’re gone.” In an instant, my eyes narrow into a glare.

I nip the inside of my cheek as my patience with him was wearing thin. My baggy clothes felt warm and heavy, my eyes were nearly blinded and I was slowly getting hungry. I should’ve put a stronger fight back at the apartment. I’d probably be eating a bowl of cornflakes by now. 

“What?” I hissed through my teeth, leaning in as not to draw any unwanted attention. Attention. Damn, now I remember why I was all huddled up at in the apartment in the first place, my father. 



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