Birthed by a monster

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Here we get look at what Thea's life is like away from her father.

Chapter 2 (v.2) - 2 ( life outside the crime)

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



I now stood at the front gate of my school, Medric's High. The place I've spent most of my week for the past three and a half years.


Adjusting the hoodie over my head, I stepped into the parking lot and made my way towards the large worn out building. "Watch it, Loner!" I heard a voice holler when a person shoved me out the way; nearly making me fall on my ass.


I fought back the urge to glare when turning around to find the culprit. I wasn’t surprised it was Slick. Our school’s personal clichéd bad boy.


I know, his nickname deserved an eye roll or two but it's a name the school seemed fond of calling him by. No one knew his real name, not even the teachers, so I guess the name just stuck. Rumor had it his fights were spellbinding.


The way his moves were quick and smooth, simply flawless. Hardly anyone could touch him in a fight because he always seemed to slip right through his opponents fingers like wet soap in the hands of a child.


I could confirm the truth of those rumors, I’ve seen it. He was always looking for a fight, whether it’d be at school or out somewhere in the street. 


The small faint yet visible scar on over his sharp jawline said so. But after all the fights he’s been in, I'm surprised it hasn't ruined his face. It wasn’t fair, even when looking at him now. Messy brown locks gleaming beneath the sun along with his grey eyes that lit with mischief.


His lips formed a Smirk across his chiseled face when he regarded me. I had to admit, the guy was more than just handsome. But his shitty attitude along with his big ego, took some light off that.


The guy was an ass.


Either he was running around looking for trouble, bullying people or simply starting random fights for the hell of it. That was his cover, the way he acted and behaved. And I didn’t need to read the book to know I was right.


"What? Loner lost her voice along with her friends?" I heard him mock from behind me but I ignored him. With my fists clenched at my sides, I sped up my pace and suppressed the scorching hate for him that threatened to spill over. I didn't feel like dealing with the likes of him today. On any occasion, I'd act like the weak sophomore everyone saw me as.


With shy, nervous looks and a quiver in my voice, it'd have him pick at me even more. I didn’t have a choice but to suck it up and not sock him in the face. It was necessary, Survival.


The ringing of the school bell had me race right past my locker and toward my first period. Accounting. Being one of the first to step into class, I walked over to my favorite seat at the back.


Using my foot to pull out my chair, I set my bag beneath my desk. I plopped down in my seat with a note book in hand along with my pencil case.


In no time, my class mates flooded in. Their voices hummed in the air while they mumbled amongst themselves, shuffling to their seats. An occasional laugh was heard, and I wondered what it was like, to have friends.


If I didn't have such a twisted father ruling over my life, would I have been normal? Would I end up like half the girls in this school? Fussing over boys while always caring about what I looked.


I'm sure I would’ve been happier without worrying about the next terrible job my father had instored for me.


I shook the thoughts away. Thinking about it wouldn't change anything, I've got what I got and I just had to deal with it. A hand darted into my vision and snatched my pencil case.


My head instantly shot up to the thief and was angered to find Slick. There was something terribly familiar about the way his lips quirked up arrogantly. It made my stomach twist with uneasiness and my hand just itched to slap it off him. Or maybe even claw it out. I don't know but I'd just do anything to get rid of that look.


The second my eyes locked with his I averted my gazed towards my feet, avoiding any sort of fights with him. His cloudy gaze let me know I wouldn't like what was about to happen.


"Hey, you didn't answer me back in the parking lot. Didn’t you know it’s rude to ignore someone who’s talking to you," he said loudly, drawing unwanted attention. I felt the eyes of my class fix on me as everyone quieted down.


"So I accept free stationery as your apology." He mocked. Hearing the zipper of my pencil case open up, I clenched my hands into fists.


Rage sparked my blood and my tongue felt heavy with all the insults I was just dying to lay on him, but I couldn't do that. Not only would I bring unwanted attention to myself but I'd be breaking character. I'd ruin the image I've worked so hard to keep.


So instead of jumping up and telling him off, I had my eyes cast shamefully on my desk and sat stiff still. I angrily bit the inside of my cheek when my pencil case landed on my table with a flop, a few pens rolling out seconds later. Drawing in a deep breath, I hoped to calm myself down. If I didn't, there's no telling what I'd do.


At the sound of his retreating footsteps followed by the usual hum of the class talking, I sunk into my seat with relief. I just wish this day could end already.

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