Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - (22)Blow Up

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Submitted: January 05, 2017



It’s only a moment before they adjusted and watched the scene in front of me play out. Slick was on his feet, caught in a head-lock by an older looking man. He seemed no older than 25, black rocking a buzz cut and a set of hard honey eyes.


Slick didn’t seem to fight him, in fact, he just stood there at took it. The man tightened his grip as he hissed, “Bastard. You still have the balls to show your face around here.”


“I know I fucked up, Jared. But I need your help. It’s Mason.” And just like that, he let Slick go. Slick turned to face him and instantly received a punch to his jaw, right where I’d hit him not long ago.


Then Slick received another one to his gut and just stood there and took it. My eye widen in confusion, wondering who this guy was if Slick let him take these shots. Jared stared him down for a moment, disproval twisting his features.


He then shook his head and moved towards me, offering a hand. Ignoring his offer, I got to my feet and nodded; trying not to come off as too rude. He eyed me curiously, “Who’re you?” “Thea,” I regretted my answer the second I said it.


Sure, they’re a million Theas out there but I hated the risk that he could be working for my father. Just one whiff was all my father need for him to end what he started. Jared turned his gaze back to Slick who rubbed at his jaw.


“That was you guys out there?” Jared asked. “Yeah.” Jared then snorted out a laugh, “Then you’re lucky my aim is rubbish at night. Or else I would’ve killed you. Why didn’t you say anything instead of sneaking in here?”


Slick stuffed his hands into his pockets, “You still would’ve shot me.” I felt a little amused by the answer. I wondered what he did to have Jared want a bullet lodged in his ass. They seemed like an odd pair of friends.


 “Smart man. Now, it’s getting late. You know where your room is.” Jared said and left the room. Slick did the same minutes later, with me trailing behind him. Looking around, I noticed the place was far more spacious than what I thought it’d be. It gave off a sort of Native Indian feel to it and I had to say, I really liked it.


We headed up a set of stairs and entered the first room on our right. “I’m sleeping on the left,” Slick told me. My brows creased, already not liking where this was going.


“Don’t I get my own room?” He turned to me and my eyes land on the large bruise forming on his jaw. Damn, he got hit pretty hard.


“No, this is the only spare room in the house. Now if you want your stuff, you’re going to have to wait till tomorrow. I still need to drive the car up here.”


I shook my head, already feeling stressed enough for one day. If I had to share a room with him, I’d probably kill someone from anxiety.


I’ve never shared a room with anyone and I won’t start now. “I’m sleeping downstairs then.” Spinning around, I left the bedroom in search of a warm, safe corner to sleep in.


In a matter of minutes, I found one. In the sitting room was a small space between a fire place and a wall. I headed towards it, grabbing a couple of couch pillows on my way.


I built a little bed, placing a pillow where I’d sit and padded some where I’d rest my back. With the largest on still in hand, I settled down and snuggled the pillow to my chest.


I scanned around me, making sure I got a good view of my surroundings. When satisfied, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift into a deep sleep. All my worries melting away.


- - -


I was hot. That’s what coaxed me out my sleep. A heavy weight pressed on my hip as I laid on my side. I stiffened, knowing I wasn’t in the small corner where I’d fallen asleep. A warm breath blew over my neck and I stifled a groan, the sensation more than uncomfortable.


I snapped my eyes open and was met with darkness. I didn’t know where I was or what I laid on. But I knew someone was behind me. Drawing in a deep breath, I let instincts take over as I flipped around and straddled the body.


I fumbled for a moment but my hands eventually gripped around a thick throat and squeezed. “Who the hell are you!” I ordered when the person began to shake and tried prying my hands away.


I wouldn’t be letting up anytime soon. When all I heard was gagging, I tried again, “I said, who the hell are you!” I was suddenly propelled in the air, crashing on a hard surface.


 My cheek bruised and so did my ego. Light floods into the room and I squint to see around me. “What the fuck, Loner!” my head snapped to Slick who sat up in his bed, briefly rubbing at his bruising throat.


Anger bubbles in my chest and I realized where I was, how I got here and who I choked. Why couldn’t he ever listen?


 I’ve told him before to never touch me. Frustrated, my blood warms as I yelled, “It’s your own fault that I choked you! You brought me to bed. You touched me without my permission! You’re lucky you’re not dead!”


 His eyes narrowed at me, although they seemed a little tired, he was clearly getting worked up. “My fault? I try helping you out and in return, you try choking me in my fucking sleep!”


I hated the way he raised his voice at me, like I was wrong. I stood to my feet and angrily brushed my hair away from my face.


“Helped me with what? Who said I needed any help?” He should’ve known better than to put me in bed. After all this time, he still didn’t know me any better. I was always jumpy, tense and anxious. It’s something I couldn’t suppress.


Living with my father did this to me, and I wish that breaking away from him also meant breaking away from those habits but I couldn’t help them. So sorry if waking up in a different place with a ‘stranger’ cuddling me.


“You’ve got no idea how cold it gets here at night, you would’ve froze out there. And I didn’t ask because we both know how you’d complain and fight tooth and nail to stay there,” Slick explained, his expression pulls into a scowl.


“Then let me freeze. Why do you care anyways?” “I don’t. I just don’t want you slowing me down and being a liability to me!” Somehow, his words struck a chord and I hated how strong it pulled.


Why the hell should his words hurt me in the first place? I snorted, trying to prove him wrong. “Oh really, then why kiss me, cuddle with me in our sleep our get pissed at the guy that messed with me yesterday?”


Now that I’ve pointed them out, I’d say Slick wasn’t really himself. Was I right, did he actually care? But I didn’t give a damn about the answer, snuffing out the warmth that lit at the idea. This kind of thinking was dangerous, it wasn’t rational. Slick scoffed at me.


“The kiss was to shut you up and I got pissed because I promised I’d keep you safe. Even from random bastards,” another pang hits but I noticed he missed out a detail. “And the cuddling?”


He gives a shrug, indifferent. “I do that when I’m asleep. If I could help it, I would. I honestly don’t give a shit about you, the only reason you’re here is to help me find Mason.”


 I scowled myself for how his words pulled at another chord, my anger went from bubbling to boiling over it seconds. Changing subjects, I command, “Don’t ever carry me to bed again.


Don’t even touch me again.” His dusky gaze began to darken as he ran a frustrated hand through his bed hair. “Every time I try helping out, I get hell for it. But I get what your problem is, I know why you’re so damn difficult to handle.”


A glare’s thrown his way as I fisted my hands, “Oh really, enlighten me. What’s my problem?” A smirk shaped his lips and I wanted to claw it out. “You have major trust issues. You couldn’t trust anyone to save your life.”


I shook my head, even though he was right. I didn’t trust anyone, but I didn’t want to give him any satisfaction. “No, I just don’t trust you.” A hollow chuckle sounded from him.


 “Really? When why can’t you eat any sort of food unless you’ve cooked it. Like back at the restaurant? Why sleep in a corner every night instead of you bed. Why avoid any contact with people unless needed. You’re always eyeing people wryly and-”


“Stop! So what if I did that, I have a right not to trust anyone. I’m running for my life, Slick! Anyone could hurt me.”

It shocked me how he’s been making these notes, watching me closer than I thought. He raised his hands in mock surrender. The anger in his eyes faded as a challenge made itself known.


“You’re right. You’ve got your reasons and I think I know about that too.” I didn’t take his bait; he’s proved he knew me more than he was letting on and I wasn’t going down that road again.




 He did anyways, “You’re fucking fragile. Under all that yelling and stubbornness, there’s a fragile little girl. I don’t know what made you that way, probably the gang life or some shit. But something broke you and-”


“I said don’t! I’m not weak, alright. I’m stronger than anyone will ever know!” I yelled, warmth flushed my face and my rage was spilling over.


I was so done with this topic, done having to hear the shit he had to say. I spun around to leave but he said something that made me freeze. “You’re broken, fragile. A porcelain doll.”


I held my breath, my mother’s soft voice floated through my head. ‘My little porcelain doll’. No, I wasn’t. I’ve been through hell and back, and I’m still pushing on. I’ve left my father and trying to grasp a life he’d denied me of.


 Doing something like that wasn’t weak, it showed strength and bravery. Then why are you more miserable than before? Why can’t you let anyone in? Why stay locked up inside yourself? My cheek bled with how hard I bit into it. Slick had pushed a button, and I hated the fact he found it.


 How he managed to punch a hole through something I’ve spent years hiding from myself. I spun back to face him as I marched over. Determination forced my strides.


 I won’t be the only one put on the spot.


“Wanna know why I don’t trust you? It’s not because of any trust issues. Sure, it played a part but most of it was you in general,” I took a breath and stared him down.


 His lips remained sealed, waiting for me to continue. He seemed unconvinced that there weren’t really any other reasons, and boy was he wrong.


“Your stubbornness has been a pain in my ass. I know that whenever I’d tell you not to do something, you’d turn it around and do it anyway!


“You’re hot headed, getting worked up over small things and heading out to beat the crap outta people to cool off. You do things against my wishes like kissing me, touching me and tucking me into bed.


 “And you’re a selfish bastard! Unless it benefits you, you don’t care about how it affects others! Over all, you’re exactly like Jack. So much like him, it sometimes scares the shit outta me!”


As I spoke, his face heated up and a hard scowl twists his features. So I pushed a little further, a smirk of my own tugging my lips, “That’s why I asked for your help, because you’re so much like him it’s terrifying.


“One Jack can outsmart the other, right? But one day, it’s going to get you killed, then who’ll find Mason then? Or maybe it’ll be the other way around and you get him killed-”


“Get out!”A vein bulged from his neck but I kept going. He’d hurt me, now it was my turn. “What, scared of the truth? Scared that I’m right-” he lunged from his bed, tackling me. My head bounced off the floor and I’m momentarily dizzy.


Slick’s face was so close, I could make out every tense feature on his face. How his glare made the green specks in his eyes blaze and how his jaw ticked every half second. His skin flushed a light pink and he huffed.


“You know I’m right. I won’t be sorry if you’re dead,” I hissed lowly, my tongue sharp. Angered, he raised his fist and brought it down. I suppressed a flinch, staying dead still. He missed, landing a punch right near my head.


 “Shut. The fuck. Up,” he heaved and I knew I’d gone too far. But that’s what I wanted, and I did my job well. “Get off me,” I ordered, considering the fight over. 


He got to his feet and sneered down at me, “Then get out.” The second I was back on my feet, I stormed out, not feeling an ounce of regret. 

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