Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - (37)Insecure

Submitted: April 10, 2017

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Submitted: April 10, 2017




Half an hour later, I’m panting with my body aching, weak and slick with sweat. Yet my drive was still at its peak when I dodged another punch and returned Slick’s attack.  


He was in a similar state as I, perspiration oiling his chest and muscles prominent as he came at me. Movements a little fast, he got in a few hits. Now, I was back into a defense position but instead of waiting it out, I grabbed his wrist and tugged him forward.


My shoulder rammed into his underarm, flipping him over my frame and onto the mate. Feeling like I had the upper hand, I had the heel of my foot sailing towards his chest just as his hands caught my ankle and threw me over him.


A curse lodged my throat when I land hard on my side, despite the mat cushioning my fall. I’m tugged by both ankles, suddenly met with the sight of Slick towering over me. Before he could do much, I yanked my feet free and used them to push him away.


He stumbled back. I jumped to my feet right just as  he tackled me. Body crushing me into the mat, he pressed his forearm over my throat. He wasn’t choking me but it was definitely hard to breath.


I tried throwing his weight off, frustrated as I clawed at his arm. My thoughts blurred; all I wanted was to win and to hurt him like he hurt me. Talking about that girl wounded me more than I’d like to admit.


I wrapped my legs around his torso and throw my weight so we flipped positions. Now I leaned over him, hands used to pin down his arms. He doesn’t struggle, instead he stared up at me with a weird glint to his eyes that made my heart skip a couple beats. We’re both panting, exhausted yet our adrenalines still running at an all time high.


I glared down at him, his earlier words running through my head, ‘perfect smile and bright eyes… her clothes shaped her curves’.


My subconscious tortured me, pointing out all my flaws. Flaws I didn’t care about until Slick ran his mouth about her.


I shook my head.


 Shut up, just shut up, I pleaded but they got louder, blaring out my insecurities. I’ve never had to face these kinds of emotions before, I couldn’t deal with them.


Angered, I let my fist pound into Slick’s chest even when he tried to stop me. It’s his fault I felt this way. He should feel pain. He finally grasped my wrists and we’re flipped again.


He leaned into me, pinning my wrists above my head. I struggled blindly, hardly any tactic behind it. “I win.” Slick told me with a victory smirk but I didn’t stop.


This wasn’t some kind of game anymore, I wasn’t playing around. It didn’t  take him long to realize that, “Stop struggling, it’s over.” I shook my head. “No. It isn’t,” my harsh words sliced through the air.


“Yes, it is. You’re going to tire yourself out.” He warned me with a stern look. Hair stuck to my sweaty face as I ignored him. But he was right, at some point, I got tired, lying limp beneath him.


 “What the hell was that?” he asked after a long pause.


He stared me down, eyes running over my face as if the answer to his question was tattooed on my skin. I turned away from his scrutiny, focus fixed on the far wall. I wished I was there, far away from him unlike now.


Thick, coarse fingers wrapped around my chin and forced my eyes to meet Slicks. My chest felt heavy, not due to his weight but to the voices that kept sneering in my head.


I took a good look at him, from his piercing eyes, sharp features and scar to his exposed chest, wondering what the fuck was he doing here with me.


 “What’d you see in me?” I wanted to shoot myself. What was meant to be a private thought had left my lips.


 His brows creased, “What’re you talking about?” I contemplated dismissing the topic but one look at the interest in his eyes told me he wouldn’t let that happen.


I drew in a breath and prepared for humiliation, “You were right, you know? I was jealous of that girl. She has everything I lack. I can’t match up to her.”


My confession was a rushed mumble but he heard me, eyes filled with understanding. I wanted to hide away from it, his presence becoming increasingly overwhelming.


“I’ll admit, she was attractive. I mean, the kind of attractive that’d drive any guy nuts. That’s a given. But you’re a lot of things that she isn’t…something else, something more.” I chewed my lip, wondering if it was a good thing. As if reading the thoughts, he continued.


“You seem small, fragile but you’re so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You’re brave, focused and your smart mouth drives me nuts to the point where I like it. To me, she’s got nothing on you.”


At his voice, the sneers in my head were silenced along with any other thought. Although he gave me too much praise, I enjoyed them. He leaned in; his scent and the smell of sweat linger in my nose.


 His hand released my wrists and brought it to rest on the curve on my neck. His other hand left my chin to hold his weight along with his knees.


 Warm breaths fanned over my cheek as he leaned in further, chests touching and I wonder if he felt my sledge hammer of a heart beat.


My hands hesitantly laid on his waist, palms meeting toned, warm flesh. When we’re so close that our noses brushed, he spoke again.


 Voice sounded deep and husky around the edges. “She might seem perfect, but she doesn’t have flames behind her false innocent eyes. Nor does she make me crave her body, mind and soul like you do.”


His lips graze mine, hand twirling a stand of my scarlet hair. Is it possible for your heart to explode from a confession? If not, I’d probably change that.


I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think about anything expect what he said. They carried a lot of weight, weight I’m not sure I could carry but it made me like him all the more.


I was crushing hard, I didn’t want to but I couldn’t stop it.


 His intense gaze slowly hid behind his eyelids when sliding his lips into mine. Just like a key to a lock, he let loose a world of emotions. We locked in a slow yet passionate kiss, emotion put behind every move of our lips.


I shivered when his hand got lost in my hair, bringing my head closer to get full access to what he wanted.


 His pace gradually became quick and frenzied, leaving me to return his enthusiasm. His tongue darted out, the tip gliding over my lower lip. It enticed me for a taste, mouth parting as his tongue invades my mouth.


Smarties and a hint of Slick exploded in my taste buds and I’m hungry for more. I let a hand travel from his waist and up his back, fingertips grazing his skin.


When I felt the familiar texture of a scar, I tracked it with care, like a simple touch could heal it. Slick suddenly stilled, muscles tense and lips froze. Confused, I peeped through an eyelid to find Slick uncomfortable gaze lock with mine.


 I understood the look.


Even with his scars buried in ink, it couldn’t hide their existence, their memories. I threw my weight again, switching our potions.


 Straddling his hips, I held myself upright by gripping his waist. I felt hesitant, afraid he’d reject me and tell me to stop. But after staring into his eyes for a moment, he spoke, “What’re you doing, Thea?”


 I shivered at his low, throaty tone. It’s then I grasped a thread of confidence and answered, “Admiring you.”


I lowered my head, tossing my locks over a shoulder so I could place my lips exactly where I wanted them.


A tattoo.


My lips pressed over the inked skin and felt a shudder. It pleased me, encouraging to place another kiss on the nearest one.


I studied each one as I went, imprinting their designs into my mind. He was so…beautiful. Broken, damaged and scarred but fucking beautiful.


 I found myself traveling higher, hands following the trial as I greedily felt his skin. My hands pressed over his chest, feeling his erratic heart thump to the same beat as my own.


He had no idea how good it felt, his heart beating against my palm. It’s like I could reach in and steal it, claim it as mine. I got to the last tattoo, right on his collar bone.


My eyes locked with his, the hot emotions that swirled within them made me melt as a flash of heat slice through me. We’re both still, statues, as we soaked up the air around us.


It was intimate, filled with heat and want. Warmth bursts through my chests and had my skin sizzle. Intense, is one way to describe the atmosphere. His hand weaved through my hair and brought me in for another kiss.


 Rough and fast.


I moaned when his nipped at my lip, teasing me before pulling away and slowly kissed his way down to my throat. My eyes screwed shut as a hand finding its way through his hair, fisting when his teeth grazed my hot skin.


 A deep groan sounded from him and hands flashing to my waist and squeezed. His lips were quick, rough and left my flesh stinging. I loved it.


I was high off it.


Head tilted upwards, I gave him access to my throat. I felt hot all over, liquid pooling in my lower regions as I shudder. I whimpered slightly when his tongue slide over my bruising skin.


Why’d he have to be so tempting, so addicting like I’d die without his shameless touch? It got uncomfortably hot between my legs and I needed release.


Without thought, I rocked my hips for a moment, sighing when the friction felt good. I tried it again, accidentally grazing my butt over a bulge in Slick’s sweats.


 I froze.


His groan was loud and gruff yet so… strained. It had the effect of melted chocolate, once I got a taste I wanted to eat it all. He suddenly jerked away, hands holding me so tight I almost bruised. My mind was harshly shot back into reality.


 What the hell was I doing?


My cheeks tinted a bright red and my eyes widened, “I’m sorry-” “Don’t be. Fuck, that felt better than you’ll ever know. It’s just… my control...”


My cheeks flushed further and I just wish I'd disappear. I hid my face behind my hair, ashamed at how much want filled my stomach at his words because couldn’t feel like that yet.


 I didn’t want things moving so fast then slam into things I’m not ready for. It felt good for that second it lasted but it’s going to be a while before anything like that happened again.



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