Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 46 (v.2) - (45)lookouts part 2

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



It took us a couple of days to get to L.A and every now and then, my phone would chime, letting me know Mason was still in the area.


 At first, we didn’t know how we’d use this app to find him because he could be half way across the city when the app tells us, then by the time we get to the shop, he’s gone.


So, we stayed in a hotel for the next week, trying to pull out any pattern to where he went and what he’d use his card on. It wasn’t difficult to determine that Mason was a person of habit.


He’d hit Starbucks at around eight in the morning, Subways at noon then a gas station around seven in the evening. When going over all this with Kaden, I’d notice how he’d have his brows creased.


Most of the time it was in concentration but other times, I’d catch a flash of confusion. Today, we figured it was finally time to catch Mason in his usual spots now that we were certain he’d be there.


I sat in the passenger seat next to Kaden, sipping on a hot cup of tea. It was a waiting game, our car parked at Starbucks as we fixed our eyes on the door.


I could tell Kaden was anxious, trying hard not to allow hope to sink its way into his heart. But that was okay, I felt enough hope for both of us and I couldn’t wait to finally meet Mason.


Trying my best not to slurp my tea down, I remained patient. My phone blared a notification and we both stilled. It took only a second for my eyes to place extra focus on the entrance.


 I don’t know why I was playing look out when I had no idea what Kaden’s brother looked like. But I always had a feeling that when I’d see him, I’d know.


Seconds ticked by painstakingly slow and before we knew it, an hour went by and he wasn’t spotted. I let out a soft sigh and leaned back into my seat, my tea all gone.


I avoided Kaden’s eyes when he began to pull the car out the parking lot and speed down the streets.


 Personally, I didn’t need to see his face to know he was beyond disappointed. Similar to how I felt. Lately, I couldn’t look him in the eyes anymore, too afraid to ignite a desire I wouldn’t be able to deny yet couldn’t handle either.


It’d be too soon, anyway. It’s only been a few days since it happened and I didn’t want to get hit with any flashbacks. But recently, I didn’t dwell too much on the incident but on fighting down the urge to get involved with Kaden.


Right now, I didn’t need to try too hard. His pissed off demeanor was sort of keeping me away, prove that he was in no mood for those kind of things.


The car ride was tense as we drove to back to the hotel.


 Breathing the same air as him was almost suffocating me. Disappointment and anger brunt its way down my lungs. I had to clutch my hands onto my seat with how fast Kaden was going, my heart thumping in my throat.


I had even lost count of how many times I thought we’d crash. Kaden was a great driver when he was focused. Could I say the same for when he was pissed.


Judging by how we got to the hotel without a scratch on the car, I’d say he was. Kaden stormed passed me, going straight for our room and I followed after him. I’ll admit I felt a little nervous about what he’d do.


 And angry Kaden always came back with split knuckles and bloodied hands.


I’d lost sight of him for a moment, searching the place only to find him in our single bedroom. He was dressed the same except he’d turned in his sweat pants for a set of shorts.


Expression stony, he made a dash for the door but I stopped him. Pressing my hands into his chest, I blocked his exit. “Where’re you going?” I asked, his chest slowly taking shallower breaths and ordered, “Get out the way, Loner.”


I shook my head, looking up to meet his eyes for the first time in days. They were dark, yet held a certain fire to them. “No. Tell me where you’re going.”  “Out.”


I snorted, “Out to do what? Fight?”  “Doesn’t matter. Now, move.”I scowled at his tone. “No, you’re not going out there. Instead you’re going to stay here till we need to leave for Subways.”


“I don’t need you babysitting me, I can take care of myself.” He placed his hands on my forearms, ready to force me out the way but I stopped him.


 “Don’t you dare. Look, I know you’re upset that we didn’t find Mason today but we’ve got a load of other tries. We’re going to keep using that app till we find him.”


“But what if he suddenly falls of the grid like last time? What if it’s not really his card we’re following around? What if-”


“What did I tell you about your ‘what if’s? Stop thinking those or else you’re going to screw yourself over. How do you expect to find someone if you don’t believe that you can? When you’re just wasting both our time.”


He rolled his eyes and huffed, “Just move out the way, already.” My glare burned hotter as I spit, “No. You’re not leaving and getting into a fight. Not like-”


He glared back, “And why does it suddenly bother you know? You never had a problem with me doing it before and you know I can handle myself.”


 I knew he could, but I didn’t like the thought of him possibly getting hurt. Everyone slips up sometimes and I don’t want to be the one to nurse him when it happens. I thought I could handle myself too, but then I nearly got… that. And besides that, I cared, a lot.


“Please. Just stay here.” When giving him a pleading look, his eyes softened to a degree, “I still need to cool off, Loner.” “Then do it here,” I countered and moments later, we fell into a silence.


I watched him stare me down, but when I didn’t budge, he reluctantly gave in. “Fine.” Backing away from the door, he let my arms go only to grab my hand and coax me towards the queen sized bed.


A rush of panic slapped me in the face, “Wait-” “Just sit with me.” I complied, eyeing the bed with caution but I trusted him not to try anything. Yet. He was the first to take a seat and let me go. He looked up at my, hands placed beside him leaving his thighs free.


Although he didn’t word it, his eyes told me I had a choice. Either sit on his lap or on the bed. Just the thought of sitting on that uncomfortable mattress, gave me shivers.


But when considering my other option, I had the same reaction, except it was for a different reason. Kaden would spread goosebumps on my skin and a chill down my back in the best of ways.


 Sitting in his lap would basically be handing myself over because I could promise you know, this pent up desire to kiss him would overpower me.


For a second, I wondered if I could sit on the floor, my safe zone. But then it’d make things a little awkward with Kaden sitting so high up above me, especially when we’d talk. So, I made my choice and took a seat before I could change my mind.


 On the bed.


I was more than irritated when I sank into it the minute my ass made contact. With a huff, I threw off my shoes and sat criss-cross, trying to get more comfortable.


That wasn’t possible.


Not once did I look up to Kaden’s gaze, strictly keeping my view on my pale ankles instead. But I could still feel his stare, burning a hole through my head.


 I could feel his body heat, so warm and inviting but I declined the invitation. We didn’t talk and I was beginning to wonder if this was what he meant, his other method to cooling off.


 If so, then why did he constantly need to rush out and beat the crap out of people? Who was I kidding, he and I were alike in a sense. Except, where he picks random fights with gosh knows who, I was using it to train.


Yes, I’d sometimes fight with someone but it was sparing, not a brawl out in the streets. The longer time passed, I was quickly getting bored. I was about to voice this out, but a note sliced through the air.


The tune that left Kaden’s lips was low pitched and soft yet carrying so much weight. I couldn’t lie to you, it woke up my senses.


My ears honed in on the sound and I was increasingly aware of him near me. Just one single note hung through the air and I could feel a chill coming on.


I was feeling a little giddy right then, loving it when he sang around me. My body was a little on alert, waiting to see what song he’d sing. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long.


 “We’re so late nights

 red eyes, amnesia, on ice

Late nights, red eyes, amnesia, I need ya…”


I didn’t dare look up to meet his eyes as he started, voice a little soft and airy. My body humming to his tune, slowly being coaxed into looking up to lean into him.


I resisted, focusing hard on the lyrics he sang. My heart gave a small quack, begging me to give in already but I still refused.


“…Drunk all summer,

Drunk all summer

We be drunk all summer

Drinking and flowing and rolling

We’re falling down …”


My will was quickly dwindling but I still fought against myself. Not yet, not so soon. I sat dead still, mind against body the further he sang.


I was doing a pretty good job till he hit a certain note, shooting heat right to my core and forcing my eyes to snap up. Kaden’s eyes were closed, lips molding each word as his brows creased.


He looked so deep into it, like he was simply sucked into the song like I was in his voice. But as the song drew to an end, his features loosened up and his eyes opened with a blink.


He looked right through me, like he could see what was hidden within my heart and dark corners of my mind. I felt like a glass window, transparent, but unlike all the other times before in my life, I enjoyed this feeling.


He gave me his name, he trusted me and I felt like I trusted him enough to make me feel the way I did.


Kaden. His name sounded wonderful in my mind but I still wasn’t sure if I could say it out loud yet. What if he didn’t want that? He began a new song, eyes burning into mine.


 “Can your heart be mine in search

Cause I have no time to help you find

All the words

Melodies and memories

Stories that sound absurd...”


His words played a cord in my chest, warming me up as my body hummed louder. But I kept reminding myself the same thing, Not yet.


 It’s too soon, far too soon. A couple of minutes passed before Kaden sang the last song and I still had some self control. I didn’t give in, and that made me proud of myself.


After that, it was just silence from then on out and my eyes returned to my ankles. The battle between my body and mind hadn’t ceased for a minute but I was doing pretty well.


I just wondered how long I’d last.


- - -


Six days later and we still haven’t found him. We’ve stalked outside the stores, then decided to watch the tillers and even went as far as to standing in different exits to stop him. Nothing, not even a glimpse.


I’d called Ronald to ask about it and he assured me he had uploaded Mason’s right account number and everything. If anything, I’d say I had insulted Ronald with my doubting but it couldn’t be helped.


Deep down, I had an idea as to why we hadn’t spotted Mason but I always swallowed it away. Trying to stop Kaden from heading out from a fight, was becoming more of a challenge.


Once, he even managed to slip passed me but I hunted down his stubborn ass and dragged him back home. Right now, we’d started our cycle again.


Kaden and I sat at the same table in Starbucks. Hot beverages in hand were kept untouched as our eyes zeroed in on the tills. My phone rested on the table; ready to be heard when it chimed.


Business was slow today and I had triple checked if we were at the right Starbucks before coming here. Deep in my heart, hope was drying out and I was just waiting till Kaden lost his shit.


I was about to too, if things kept going the way it was. Only three people had walked in so far, none of them Mason.


 At least, I think it wasn’t. I really wished Kaden’s phone wasn’t buzzed from the rain, then I would’ve at least known who to look for. But he said I’d know him if I saw him, so I’m pretty sure none of these people were Mason.


At the same time, three of those people ordered at the tills and right as they swiped there cards seconds after each other, my phone chimed a moment later. Snatching it up, I quickly logged into the app and checked for the address.


I could feel my heart sink as my suspicions were confirmed. The addresses matched to where we were along with the account number.


Someone had stolen Mason’s card and now we had to find the bastard who did it. Slowly looking up from my phone, I watched all three customers leave to wait for their orders, engraving their faces into my memory.


One of them seemed a little familiar, and I couldn’t remember for the life of me where I’d seen him before. I’d find out soon enough, one of these people had to be the thief and I think I already figured out who.


But I’ll need proof first, finding Mason will have to wait. Just for now. Big question was; how would Kaden take it if I told him about this? I glanced at him and held my breathe. 


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