Birthed by a monster

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When faced with the opportunity to run, will Thea take it at first glance or will fear hold her back?

Chapter 5 (v.2) - (5) Let's escape

Submitted: May 05, 2016

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Submitted: May 05, 2016




 “Aye, look who’s awake.” I heard one of the men say and my head whipped to them as I eyes zeroed in on their approaching forms.


I could finally match a face to each voice. The man with a hum to his voice had pitch black hair and charcoal brown eyes. With a narrowed gaze he spoke, “You put up quiet the fight back there, red.”


Even though I had more than just a few remarks to what he said, I kept quiet. If I sassed back, they’d take pleasure in trying to break me in. Crush me.


So quiet was the best way to go. “What, you mute,” the other man asked and his facial description was as expected. A stoner with red eyes and a mob of brown hair.



 The sound of a door groaning had grabbed all our attention. With our eyes fixed on the door at the far end of the room, we watched another person enter the party. “Aye, how’z it go’n? Boss finally let you come ov’r?”


The new comer didn’t answer, walking towards us. The sound of his footfalls bounced off the walls with each stride he took. The closer he got, the easier it was to make out his face.


I nearly choked on my spit when recognizing those grey eyes and ruffled brown hair. I had to bit my tongue from spitting out a high pitched ‘You?’ at him. That’d let the other guys know I knew him.


Then who knew what that type of information would do to me. would it work towards or against my favor? I’m leaning more towards the latter. Slick raised a surprised brow at me while letting his eyes run over my beaten up form.


The action was over as quick as it started. With his hands pulled out from his leather jacket, he jabbed a thumb towards me. “This her? You sure you hadn’t grabbed the wrong girl?”


I felt offended at his question, but overall I was grateful for his wrong judgment. Maybe they’d think they had the wrong girl? I know, wishful thinking, but it was all I could cling to.


Both men nodded their head in sync as the Stoner said, “Yeah, unbelievable right?” Slick narrowed his eyes at me and without looking to the men, he spoke, “So this is who I have to interrogate? Her.”


He didn’t wait for a response when he continued, “Alright. Now get out.” “What? We always help you when it comes to these sort of things, why change tradition,” the dark haired man questioned, and is eyes wearily running over the side of Slick’s face.


Slick didn’t offer any explanations though, his gaze clouded over with a dark look and this time, when he spoke, his words were harder. Shaper.“Get out.” With reluctance, the men turned their backs on us and shuffled out the room.


Not stepping out the door without throwing us a curious glance over their shoulders. When the door closed with a soft bang, it’s then the nerves kicked in. Fate wasn’t in my favor, so I didn’t see this ending well for me.


For a second, I wondered what had him land here in the first place. How’d he work his way up the food chain to be given such a trusted job? Trusted to collect in-tell without selling it to other gangs instead of giving it to his boss.


Is this why he always got into fights or was the reason for it really that simple, doing it simply for the hell of it? My train of thought was disturbed when Slick moved towards me. My eyes fixed on his every move. From the way he walked down to how his head tiled slightly to the side the closer he got.


I held my breath when his hand fished in his pocket, wondering which form of torture he’d use first. Would it be by form of knife, tazzer, brass knuckles or worse. Suffocation?


I hastily set my barriers in place while attempting to tug my ankles free.


I knew it was futile, but at least I could say I tried. At my harsh tugs, my ankles began to bruise and bleed but I kept going.


That was till my walls were firmly in place and the panic I had once felt, slowly oozed from my system. The only emotion left in me was… numb.


 My useless struggling stopped as I stared back at Slick with a sense of determination. I wasn’t going to talk, it’s what my father would have wanted. Not only that, but if I cracked, it’d show weakness, and that’s the last thing I want to show my bully.


Slick pulled an item from his pocket and quickly hid it in his clenched fist. I didn’t get to see what it was but judging from the way it gleamed in the light for a second, I didn’t have to.


Before I knew it, he stood right in front of me. So close, I could count the emerald speaks that littered his gray eyes. He leaned forward, warm breath fanning over my face while the scent of mint filled my nose.


 When he raised his arms, I waited for the blow; the first strike of many to come. It didn’t happen. In fact, he hadn’t even touched me. Instead, I felt a light tug on the chains supporting my wrists.


 A small crease shaped my brows when he fiddled with the chain for a second till a soft click’s heard. My arms fell heavily to my side due to gravity’s help and…my wrists were free.


The blood rushed back to my arms at such a fast rate that it hurt to even lift my pinky. After adjusting to the throbbing for a moment, I brought my arms to my chest whilst rubbing at my aching wrists.


 Confusion couldn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling when watching Slick lower to his knees as he also undid the chains to my ankles, sunlight occasionally reflecting off the sliver key.


When my legs were free, I quickly backed away from the chains, wary that he’d suddenly put them back on and say he was messing with me. He rose back to feet and briefly dusted his jeans. He nodded towards the door.


 “Let’s get outta here.” I glared at him, hesitance filling every cell of my body. I trust him as much as I trusted my father; which was the equivalent of no trust at all.  “What do you want from me,” I spat. He had to be gaining something out of this. I didn’t believe the ‘good Samaritan’ crap for a second.


He rose a dark eyebrow at me, a flicker of surprise lit in his eyes before they turned dark, “Well aren’t you demanding? What if I was just doing it to save you? Just because I wanted to help.”


I scoffed with a roll of my eyes. Lair! “We both you you’re lying. What’s the real reason you let me go?”


Slick stuffed his hands into his leather pockets as mock surprise coats his expression but his hard eyes were difficult to hide. “I don’t remember you being this brave, nor tangled up in a gang. Any more surprises?”


My eyes narrowed at him, a flame of annoyance burned my skin, having my cheeks warm from the heat. I was already getting sick of him and it hasn’t even been fifteen minutes. “Answer the question already.” All the humor drained from his face when he rolls out his shoulders and straightens his back.


 His attempt at intimidating me wasn’t working. “Alright, I have my reason. Someone close to me’s been missing for a while and I have to find them. I can’t do that on gang territory so I need to leave claimed grounds without raising any suspicion.


 “That’s where you come in. I’ll just say I need to interrogate you somewhere else and done. We both leave here without a scratch and get to do what we want. The plan’s simple enough, isn’t it?”  “So you just expect me to play along with your game? I don’t trust you, Slick. How do I know you won’t pull a fast one on me


Like his name, he could slip right through your fingers before you knew it. He was too cunning, too Slick to be trusted. He offered a careless shrug.


“I’m not asking you to trust me and yes, I do expect you to just go with it. What other option do you have anyway?” He was right, I’m sure I was in the heart of the gang. In other words, where all their ammunition and security would be here.


I wouldn’t stand a chance against them. Sure, I could fight and defend myself but I was still sixteen, I’m no super women. So with a rueful sigh, I nodded. “Lead the way already.” With a forced award winning grin, he told me, “ Great, you’ve got common sense. Now spin around so I can tie you up.”


I wanted to lash out at him but if I did, I’m sure it wouldn’t end too well for me. With my anger spiked, I gnawed at the inside of my cheek.


 “What?’ was my one worded grunt, if I said any more I’d probably explode. “You can’t just swagger right through the front door, you know. Kinda suspicious don’t you think?”


Knowing how right he was, again, I spun around and held my hands behind my back. After hearing the clank of my chains, cool metal was wrapped around my wrists and I almost winced when he tightened it unnecessarily.


My wrists were already bruised, he was just making it worse. “Hey! Not so tight,” were my yelled commands to him. “Really not the shy Loner.” I heard him grumble beneath his breath before hearing him raise his voice when saying, “Suck it up, Loner.” Snapping my head around to glare at him, I snorted, “Didn’t we already establishe I wasn’t that?”


 It felt good to express my emotions to him. All these years I’ve had to hold my tongue in fear of blowing my cover but now he knew I was somehow tied to the gang world so why hide it anymore?


Out of spite, he tightened my chains further and I nearly bit his head off. With a challenging look, he said, “We established you weren’t shy. You’re still a Loner.” I didn’t have a remark for that, and I didn’t need one because he continued, “Alright, let’s get this over with.”


Wrapping his large hand around my forearm, he tugged me to his side. Making our way towards the exit, I braced myself when he opened the door and we stepped out the room.

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