Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - (49)Jail

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



Apparently, tonight, a lot of people chose to break the law. That means here were others in my cell, five more others. Three minutes in there and I was already labeled as the new chew toy.

But with shock and fatigue running through my system, I just ignored them. That’s till they took things too far and try to touch me. My mind flashed back to that night and I just lost it.

I don’t remember exactly what happened. On minute, my mind reeled this memories and the next, a thirty old women laid at my feet. Hands clutching her bloodied nose as her eyes swelled shut.

People left me alone after that. So I sat curled up on a bench by myself, knuckles stinging in a satisfying way. But I couldn’t help but worry for Kaden, my brief fight forgotten.

I know he was probably okay, if they bothered him I knew he’d have it handled. But I didn’t like the thought of us spending the night here because then I’d have something else to worry about.

They’ve taken in my prints and shots already. So I prayed my father wouldn’t find out about it. Just a whiff of me, then he’d be here, sending a bullet through my head.

I shut my eyes, trying to block everything out. But then I snapped them right open again. Sleeping tonight was out of the question, I certainly didn’t trust my cell mates not to kill me in my sleep.

Forcing my eyes open, I watched as each women fell asleep. Before I knew it, time had passed and the sun was up.

By then, my eyes felt itchy and heavy, begging to be shut for a couple of days but I refused to sleep, gnawing at my lip every time I felt too exhausted.

For the most part, I was in a haze. Not ready to face my reality. That was till I heard the gate of my cell opening. “Aye! You with the red hair,” a voice boomed.

Shocked out my haze, I looked up to the man in uniform. He scowled at me, gesturing me over, “Yes, you! Get over here, you’re going in for interrogation.”

I hopped off my bench, already knowing what it was about. Sure, I’ve killed a couple times but with this crime, I was innocent.

I just happened to find the dead body. I wanted to say it to him, but I bit my tongue. No one would believe me anyway. Doesn’t everyone claim to be innocent around here?

My body seemed heavier than I remembered and walking was a drag. But I listened, maybe if I played nice then they’d let me go. Fat chance.

Too tired to watch where he was taking me, I felt like I was walking forever till he led me into a bright room.

I squinted against the light, wishing it was dimmer. The cop left once forcing me to take a seat at a table and handcuffing my wrist to the leg.

The metal bit at my raw wrists which hadn’t seemed to heal last night. I finally decided to look at my surroundings, finding myself in a small room with a dark tinted mirror on my left.

I knew it was a one way window, I wasn’t stupid. I stared at the window, hoping I was looking at someone right in the eyes. Come on, get it over with, I thought. Hoping the message was projected in my stare.

It was like they’d listened because seconds later, a woman entered the room. I watched her take a seat opposite me, her posture stiff and expression completely blank. There wasn’t a hair out of place as her dull emerald eyes pierce me with a stare.

I didn’t cave, knowing how to deal well during interrogations. Being kidnapped for information on many occasions, taught me that. Be composed and talk, but not too much.

Don’t crack under pressure. And don’t say anything that’ll come back to bite you in the ass. I held her stare, only for a few seconds before feigning to shy away. Innocent, I need to play it innocent.

My looks would help a lot with that, but I needed to be convincing. “I’m detective Shaw and I’m sure you know why you’re here,” Shaw’s voice was deeper than I expected, firm. I kept quiet. “Mind telling me your name?” Nothing.

“Why don’t you tell me what happened last night? I’m willing to listen.” I almost snorted, yeah right. She was just going to twist my words around.

I wanted to tell her that we were looking for a missing person and the reason I was armed was to protect myself from my father’s men. But she wouldn’t believe me and I didn’t expect her to.

She went on, asking a round of questions which I left unanswered. Finally, it seemed she had enough. She folded her arms and leaned over the table, eyes burning a hole through me.

“Things aren’t looking up for you, girl. You were found, armed, by a dead body. Might as well come out with the truth.” I met her stare, “I just found the body, I didn’t do anything to it but stare. I don’t even know why I’m here.”

“You could be charged for carrying around weapons. And I know there’s more to what you’re telling me. Just talk, and maybe we can figure something out.” Her tone was slightly too hard to sound caring.

“I was armed to protect myself,” I said, diverting the topic off the body. It’d last me a little while but not much. “From who?” I thought about it, “Let’s just say I’ve got daddy issues.”

If I had to say why, exactly, then we’d be here longer than I’d like. Because I’d have to go into detail about what he did, who he was and so on. I bet all the smarties in the world that I’d be dead before I could tell Detective Shaw his name.

Going back to why we were here, she asked, “Do you know the name of the person you found?” I shook my head.

She eyed me for a while before saying, “Dental records said his name’s Mason. Mason Renald Steel. And I know you had something to do with his murder.”

- - -

Time passed and everything was just a blur. Dead. Mason was dead. I don’t know how the rest of the interrogation went because I was free from my cuffs and found myself being hauled out by a cop.

She’s lying, she has to be. That couldn’t have been him.

Those thoughts have plagued my mind the minute Detective Shaw identified the body. I believed them, until Kaden was dragged out from the room next to where I was interrogated.

He looked furious, fighting against the three guards that held him. Handcuffs adored his wrists as he thrashed about, eyes blazing.

“You’re lying! You’re fucking Lying! That’s not my brother!” his screams tore a hole through my chest, thick veins snaking around his throat the louder he got.

It hurt to watch, how he his denies seemed more like a plea rather than a fact. Deep down, he knew it was as true as the stars in the sky.

Shaw didn’t lie, only I was lying to myself. Kaden continued to thrash about, freezing for just a moment when his eyes met mine.

My heart ached, he certainly didn’t have a good night with those dark spots beneath his eyes and bruised cheek. His murky gaze was wild, as crazed as a caged animal.

I wanted to reach out to him, hold him. Comfort him. Anything. I just wanted to be there for him. But I held his attention for only a second before he was back to fighting and screaming.

“That’s not Mason! You’re liars!” They dragged him away from me, down the hall and out of sight. But I could still hear him, his yells hit my ears till they echoed in my head.

- - -

Day turned to night, then back to day and the cycle just kept repeating. I’d wait up, get interrogated, go back into my cell then spend the whole night eyeing my cell mates. Last time I saw Kaden was three days ago.

Or was it four?

It didn’t matter, point was he was hurting and I couldn’t help him. He was all I thought about with every breath I took and released.

Sometimes, my cell mates would be released and replaced by new people. New people meant another person mistaking me for their- as they’d put it -Bitch.

Although I was emotionally tired and sometimes physically, I’d always put them on their asses.

I would’ve been a bit smug if I wasn’t feeling like shit. One cue, a cop opened my cell gates and called me out.

Forcing myself off my usual bench, I shuffled towards him. My body was spent. Not only did I lack sleep, but I was starved too.

Bastards wouldn’t let me make my own food.

Kaden was right; my trust issues were deeply rooted in me. But not when it came to him, well, not as bad. When I was close enough, the cop grabbed me by the arm.

I was too tired to protest, so I just went with it. He led me down the hall and when I thought we’d take a right, to the interrogation room, he turned left instead.

I ended up at the front desk where he began to sign papers, another cop eyed me curiously. Confused, I kept my mouth shut and my head down. Play nice and maybe they’ll let you go.

How many times have I been feeding myself that lie? I knew it wouldn’t happen. They’d find evidence, even if it’s false, and find a way to try pin it on Kaden and I.

There wasn’t a point to playing nice. The cop turned back to me and tossed me a bag. I caught it, surprised to find it was my stuff.

Then he also handed my weapons, much to his distaste, “You’re free to go.” My eyes widened, “What?” He huffed, shoving me towards the front door, “You’re free to go, now get your ass out of here, girly.”

I ignored his tone, “And Kaden?” “Who?” I didn’t know how to explain him so I said, “My boyfriend; the guy you also kept in here for the same reasons as me.”

He scowled, “Him. He’s been let out already. Now go.” I rolled m eyes at him, throwing him a tired yet affective scowl. “Quit bitching will you? I’m leaving already. Damn.”

This man has been a pain in my ass for too long. I had played nice, and now that I’m free, I didn’t give a shit about what came out my mouth.

It felt good, seeing the priceless expression on his face but I didn’t stick around too long, already out the front door in search of Kaden.

He wouldn’t leave me, would he? When I looked to my left, there he was, leaned against the police station.

He looked like hell, and that was putting it lightly. But I’m sure I seemed no better, myself. It took me three strides to get to him and pull him into a hug.

I haven’t touch nor seen him in so long, I wanted to reassure myself he was actually there. After a pause, he hugged me back, burying my face into his chest.

He stunk, but I didn’t mind. “Let’s get out of here,” I whispered. He didn’t utter a word but I felt him nod, chin grazing my head.

Pulling away, I held onto his hand and lead him down the street. I doubt the cops haven’t put our car in the pound, it was stolen after all. Guess we’ll be stealing another ride.

- - -

Half an hour later, we were on a high way out of Steelport. The further away we drove, the more relaxed I felt. Good, putting space between me and that hell city was best.

Sitting behind the wheel, I’d spare Kaden a worried glance every now and then. His head was elsewhere, his brother. Probably why he didn’t argue too much about me driving.

The car we stole wasn’t as great at the other one, but it got us from point A to B so it didn’t matter. With the cops possibly still suspicious of us and my father in the area, we didn’t have time to be picky.

My eyes felt heavy as I bit back a yawn. When was the last time I slept? Almost a week ago and now that I felt the slightest bit safer than before, my body was begging to be given a break.

I shook my head and blinked hard to stay awake. Not yet. But I knew I wouldn’t last long, my body was deprived of food and sleep for so long, I was sure I’d collapse at any second. Kaden wasn’t in the right state of mind to drive but, then again, neither was I.

I was seconds away from suggesting we stayed at a hotel, even if it was a crappy one, that was till Kaden spoke, “Stop the car.” It took some effort to look over to him without giving in to sleep, “wha-” “I said stop the car!”

His yell startled me, my hand jerking the steering wheel to the right. I slammed into my window, quickly trying to prevent an accident. Avoiding an incoming car, I parked sloppily on the side walk.

It was late afternoon and the streets were packed. Cars blared a stream of horns my way but I didn’t care. I was more focused on Kaden storming out the car and into an alleyway. With effort on my part, I hurried after him, almost getting bumped when blindly crossing the street.

I wanted to call out to Kaden, tell him to stop, but I didn’t have the breath. He was fast, weaving around trashcans through the ally. When he came across a sketchy looking group of boys, he shoved them out his way.

“Hey! Watch it asshole!” one of them yelled, his face covered in piercings. There were only three of them, looking no older than we were. Kaden shot them a glare, “then next time, get out my fucking way.”

A brunette guy shoved at Kaden’s shoulder, “Don’t talk to us like we’re your bitches.” Kaden barely stepped back, glare burning brighter, “Don’t touch me.” The shortest guy of the bunch stepped up to the challenge, roughly patting Kaden’s shoulder.

“What? Like that?” I wanted to stop a fight from breaking out, but my limbs were too tired. Instead, I leaned against a grimy wall to catch my breath.

Hunger nipped at my stomach, like it would eat itself out. I felt like I’d be sick, that’s if I didn’t faint first. The other two boys laughed, standing to their full heights as they surrounded him. I could taste the sour flavor of testosterones in the air.

God, why did boys have to be animals?

Kaden didn’t seem the slightest bit threatened, sizing up his opponents. And because I knew better, he looked a little please as he suppressed a smug smirk. Bastard was planning this from the start.

A fight. I should’ve know. His emotions always had to run through his fists. The piercing guy made the first move, fist aimed at Kaden’s jaw.

Kaden sidestepped him, sending his elbow to the kid’s nose. The boy stumbled back as his friends pounced at once. Kaden didn’t bat an eyelash at them, handling them like I knew he could.

He toyed with them, letting them shove him around for a bit and just when they’d think they had the upper hand, he’d prove them wrong. I didn’t find a need to step in, until I saw the brunette pull out a pocket knife.

I rushed over when he tried to blind side Kaden. It took me longer than I’d like to get there but when close enough, I pounced. Straddling the kid’s back, I knocked the knife out his hand.

Before I could jump off, he jerked into a wall, my back slamming into bricks. Pain shot down my spine as I shoved him off.

Cursing, he tried to turn around to attack but I grabbed him by the hair, bashing his head into the wall. He cried out as I did it again, only stopping when blood drenched his face and he passed out. When I spun around, Kaden already finished off the other two.

My body shook, finally caving beneath the strain I forced onto it. He didn’t notice, about to rush out for another fight but I stopped him. I grabbed his arm, for both support and to keep him there.

“Don’t,” I got out, my knees giving out after a quack. He caught me, concern sparked his eyes as the rage slowly faded. “What’s wrong? Did one of those guys hurt you?”

I shook my head. “I’m just sleep deprived… and…” My words began to slur, my mind drowning in drowsiness as my body shut down.

Kaden took me in his arms, my limbs weak in his hold. He opened his mouth to say something, but when I blinked, I was already sucked into a dreamless sleep.

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