Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - (58)Stay

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Submitted: August 25, 2017




A week later, things were looking up for me. Roselyn and I started talking more and Riley was eating better. After a busy day at work, I was more than happy to knock off and head towards the Café.

Entering the place, I slipped right through the kitchen and into the seat opposite Roselyn. She smiled in greeting, “Rough day, honey?” I nodded, not really in the mood to make my usual tea.

 “How’re you dealing with things, Thea?” she asked, taking a sip from her coffee. A while back, I told her my actual name when she told me about how her and her husband met.

I figured if I knew more about her, it’s only fair she knew about me too. At first, I regretted blurting it out but it felt good to hear my name. She was growing on me, becoming a mother I once wished I had.

At the thought of Kaden, my chest still ached, but…not as terrible as did before. My hand toyed with my pendant as I spoke, “Better.” Her jade eyes fell on the piece of jewelry and said, “That’s a beautiful necklace.”

I nodded in agreement, feeling my throat close a bit, “He gave it to me. Kaden.” As her eyes lit with understanding, she took a closer look at it, “It suits you.” “Thanks. I know I should get rid of it, but I just can’t. ”

 She twisted the ring on her ring finger, eyes distant, “I don’t blame you, dear. I still kept my wedding ring.” Licking my lips, I asked, “How long were you married?”

 Eyes still zoned out, she replied, “fifty one years.” I hated how her voice shook as well as the fact she lost someone she loved. They’ve been together for so long, so damn long only for some disease to snatch him away.

I watched as her lips twisted in a sad smile when she continued, “We got married while we were still in high school. It was a secret, kind of like Romeo and Juliet.

 “People at school started talking and eventually, our parents found out. They had a fit, saying we were too young,” she laughed.

 “I don’t blame them. I was only fifteen while Mark was eighteen. People would bet how long it’d take us to divorce. Some said three months, other said a year and then you’d get that one person who gave us a week.”

She shook her head and sighed, continuing to toy with her wedding ring. “We proved them all wrong. Even when Mark left for collage out the state, we still saw each other every weekend. I loved him, so much. Still do.”

Her voice fell into a whisper near the end and I felt for her. Pulling out her thoughts, she asked me, “How’d you get your necklace.”

I thought about it, trying to leave out details that’d get me in trouble. “I was mad at him, because he kept putting his brother first and me second. He got it as an apology gift, saying it suited me.”

I let a ghost of a smile form my lips too, “He always called me a porcelain doll, saying I was broken and I should just accept that. It was our last ‘good’ day together. Before he called it off,”

I didn’t try elaborating on why and she didn’t pry, something I always liked about her. Slowly getting to her feet, she said, “It’s getting late. Mind walking me to my car, dear?”

 I shook my head and followed her led. Stepping out into the street, she said she’d parked a block down from here, saying she needed the walk. I didn’t mind, taking note of the dimming sky and almost vacant streets.

 The sight was a rarity, considering how someone always seemed to have somewhere to be. I cherished it, liking how no one shoved into me from all sides.

It was just…quiet. Later that day, I’d wish it were different. Nothing good ever came from an odd quiet.

As I saw her car in the distance, a motorcycle sped down the street, engine roaring. It skidded to a halt meters away as the driver took off his helmet, dark eyes meeting mine as he hopped off his bike and slowly approached me.

Run. My mind hissed but I my body seemed frozen. Hands disappeared behind his back pockets before reappearing with a knife in each hand.

I pulled Roselyn behind me, slowly backing away as I tried finding a way to get out this mess. Her boney fingers clutched my arm and I could feel her shaking.

I, on the other hand, was mentally going through escape routes. We’re on a one way street with no alleys on either side of us. That, and we were the only ones out here. The answer was simple, fight.

Adrenaline filled me as I sunk into it, knowing it’s what’ll keep me alive. “On my move, run,” I mumbled under my breath, hoping Roselyn heard me.

“What?” she hissed back about to add more but I cut in, “Just run.” And before she could protest, I ran towards my assassin. “Go!” I screamed, ducking when he took a swipe to my throat.

Punching his side, I dropped to my knees as he tried for a jab. I have a hard kick to his knees, knocking him down. Shooting to my feet, I kicked out his knife and watched it fly out of sight. Then, I went for his ribs. I only got two kicks in before he had me.

Hissing when he slashed through my ankle, I stumbled back as he jumped to his feet and lunged for me. A sudden scream from behind me, met my ears and I cursed Roselyn for not listening to me.

 But I shoved thoughts of her aside, staying focused. His knife dived for my head and I held his wrists at bay, my knee jabbed into his side.

The man grunted and wretched away to try again. Blood rushing through me, I grabbed his arm and twisted it against his back, forcing him to drop it. I shoved him hard, making a grab for the weapon right when he yanked my hair.

I let out a grunt and fell to my knees to get a better reach. Biggest mistake. He kicked the back of my head and I instantly felt dizzy, breathing harsh as I fought through it.

My fingers brush the handle before I’m forced on my back, head pouncing off the floor. I swore, feeling the man lean over me for the knife and I blindly kicked my legs up.

 I hit my target, his grunts proved that. When he fell next to me, it was just a fight for the knife, neither of us letting the other get close enough to grab it. Breathing labored, I fought through my increasing headache, determined not to let him win.


He’d punch me, I’d punch harder.

He’d tugged my hair, I’d elbow his face.

He’d shove me and I’d shove harder.

A constant struggle where neither of us seemed to be getting anywhere, well, that’s until a hand snatched the knife away. Our eyes snapped up, and found Roselyn hold it within a shaky grip, biting her lip as she shuffled away from us.

 I wanted to snap at her, I needed it to kill him. But then, I didn’t want to do that in front of her. I didn’t get a chance through because a punch whipped my face to the side before hands wound around my throat.


I tried prying his wrists off me, chocking at the restriction of air. “L-let her go! I’ve g-got a k-knife!” I heard her yell but she was ignored, it was clear she was too afraid to really us it. Well, that’s what we thought.

The man released a sharp yell, letting me go to collapse on me. Surprised, I shoved him off, scrambling to my feet as I ignored the pain in my ankle.

 My eyes landed on a frozen Roselyn whose hands were empty of the knife. I felt a little proud of her, but sad about how it’d haunt her.

The man shifted, hand reaching to the knife embedded in his back. “We need to go, now!” I hissed to Roselyn as grabbed her wrist and shot into a sprint. She stumbled after me, almost falling most of the time and I hated that.

She was too slow, she just couldn’t keep up before she fell to her knees minutes later. “Fuck,” I cursed, trying to get her to her feet. She shoved me off, “Leave without me. I’m slowing you down.”

I shook my head, “You’re crazy. He’ll kill you.” Gripping her arms, I forced her to stand, trying to get us running again but she kept pushing me away.

“It’s you he want, not me,” she argued back, her aged face pulled into a stubborn look. I didn’t want to hear it. I couldn’t leave her, not now, not ever.

She meant a lot to me, leaving her would be like cutting off my arm and two legs. “Listen Roselyn-” “No!” she screamed, eyes suddenly widening before yanking me behind her.

Everything happened in a flash. She jolted, body stumbling into me before her knees gave out. Falling in a heap at my feet, my stunned eyes landed on her and my heart sunk.

A knife lodged in her chest, a trail of blood leaving the wound and pooled in the street. My brain refused to process the sight as my body stiffened.

 For a moment, I couldn’t move, think…breathe. And then, anger rushed in. A burning rage consumed ever fiber of my being, eyes snapping to the culprit.

The man stood a feet away from me, angered at his miss. Guess we were both on the same page. My fist shot to his nose, then throat and back to his nose. He cried out, hot glare hitting me as he tried to react.

I didn’t give him a chance. Grabbing his hair and brought his face down to my knee, knocking him out.

At the sound of a gurgle, I tossed his body aside like it was trash, my rage gone as sudden as it came and now replaced with panic. Kneeling on my knees, my hands hovered over Roselyn, not knowing what to do.

Everything I’ve learnt at the hospital, suddenly left my mind. But even if I remembered, I knew I couldn’t save her from a wound like that. Her hand reached out to take mine, holding it in a death grip.

Her expression twisted in pain, she whispered, “I can’t breathe, Thea.” It brought a quiver to my lip as I pulled her head into my lap and brushed her hair.

A hard lump clogged my throat and I cringed when she let out a cough, her mouth spitting crimson her chin. My thoughts were cluttered, fear pushing images into my head of a world without her in it.

 Her eyes were wide as another hand held the handle of the knife still embedded in her. The sight sickened me, how thick blood began to stain my jeans, her life slowly slipping as the seconds ticked by.


I needed to call 911. Snapping out of it, I remembered how I left my phone but she probably had hers. “Roselyn, I need your phone to call 911,” I got out through the lump forming in my throat.

She let out a tired breath. “Don’t” the word was barely above a whisper and it killed me how strained it was.


I shook my head, words spilling from my mouth,” It’s the blood loss, you don’t really want that. Just blood loss. Damnit, were is it Roselyn!” my fingers trembled when digging through one of her pockets.

I tried ignoring how warm her blood felt on my skin, thick and sticky. She squeezed my other hand, snapping my wild eyes back to hers, “Stop, please.”

“Why!” I cried out, tears shooting to the forefronts of my eyes. I pushed them back, wanting to see Roselyn clearly even if the sight was painful.

“I want to be with Mark,” she strained, eyes meeting mine as she took in a labored breath. I squeezed her hand, shaking my head, “No! You can’t leave me yet!” “I’m old, Thea, and I miss my husband.”

 A weak cough had her shut her eyes as more scarlet stained around her mouth. I swallowed a whimper, “You’re like a mother to me Roselyn. You can’t leave yet. You can’t.”

 She didn’t say anything for a moment and when her eyes remained closed, panic had my heart slamming into my chest as I shook her awake. “Wake up, Roselyn! Wake up!”

Her eyes slowly opened, “Shh, dear. I’m tired.” I shook my head, hand gripping hers tighter as my heart squeezed.

“Don’t sleep!” She barely gave a shake of her head as she offered a bloodied smile, “It’s okay. Sleeping’s okay.” “You shouldn’t have done that for me,” I scolded, my voice faint.

 “You’re like a daughter to me. I’d do it ag-”,her voice just died out, along with the light in her eyes as her lips frozen mid word. Heart jumpstarting into a panicked rhyme, I squeezed her hand and shook her again.

“Roselyn, wake up. Wake up! Roselyn, don’t die on me!” her hand went limp in mine and didn’t stir as I shook her harder, my voice shrill.

“Roselyn!” I refused to believe she was dead, but her cooling skin, limp body and blank eyes screamed my reality. I shook my head to fight off the truth.

Not her too.

Sobs racked through me as tears poured through my eyes. Shaking my head, I threw it back and let out a scream, my heart shattering in my chest. Pain, all I felt was pain at the loss of a mother.

Grief pumped through my veins as I cried in the dark, cradling an empty body in hopes there’d suddenly be life. There wasn’t. The real world didn’t work that way.

It never did.

I sat there for hours, refusing to let her go as her body began to stiffen and my jeans soaked up every ounce of her blood. I allowed myself to grief, to break down…mourn.

 But, when hearing Roselyn’s murderer begin to awake up, something within me snapped. My eyes flew open, my blurry vision staring out into the night sky.

The twinkling stars above mocked me. I no longer felt the need to count my blessings, everything was ripped away from me.

My earlier rage was back, burning brighter than it ever had. I chewed the inside of my cheek as I felt something within me snap. My sanity perhaps, it was the only thing I had yet to break.

I was fed up of my father ruining things for me, tired of him snatching loved ones away from me. Now, I was done taking his shit. Instead of waiting for the fight to come to me, I’ll take it to him and strike when he least expected it.

 Firstly, I needed to find where he was and as my glare landed Roselyn’s killer, I knew exactly how to do it. This time, with no walls, no remorse because I could feel my hear freeze over and my hands itch for bloodshed.

No going back. Getting up, I knocked him out with a heavy punch before dragging his limp body towards my car. 

I could feel it, feel myself being shoved off the edge of clarity, spiraling down the point of no return.

I’m ending things, no more running. 


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