Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - (63)EndGame

Submitted: September 29, 2017

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Submitted: September 29, 2017



I ducked, rolling behind a couch with Kaden seconds behind me. I pursed my lip to hold a hiss when my injury protested.

 The gun didn’t redirect its aim and for a moment, I wondered if my father was stupid. When I felt the floor beneath me tilt, I knew what he did.

The bastard took out his pilot. Another round of bullets went off, followed by the sounds of glass shattering before a wild wind sucked the air from my lungs.

“You’re like a roach, Thea, always a pain in my ass. I really hope a plane crash can kill you this time around.” His voice began to fade, swallowed by the air that sucked out the jet.

Gravity no longer applied here as my body became weightless, lifting into the air. Gritting my teeth, I clung to the couch which soon became weightless as well.

Anger seared through me when noticing my father’s absence. “We need to go after him,” I yelled to Kaden over the wind trying to use the couch to push me forward.

I knew where he went, the escape hatch. Fucking coward. Refusing to get blood on his hands, even if it’s someone he never cared for.

I let out a frustrated huff when it took me longer to reach the hatch than I’d like. The air in the jet had now thinned out, making it difficult to breathe as I used the walls to help me move.

When we reached the hatch, I was breathless as sweat coated my forehead. I could feel the blood lose getting to me, but I refused to allow it. Swallowing it down, I snagged a parachute and strapped it to my back.

Without thought, I jumped. The air was pushed out my lungs at the realization of what I did, the air whipping at my face constricted my breathing.

It was icy against my skin, forcing me to squint my eyes just to make out my father’s falling figure down bellow. Fixing my arms at my side, I shaped my body into an arrow as I shot down towards him.

 He was meters away yet the distance shortened with every passing second. My hand whipped beneath my shirt and pulled out my gun, tightening my grip when the wind nearly forced it out my grasp.

When I was feet above him, I made my move. Trying to suck air into my lungs, I aimed. When I blew out a breath, I pressed the trigger and fired, the bang consumed by the wind.

 Bullet cutting into his shoulder, he jerked from impact before turning to give the earth his back as he whipped out his own gun.

Anger contoured his features as the gun directed towards me chest, he fired. I was too slow to dodge it. But I didn’t have to.

A body rammed me out the way, taking my bullet. A grunt met my ears and realization hit me hard in the gut. My heart froze at the sight of a limp Kaden who floated at my side.

 Eyes shut as the wind slowly carried him away from me. The boy who took my place, my bullet. I swear the world shattered at the sight of him, my body completely froze over.

He couldn’t be gone too. Not him.

A million thoughts ran through my mind like lightening, all too fast to process. A bullet rung passed my ear, snapping me out of it as I gulped in a large breath.

Myvision tinted red as my lungs breathe in flames of rage. It spread through my veins, killing any sense of rationality, thoughts, and conscious.

I wasn’t Thea anymore, I’d turned into the beast my father had tried to mold me into. The heartless monster than craved the blood of those who dared to hurt it.

Most of what happened next was simply a blur. A haze. One second, I was shocked into grief about the boy I loved.

The next, I wrestled my father with for the knife in my hand, the bloodied blade I wished to drive into his cold fucking heart.

My body was no longer mine, the darkness from within me just snapped and took total control. I was wild, vicious, fighting my father for a weapon that’d end his life. I punched, kicked, bit, elbowed and kneed his body with such force he’d jolt beneath me.

He won. Trying to make a stab for my head but I ducked, the blade lodged in the bag of my parachute instead. “I should’ve ended you when I killed your mother!”

His yells were like whispers in my ears, barely registered in my mind. “You’re right. It would’ve saved your fucking life,” I hissed.

Grabbing his wrist when he drew back to strike again, I used his momentum against him. The blade cut into his chest and with a grunt, I forced it deeper, making sure to pierce his heart.

 I glared him in the eyes, watching the life leave them as they turned cold, icy. A true reflection of who he really was. Then I did it again, and again.

Screaming as every time I sunk the blade into his chest, angry rippled from me and turned to despair. My arm ached, blood wet my hands and my mind was spinning.

He was gone, but the pain and wounds his actions caused were still fresh and deep. When strength left me and I couldn’t pull out the knife from his rib cage, I kicked his body away from me and watched it continue to plummet down. 

Whoever said revenge was sweet, lied. All I felt was nothing for his head, except a hint of relief that Jack will never hurt me again. 

I’m pulled out my dark thoughts when noticing how close I was nearing the ground below. It was barren, nothing but dead grass and sand to cushion my landing.

Shakily grabbing Kaden’s motionless body into my arms, I pulled at the shoot. It shot out the bag, slowing down my fall for a second before it gave way, getting lost in the wind without me.

 I cursed, trying to reach for Kaden’s shoot but my fingers couldn’t round his torso far enough. A loud gasp met my ears at the feel of arms wounding around me, shocking me into silence.

A whoosh was heard before the sped of our fall slowed. My eyes snapped to Kaden who clutched me to his chest, eyes open, lively, as he braced us for our fall.

“Hold on!” he yelled the second we crashed into soil, stumbling down a small hill as Kaden cocooned me with his body. I only felt jolts, still too shocked to process it.

Even when everything stopped and Kaden still clutched me to his chest, I whispered, “You’re alive.”

 Pushing my way out his hold, I held onto his bruised face, “I saw you take that bullet for me.” Wide eyes staring into his, I knew I wasn’t dreaming it up. His cheeks were warm beneath my palms as his eyes swirled with pain, concern and relief.

At the realization, my own relief had tears flooding my eyes as I tried to blink them away. Life breathed into my soul and I swear I was practically glowing. He was alive.


His eyes focused on me, love instantly swelling in their depth, “That I did.” “But how-” “Bullet proof vest. I got it off one of the guys I killed before we jumped.”

Still chocking down on my emotions, I crashed my lips into his. The kiss was rough, hasty. The kind of kiss you’d give someone when you thought you lost them.

“I love you,” I murmured into his mouth. “I love you too.” I loved him more than I ever thought I could, he took a bullet for me.

Suddenly remembering what he did, I forced him away and punched his chest, “Idiot! Don’t you think you could have told me this before you took a bullet to the fucking chest! I thought you died!”

 Kaden let out a soft chuckled before he winced, “There wasn’t time for that. Besides, the bullet knocked me out before I could tell you that. I didn’t mean to make you worry.”

I simply glared at him before it simmered down, my affection for him simply overriding that. “So, did you kill him?” I nodded, “Yes, knife to the heart.”

He gave a cold smile, “Good.” The adrenaline slowly left my body and my hand snapped to the wound in my hip. It flared up to a point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Kaden noticed, shuffling to his feet as he lifted me into his arms. He asked, “How bad is it?” I didn’t need to look to know. “Nothing major,” lies.  He narrowed his eyes one me and lifted my shirt before I could protest.

 “Shit.” I pursed my lips at the sight, it looked worse than it felt, and that’s saying something. Nesting my head into Kaden’s chest, I looked away and tried to steer the topic off my wound.

“We can’t stay in the country you know. My father’s men will be looking for us. We did kill their boss.” Kaden grunted in agreement and began walking. Where to? I had no idea.

Maybe civilization.

 Looking up, I met his eyes right when a loud bang startled us both, forcing our heads to snap to its direction. In the distance, I could make out my father’s crashed landed jet right before it exploded into flames.

 Dark smoke dancing around the air craft, mimicking how I felt at the sight of such destruction. “Where do you wanna go?” he asked, eyes returning back to me.

“Australia,” I piped up, fisting his shirt at the pain in my side. “Australia it is,” he agreed, rubbing my back in a soothing manner.

I smirked and said, “We’re going to need fake passports.”

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