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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 27, 2012




Chapter 2 Alexa


Their searchlights are on full blast as we struggle to keep out of sight. They know about me, but not about Damon. Darting left and right, constantly moving we assess the layout below us. The bunkers and tents are set up at three foot intervals, making it hard to target them all at once. Damon has drawn his first throwing knife and my bow has an arrow nocked and ready to fire. He swings his body down, his wings holding him in an upright position, he won't be able to hold himself like that for long, much less keep up the pace I am about to fly at. I hold my hand up, telling him to wait for my signal. I take a deep breath and dive, folding my wings in close to pick up speed, and let an arrow loose at the first searchlight. I spread my wings and pull up, just in time to avoid the explosion caused by the light. My arrow flies back up, thrown out by the blast. I catch it and renock it to my bow, aiming it at a searchlight operator, badly burned and bleeding. I put him out of his misery, whispering a prayer to the great Vampire goddess, begging for forgiveness. The explosion has sent the enemy camp into a frenzy, one searchlight finds Damon, so I fly through the beam of light, distracting them so it follows me and give Damon a chance to move.

For the first time in this world, I have to use my Powers, to wipe out as many enemies as I can quickly. It's risky, as if the general hears about what I can do and Damon's different Power, he will never let us free. It's bad enough we are how we are. With our Powers kept secret, we have a chance of escape.

I put my bow back with my quiver and make my hands into fists. I concentrate for a moment then unleash a huge burst of fire. The superheated flames engulf most of the enemy camp, killing any enemies in tents, and destroying their guns and ammunition. As I do this, my energy gives out. I begin to plummet towards the ground. I concentrate and lift my hand to the sky. I let a stream of violet fire burst upwards. Damon's signal. He dives, and grabs the strap of my quiver, giving me a moment to right myself. I nudge him with my wing, and he lets go, pulling up but keeping his eyes on me as I risk everything. I carry on diving, unsure of my strength and pull up inches from the ground so I can land and carry on running. I stumble and fall to my knees, but am up and sprinting along again within a couple of seconds. I draw my sword with my right hand and stretch out my left. I make the wind blow harder than gale-force, knocking any survivors to the ground.

“Drop any remaining weapons or die!” I shout, spreading my wings.

“DIE EVIL DEMON!” A man shrieks from behind me, I turn just in time to see a man holding a gun. Not just any gun, a gun with iron bullets. Iron burns. A lot.

He pulls the trigger and I jump to the side. The bullet misses my heart but catches my arm. The soldier laughs as I cry out and drop to my knees, trying to pull out the bullet.

He aims again. With me on my knees, he won't miss my heart or head.

A blade bursts through his stomach and twists. It slides out and the soldier falls, choking. There is nothing there but a slight flicker in the air. Damon appears, he had used his invisibility spell to save my life. I grimace, still trying to dig the burning bullet from my arm. My flesh will not heal around it. I yank it out, gasping as it burns my hand. I melt the cursed thing by throwing it into the remaining fire. Damon runs to me and heals my arm in seconds.

I turn to the remaining soldiers and Damon turns invisible again, probably to make them nervous.

“Any other rebels or are we going to follow Alexa back to camp?” I say mockingly.

The soldiers put their hands on their heads and get up slowly, looking around at the destruction I've caused.

“Good.” I mutter, holding my hand out. They flinch, expecting more fire, but I shoot water at the fire, putting it out and making sure nothing remained of my Power. “Now, when we get back, don't breathe a word of what my partner and I can do, or those words shall be your last.” They nod, and I know they are being truthful. They know I am not joking when I say I will kill them. “Follow.” I shout and leap up into the air, making fireballs in my hands so the prisoners could see where I am.


The general is shocked when he sees the destruction of the enemy camp. He had commanded us to take him there and had threatened us until we agreed. We had flown, he had driven.

“Who did all this?” He cried gleefully, looking at the charred remains of tents, soldiers and weapon parts.

“The halogen lights blew up” I said quickly, which was partly true, “They started a fire.”

“A halogen searchlight induced fire wouldn't be hot enough to melt tanks and guns Alexa.” He replied threateningly.

“Well that's what happened general,” Damon snapped.

The general did nothing except reach into his pocket, to remind us he was the one who could shock us.

“The war is over now general. Is there any possibility-” I begin

“No.” The general says shortly. “As I said before Alexa, you are property of the government now. Human rights don't apply to... whatever you are.”

“We're vampires general. And we are getting annoyed. We are not animals, dumb and easy to manipulate. We are intelligent and more complex than you humans.” I growl

“And yet you are in my control,” The general sneers, “Not so intelligent now are we?”

“Not for long general,” Damon says bluntly, “Alexa is high up in our political system. She was meant to return to our Realm three weeks ago. I was sent to find her. We have less than two weeks until they send an entire army out to retrieve us. Then your sneering head will no longer be connected to the rest of you.”

The general is furious. “Back to base. NOW!” he barks. We look at each other and grin, gleeful at his discomfort. Then we leap up and beat our powerful wings, soaring in the clouds, keeping in the generals sight though, to ensure he doesn't shock us with the cursed collars.

Our happiness is short-lived though, because as soon as we get back to base, we are locked in our room, which is later re-enforced with thick iron plates. We can't go anywhere near the walls, and the whole room stinks of the cold biting iron. Our weapons are confiscated and kept in an iron safe the other side of the base. The general is in a state of panic. His 'Super-Soldiers' are going to disappear back to their own Realm and he can't take it. Without my bow, I feel defenceless. The lack of blood is getting to me and I feel weak, desperate. I am on the verge of passing out when the general walks in, still fuming. I lunge for him, biting into his neck, needing relief from the horrible cramps tearing me apart from the inside. He shoves me off of him, disgusted, and kicks me again and again, until Damon throws him away from me and carries me to the centre of the room, away from the iron walls, and spreads his wings, crouching defensively, baring his fangs. The general is furious but doesn't shock us. He knows the iron is punishment enough. His hand on his neck, he slams the door and locks it securely.

I feel wretched, spasms of pain are racking my body. I need relief from this hell.

Damon doesn't touch me. He knows even the slightest brush of a touch will intensify the pain beyond even the pain of iron. In the state I'm in, I could run to an iron wall and embrace it and it would still be less painful than this. Damon feels helpless. I know this because I can read his emotions. As I writhe in pain, my mind is calmer than my body.

You don't have to watch this. I tell him, using telepathy

I do. This is something you cannot go through alone.

I can bear it. I just can't bear having to put you through this.

I'm not turning away Alexa.

I don't want you to watch this.

You can take some of my blood you know.

Damon, you know I can't do that.

You could. You wouldn't hurt me.

I refuse to take your blood Damon. It would kill you. I don't want to be a murderer.

You wouldn't drain me.

He honestly believes I won't drain him? Has he seen my eyes? An honour court member has to drain who or what they drink from, they have no choice, they cannot stop. I may have a ring of my old self in my eyes and soul, but Viera has left me her position, and her curse to match it.

He lowers his head at my thoughts.

I can't let you die Alexa. His mental voice moans.

I cry out as the most painful spasm yet rips its way through me. Red tears fill his violet eyes as he watches me suffer.

Alexa, PLEASE!

I shake my head and try and sit up. He puts his hand out and stops me. But I force myself to sit up. I have a plan in my head. He reads it and shock fills his features.

“Don't you dare!” he whispers.

But before I can rip off the collar to set off the electric shocks, (which wouldn't affect me in the state I'm in), the iron door comes flying at us. I stop it with the last of my Power energy, blowing the strongest gale-force wind at it I can muster, it drops to the ground an inch from us. In the doorway, a blonde vampire with cat-like ears and a cat-like tail. Her nostrils are flared, her eyes blazing at the state we're in, the iron walls, the fact we have no weapons, the lack of blood.

“What the hell?!” She cries, absolutely horrified at what the general had done. “Where are your weapons? When did you last drink?!”

“Our weapons were taken from us,” Damon began, “I last drank two weeks ago, Alexa drank six weeks ago.”

The vampire is beyond fury, beyond shock. She turns to me. “Can you stand?”
I nod and struggle to my feet, spreading my wings slightly to keep my balance.

“Lets get out of here.” She says.

“We can't,” I whisper, terrified of what will happen the moment we cross the door threshold.

“Why not?” Asks our rescuer

I pointed to the electro-collar around my neck, “If we cross that threshold without permission from that general, these collars shock us with high voltage electricity.”

The blonde vampire shrieks with fury. She has a murderous glint in her eye and I know that if the general were to walk down the corridor now, he would be in pieces on the floor within seconds.

“If we try to take them off, they shock us with such high voltage, we would be rendered helpless for weeks.” Damon adds.

“We could lure the general here and get that controller off of him,” I offer, “If we use our Powers and show him that we are stronger and more useful than he thought, he will be distracted long enough for us to pin him, and as long as he can't reach the controller, we should be able to turn these damn things off and get them off!”

“That is actually a pretty good idea!” the blonde exclaims. Another strong spasm of pain engulfs me and I gasp, falling to my knees. Damon helps me up and the blonde is full of fury.

“You need blood to make this plan work Alexa. How are you going to use your Powers if you have no life essence to make them work?” Damon asks me gently. I just try not to cry.

The blonde says, “Hold on. I'll be right back.” She flits away silently. She will not be caught off guard, she is too alert. She returns minutes later with an unconscious soldier, one of the soldiers that had grabbed Damon and forced that collar on him. “Drink.” She ordered. “You too.” She looks pointedly at Damon, as do I, not wanting to if he doesn't.

He reads my thoughts and agrees.

“I'll keep watch,” The blonde says, walking out of the room. We look at each other and fall upon the evil soldier. We;re lucky his blood issn't tainted by his evil deeds. We finish draining him as the blonde walks back in. Her timing really is superb. Without a word, she picks up the body and starts to walk away with it, but I stop her.

“Give it here,” I say, strength building rapidly. She hands the body to me and I set it on the floor in front of me. I make a fist and concentrate. I let loose the most powerful stream of fire I have ever made, letting all the anger and hate go into it. The flame is red and gold, and reduces the body to a tiny pile of ash in seconds. I then create a breeze to blow them away, they won't be found again.

“That saved digging and burying,” The blonde mutters, smiling slightly. She reminds me of Viera, and it hurts.

“I think you should hide now,” I say, “ Lets get this over and done with.” Damon and the blonde agree and she walks away to hide nearby. I spread my wings carefully, not letting them touch the iron walls. I shout for the general, saying I have something he may want to see. He walks in cautiously, noting the door on the floor instead of in the door-frame.

“What's going on?” He says in a guarded tone, the controller in his hand.

“We don't just fly and dodge bullets.” I say, “We are more dangerous than we already seem.” I nod to Damon and he disappears.

“Where did he go?!” the general barks, finger twitching on the button.

“I am still here,” Damon's voice says from thin air, “I know a spell which makes me invisible.”

The general's eyes widen and the blonde vampire creeps in through the doorway.

“My Power is very different,” I say, trying to keep his attention in case he gets wise and kills us all. “My Power is the manipulation of all Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Life, Water and Spirit.” The blonde gets a little closer.

I create a fireball in each hand and throw them up into the air, creating patterns in the air, which I blow away with the wind. Water is easy, I point to the ground and it appears around us, like a mini ocean, which disappears to reveal plants and foliage, which vanish when I stop.

“What about Spirit?” he asks, very intrigued, and completely distracted.

“One example of Spirit is seeing into the future.” The blonde is almost right behind him now, “And yours contains a very early death.” The blonde grabs the controller, and disables the collars. The general turns to see her crush the controller in her hand. He turns back to me and Damon, and we snap the collars off. I incinerate mine in my hand. The general finally realises what he's dealing with. Three angry, strong, blood-thirsty vampires, circling him.

“This one,” I begin, echoing the general's words when Damon was caught, “Tried to kill us. I think we all want to do this.” I sneer at the helpless, terrified human general.

“Is there any chance you will let me leave with my life?” The general pleads.

“No.” Damon says shortly.

One, Two, Three. We lunge, the general screams, and we take our revenge slowly.

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