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This is the first chapter of Viera. It's the story before Alexa, and I really need some honest opinions on it, so please tell me what you think!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Viera

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012



Chapter 1 Viera

The Demons close in from every side, there is no escape. My wings bound, my sword lost, I am about to die. I draw my knife, my last weapon, the last thing I have to defend myself. A Demon stretches its clawed misshapen hand at my knife and it melts in my hand, superheated.It scorches my hand, stripping the pearly white skin from my bones. I fall to my knees, screaming in agony. My Powers drained, my weapons gone, my only way of escape bound and damaged, I watch through tear-filled eyes as the first Demon lunges and sinks its teeth into my throat. Blood spurts, pain envelops me.

And I hear screams coming from Alexa's room. She's been having nightmares lately, and they've been so strong, they've pulled my consciousness into hers. I run into her room across the hall and shout, “Alexa! Wake up!” And she wakes, confused and terrified.

“Viera,” She cries, “I dreamed -”

“I know.” I interrupt her. “You pulled me into it again. I could tell it was your dream, I don't have wings.” I smile at her and all the tension melts from her. She is not in the dream world anymore.

“It's dark.” I say pointedly.

“No problem!” she says brightly and looks at the chandelier. The little candles all light as bright as her tone, making the room perfectly lighted and her various silver ornaments glitter. I look down as something shiny catches my eye and freeze.

“Alexa, why is your sword lying right next to your bed?” I ask after a couple of minutes.

“My sword?” She asks, following my gaze. “Oh! Right! I moved it in the night because I heard strange noises, I felt unsafe.” I pick up the sword and hold it up to the light. The topaz and ruby encrusted hilt catches the light and shines. The sword is made of silver, because iron burns paranormals and any other metal does not charm or take enchantments easily.

Alexa notices my silence. “There's no need to worry Viera, it's probably just another false alarm.”

I sigh. “Alexa, if there was a real emergency, you would die. You know how to draw your sword without decapitating yourself, but that's about it.” I pause, not wanting to say this. She grins, hearing my thoughts.

“Training at last?” She says, excited. I close my eyes, really not wanting to. If she learns how to fight, there would be nothing I can do to stop her fighting in battles, wars.

“If you don't train me, Damon will,” She reminds me, smirking and glancing at the door. Damon's room is only down the hallway. She is already learning to fly, but isn't very good yet. She frowns at this, she didn't like me making her feel inadequate.

“I'm not that bad you know!” She snaps, spreading her wings to show them off. She may have wings, but she cannot run as fast as I can. She interprets my thought the only way she can, a challenge.

“Bet I can beat you downstairs!” She shouts gleefully.

“Yeah that'll be the day!” I cry, grinning.

She leaps over me and spreads her wings, launching herself over me and out the door. I give her two seconds, which gets her halfway down the stairs and drop her sword on her bed, sprinting to the kitchen. She scowls as I blow past her at twice the speed of sound, she folds her wings in to dive, but doesn't pull out of it quick enough. She is lucky I catch her at the bottom and flip her so she lands onto her feet. She lands as I reach the kitchen.

“You wait Viera!” She grumbles lightheartedly, walking over to the kitchen. By the time she's there, I have got all the breakfast food out. I can't be bothered to cook, so I ask her to.

“No problem,” She says without looking up from slicing her bread. I pile all the meat products onto a charmed silver platter. She stretches her hand out, still cutting bread and lets a small, superheated stream of fire engulf the meat for one second. It's cooked to perfection.

“Could have a bit less fat on it,” I tease as she toasts the bread, so it's brown and crunchy on the outside, but still has some softness on the inside.

“I'm an elemental, not a chef,” She snorts and walks into our huge dining-room, her wings still spread slightly. I know she's just showing them off, trying to throw off her almost-fatal landing this morning. I smirk and pick up the meat, following her, my red and gold tail swishing behind me.

I put the platter in the middle of the table and take half of it. I close my eyes and pick a piece at random. I take a bite and try to guess what it is.

“Pork sausage.” I say confidently. Normally, Alexa would reply 'Right' or 'Wrong'. But when no reply comes, I open my eyes and scowl slightly. I look at Alexa to see her staring out of the window at the crimson sky outside. I silently pick up an egg and throw it at her head. Her hand comes up to catch it just inches from her head. She is staring at me, a huge smile on her face. She whips her hand at me, throwing the egg into my egg cup, the right way up. She then throws a butter knife at it, and the top of the egg topples off, the knife landing on the plate with the egg half.

I smirk at Alexa when I see who's behind her.

“Impressive,” Damon purrs, making Alexa jump out of her skin. I laugh quietly and return to my breakfast, listening to her scrambled thoughts; 'Why didn't brush my hair?! He better not have heard about my accident this morning...', things like that.

“Has Viera been training you then?” He asks, picking up a piece of bacon and chewing on it.

“No, but she's going to start today.” She says brightly, looking straight at me.

“Actually Alexa, I can't today. I've got an Honour Court meeting today concerning your upgrading from half vampire to full. It's a risky process and I need permission to do it.” I say, knowing she will want me to do that meeting. I know why too. Inside her soul, her Human side and her Vampire side are constantly at war, it's hurting her and though she doesn't show it, it's weakening her. Most half vampires are fine as they are, but there are rare cases where the Human and the Vampire halves aren't compatible. The only way this can be resolved is by either Zenkantha (The killing of one's vampire self) or full Vampirisation. The problem with the latter is that it has only been successful once in the history of Vampires. A half vampire is created by a full vampire biting a human and giving venom. It gets very technical from there, so I won't bother explaining. But the only two ways to become a full vampire is to be born one, or to be turned, which I've already explained.

“Well,” Says Damon, interrupting my thoughts, “I can start Alexa's training today, and you can carry it on when you can.”

“Sounds good, I guess...” I say, “Just don't let her out of your sight.”

“Hey! I'm the same age as you! I don't need babying!” Alexa shouts, standing up and spreading her wings fully, the dragon talons sharp and menacing.

“It's not you,” Damon says soothingly, trying to calm her, with no avail.

“Then what the hell is it?!” She shouts, a glint in her golden eyes.

Damon and I look at each other nervously. He nods. I look at Alexa, and she's on the verge of storming out.

I sigh nervously, “Alexa, there's a reason you've been hearing sounds at night, that we won't let you out on your own. There's a new vampire in town and he has a hatred of half-vampires. He comes from an old clan from the north, and they used to kill half-vampires, they believed that half-blood was tainted blood, so they used to sacrifice half-vampires over a stone altar, praying to their twisted god to burn the half-blood's soul in their hellish blue fires.” I shudder at the memory of having to eradicate their clan, seeing the poor victims' bodies hacked up and thrown around. “He is the last of his clan and he's only alive because of me. He owes me, but I don't trust him Alexa. I can't risk losing my sister over him.”

Alexa's wings fold and her usually pale face turns ashen grey as she sees what that clan used to do in my memories. Horror etched into her features, I block her from those memories as she tries to dig into them, to see more, to find out what happened to her kin.

“This is why your wanting to train me, isn't it.” She whispered, “The – the new vampire's been around the house, hasn't he?”

“Outside yes.” Damon says, “But not inside. He's not permitted to enter.”

“Well,” Alexa says, “I don't know about you two, but I'm going to get ready for training,” and grins.

She gets up and runs upstairs to get ready to learn to fight. Damon looks at me. “She'll be fine. You'll be surprised how strong half-vampires are. Besides, if you can persuade the Honour Court to let you blood her, She'll be safe. You can't protect her forever Viera. Now go and get ready, your meeting is in half an hour.”

I smile, “Have fun Damon, wish me luck!”

“You don't need luck. You need your argument,” He smirks and holds out my papers.

I take them and laugh. I then sprint upstairs to get ready.

I choose a long flowing dress that matches my tail and ears, but am sure to leave my arms bare, to keep the Honour Court tattoo in plain sight. My long blonde hair is left natural, gently waving down my back to my waist. Picking up my papers and something for Alexa, I cross the hall to Alexa's room, knocking on the door before I enter. I walk in to find her sitting on her bed, polishing her sword.

“I have something for you,” I say as she looks up, surprised.

“If it's another warning, I'll be fine.” She says, frowning as I bring my hand from behind my back.

“It's to help with your training.” I hold out a silver bow, and a quiver of arrows. Her suspicious frown is transformed to awe and gratitude as I hand her the bow.

“I noticed you have good aim,” I smile, “Thought arrows would feel more natural to you.”

“Thankyou Viera!” She cried, grateful.

“I made sure the weaponry shaped the quiver strap to fit between dragon wings comfortably, not easy I tell you, you're the only vampire in the realm with Dragon wings.” I wink at her and she is beyond words. I read her thoughts and smile.

“You're welcome Alexa. Anything for my crazy sister.” She scowls playfully at that, but knows I am joking.

“You're going to be late for the meeting,” She points out, and I check the time. I have two minutes. I swear loudly and say goodbye to Alexa, sprinting out of the house and all the way to the other side of the city.

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