When the Ties Break

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: April 04, 2016

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Submitted: April 04, 2016



When she woke, the first thing she noticed were her eyes. Her eyelids felt heavy and swollen and itchy, and it took an exceeding amount of force to pry them open. Even when she did, all she could make out was red in front of her, everything else was a blur. She gave her eyes a squeeze and shook her head slightly. Her nose filled with the strong smells of burnt coffee and metal and dirt. Where am I? She thought as parts of the room were coming back into focus. She saw a old fashioned brick tv in front of her with a camera balancing on top, pointing in her direction. Directly behind was a huge mirror hanging on the wall. She could see in the reflection a bed, its white covers now a dirty brown. The edges of the sheets were freyed as if pieces had been torn from it. To her right she noticed there was a small kitchen, a bar fridge, sink and a small bench space. On top of the counters there was a microwave and an assortment basket full of chips and chocolate, like the ones you would find at hotels and pay a ridiculous amout of money for - and a bottle of wine, one of which had been open and emptied. The room was completely dark and it took her a while to realise she was in a motel room. The curtains were closed shut - fastened together with a bulldog clip, so no bystanders could see in, or she see out.
She went to raise her hands to rub her irritated eyes but was they didn't move. She looked down and noticed her hands and feet were restricted to the arms and legs of the chair. Great, she thought, always wanted to try bondage before I die. She wondered just how long away that would be. 

There was no clock she could see in this drabby motel room, but it must have been atleast fifteen minutes before she heard the low, man-made mumbles and growls in the distance, growing louder. Her heart did an involuntary leap to fourth gear at the noise, she could hear it in her ears. The voices came to a stop to what sounded right outside the door and, for a minute, she thought they were going to come in and she would finally meet her opressors. She heard the familiar sound of a fumbling of keys in a door, the one adjacent to the one she was in. Her heart sank within her chest

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