Fighting The Darkness

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Ryan, her life..... What would you be like if you could read how everyone was going to die.... How they draw in their last breath....Stuck in a world where the only people who give any comfort to the buzzing of the death readings are the ones that are already dead... The ones who drink blood and feed from the living... Vampires.... Ryan lives and knows the part of the world that is kept from everyone, the part of the world that live in the shadows. The vampires and Lycans along with the other monsters that hide in the darkness.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fighting The Darkness

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012




Being privy to all the worlds dark secrets is more of a burden than anything else. Knowing when exactly everyone and everything is going to die and how the darkness holds more than just fear its self, that it actually holds monsters, is a curse not a gift. But none the less I keep it to myself and go on with my life, the best I can anyways.

“Ryan, Wait up!” I glanced over my shoulder to the sound of the woman calling my name, and spotted the short curvaceous brunette named Molly. She was my best friend, or she would like to think that, she was the only person I ever talked to as she was the only one who stuck around and who ignored all my obvious paranoid and weird behavior. One thing dear Molly didn’t know was that she was going to die, die young. I pushed the wave of nausea that followed the swift reading that came off of her and flooded my senses, it hurt slightly knowing that the happy shy woman I came to know was going to die in less than a year, that it was going to be painful.... but there was nothing I could do about it. I learned a long time ago that telling someone they were going to die was more trouble than just letting things flow they way they were supposed to.

“what is it Molly?” I asked and pulled my hood up and over my black hair that was whipping out, getting tangled and plastering my face, from the wind that was suddenly gusting.

“I was just wondering if you are wanting to do tonight’s shift, I have a date and as you know we are the only ones who work here” she said and smiled, I forced a smile out to show her that a date was a big step for her.

“Sure, I will just go on my break now then, I will come back, you can go now if you want I can take the rest of your shift” I said and shoved my hands in my pockets and clutched the only thing that drowned out peoples voices and the readings, it forced my mind to focus on other things. The small ipod was in my grasp the head phones wrapped around it snuggly and it was a sense of quick comfort.

“okay sounds great!” she beamed and started to walk to the corner bus stop as it was pulling up she glanced back at me as she stepped onto the bus and waved, I raised my hand giving her a short wave back then turned back to the shop. I stepped into the doorway of Madame Freaks shop and looked around, it was so far the only job that kept me on. A dark magic shop and library, a place where no one came to shop but somehow Molly and I were paid every two weeks like clockwork. I didn’t even know my boss I applied and talked to Molly and that was as far as I got with the employment chain.

I sat back down onto the chair behind the front counter and pulled out my Ipod and put the ear buds into my ear and turned it on, music blared to life and drowned life itself out.

Five o’clock PM passed....

Seven o’clock passed..... The clock ticking every second away and chiming every hour



Midnight..... The clock chimed loudly and I watched as certain objects and items from the shop came alive as witching hour started.

Two minutes passed and I watched the door, no one ever came by but I had a strange feeling that someone was about to walk in.... three minutes went by.... five minutes...

The door opened and a woman walked in.

“Where is it?” she asked in a hushed tone, I was confused as I turned the volume down on my Ipod and took the ear buds out she came over to me and slammed her hands down on the counter, the glass cracked and her hands stayed in place as her eyes glared.

“I asked where the fuck is it?” she said I watched as her nails dragged against the glass etching some out.

Her hair was a mess her eyes wild and then I realized something.... she was already dead.... a Vampire....

“I do not know what you are talking about” I said and she reached forward in a blur and grabbed the front of my shirt and yanked my forwards.

“I was told it was here!” she whined and as she said that fangs descended down from behind her lips “he said I could find it here, he said it would be waiting for me” she cried and then I took a small breath in and her eyes shot to my throat and she smiled. “He lied” she whispered and dragged me forward towards her, over the counter she slammed my back against it and was on top of me faster than I could track as she yanked my head to the side and drew her head back a hiss coming out before she sank her teeth into the flesh of my neck. I reached across the counter searching for my target and wrapping my fingers around the small wooden pencil I clenched my jaw and brought my hand up then down, the pencil sank into her skin and pierced her heart, she tumbled backwards and choked , my blood spilling out from her lips and falling to the floor.

“You’re a –“ she was cut off as her head flew across the space of the shop and fell to the floor spilling blood over the floor, her body went limp and fell to the floor as well. Just behind her was a man but my vision was blurring and my hands came up to my neck as I remembered that she had bitten me and my blood was still pouring out of my like a open tap. I fell to the floor my knees taking the brunt of it and I reached out, I wasn't sure where I was reaching but black army boots came into my view and I looked up as he took my hand and sighed as he reached down and touched my forehead with his fingers and the world went black.

I sat up with a startle and looked around, we were in the back of Madame Freaks and I reached up to my neck to find the slight indents and scab left over from the bite.

“Ryan we need to talk” Shit shit shit!

“Leave me alone Darien” I growled out, I remembered now the man behind the crazed vampire was Darien and he mind fucked me, again!

“Cool the steam cupcake I just want to have a chat” he said and crouched on the floor beside me and I pulled away. The sense of something already dead didn’t agree with me it made my skin crawl and him being a vampire made things worse, my responses were right it was wrong and he shouldn't be walking... but here he was in all his black leather and army boot glory.

“I don't ... like talking to you” I said between gritted teeth “the last time we talked I woke up in a back alley bitten several times and a fucking head ache that could wake the dead!” I growled out.

“You carry a grudge way to long. That woman that came in here was looking for something mind sharing?” he said and I backed away from him some more

“I have no idea what she was looking for” I stated and pulled myself up into a better sitting position and stretched, my back hurt and when I reached behind myself and my hands grazed my back I winced as slight pain radiated over my skin.

“you have a bruise. She was looking for something Ryan, she must have said something!” he said and pushed himself up so he was standing and started pacing. I frowned at the memories that were flooding my head. Us going to a club him promising I would be safe with him.... I was seventeen and madly in love.... well I thought I was until I woke up soaking wet from the rain and my own blood was on the ground... we had been attacked and I don't remember the rest.

“She said, he said it was here, but there isn’t anything of that kind of mystical origin here” I said groaning as I pushed myself up and onto my feet

“careful, you lost a lot of blood”

“so the foul taste of blood in my mouth is what a gift by yours truly?” I said rolling my eyes and I watched as he ground his jaw together.

“look Ryan you were going to die and I gave you my blood, like I did before lets not make a big deal about it”

“yeah lets not, less for me to think about later” I said and took a step but stumbled slightly, I caught myself against the wall and looked beside me where Darien was standing a hard look in his eyes.... his painfully golden honey eyes, the eyes that use to make my heart jump in my chest.... but that was a long time ago.... yet he looked no different.

“For fuck sakes Ryan” he groaned and reached out to help me when I tried getting to the door but my head started spinning.

“Don't touch me!” I snapped and grabbed onto the door handled and yanked the door open and stumbled my way to the front and all but collapsed onto the chair there, I laid my face against the cool glass of the counter willing the room to stop spinning.

“I’ve said it before, you shouldn't be out here in the public, you need to be in the protection of-“ I cut him off

“I can manage without the protection” I said and made a quick glance around the room for the dead vampire but she was nowhere to be seen, all the blood and body parts were gone.

“Yeah I'm sure you can but my point is Ryan you could be helping others with your gift, there is a big class of mythical beings that would pay big bucks to know when they are going to die”

“I wish I could tell you when you would die” I grumbled out and closed my eyes not wanting to see his face, it brought back to many memories to many emotions, things I had shoved away and forgotten about.

“Where is Molly?” Darien asked and I sat up straight and glared at him

“Leave her alone she is sweet and innocent and doesn’t need to be dragged into this... dragged into this by you of all people”

“Ryan Ryan Ryan making friends isn’t like you. What you didn’t like how I dragged you into this world?” he asked and I knew by the tone of his voice, the velvet slide of his words that he was trying to drag memories that I had buried deep down back up again and I wasn't having it... It had been a mistake to even get involved with him!

“Please you know as well as I do you never meant to drag me into this world you were just looking to get laid and I was too stupid to know that you were ... are nothing but a dick” I snapped out and grabbed my ipod off the counter and shoved it into my pocket, my shift wasn't over but I sure the hell wasn't staying here with him! Not when my mind was buzzing trying to get a reading and my hands were balled into such tight fists that my nails were digging into my skin, when my senses were going numb. I needed a hot bath and to forget all about Darien and his sexual presence that would send any god forsaken woman to her death bed.

“That's hurtful cupcake, I didn’t hurt you” he said and came towards me and I felt uneasy at the sudden awareness that I was trapped by the counter and the wall and no way around him.

“You can take it” I said as he came right up to me and I had to look up to see his face and he smiled down at me, his teeth perfectly straight... but I knew the fangs were there... hidden...

“You know if you want we can do something about your obvious sexual frustration” he said and brought his face closer to mine and I swallowed hard.... he wasn't doing this to me... not again... I shoved him back and smiled and I walked past him

“if by sexually frustrated you mean irritated beyond belief and thinking maybe I might kill myself another vampire then yes we should do something about that, perhaps a slow painful death by pencil for you too?” I asked the venom dripping from my words that I was for sure he got the point but he just shrugged and then glanced out the black tinted windows of the shop.

“I will be seeing you around Ryan, don't leave town” he stated and I rolled my eyes again

“please where the hell would I go?”

“Just saying sweetness I don't want you running away from this little thing between us”

“there isn’t anything between us Darien... not anymore now please go back to doing whatever the hell you were doing before you came in here”

“see you” he said and passed by me slowly enough that his finger brushed my cheek and I turned my head away from him.

I finished my shift and locked the shop up and started towards my apartment. My apartment was on the south side of the city, the worst side... but no one bugged me no one cared and I was able to be alone and deal with my own problems. 


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