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Join Alice and William in a thrilling tale of pirates. With love and treasure followed by dangerous creatures. You cant trust the open water when it is too still. The gods are against you and you have a ship full of guards hunting you down to take the woman back to her family. the family who got her kidnapped in the first place!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Open Waters

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013




The guests were busy talking to my parents, everyone wanting to be friends. More like everyone wanted a piece of the money my father had.

My gown was perfect the night was perfect so why was I feeling smothered?

I stood in front of our large window in the hall looking out over the bay. Ships were docking and leaving and I sighed. I had dreamed of adventure as a young girl but that was a long time ago.

I frowned when my eyes caught sight of a ship bigger than normal, its sails a dingy white and then my eyes caught the sight of the black flag. Pirates!

I hurried as quick as I could in the heels to the hall where my mother and father were dancing I walked onto the floor and before my mother could make a comment about my rudeness I turned to my father

“Pirates” I whispered his head snapped to the entrance of the hall the same time a group of men came in, and they for sure were not invited.

“Where is Henry Antikla the second?” a voice said over the obviously panicked party guests.

“What do you want pirate” My father spoke loudly and walked past my mother and I to the man who was playing with the end of his sword.

“we are here to claim your gold” He said my father shook his head

“leave now and we will not have any problems, do not leave and my guards will have you all hung by morning” My fathers words were curt and to the point but the man smiled and looked to his left and nodded to the few men that were there.

“Search the party, he has a daughter here somewhere” the man said but his eyes scanned the crowd and landed on me he lifted his hand and pointed to me the next second the men were behind me and pushing me towards the man barking orders.

He pulled me close putting the sword to my neck and holding me too him, which must have been difficult with the size of my dress.

“please let her go” my father pleaded.

“Then give me the gold” he said pressing the blade tighter to my skin, any harder and blood will be spilled

Then my mother was there as she pushed through the crowds.

“Henry we will have nothing left” she whispered and the man holding me laughed

“please tell me you were referring to your daughter who’s life I hold”

I knew she was talking about the money, my mother was vain that way, I did believe she loved me but her lust for money was greater.

“Let my daughter go and I will give you what you ask for” My father said ignoring my mothers angered expression.

“you dishonor your words and you will pay” the sword was dropped from my neck but as I took a step away I was dragged back an arm wrapped snugly around my waist.

“get the money from the safe in my office, that is all we have left” my father instructed to one of his guards.

It was a lie and I knew it was, but worse the pirate holding me knew it as well.

“prepare the ship we are leaving” he said tugging on me as we left.

“No please don't” my father said but a man came up behind him and hit him in the back of the head with the sword and he fell to the ground un moving.

My mothers gaze held the pirates then she dropped to her knees to help my father.

I was pulled from the hall.

“go to her room grab a few items that won’t take up so much space on the ship, and something that she isn’t at risk of drowning if she jumps over board”

“William” his name was said by one of his men, we turned towards him “we need to leave now the guards are coming back”

“We are leaving” he pulled me out the door, I didn’t scream or struggle. Maybe I was in shock, I wasn't sure.

The grounds were quiet and the night made it easy to sneak back to the ship.

We stopped on the shore the water washing up onto our feet.

“Where is the dingy?”  William asked

Then there was a battle cry as my fathers guards rushed the pirates swords and guns drawn.

“I am sorry for this miss” William said and he pulled a dagger from his belt and cut around the hem of my thick dress, he cut away all the thick layers until I was in nothing but a sheer material.

I looked around, most eyes were on the battle, William pulled me into the water and it wasn't long before we were swimming towards the ship. His men were behind us swimming as well the guards left at the shore.

A rope was lowered and William wrapped his arm around my waist again and held onto the rope with one hand and we were pulled up. It wasn't until we were on the deck that I realized my new outfit was see through and I covered myself, a blanket was wrapped around me and I stood there scared.

“Will where do you want me to put –“ he was cut off but William

“Put it in my quarters. Get Miss Antikla setup in the empty cell bellow and James make sure she is comfortable”

I passed to the other man James and he brought me down the stairs to the lower deck.

“I'm sorry about this miss he said and walked me into one of the cells and gave a weak smile as he shut the door and it clanged loudly and then locked it.

There was a hammock and a blanket that looked like new additions to the space, the floor was relatively clean but damp and there was a lantern in the corner. The fear was sinking in, why was I here, why didn’t they just kill me, what were they going to do? I had heard plenty of horror stories over the years about pirates, and what happens to woman on a ship with pirates.


“James we shouldn't have done it!” I said as I sat on the chair of my quarters looking at the bag of gold, gold that my crew needed but I felt dirty.

“Will, we can dump her off on some island and let fate handle the rest, if she survives she survives if she would perish well then it wouldn’t be by your hand”

“She is a mere twenty I cannot just dump her off on an island and I cannot kill her like I said I would do”

“Well sir, I'm sure another man would if you wish to carry your end of the bargain out”

“No!” I stood, it had been nearly a full day since she was placed in the cell and I was feeling guilt “Just leave my friend I will deal with this myself” he nodded and left shutting the door behind him.

I had to speak with her, tell her why I took her .

I left my quarters and went to the lower level, she was huddled on the hammock, oh sweet Jesus she was crying.

“Miss .... I bet you are hungry” I tried making my voice calm but it wasn't working.

She looked up at me her eyes red from crying

“Please tell me why I am here?” she asked getting off the hammock and coming to the bars, her dress was dry but I couldn't help but remember the way it clung to her curves after we go onto the ship, how she had nice full hips and a slender waist with round perky breasts, I had to give her a blanket to calm my thoughts, and to shield her from my men.

I opened the cell and it crashed to the other side which made her jump I went to her.

“Come lets get you something else to wear and something to eat” she backed away from me slightly. I didn’t blame her, I sighed and put my hands up trying to show her I wasn't going to harm her but her golden eyes didn’t believe me.

“ I'm not going anywhere with you until you tell me why I am aboard this ship!” She said sharply

“Miss, I was paid to kidnap you and so I did the job”

“Who paid you?”

“Mrs Antikla, your mother”

“That vermin!” she snapped then covered her mouth as if she had cursed which almost made me smile at her innocence .

“Come, we will talk about this later first we need to get you something warmer to wear and something to eat before you waste away”

“I can assure you I am not wasting away” she brushed off her hands and held her head up high, my eyes slowly ran down the length of her body

“No... you are correct you are not wasting away by any means” did she catch the tone in my voice? If she had she didn’t make notice to it.

She walked past me out of the cell and I watched her tiny round derrière sway.


He brought me to his quarters and as he went over to the large chest in the corner I looked around, it was cleaner... nicer then one expected a pirate to live.

His hammock was hanging at the far end opposite of his desk which had papers struin all over it along with a map and compass.

“Here try this” he thrust a pair of pants at me

“Do you not have something a lady would wear?” I was pulling the high and mighty card but I was not going to be taken easily into this mans grasps.

“No I do not, it is this or if you would like you could wear nothing”  he grinned and I scowled as I grabbed the outfit from him

“and where may I change?” I asked looking around to find no privacy area.

“Where ever you want miss” he leaned against the wall of the ship and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I am a lady and you will treat me as such, now turn your back!” I said motioning with my fingers for him to turn and face the wall “or leave”  I added for good measure

He slowly turned his face to the wall, I waved a few times but he didn’t budge so I pulled the tattered material off and pulled the pants up then put pulled the white shirt of my head and pulled the buckle of the pants tight around my waist. It was despicable that I had to wear this!

“You may turn around now” I said quietly embarrassed by my outfit, I was a woman and woman did not  wear such attire.

He came up to me quickly and I had to tilt my head back to see his face. For the first time i really looked at him, he may have had a smudge of dirt on his cheek. But he was beyond handsome his eyes were the bluest eyes I had ever seen his jaw is strong, I examined his features closer, he had a small scar that ran the length of his eyebrow and his skin was bronzed from the sun.

“Do I pass the inspection miss?” he asked his voice making me jump slightly

“yes sorry I was just thinking about... the food you were talking about earlier”

His eyes met mine and for the briefest moment I thought he was going to kiss me, the air cracked with tension but he cleared his throat inside and nodded walking towards the door and opening it quickly.

“I will get you something to eat and then show you to a better room, if you promise not to jump from the ship, I don’t much like the idea of jumping in after you”

“I will not leave the ship” I didn’t dare add that I did not know how to swim very well, earlier was different he had been dragging me but I cannot swim on my own, I wasn't going to be jumping anytime soon.

I followed him out the door to the crew.



This will be a slower novel on the updating front. It takes me a bit longer to write so i will take my time. If it is seeming rushed please tell me!

So far this is just going up for my friend (you know who you are!) 





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