The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012







I had slept on it and didn’t feel any different, I was going and that was that and no one was going to tell me differently!

“For god sakes Isabella you are keeping your ass here, even if I have to tie you to the bed or chair or any other furniture that will keep you here!” Ryker snapped while he slid his sword into its holster and it made a loud clank sound.

“I hope you are going to keep that promise because you are not stopping me from coming!”

Romeo glanced at both of us along with the other brothers and all at the same time took a step backwards as Ryker turned towards me and grabbed my arm roughly and in a flash had me up and over his shoulder. I beat on his back and kicked trying to get away but he didn’t budge and made a point of how he was in control as he slid his hand over my ass.

“Let me go!” I screamed

He dropped me onto the large chair in the lounge room and Romeo handed him Gold rope and he tied me down.

“You are not leaving this palace and that's that!” he tied the last knot and then him and his brothers walked out of the wall into the water without me.

I wiggled and squirmed until the ropes loosened and I got my hands free, I pulled out of the restraints completely and then ran to Ryker's office and dug through papers trying to find a clue as to where K was keeping Shyra.

A large picture caught my attention and I studied it. The large palace then a darker place covered by the rocks, I ran my hand over the canvas and let out an uneasy breath.

I grabbed a small dagger off the wall and proceeded to the same wall Ryker had left, I took in a big breath of air then walked through it, I tested to see if I could still breathe and as I drew in water into my mouth I smiled as I didn’t start aspirating on the water.

The swim took longer than I had expected before I found the caves.

I swam into the first entrance I found and fell hard onto the rock ground, pain sliced through my arm and when I looked at it deep crimson had stained my skin. Great.

I snuck forwards through the caves, they were lit by candles and water dripped from every surface.

I heard talking and stopped peering around the corner.

“Sister, we need to get out of here” K said and her shrill laughter echoed through the mass cave

“Brother, have you forgotten why we are here? You brother are going to take her and she will have your son”

“she isn’t who you said she was going to be, to take her I must force her into it and I don't want that, I'm not like you”

I watched as she grabbed K around the throat and slammed him against the wall hard

“you will do this for our father, you will fuck that little bitch, and you want to know something brother, the moment she likes it will be the moment that will rip apart poor Ryker” she hissed she dropped him and he glared at her

“I'm not forcing her into anything”

“well how did you think this was going to play out! She was going to fall in love with you and you two would live happily ever after?” she spoke harshly

He was silent for a moment

“I'm not forcing her” K muttered but sounded defeated

“you will” she said and placed her hand on his chest and I watched as a deep purple glow came from her hand and spread across his chest which heaved.

“She is here” he spat out

“yes I can smell her as well, go find her and make your son so we can raise the army against the sirens!”

“yes sister”

I ran down the nearest hall trying to hide. Ryker knew this, this is why he didn’t want me here.

I came to a room with cages and bright red hair caught my attention

“shyra?” I whispered and her head snapped towards me she looked sick and pale

“you shouldn't be here” she whispered back and grabbed onto one of the bars

“Ryker is here with the guys they came to get you, I couldn't stay and wait for them to return I had to help”

“She has a horrible plan Isabella you need to leave!” she hissed her features twisting into pain as she pulled herself so she stood there.

“Not until I get you out of here” I grabbed the set of keys off the ground and went to the lock and got it open on the first try and yanked open the heavy barred door.

“I need the water, I'm drying out” she coughed

We went through he halls but everything looked the same, nothing was open for us to get out, it was just cave hall after cave hall.

After a long while we found a hole big enough for us to squeeze through, I pushed Shyra up so she could wiggle through first she got out into the open water and then she reached back inside to help me through, I pulled myself up.

Arms wrapped around my waist and I was yanked away from the exit, shyra tried pushing herself through again but she was too big now with her tail and so she was half way through and she looked at me.

“go mermaid, find Ryker and bring him here, so he can watch me take his bride” k hissed and Shyra hissed back at him her voice high pitched

“he will kill you” and with that she was gone.

K was strong I would give him that as he pulled me through the halls and too a vast cave space looked like the dining room as there was a large wood table in the middle of it.

“good brother”

How had she become the boss? Things weren’t right.

K slammed me down onto the table and his sister climbed on the table as well and grabbed my wrists holding them down hard so I couldn't move.

“Please don't do this” I cried to K but his eyes were glazed over.

“Shut up Isabella your voice annoys me” she snapped

“when did you take over the power?” I asked as K stood there looking at me, looking at me with a hunger I didn’t like.

“when he sent you to the surface, he let you go when you were suppose to be here spread out like this for him to fuck. He tried sending me away but I'm stronger then he thought and I overtook him”

K pulled me towards the end of the table so my legs hung over and I struggled harder but between the two of them I was helpless, I had no power to move. He pulled off the necklace and my clothes disappeared.

K got between my legs and his very large shaft bumped against me and I tried jerking away but both of them held me in place.

“Get away from her!” I turned my head towards the sound and Ryker stood there with his brothers sword in hand and seething.

“your too late” K said and pushed forward with his hips, burying himself deep inside me and I slammed my eyes shut as tears sprang to my eyes. His sisters started laughing as K started thrusting hard against me, hard enough to push me up the table so he had to keep pulling me back towards him.

There was a roar of anger and I saw Ryker and his brothers rushing forward.

“Stay where you are sirens or I slit her throat!” K’s sister warned and let go of my wrists placing one hand over my neck something sharp poked my skin. They stopped.

K leaned down over me his lips by my ear.

“I'm sorry” his breathing was hard and his breath hot on my skin “when I let your leg go kick me as hard as you can and slip out of her grasp, she wont kill you she wants you alive” he spoke hushed barley loud enough for me to hear

He went back to standing and his one hand

 Loosened on my leg and then let me go my leg fell and at the same time I drew it back and slammed it into his chest, he fell backwards and his sisters attention was pulled to her brother on the ground, I slipped from her grasp and fell to the floor

I got to my feet quickly grabbing the fallen necklace and running towards Ryker who caught me briefly and then pushed me behind him I placed the necklace back in place my clothes coming back to me.

“K!” she screamed the cave shook. He got to his feet and stood there glaring down his sister.

“I'm immune to your powers sister, if you paid attention you would have known that!” she snapped at her

He yanked her off the table and in a split second he grabbed her head and twisted it, there was a sickening snap sound and her screams stopped and her body fell to the ground.

“I want to apologize Ryker”

“Not accepted” Ryker growled

“I want to apologize to Isabella not you” K said back equally angry

“you do not speak to her”

“none the less I am sorry and I hope you know it was the only way I could get her guard down long enough for my plan to fall into place. As for you Ryker I suggest you take your woman and leave before my better judgment is over run by the rage to make you suffer. My sister might have been wrong in a lot of things but the sirens don't deserve to rule the triangle”

Ryker grabbed me again and then everything disappeared and we were back in the palace

No one spoke as Ryker brought me away from his brothers and into his room.


“I'm fine” I said but was that true? I had just been raped

“I can take the memory away” he spoke softly and I shook my head

“I lost memories before I don't want to again”

“what just happened wasn't-“ I cut him off by placing a finger over his lips and looking at his handsome face.

“bath with me?” I asked and he nodded and carried me towards the bath.

We sat in the hot water, his hands massaged my shoulders for a bit before I leaned against his chest and closed my eyes, trying to forget.



Note- So i knwo it has been a while but i have been a bit stuck with the novel, so i am sorry this chapter well really sucks! Now that the sister is dead im not sure how many chapters are going to be added mabey a couple.

I have been working on a teen supernatural romance so will post that here soon, i might also upload another story but it wont be supernatural more like "Just another walk in the park" 

Thanks =) K

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