The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013




Things seemed to be going better, almost a happy ending.

I wanted this to be the happy ending but something was nagging it was pulling everyone the wrong way. Pushing us all, it wasn't anything in particular just something was off. Not to mention everyone avoided me like the plague, it had been almost a month since that night and it wasn't as bad as everyone was thinking, yes it scared me and yes it wasn't something I enjoyed ... But I wasn't dead.

Ryker has barely touched me, he no longer hardly looks at me and I am stuck as to what to do.

“Shyra it just is he wont even look at me!” I said sitting on her bed and she sighed

“Men are ... difficult that way, They think we are the damsels and when we stand up to what goes wrong and face it they no longer feel needed”

“But I do need him!” I groaned and she laughed slightly

“He knows that too, but when men see what other men can do... it damages their pride, it is all very confusing I know, you just have to grab him and show him that you wont break that you are not made of glass and that you love him”

“I tried the other night you know what he did? I sat up and put my hands on my knees “he got out of bed making a bullshit story  how he needed to talk to his brothers”

She came over to me and rested her cool hands on my bare shoulders

“I will help” she gave a small squeeze. “but! You have to promise me that you will show that man the time of his life”

I nodded and she grinned then pushed me out of her room and waved to me as she shut the door

It wasn't long before I knew Shyra was up to something. No one was in the palace not a soul, the brothers were nowhere to be seen and in every inch of the hallway candles were set on the floor lining the halls , I smiled to myself.

I glanced towards the water as red hair caught my eye she poked her head through the wall and smiled her hair dripping water onto the floor.

“So everyone is out, he should be in the library... I kinda locked him in there... after knocking him out.... with wine... that was enchanted... anyways he is in there go and get that boy up! Make sure you be irresistible, change your outfit to be a bit more.... black lacy that will drive him mad!”

“Thank you”

“No problem now go and get him before he wakes up and breaks down the door”

I smiled and nodded, I headed towards the library and I flipped the lock of the door and walked in side scanning the area for him... he was on the floor on his back.

Kneeling beside him I stroked his face

“Ryker?” he groaned something “Ryker? Hey what are you doing on the floor?” I asked knowing full well what had happened

“I'm going to kill her!” he spat out shoving himself to his feet knocking me backwards “shit sorry” he knelt beside me helping me to my feet again but slowly this time.

“Who are you killing?” I asked not letting his hand go even as he tried to pull it from mine

“Shyra, she gave me enchanted wine!” he spat

“are you sure?”  I spoke softly

“Yes I am sure, she was the one who gave it to me, when is the last time she was nice to me?” he grumbled and grabbed the glass of spilled wine and smelled it frowning.

“maybe she had a good reason too”

“like what? And where the hell is everyone I cannot hear anything”

“not sure, looks like just us”

“well I should go and see where they are” he started to walk away and I pulled on him

“why not stay here?” I asked slowly concentrating on switching my outfit so it was black and lacy just like Shyra told me too do

He turned slowly and his jaw went tight as he looked at me

“ Isabella, I cant” he said pulling his hand again

“No!” I said louder then I intended

“I cant, you have been through-“ I placed a finger on his lips silencing him

“I'm not made of glass, I will not break” I whispered and he groaned closing his eyes

“they did –“

“shh, please Ryker please I just want you to touch me I'm not asking for us to do anything else I want you to hold me to touch me please I'm begging you!”

“Isabella, i....” he stopped as I trailed his hand up my arm and his eyes watched the movment as I continued over my bare shoulder and up the side of my neck. I stepped closer to him and placed my hand on his chest and he sucked in a breath.

“This is all I'm asking for” I murmured.

He gave a defeated groan and his eyes closed as my hand slid up his chest further then feather light over his shoulder down his arm to his hand and tangling my fingers with his. I felt him twitch and then he pulled me too him and his mouth crushed mine his tongue parting my lips as it demanded access and yet he was still holding back I could feel it in his tense hands as he held my hand and neck, not moving.

I pulled his hips towards me by the top of his pants and his hands scrapped up my side pulling the lace up with them his fingers finding the necklace as he toyed with it for a moment before pulling it off my neck, clothes coming off in an instant and his hands came up to cup my breast each thumb brushing over the hardened bud and a slight moan came from my lips.

“tell me to stop and I will” he said, but before I could say anything his mouth covered mine again in a hungry demanding kiss that had my legs turn to wet noodles and my heart beat faster.

He grabbed my waist and lifted me up my back side coming to rest on top of the library table the cool gold chilled my skin as his clothes disappeared as well and I smiled as I looked at his glorious body.

He picked me up again and almost roughly slammed me against the bookshelves mumbling a sorry as his mouth followed the trail of my jaw down my neck to my shoulder, I wrapped my legs around his hips holding myself to him, his hands holding me up as well.

“you ready?” he asked and I nodded breathlessly as he reached in between us and grabbed his thick  long shaft and with one hard thrust was buried deep inside me and I moaned loudly as he started moving his hips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as we moved together in the times oldest sensual dance.

It wasn't long before both of us were panting and both of us covered in a fine sheen of sweat, I was close and he was too.

The world exploded into bliss as I came hard and held myself as best I could to him as he came too with a loud grunt and his body pushed mine harder into the bookshelves.

“you tempt with fire Isabella”

“I know full well what I'm playing with and it certainly isn’t fire” I mumbled as I kissed him hard pulling his mouth closer to me with my hands, my arms wrapping around his neck to pull him closer again. I could feel his need rising and hardening once again as he kissed me back harder.

“You Isabella sure be the siren not I” I smiled and placed my lips back to his.

He carried me out of the library, but I didn’t care where he was taking me.

We found his room and he rushed me to the bed dropping me there, but his body covered mine quickly his weight crushing me but it was the best feeling as he sheathed himself once again inside of me and started thrusting hard, in slow precise strokes.

I placed my hands above my head to stop myself from moving up the bed from Ryker's powerful thrusts.

“God Isabella you are so tight” he groaned and his hand snaked its way up from my ribs, over my breast and up still until it found my wrist and he held me there.

“I love you” I said breathless and he kissed me sweeping his tongue over my bottom lip, then touching mine softly.

After another earth shattering orgasm we laid silent with my head on his chest and his arm around me, both of us savoring this moment.

“I have a question for you” he murmured and trailed his fingers up and down my arm


“Would you, live down here with me forever?”

“you know the answer, I love you I'm not going anywhere”

“then you must drink from me, a sirens blood will keep you young and alive forever, as long as I am alive you will be too”

“your blood?” I asked sitting up

“just a drop” I nodded

He grabbed his sword off the floor and brought it to his hand, sliding the blade down his finger, crimson blood spilled out. I hesitated only for a second before bringing it to my mouth and licking the drop off.

“you are bound to me forever Isabella Cruz”

I smiled and kissed him gently


Five years later


“Darling where are you?” I called down the hall

“I'm here mommy” my Daughters voice rang through the hall, I followed it to the arena

“What are you doing in here sweet heart?”

“Daddy, I could hear him... calling me” she spoke with a slight sob in his voice

“Well then lets go find him!” I said picking up my three year old daughter

Ryker was sitting in the dining hall with his brothers who grinned when I walked in

“What's wrong sweet pea?” Ryker asked taking Briden from me

“I could hear the song” she whispered and the room went silent

“What song?” Ryker asked softly

“The song of the sirens”

“Gifted kid” Romeo said standing and taking his neice from Ryker and walking out of the room with him “Lets go play monsters” I heard him say before they were both gone

“What does that mean Ryker?” I asked and he sighed

“it means she is a siren, and she is developing faster than normal. She may be the leader when I am gone”

I frowned “don't worry, that won’t be for a very long time, not when I have you in between my sheets every night” He grinned and I slapped his arm

“Fine lets go play monsters, then you can explain exactly how you plan to keep me in between your sheets”

We laughed as we walked down the hall, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I smiled. I was happy , this was my life and I loved every part of it.

The end

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