The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



I stretched and felt silk beneath my fingers and my eyes shot open, I pushed all my hair out of my face as I sat up and looked around. Impressively huge bed which was made out what I would have guessed was gold but it was blue! My attention drifted to the walls and ceiling... they were moving... fish and sharks danced nearby, I was underwater! I stared mesmerized and in awe at the realization of being underwater, the city of the sirens was real.

“I don't know from what I can tell she is human” the voice was nearby I jumped out of the bed and settled for the corner of the room pulling the sheet with me I had no time to hide anywhere else as two figures came into the room, I had to blink several times to make sure they were real, golden tanned skin toned chests, shoulders that would make any god jealous... and two sets of eyes staring at me.

“Wh-h-ho are you, what do you want from me?” I stuttered out

“Defiantly human” One of them said and I took him in, shoulder length messy light brown hair and eyes of swimming gold then my eyes drifted to the man beside him, he was taller hair so black it looked blue and short almost shaved , eyes that were the color of early dawn, black with the hint of blue, he might have been the most amazing man I had ever seen in my life, everything about him had me in entranced. But I shook it off as the realization set in that I had been taken by sirens!

“She isn’t swooning” the one with the long hair pointed out “She is scared?” He said as a question and looked at the other gentleman standing there, the one I had yet to break eye contact with.

“no not scared, angry” he said as I slowly got to my feet and the sheet dropped stood there... in my panties and gasped and pulled the sheet back up to cover my bare chest.

“¿Dónde están mi ropa! Que era el hijo de puta y los llevaron! “ I yelled at them

“Your wet suit was removed by myself, you were freezing” The dark hair one said and I glared at him

“I want you to return me to the surface right now!” I demanded

“Why?” the dark haired one asked and I watched as the other one slowly left

“Because I have people who are worried about me Y yo quería ir a casa”

“you will go home soon, the storm is still going” he said and was intently looking at me, my Spanish slipping as my anger rose and spilled.

“that is a trick the storm never ends here!” I snapped at him and he let the corner of his mouth tilt up showing a small hint of white perfectly straight teeth. “Usted es un lobo vestido de oveja”

“That isn’t very nice, I am not hiding anything or trying to get anything from you insinuating I'm a wolf in sheep’s clothing is insinuating I am a sneak, in which case I am not” he said calmly, but he folded his arms over his chest looking tired slightly.

“Why did you bring me here, why not just return me to the dingy outside the triangle?” I asked and pulled the sheet tighter around myself, the deep midnight blue silk sheet that was cool to the touch.

“I didn’t know where you came from, for all I knew you were scuba diving and got lost”

“Liar” I snapped

“how can I be lying, you were drowning I saved you, your welcome”

“yo estoy bien, todo está bien“ I muttered

He sighed “you were not fine, from what I know about humans one cannot swim while unconscious”

He came closer to me and I backed up into the invisible wall harder wishing myself away from him, if the sirens were not a myth I didn’t want to find out what else wasn't a fantasy.

“Come on you must be hungry” he said and handed me some clothes that I hadn’t seen at the end of the bed

“take these off another stranded woman?” I asked not wanting an answer

“no they are just for you”

“how do you know my size?” I asked my rudeness was apparent but he ignored it

“one slide of my hand over your curves I knew your size, but I do not need to know your size for these to fit”

“Slide of your hand!” I snatched the clothes from him and he turned his back. .. slightly as I flipped the shirt of my head, it was softer than anything I had ever felt and seemed to fit me perfectly, I pulled the jeans on.

“you just happened to have jeans in your arsenal?” I asked and he shook his head

“the clothes are simply what you want, they can change depending on what you are wanting to wear, I took the liberty of giving you that” he pointed to my chest and I saw a small feather light chain with a small crystal, on it but... it almost looked like a tear if I had to actually guess what it was. “it will change your appearance they way you want it, that way it makes things easier and I wont have to go to the surface to get you clothes.”

“I want to go to the surface” I said slowly making sure he got it

“Yes but you are not at the moment” he said just as slowly and I glared again

I crossed my arms over my chest and walked towards him then past him to the middle of the room and couldn't help but glance around some more at the sheer curtains that hung from the ceiling by nothing and the way they drooped to the floor and back to the ceiling, it was beautiful.

I felt a warm hand on my back and I jumped away

“don't touch me”

“I am not going to hurt you-“ I stopped his talking when I practically yelled out my comment

“Hurt? No your kind seduces and I don't feel like being seduced thank you very much!”

“Maybe not at the moment but you will, all woman crave seduction” he said then he gestured to the door and I walked out of it, he followed close by and I was very aware at how close, as I felt his heat.

He turned me towards another hallway and then another one finally coming to a set of stairs and we walked down them, I heard laughter before we reached the bottom and then four heads popped up, one I recognized, he had come into the room earlier.

“Ah you look much better” he spoke and I frowned, stop being friendly!

“Meet my brothers, Romeo you have already unofficially met, then there is John” he was sitting with a book in his lap and had almond brown hair and brown eyes” Jefferson and Samuel” Jefferson was sandy blonde hair and green eyes, Samuel was leaner then the others but still had defining rope after rope of muscles and he was fair haired as well with eyes the color of the sky. Ryker spoke from behind me which made me jump slightly, I was to stunned taking in all the glorious faces and bodies that were sitting on the chairs around a glass table.

“Your name is Romeo?” it slipped out of my mouth before I could call it back

They all laughed

“Yes and I live up to the name every damn day” he said and his brothers laughed

“Don't kid yourself Rom the ladies only want your body” John said and they all laughed again

“Well at least the ladies want that, unlike yourself you call yourself siren and the last woman you seduced was the lady of your right hand” Romeo snapped back calmly then they all laughed once again but their attention one by one slowly slid back to me

“so is she is here to share brother?” Jefferson asked and I could feel the shift in my clothing the sleeves went long and the neck of the shirt climbed at rested high on my neck covering every inch of my skin.

“Yeah she is delectable isn’t she” Samuel said and they all slowly started rising and I could feel the pull, the attraction to all of them it came off as waves off all of them hitting me hard and I found myself stepping forwards could feel the sleeves on my shirt start to dwindle away as more of my skin was exposed for them to explore.

“no” Ryker said and the brothers all sat down with a sigh and the lusty gaze left my eyes and I felt disgust welling up inside of me, not towards them but towards myself.

Ryker pointed towards a table in the far corner and food started appearing and I walked over to it slowly, watching the brothers carefully as I stepped past them, I was starving and the fruit and other platters were mouth watering, I started filling my face popping grape after grape into my mouth and meat and cheese.

I know these stories, grandmamma told them to me all the time, the stories about the sirens , I wasn't scared I knew they weren’t going to hurt me... but ... I glanced behind me my eyes found Ryker who was starring back.... They could seduce even the strongest of women.

I finished eating and I stood there with a glass of water when they started to leave, I was so in depth with thoughts I didn’t catch what they were saying.

“grandmamma what are sirens” I asked as I brushed my hair and ran some lip balm over my lips, she sat next to me by the vanity

“they are the brothers of sin, five men who live in the devils triangle”

“I know that, but why are people scared of them?” I asked and ran my hands through my hair and pulled it into a pony tail

“well I'm not really sure really my dear, I think it is mostly to do with the fact that they have so much power, and power scares people”

“But they don't drag un-expecting people to the depths to drown them or anything?”

“no no dear, they drag young woman down to the depths to ravish their bodies, and it is said that once you drink the siren elixir you will stay forever young, but you don't hear much about that secret elixir they have I have only ever heard it from one woman a very long time ago”

“They why didn’t you go with the siren that came to you?”

“Oh honey because I was stupid” she laughed and I chuckled also but she took my hands in hers “I loved your grandpapa with all my heart, you have to remember that love no matter what is what matters, you follow your heart and it will lead you to your greatest desires and wishes”

“what if my heart is torn?”

“then go with the choice that feels the best, I have lived a long time I have learned that being selfish sometimes isn’t as bad as it is all cracked up to be”

“I love you grandmamma” I hugged her and she hugged me back,

“and I love you my dear” she pulled away to kiss me on the cheek

“Well what are we doing with her?” I heard and it snapped me back to the conversation going on, I started paying attention to the words that were being thrown out.

“Yeah if she isn’t here to share or just for you Ryk then what the fuck is she doing here?” Jefferson said and I watched as Ryker rolled his eyes

“I saved her life I didn’t bring her down here for all of you to claim her for the night” Ryker said lazily as he glanced up at me

“All of you act like a bunch of animals” Romeo stated

Just then a rush a movement came from the hall, woman walked in her hair to the floor silver ringlet over silver ringlet and she was soaking wet and naked her features were harsh her eyes glowed yellow as she smiled at the guys sitting around with her jagged sharp teeth.

“Sitting around again I see, well I have news the kraken is been seen, am I the only one who is able to fight or do you boys actually know how to wield a sword or just your cocks?” she said glancing at me

“Shyra so nice of you to drop in” John said and she smiled again this time she had perfectly straight teeth her eyes no longer glowed as they turned blue and her features softened her hair climbed up her body becoming shorter settling just below her breast as a dark green ...scaled body suit snaked its way up her skin as she walked forwards.

“I have been out there for the past week, I'm surprised you even remember me!” she snapped back

“I would never forget you sweetheart” John said and she shook her head

“Don't pull that fucking seduction shit on me again I'm not falling for your shit again” she said and changed her direction towards me her hips swaying as she walked, she was beautiful.

“I'm in love” John said and she rolled her eyes

“If you were in love with me you wouldn’t have fucked that bitch from the surface”

She reached and grabbed a strawberry eating it, and then grabbing some cheese.

“Oh love how many times do I have to tell you I didn’t lay with her, she shot me down.... if you can fathom that!” John said and the five men laughed

She took my hand in hers, her skin cool and damp

“Listen to me honey get away from this bunch as fast as your lil ass can carry you, they are all trouble, each and every single one of them”

“I don't plan on staying long” I said back

“good” she turned back around

“see you all mother fuckers later” she said as she walked back down the hall she had come from.

The men stared after her

“you sure know how to piss a woman off there john” Romeo said and john just nodded slowly still looking down the hall

It was silent for a moment before anyone else spoke but Ryker broke the silence.

“Make sure the perimeter is up and get Shyra some down time, she needs to sleep, Jefferson get the other mermaids to start getting the word out about the Kraken I don't want him getting through the front gates” Ryker said and I was slightly blown away... Mermaids?....Kraken? was I just thrown into a bigger fantasy world then I initially thought?

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