The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012




“What do you mean you will not bring me to the surface?” I snapped at Ryker standing right in his face, he may use his size to intimidate others but he was not pushing me around!

“I said no, now go bath and get ready for dinner” he said and side stepped me walking past me and over to the far side of his bedroom pulling back a black sheer curtain which I assumed led to the bath he had been telling me to go use for the past hour now.

“No se la doy a ratas asno, I want to go home!” I yelled at him and he sighed

“If I knew you were going to be so impossible I might have let your drown” he said sighing again, which only infuriated me more as I marched over to him.

“¿Cómo se atreve usted! “ I stood near him again and raised my finger up at him “you will bring me home now! I have people who care about me, I want to go home and I want to go now!” I said as I poked my finger against his chest trying to drive my point home.

He grabbed my wrist and his hand was hot against my skin. “Let go of me!” I said trying to yank my hand out of his grasp.

“You are going to bath whether you like it or not woman, I will so help me throw you over my shoulder and I can guarantee you will not like it!” he said back and I tried pulling my hands from him again frowning when he wouldn’t let go.

“Te maldiga a las profundidades del infierno!”

“that's it” he yanked me forwards and I hit him hard in the chest as he pulled me up his body and over his shoulder “ you curse me to hell, well I hate to inform you that I have already been there” he said as he carried me into the bathroom and I hammered against his back to let me go but my blows seemed to do very little. I watched as pearl tile went past as he walked into the bathroom.

“Let me down!” I screamed and hit his back again and again

“I have told you over a thousand times in the past two hours you are not going to the surface when I have enemies trying to pound down my gates! Now when I set you down are you going to get undressed and get into the bath or do I have to help you?” you asked and started lowering me to my feet and I felt the cool tile on my toes and I pushed off him.

“I'm not getting in that water!”

“Then you leave me no choice” he stated simply and reached forward before I could process what he was doing I felt the necklace come off my neck and the clothes disappear with it.

“Que hijo de puta! Me dan la espalda! Que usted va a pagar por eso”

 “is that so” he said and rose an eye brow, in a split second I got a good glare out at him before he came at me with a small dagger in his hand as he hooked his arm around my waist and pulled me against him the blade sliced the side of my cotton panties and they fell to the ground and I was seething by the time he picked me up my naked skin pressing against his bare chest as he stepped up three stairs to the very large steaming tub, that resembled a hot tub and stepped inside the water coming up to his knees then I was falling, hot water surrounded me as he dropped me and I pushed to the top as it seemed to be bottomless, and swam to the top I broke the surface and inhaled water.

“now bath and come back to the room for this back” he said holding the necklace in one hand and a glass bottle of purple liquid in the other in which he handed to me and I grabbed it from him scowling too angry for words.

He got out of the water and walked back into his room and I glared at his back hard enough that laser beams should have been shooting out .... but unfortunately they did not.

I sighed and tilted the open bottle and the purple liquid poured out I washed quickly but found myself enjoying the warmth of the water and sat on the ledge and looked down below, the water was dark and I couldn't see anything but I had sworn that it had no bottom, I leaned my head back and sighed closing my eyes, oh it couldn't hurt to relax for a few moments to cool my head a bit.

 “Dinner is in a few minutes and I am not to be late”  Ryker's voice came from the room and my glower came back

“then go no one is stopping you!” I snapped and I heard a groan from the room ad I let a small smile crawl on my lips as I pulled myself from the water and glanced around for a towel.....

“Where is a towel?” I asked

“there is none come here” he said smoothly and I frowned yet again, if I kept this up I would be getting wrinkles at a very early age

“I am not coming out there, I am naked!” I half shrieked

“then I come in there, I am done arguing with you”

“fine face the wall and hold the necklace behind your back” I asked

“what is the point? But alright come and get the necklace”

I walked over to the doorway and peeked out of the curtain to see he was facing the wall and I pulled the curtain back and walked towards him, trying to be careful not to slip on the stone floor or to alarm him in some way he turned around.

I reached out for the necklace at the same time he turned and I stumbled backwards, I felt my foot lose its stability as I stumbled losing footing. I slammed my eyes shut for the for sure fall that was coming my way when I felt an arm wined around my waist and catch me, I opened my eyes in time to see Ryker lose his balance as well as he caught me, but all I felt was a soft thud when hitting the floor, as he took the brunt of it with his arm. He looked down at me and I stared back up at him, he tilted his head to the side and I could feel his breath on my cheek it sent a shiver down my spine.

“p-p-please get off of me” I whispered as I was becoming more aware of how his body felt a top of mine, how his chest felt flush with mine skin to skin.

“Why?” he asked and his eyes bore into mine the depths of blue swirling and lightening  as he continued to look at me

“Please I want to get dressed” I whispered again

“and yet...” he trailed off as he leaned down and kiss the outer edge of my jaw and a sigh escaped my lips “you are enjoying this” he said softly as his lips made contact with the tender flesh under my ear and I reached up to push him off but my hands refused to budge to push him off they went up and stayed gently on his shoulders.

“off” it came out hushed, this was just a trick he was a siren it was just seduction.

“You tell me to stop and yet you want me continue, why?” he asked and slid his lips feather like across my shoulder

“You are a siren” I breathed when he pushed more intimately against me.

“that I am, but you are not afraid of me”


“then why don't enjoy yourself?”

“because you trick”

“I do not” he said grinding against me once more, it was clear he was aroused his member hard and stiff pressing against me, and only the thin layer of his pants were between us.

“yes you do, sirens use seduction against people” I said as he dragged his hand up my waist and over my ribs inching his way towards my breast.

“humans are not so different” he mumbled and just as his thumb brushed the tender skin of the underside of my breast he raised his hand and gently lowered the necklace onto the hollow of my throat and for the briefest of seconds I realized it had been a test.... before my muddled mind gathered an image of what clothes I wanted on and I felt the fabric wined its self around my limbs and cover me. He looked at me with a knowing look, he did not have to tell me... I already knew... when he placed the necklace on me my clothes stayed off for a fraction of a second longer then they should have and he knew this, as did I.

Dinner was .... different then I was expecting, they seemed to be laid back guys but when Ryker opened the doors and I peered inside I was astonished by the number of bodies walking around and sitting at the very large table all talking, but what captivated me was all the shimmering hair of the woman who were seated as well.

“Finally!” Jefferson announced and everyone turned to us I suddenly felt very small.

“What took you brother?” John asked eyeing me

“We had... some stubbornness that needed to be dealt with” Ryker said simply and all the brothers grinned as if there was a hidden secret they all knew, some kind of inside joke.

“Well come join us brother we are just discussing battle” Romeo said and then I saw a familiar face, Shyra stood and motioned for me to come sit beside her and I paused for a moment before making my way over to her.

“Well sweetness you still here?” She asked and I nodded it had only been a few hours since I had seen her last. “Well I have to apologize for my mood before”

“Oh, it is okay” I said as I took a seat next to her

“no I was out of line telling you you have to leave, they are not that bad really... My anger towards John clouds my mind sometimes” she glanced towards Ryker who was seated at the end of the table, but I don't think he noticed.

“Well I still want to get to the surface... I have family there that I miss... that will be missing me... probably think I'm dead already... and ... “ I trailed off

“It is not safe to travel to the surface when the Kraken is near, he is ruthless and pure evil, Ryker is a good leader he won’t anything happen to you”

We all finished dinner and I stayed seated not sure what to do. The men talked but not loud enough that I could hear then they all seemed to agree on something all their heads nodding in agreement then they all left one by one, until it was just Ryker and I still seated. I glanced down the table to him and he cocked his head in a cocky manner before glancing to the left and my eyes followed his as a small girl came in and placed two glasses and a white bottle on the table close to Ryker then she came over to me and I caught a better glance, of her wet skin and the ripples of color that went over her skin , almost like a squid when they change color, her hair was in a short pixie cut and her eyes completely black, as she gave me a passing glance before she stomped behind me and shoved my chair towards Ryker, only stopping when I was a mere foot from his chair.

“Thank you” Ryker said and by the time I glanced behind me the small girl was gone.

“What is she?” I asked truly fascinated.

“I'm not sure of their exact name but here we call her the squid child”

“that doesn’t sound very nice”

“Well neither was stealing from me, I could have sentenced her to death but I didn’t”

“How gallant of you” I mumbled as I watched as Ryker lift the white bottle and pour the equally white liquid into the glasses and handed me one, a wave of uneasiness swept over me... what was it?

“Don't worry it is just sea cider” he said and raised his glass to me... I picked up my glass and the sound of tinging glass echoed through the dining hall. “To ... good fortune” he said and I nodded slowly and peered into my glass swirling the substance slowly trying to get a whiff of scent but I could not smell anything... so I did the only sane thing a person would do... I raised it to my mouth and took a drink. The sensation was velvet soft and creamy it didn’t have a particular taste but it wasn't gross either, in fact the more I tasted it the more delicious it became.

“What is this made of?” I asked swallowing another gulp

“Tears of the mermaid” he spoke as he rose the glass to his mouth taking a drink

“Seriously?” I asked not finding comfort in that

“Actually no, but that is what is said to be in it, personally I think it is just from the surface something mixed together”

“I have never tasted anything like this on the surface”

“Let me rephrase I think this is from the surface from the mythical variety”

My mouth went into a big ‘O’ as I looked down at the empty glass

“Can you please bring me to the surface back to my parents and brother” I asked gently my voice never raising an octave as I fixed my eyes on his face. I watched as it went from its cocky self to a irritated look then to tired.

“Isabella I have already said this... I am not bringing you to the surface when the Kraken is so close”

“Why? It would take all of ten minutes I'm sure” I snapped

“I'm not discussing this any further” He said his voice raising half an octave but enough to drive the point home.

I pushed myself up from my chair my hands slamming against the table top and a loud smacking sound echoed in the room as I walked away from him to the door that we had come in.

I turned back around and faced him opening my mouth to blurt out something but my anger had suppressed all the witty and utterly rude comments that I normally had, so I turned back around and pushed on the heavy doors pushing them open leaving Ryker seated at the table, and as I walked away I could feel his eyes burning a hole in the back of my head as he stared after me. 

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