The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012




I walked down hall after hall looking at the glass walls and watching the fish play in the depths of the water.

I reached a dead end and placed my hand against the glass the same time off in the distance I saw something I pressed closer and peered into the water. Whatever it was it was getting closer and the outside of a woman.... a mermaid came into view as she came over. her hands hit the glass at the sheer force she came at me then she smiled and waved, it was Shyra, her hair long again and her body transformed into ... well a mermaid her lower half of her body was of a fish but the color of her scales was pearl white and shimmered her hair floated around her in the water the striking red against the blue, her face back to being harsh, angled and almost demonic but she waved then swam away.

I turned and started back down the hall when I spotted Ryker and he was coming right at me.

“There you are” he said and came up right in front of me apparently not aware of personal space!

“I wasn't lost I was just looking around”

“Fine but you shouldn't be doing it alone” he stated and glanced out to the water.

“I'm a grown woman I can walk where I want!” I snapped at him my anger rising yet again

“a woman you are” he said and advanced towards me I instantly backed up ... he came forward I stepped back, we did this dance before I felt my back pressed against the wall and I couldn't go anywhere.

“What are you doing?” I asked as he stepped closer to me and the feet between us became inches then only centimeters and I was becoming very aware of the heat radiating off his body, the smell of him was also intoxicating, no cologne but he smelled spicy and faintly of something I couldn't place but it made my mouth water and I suddenly had a strange urge to see what he tasted of as well but I gritted my teeth together instead.

“I am doing nothing” he said softly as he reached his hand up and touched my cheek with his finger tips it sent a wave of tingles over my skin and my breath caught as he slid his fingers down the side of my face down my neck and further yet

“st-t-top” I stutter out, as warmth spilled over my flesh

“Stop what?” he asked and stepped slightly closer

“Stop using your seducing magic on me!” I said and put my hands up to push him away but the force wasn't there my hands stayed on his chest and I felt the rise and fall of his chest and his heart beat hammering.

“I'm not using them” he purred and tilted his head forward I could feel the warmth of his breath on my cheek and it traveled down the length of my neck as well, it sent a shiver down my spine.

“Ryker” his name came off my lips in a whisper

“Yes Isabella?” he whispered back and my eyes darted from his eyes to his lips and back again and I couldn't prepare myself for when he placed his lips upon mine, my legs went weak and my knees buckled as pleasure swept through me like a wave from just a single kiss. His arms wrapped around me pulling me flush against his body. He tasted of coconut and spice as he ran his tongue along my bottom lip begging for entrance and I couldn't deny it even if I wanted to.

His hands held me in a bruising manner but the more he pulled me against him the more I couldn't resist and my walls were crumbling. I could feel his cock pressing hot high on my hip, like a stone cylinder wedged between our bodies and that thought made my skin engulf in more flames as one of his hands reached up and around the nape of my neck holding my face to his.

In the distance I heard a throat clear and my eyes snapped open to see John standing a few paces behind us at the starting of the short dead end hallway.

“this better be important” Ryker said his voice low and dangerous, I looked up at his face to see his eyes swimming, he hadn’t pulled away his body was still pressed intimately against mine.

“The Kraken has been seen, a couple of the mermaids saw him coming this way”

“Did they try to intercept?” Ryker asked his eyes still locked onto mine and I swallowed hard as realization started to hit me

“No “

“Why the hell not?”

“Ryker it was two of the young ones, they were scared”

Ryker let out a frustrated sigh “what is the use of putting warriors out on the field when they have no back bone!” he said and pushed away from me and turned towards John who looked at me apologetically as Ryker and him stalked off.

I wasn't sure what possessed me to follow but I did, my curiosity burning in my gut as I followed Ryker and john into a room, the sound of a wailing woman met my ears in an instant.... but the wailing sounded... different like it was underwater , I peeked inside the room to see two girls who didn’t look any older then sixteen huddled on a red velvet couch and big blue tears streamed down their cheeks staining their skin.

“Girls calm down” Ryker said his voice no longer holding the edge of anger

“We are sorry” One of the girls said the one that wasn't crying nearly as much, both of them had pixi short blonde hair and eyes of silver pools, their bodies covered in a scale body suit both a light green.

“It is okay, tell me where he was” Ryker said kneeling down so he was at their level

“he was just off the triangle he was alone” she said more tears falling

“He looked pissed!” the other girl whimpered out and Ryker nodded and motioned for the girls to stand

“I want you to to go home and take some time off, come back after getting training from Shyra, you too did good but I need my warriors with a bit more backbone, okay?” he asked and both the girls nodded and stood and walked over to the far wall, and walked through it, instantly their hair grew at an amazing rate as it reached their hips , their body suit leaving as a tail took over their legs and their features transforming into sharp angles and glowing eyes. They swam away quickly.

“You do not need to hide outside” Ryker said and it too me a moment to realize he was speaking to me.

“I wasn't hiding” I said

He rolled his eyes slightly then looked at john who was starring out of the wall the girls had just left through, I looked as well to the red head who was coming ... coming quick Shyra came through the wall so fast her skin twitched at the sudden shift of her form and she glared at Ryker.

“You sent them to me!” she screeched and john put his hands up starting to back away already but Ryker stood fast and looked down at the clearly pissed off mermaid

“They need training, you have the ability to train them” he said clearly

“I have enough on my fucking plate without you sending me fucking guppies!” she yelled throwing her hands up in the air.

“don't get short with me Shyra I am your leader you remember that or I will send you back to the shit hole John pulled you out of!” Ryker said his voice only rising slightly in volume.

Her hand shot up and I heard the crack of her hand going across Ryker's cheek, he looked down at her his eyes held anger but not fury as he grabbed her by the arm and shoved her towards John

“Deal with her, and for god sakes get her calmed down, you brought her here you fix her, she is your responsibility” he instructed and John nodded and then pulled the still very angry Shyra out behind him by her arm.

“A bit harsh?” I stated and he shook his head

“it may look like she is innocent and soft but don't get the mermaids mixed up they are fierce creatures”

“as are you” I let the words slip out and he raised an eyebrow at me at my comment

“how so?” he asked crossing his arms over his chest

“you just are” I stated and he neither agreed or disagreed

Later that night when the waters were black and the place was lit with candles I decided I needed to talk to Shyra... she might know of a way to get out of this place and I didn’t see any other time that was good as she was still pissed I had hoped and at Ryker so she might be more inclined to help me escape this place!


So i am going to be adding a picture to every chapter they might be to do with the story or might not, some may look like some of the characters as well but the idea is not to take away from what you are picturing, the idea is to enhance the novel! Remember if you are wanting an update to leave a comment! =)

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