The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 01, 2012




“Isabella, I am pissed but not pissed enough that I would disobey Ryker to that degree” Shyra said as she paced around her quarters.

“Please I need to go back to my family!” I said for the fifth time in the last ten minutes of this conversation

She took my hands and her hands were cool and damp again “You have no idea who the kraken is... the last time he was here... he stole –“ she was cut off as John came into her room with a tray of food in his hands.

“Oh I didn’t know you were in here Isabella” he said but set the tray down on the small table by the bed and Shyra glanced at him her eyes were glued to John for the most part. I didn’t miss the way her skin seemed to flush and her eyes started to glow as she watched him.

“Isabella would you mind leaving” Shyra said as she grabbed Johns hand and her body suit started to disappear leaving her perfect skin, John wasn't paying any attention to me as Shyra walked in front of him and his hands went to her hips pulling her slowly towards him her hands went to the back of his neck as she lifted herself up effortlessly so her legs wrapped around his hips and her back arched towards him..... I backed up and shut the door just as a groan came from John.

I blinked a few times and then turned to back away when a hand was placed on my shoulder and made me jump

“Careful there sweetheart” I turned to see Romeo and he let out a lazy smile

“I was just....” I trailed off as I wasn't sure how to explain what I was doing

“No need, I see they are back at it... it lasts about a week then they are back to fighting” he said and then gestured to the right with his hand and I followed.

“Why.... wont anyone take me home?” I asked and he sighed

“Unfortunately sweetheart Ryker is in charge, if I was in charge I would send you home but... I am not” he said and placed his hand on my shoulder and he sent a small smile at me and I couldn't help but to smile back slightly.

“Well what is the big deal in sending me home?” I said sighing frustrated

“Well for one the Kraken is close by... second I think Ryker is having ... Feelings about you here... I have never seen him like this”

“What do you mean?” I asked and this time it was him who sighed letting air pass out between his lips quickly as he ran a hand through his perfectly tousled hair.

“It isn’t my place to discuss” he spoke slowly like he wasn't sure of the words he should use

“well then what can you tell me?” I pushed

He turned towards me and looked me straight in the face.

“The last time the kraken came through here it wasn't good news... her stole... someone... and we were unable to get them back”

By his tone I knew that was all I was going to get out of him so I no longer pushed for information.

We continued to walk down a hallway but my attention was back at home, my mother and father and even my annoying brother would be missing me... they probably thought I was dead... they had no idea where I was... if I was okay... the last they saw me I was trying to prove the point that I wasn't a child... but in fact I had just proved them right... in acting like a child and now I would never see them again.

“what are you thinking about?” I jumped at the sound of Ryker's voice by my ear

“nothing” I lied

“You are lying you look ... sad” he said and came so he was in front of me, I quickly glanced around but Romeo was nowhere to be seen. Had I been walking by myself without even noticing?

“I... I just....” I trailed off knowing this line of conversation wasn't going to get me anywhere

“you want to go home, I know that... but for right now could you stop fighting this?” he asked his voice low as he looked at me and his hand raised his fingers skimming across my cheek sending butterflies to my stomach and heat across my skin. Stop reacting.... right because that was so easy...

“Fine ... for right now...” I whispered, my voice wouldn’t become any louder as he bent his head towards me and his nose brushed mine, my breathing shaky my hands sweating as he gently brushed his lips over mine and because I couldn't help myself I kissed him back once again.

In the back of my mind I realized that the air was getting to my skin, and when I felt Ryker's hand slide up my arms my eyes snapped open and I looked down at myself, most of my top had melted away my breasts barley covered and my jeans were nowhere to be seen just panties.... great... my mind snapped back to reality and the clothes came back as well. But the lingering arousal was still there as Ryker's eyes burned into mine seeing everything I was and how his hands were still hot on my arms and his mouth just centimeters away from mine. Then I saw it a flash in his eyes like he was remembering something but it was gone almost as soon as it came to be, and I remembered what Romeo had said.

“Who did you lose?” I asked softly and I watched as his eyes went hard and he pulled away from me

“No one, it was a long time ago” he said and walked away from me quickly, I was left standing there alone feeling stupid.

Three days, I hadn’t seen Ryker in three full days, he was nowhere to be seen and no one was even talking about his disappearing act! I didn’t even know why I cared?

I stalked through the halls my mind deep in thought.

“Kiss me Isabella” the guy who stunk of beer and pot said to me and his hands were slow sluggish and rough on my arms as he pulled me towards him

“get off me Tony!” I said and pushed him away, I searched the abandoned boat house in search for my brother, he was in trouble yet again and somehow it fell upon my shoulders to drag his ass home!

I spotted him working his magic on a girl who was out of my class and I groaned as I stomped over to him and tapped him on the shoulder

“Come on” I growled and yanked on his arm when his mouth finally managed to pull away from the girls face.

“go away Isa I'm busy!” he said clearly drunk

“Come on I don't want to be here anymore then you want me to be but mum wants us both home”

“How about you go find your own action” he said and went back to kissing the girl who smiled and pulled his lips back eagerly.

“please!” I said yanking his arm again and he groaned

“Isa leave me the fuck alone” He snapped and I threw my hands up in the air letting out a shriek of anger and turning around quickly and stomped away from him.

Fine he wants to be grounded so be it!

I glanced over my shoulder quickly but it was enough time for me to run smack into someone who’s hands shot up to steady me.

“Woah there Isabella, where you off to in such a tisy?” I looked up to see My brothers best friend Brent, he had a kind smile and was a pretty good looking guy but he was a senior and I was junior, our worlds should have never met but him being my brothers best friend smashed our lives together.

“Zack is suppose to come home with me, but he won’t! He is too busy swallowing her face!” I said and my voice raising in volume. Brent chuckled slightly then ran a hand through his hair and glanced down at me giving me another lazy smile.

“yeah he does have his way with the girls, me on the other hand not so much” he said and sighed a small blush coming to his cheeks and I couldn't help but smile then roll my eyes.

“Please any girl here would love to suck face with you!” I said and he grinned

“Not all of them” he said glancing around slightly but his eyes came back to me quickly

“Well I have to go home” I said and he nodded slowly

“want me to walk you home?” he asked and I hesitated, Zach had made it pretty clear right in front of me to Brent that I was off limits for his flirtatious ways.... but it was only a walk home and Zack was way to busy to even notice.


“I don't think you should be walking home alone” he said and I gave a small nod.

We walked and the darkness was smothering, I was glad I wasn't alone as I trudged down the path that led to my house the trees were thick and the air hot and humid.

“so last year of school hey?” I said trying to fill the void of the silence

“Yeah then ill be out of here!” he said and kicked a rock and it tumbled off the path into the trees

“I don't think I will ever leave this place” I said and he grunted something I didn’t understand. I cast him a sideways glance and he glanced over me as well and I couldn't help but smile a bit.

“so how old are you again Is?” he asked after a long silence, I was suddenly embarrassed

“Sixteen” I said just above a whisper

“ ah yeah” he laughed slightly

“what's funny? “ I asked

“nothing I'm just not looking forward to your brother busting my ass about kissing you” he said and I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him, he looked back at me.

“What?” I asked ... maybe I hadn’t heard him correctly

He took my hand then he leaned forward and placed a small gentle kiss to my virgin lips and I stood there frozen.

“Ah shit I fucked up didn’t i?” he said and I shook my head slowly as my fingers grazed my lips where his had just been.... my first kiss and I was standing there like a deer in the head lights!

“no you just took me off guard” I said and then he came closer again

“are you ready this time?” he asked as he leaned forward, my eyes closed and I felt his lips touch mine in a sloppy kiss as his hand traveled to my waist and pulled me towards him, the kiss deepened.

“What the fuck!” The kiss stopped and we turned towards the sound of my very pissed off brother.

“Zack.... i....” Brent started but words seemed to fail him so I stepped in as Zack took a step forward his hands balled up into tight fists as he stalked closer to his best friend all in intent to punch him in the face.

“I kissed him!” I said and stepped in front of Brent who was pulling me back around him

“I don't give a fuck Isa, I made it pretty fucking clear that you were off limits!” Zack yelled and stepped forward again Brent pushed me out of the way as Zack came forward and his fist connected with the side of Brent’s face.

Jesus fucking hell man, it wasn't like I was going to fuck her right her, like holly fuck give me some credit!” Brent said as he stumbled back from Zack

“You know what man, fuck you!” Zack said and grabbed my arm as he stomped down the path dragging me with him.

“See you at school” Brent yelled

“Yeah whatever” Zack said and continued to hold my arm and drag me down the path.

I glanced around realising that I had found my way into Ryker's bedroom again and I sat on the edge of the bed letting out a heavy sigh. When I heard water... like someone was in the bathroom.

I got up and walked over to the curtain and pulled it back slowly and peeked in, just as Ryker was coming out of the bath water running down from his wet hair down his god like shoulders over his chest and down the plains of rope after rope muscles of his stomach, then down lower. I resisted the over whelming urge to run to him and fasten my tongue to one of the streams of water and follow it up over his body.

“Isabella” My name shot through me like a bullet as I yanked my eyes away from his excellent golden tanned body and fixated them to his eyes.

“Where.... have you been?” I asked as my eye battled for their chance to sink lower than his face but I refused them that access.

“I was out patrolling”

“For days?” I asked and he nodded as he started towards me, I couldn't move my feet even if I wanted to they were glues to that spot as he came closer, then closer.... Standing about a foot away as his arm reached out and he grabbed .... a towel.....


“you said there were no towels!” I said outrage hinting at my voice.

“I just got them today”.... was it a lie? I wasn't sure my eyes narrowed in suspicion but soon my train of thought roamed to his bare chest then further south as a certain part of his anatomy was starting to stand on end point to his stomach as he watched my gaze lower, and as I accidently bit my bottom lip.

“I ...should ....go” I said slowly as I started to back away my feet un willing to move anywhere.

“So soon?” he asked and took a step towards me, I could feel the heat coming off his body, feel the moisture floating through the air.

“yes... I do not think me being here is a good idea...” I said as I tried making my exit but a warm hand grabbed my wrist and yanked me back and his mouth soon claimed mine and a moan crawled up my throat and out between my lips, as he pulled me hard against his body.

I felt the edge of the bed against my legs as we tumbled backwards and I was met with the soft silk of his bed.

His body weight on top of me pinning me to the bed. I felt his hand snake up my body and I felt his fingers wined around the necklace and I also felt him yank it off and all my clothes coming off as well with it but I didn’t pull away as his mouth mated with mine, claiming it as his own. His body hot on mine skin to skin, I brought my leg up and hooked it on his thigh pulling him closer to me.

“Sir we have a situation..... oh....shit....” a small scream bubbled out of my mouth as I frantically looked at the door way and saw Jefferson.

“This better be fucking important brother!” Ryker snapped a growl low in his voice, for being interrupted yet a second time.

“The kraken is here, his army is coming and will breach our gates within the day” Jefferson said and Ryker groaned, well growled as he stood and pushed himself up and off of me. Armour started to cover his body and by the time he left the room he was completely covered, I grabbed the necklace off the bed and placed it around my neck willing my clothes back to me.

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