The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012




I walked down the hall ways, it was silent, too silent. I got to a room that was very large and as I peered off into the water I could faintly see the shimmer of armour and swords as they clashed, I watched in horror of the war that was raging, I couldn't tell who was who from the mixture of bodies but as the fighting continued the water around them started to turn red from the spilled blood.

“Terrifying isn’t it” I jumped and turned around to see a man standing there, one I had never seen before. His sandy blonde hair and eyes that were so ice blue they almost looked white, he was the just as devilish handsome as the siren brothers, but I had a sinking feeling he wasn't someone good, the feeling grew heavier as I watched as the corner of his lips turn up in a smile that sent a cold shiver down my spine.

“Who are you?” I asked trying to make my voice strong but as his smile deepened I knew I had failed.

“Come on darling you have no idea?” he said in a taunting voice as he stepped closer and I backed up but felt the cool translucent wall behind me.

“No, I think if you are part of this then you should be out there with the rest of them, who are fighting.” I stated and watched his expression change into full on humor.

“Why would I do that when the one thing right now that Ryker is so intent on saving.... is right here in front of me” He said and took two long strides towards me and placed his hand over my mouth as I opened it to scream “now now darling don't go ruining the surprise, I have big plans for you” he said and he glanced towards the wall behind me he wrapped his other hand around my waist pulling me to him then we were passing through the wall. The cold water hit me like a brick wall, the pressure was too much we were too far down for my lungs to hold air.

“K let Isabella go!” I heard my name as the kraken turned around and standing a few feet away was Ryker, his sword out and his chest heaving, but my vision was becoming blurry, I needed air my lungs screamed.

“I wouldn’t waste time with the chit chat Ryker, your little play thing here is going to need air here in a second” He said his hand still hard over my mouth and plugging my nose, I struggled in his grasp, I could see the room we were just in, my living breath just a few feet away.

“For god sake give her a breath, please” Ryker said dropping his sword and it fell to the bottom and sank into the sand slightly as he took a slight step towards us.

“Oh why should i?” The Kraken asked and I started pulling at his hand my body taking over my responses as it was screaming for air.

“Please” Ryker said he was begging

“I will give her a breath but in return I want my palace back!” He growled

Ryker gritted his teeth together and his jaw went tight.

“Okay okay not my palace, fine it don't really care for it anyways, fine in return I want one of your mermaids”

“I will go” I heard her voice before I was turned around and his lips claimed mine and I felt my lungs suck in a much needed breath of air and as he deepened the kiss I breathed my lungs drinking in every breath he was giving me.

I swallowed one last time and I felt sick, he tasted of strong salt and the deeper he kissed me my skin began to crawl, my muscles clenching hard spasming.

“See you soon darling” he whispered as he pulled back and the last thing I saw was Shyra swim over to him and he grabbed her hands roughly clasping them together with his grip then they disappeared into the dark water. Ryker pulled me to him and we went through the wall to the room again and I sucked in more air and coughed slightly.

“Why did you let him take her!” I said when I was breathing again

“I couldn't ....”

“you know what I don't care, we have to get her back!” I said and yanked my arm from his hand

“We can’t”

“You tell John that!”

“tell me what?” John asked from the doorway as he came in, right on cue.

“Shyra.... she went with K” Ryker said and I watched as the horror set in across Johns face, the other brothers started to come in, and each on took in the situation and the faces and everyone of them knew something was wrong, but it was Romeo who spoke.

“We will get her back” He said to john and placed a hand on his shoulder, John shrugged it off and walked out of the room without a word.

“Isabella I need to speak with my brothers can you go to my room and wait for me there” Ryker said and it wasn't a suggestion it was an order

I gritted my teeth, I wouldn’t argue.... not this time anyways but I didn’t want him getting use to the fact he could boss me around and I would listen!

I wondered down the halls again and as the sadness started to sink in... the guilt did as well, and I started to cry tears ran down my face as I neared the bedroom.

“Miss?” I glanced to my right when a blonde woman came out of a doorway wearing a black dress, she was beautiful. “I was just cleaning, Miss .... I was told to give you this ... He said it would make you feel better” She said and handed me a small red tube.

“What is it?” I asked as I took it and felt how warm it was in my hand.

“Mr Ryker said it would make you feel better Miss. He said he would come to you after his meeting”

“Ok..... “ I glanced down at the tube and closed my fingers over it “thank” she was gone nowhere to be seen so I continued my way down the hall to Ryker’s bedroom.

The bed was comfortable and I was tired, so why was I tossing and turning? I couldn't sleep not when the guilt was hard and hot in my gut.

I sat up and grabbed the red tube off the night stand and looked at it, Ryker said it would make me feel better... I trusted him... For the most part anyways....

I popped the cork off the top and brought the vile to my nose it didn’t smell like anything I frowned then shrugged and brought it to my lips and poured it between my lips, the taste was electrifying! But the heat spreading over my body hit me hard and the world went black.

“Isabella?” my eyes snapped open and I looked in the darkness for the person who called my name... Ryker...

“I am here” I said and I crawled to the edge of the bed as he stepped closer, he stood at the edge of the bed and he looked upset.... but I didn’t care.... lust was weaving its way through me as I took him his scent as I neared.

“look Isabella I know you are upset about-“ he stopped talking as his eyes met mine as I went up on my knees and placed my hands on his bare chest.

“Isabella, what is... wrong?” He asked but I watched as his eyes changed and as they slid over my naked body, and then met my eyes again. His mouth was on mine in an instant, demanding and hot and I pulled him closer.

His weight on top of mine was crushing but in a delectable way as I brought my leg up and attached it to his hip.

“Something isn’t right” he breathed as he trailed hot slow kisses down my neck, a soft moan came from my lips and that urged him to push more intimately against me and I didn’t stop him.

Nothing felt wrong just the strong urge to be with Ryker to be skin to skin with him.

Ryker groaned and rolled onto his back pulling me with him so I was on top of him his strong hands gripped my thighs and pulled me closer to him. He pushed himself up higher on the bed so he came to rest on the pillows as he drew back his had the little tube was in his grasp he pulled it close to his face and frowned.

“What is this Isabella?” he asked and I shrugged it didn’t matter anymore

“doesn’t matter” I muttered as I leaned forward and started kissing his jaw and grinding myself against him.

He moaned and pulled my mouth to his sliding his tongue with mine in a sensual dance.

“Where did you get this” he said placing his hand on my chest pushing me back slightly

“A girl gave it to me, after you told her to what does it matter” I purred leaning back to him and running my tongue up his chin

“Focus!” he grunted out and slid his hand up my throat and held me there

“what?” I asked frustration coming

“I didn’t tell anyone to give you anything” I listened but it took a few moments for his words to sink in

“Then what did I drink?” I asked looking at the tube again

“I don't know, it defiantly has some hidden qualities to it” he said my hands went to his chest as I sat up but I didn’t move off him yet, my mind was still racing through how this happened, the fog was desire was still thick and I couldn't concentrate on anything.

“what was it?” I asked unaware at first that my hands were sliding over his firm chest

“a love spell” he said and grabbed my wrists and lifted me off of him onto the bed

“a love spell?” I was confused

“yes” he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and before I could say anything else he went out the door, I got off the bed and followed him down the hall I could feel as material covered my body as I ran after him.

“Ryker wait!” I called after him I watched as he turned a corner and I ran faster after him, when I rounded the same corner I ran into his back.

“We have a problem” Ryker spoke and his brothers looked up, not one of than alarmed that he was ass naked.

“What now?” Romeo said standing

“Isabella was given this” he tossed the tube towards them and it clattered loudly onto the table, Romeo grabbed it ran his finger around the opening then placed his finger in his mouth and then let out a low whistle

“A spell really, what was it this time” Romeo came over to us and started looking at me oddly “she doesn’t seem to be in distress of any kind”

“It was more for distraction” Ryker filled in and my cheek burned

“And seeing that you are fucking naked I can see the distraction came in the form of lust” Jefferson stated and my cheek burned hotter.

“The point is, it was given for me to be distracted I want everything searched, we are looking for a girl”

“Ah shit really, her?” Romeo said and then grabbed his sword off the floor and nodded towards Ryker and left the other brothers followed suit and left.

Ryker turned towards me, and his armour was appearing slowly as he reached out and stroked his thumb over my cheek

“When you really want to be with me then we will finish what we had started” he leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

“I didn’t –“ he placed his thumb over my lips

“don't apologize, you didn’t know. I want you to get something a little safer to wear on and I want you to take this” he handed me a large gold dagger “ and I want you to kill anyone who might come after you”

He walked away again before I could speak and when I turned around he was already gone.


Hi Guys so sorry i havnet updated but i have been busy, also it doesnt seem a whole bunch of people are liking this novel but i will keep writing. I have posted another novel also so make sure to check it out! (Fighting the Darkness)


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