The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: October 29, 2012

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Submitted: October 29, 2012




I paced back and forth in the dining room, I paced back and forth muttering things. If someone saw me they might think I was insane!

Hours passed, Ryker was sure to come back wasn't he? The question led my thoughts into another direction, the thought of his hands, his skin, his mouth on mine, the way I was fire in his hands.

Did I want him? Yes was it that simple? No.

“well well well, see I told K that Ryker was to smart for the simple little love potion” the high pitched girls voice snapped my attention to the doorway as the same blonde girl came in, she was wearing black leather, tight black leather and her eye makeup was so dark she was slightly frightening for being so short.

“Who are you?” I asked and she smiled and then slammed her black nail polished fingers onto the table that was there and then slid her finger across the shiny surface keeping her dark eyes on me.

“I'm K’s secret weapon!” she chimed and stepped towards me her hips rolling like a cats.

“I'm not scared of you” I stated trying to waste time

“How do you know?” She whispered coyly and looked up to the ceiling and when she looked back at me her eyes were white and her hands started to glow a dark purple as she flung her hands forward, the purple came off as an orb and hit me in the chest, I tasted poison it made me cough and I fell to the floor.

“If you are going to kill me just do it already I'm not afraid to die” I choked out heaving air that tasted of sulfur

“But why would I kill you when you can suffer?”

“That's enough sister” I knew that voice and when I glanced up K was there walking towards me wearing a well tailored suit and his hair perfectly kept.

“but I was just having some fun” she whined

“I said enough! Your voice irritates me to no end!” he snapped at her and she rolled her eyes and sat on the corner of the table as he came over to me knelt and lifted me up.

“Ignore my sister she is still petty and going through her jealous stage” he muttered as he tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Why are you here again?” I asked he had made a deal to leave if he was given a mermaid and Shyra had gone with him!

“did you seriously think I would just leave?” he placed his thumb under my chin lifting my face to look at his

“oh please you can be serious” the blonde complained but K never even shot her a glance his attention was on me as he rubbed his thumb over my bottom lip.

“I am very sorry that you are the one who has to be stuck in the middle of this ... but you see Ryker was responsible for my Jessica to perish, I have taken from him yes but I have never killed anyone, my secret you might be wondering... I send people to the surface”

“Please don't” I said as things were starting to click

“My dear you have to go to the surface he must think you are dead..... and I am also afraid that you will have to bleed for him to believe that as well” he yanked the dagger out of my grasp and dragged it over my arm, I would have screamed but my body was frozen in one spot, I couldn't move I couldn't scream... as the blood flowed out of my arm and wrist falling to the floor.

“You are going to let her live?” His sister screeched

“I am no murderer like you sister!” he snapped

“Its bad enough you keep that mermaid locked away feeding and taking care of her when she should just be put to the surface and burned!” she hissed

“You open your mouth again sister and I will remove your tongue!” K yelled and she shut her mouth.

“Now Isabella, goodbye” he whispered and placed a kiss to my frozen mouth and as I felt the hold on me slip I was on the beach.

“oh my god miss you need a ambulance!” a woman said coming over to me, my arm was still bleeding and only now was the pain starting to sink in.

the world started to get fuzzy from the blood loss and my head started to spin, blackness took over as I weaved in and out.

“Miss what is your name?” a man in a white coat asked

“Isabella Cruz” I moaned as I went under again.

I woke slowly opening my eyes to a hospital room.

“Honey?” my mothers voice pushed through the haze and her warm embrace made me start to cry.

“Mom” I cried and wrapped my good arm around her hugging her back

“we thought we had lost you!” she said her too crying.

“where the hell did you go sis?” Zack asked and held my hand I found my father’s face at the end of the bed and I saw fresh tears in his eyes as well

“I missed you guys” I muttered but something wasn't right I felt it, something was wrong but what was it?

A few days passed and my apartment felt strange it was all exactly how it was but I still had the feeling that I wasn't supposed to be here.

Three days passed, I was falling back into my main routine of life.

“What is your sudden fascination with the water?” Zack asked walking up and standing beside me on the beach in front of the family home.

“I don't know, I always have loved the water”

“yeah but now you are constantly down here fingers on that necklace of yours and starring off in a trance or something” he said and I felt the very slow click of my brain working, registering something, I pulled the necklace away from my neck and looked at it, it was beautiful... where had I gotten it?

“I just feel.... lost” I told him and he nodded slowly

“mom and pops don't want to admit it but there is no way you could have survived in the middle of the water for that long.... you know the stories Gran use to tell you?”

“Please don't tell me you believe them?” I said and laughed for the first time in nearly two weeks

“then please tell me how you survived being out there? What happened to your arm isa?” he was prying and I was getting frustrated.

“I don't know”

“I'm just saying there is a reason and maybe you feel lost because you weren’t suppose to come back” he placed his hand on my shoulder gave a squeeze then walked away from me. Where had I been? I tried thinking back I remembered going out into the triangle and I remember drowning.... but the days after that were blank.

I squeezed the necklace pendant and sighed walking away from the shoreline and back up to the house where my parents were throwing a party for my return.

I stepped into the living room from the patio and as the white curtains blew in the wind things slowed and I got a whiff of strong salt from the water, and then my name on the breeze I turned but nothing was there.

“Honey are you okay?” my mother asked and I nodded “then lets talk to others yes, they are all here for you!” she said with a smile giving me a tight hug.

Something was missing.... Someone was missing....

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