The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Submitted: October 31, 2012




Days passed, more days things were falling into place but still felt different... wrong.

I sighed and placed the tea kettle on the stove as I slid my hands over my kitchen marble counter top and my eyes closed as images flashed through my head, a group of guys smiling and then a single face looking at me then away as a smile spread across his face. Then my voice rang out in my head a misty memory.

“I want to go home” when had I said that? Who had I said that too?

I grabbed the phone and dialed the number I promised myself never to again but I needed to know something and Grandmothers younger sister was gifted.

“Well hello Isabella I was expecting your call, get the door for me” she said and I dropped the phone back on the receiver and went to my front door and opened it for the tall witchy woman and she pushed passed me and went to my kitchen table placing a few scattered candles about and lighting them.

“Sit dear”

I sat and placed my hands palms up on the table, she placed her hands in mine and closed her eyes, but removed her hands as if I had burned her.

“well?” I asked pushing her, I knew she had to say something I knew she knew something by the grim line of her lips and the wrinkles on her cheeks deepening from the frown creasing her brows.

“My dear...... All I can tell you is what you seek lays in the heart of Devils triangle” I got to my feet and before I could walk away she grabbed my wrist “if you make this journey child you will not come back”

“I understand” I stated and she nodded, I couldn't contain myself I had to go I had to search and find what I was missing it was a strong force pulling me and I couldn't deny it.

I wrote a quick letter to my parents and brother saying I loved them and that I would always remember them but I had to do something and I might not come back, not to look for me as I was fine but to remember me too.

I slipped it under the front door of the house and then went to the marina and went to the family boat.

“So running away are we?” Zacks voice scared me and I jumped

“I'm not running away” I argued

“Fine fine, where can I drop you off?” he asked and I studied his face for a long while

“The triangle” I said sternly and he pursed his lips and nodded slowly then grinned

“Her stories were true weren’t they sis?” he asked and I shrugged

“I really don't know I just know that I have to go down there or die trying”

“He better be a hell of a guy Isa” he said as he started to prep the boat, fifteen minutes later we were heading towards the triangle and the salty air was thick and I closed my eyes again picturing his face the strong jaw the midnight blue eyes and my heart leapt my pulse quickened as I heard the thunder from the storm a head.

Zack cut the engine just outside the triangle and came onto the deck with me

“You don't have a wet suit this time Isa, you are going to freeze before you get anywhere”

“have a little faith Zack I have been diving all my life, I will just make sure to get a good breath before diving in”

I kicked off my sandals and pulling off my light coat so that I was just left in my jean shorts and t-shirt.

“Isa...... don't die okay?” Zack said and I turned and wrapped my arms around him feeling the tears come to my eyes

“I wont I promise, tell mom and dad that I love them and to live don't wait on me”

“I will make sure they know you aren’t dead someplace”

“thank you, I love you Zack” I said hugging him tighter

“Love you too sis” he let me go and I wiped the tears from my eyes and then stepped onto the ledge of the boat and looked back only once as I took a deep breath and jumped into the water, the water was cold but my determination was stronger as I swam into the triangle and when I no longer could see the boat and as the waves crashed all around me I looked to the sky to see the lightening strike violently across the sky.

I sucked in a deep breath and dove into the water pushing myself further down, further from the life saving air. All I could see was the bottom the sand and creatures, there was nothing but the floor and my lungs were already begging for air, screaming with want as I withheld air from m body.

All of a sudden the pendant started to glow and float towards the right I followed it pushing my arms kicking my legs, as I went deeper into the water.

A small silver stone lay on the sand and as my vision started spotting and my lungs heaved my finger tips grazed it, water moved quickly around me pulling me in every direction and knocking any air I had left in my lungs out and I inhaled water. I fell onto something hard and coughed violently and looked around I was in a room, with a whirling tunnel above me, a whirlpool spinning water and sand together quickly.

I pushed myself up slowly and when I was on my knees I heard footsteps approaching and then a mans face came into view, shock covered his face then he grinned

“He isn’t going to believe this!” he said then came over to me pulling me up on my feet and hurrying me off someplace.

We entered a room full of battle gear, the walls were covered and piles on the floor the room was huge!

“Where is Ryker?” the man asked the others who were fighting with swords and laughing having a great time it seemed, that is until all their eyes turned to me and one by one their mouths fell open and they all pointed to the far door of the massive room.

I was hurried over to it and pushed through it, then the door was shut and I stood there alone as I followed the sound of falling water. I peered around a marble corner and spotted a man under a heavy down pour of water, running from the spout like a waterfall, steam rose around him and off his bronze skin, I swallowed hard as my tongue felt swollen in my mouth and my throat dry. His head snapped up and his midnight blue eyes hit mine with the force of a truck and I almost stumbled backwards as mixed emotions ran over his face.

“Isabella?” My name on his lips sent shivers down my spine as I took a small step towards him, he took two large ones towards me and as soon as I was in arms reach he pulled me to him hard and pushed me up agiasnt the wall and searched my face. “Are you a trick?” he asked his voice almost non existant.

“No” I whispered before his mouth claimed mine and I moaned as memories started flooding my head, every touch every moment flooding consuming me as his hot wet skin molded to me.

His hands pushed up my shirt and pushed down my shorts in a few seconds, and he lifted my leg holding it to his hip, I supported my weight on the clear wall behind me, the blue hue of the water making his bronze skin look pale and glow slightly.

The thick rigid shaft of steel was wedged tightly against me and as he grinded himself against me I moaned out again my hands clutching his shoulders and neck as I lifted myself up higher on him and in the next second I was impaled on him, we groaned together as he rested his forehead on mine and then started moving his hips slowly.

He carried me back to the shower he was under a few moments ago and the hot water hit my back before he rested my spine against the cool wall again and adjusted so the pour of water was lined up to fall between us and run smoothly over my clit and it made my tighten around him as he moved inside me faster now.

“I love you” I whispered and his mouth claimed mine in a fierce kiss before he drew back and looked me in the eyes

“and I love you Isabella Cruz”

I was coming apart in his hands, hot wet and on fire, my climax was climbing quickly and was about to bubble over, my thighs gripped his hips and I felt Ryker’s hands grip my thighs harder, as he thrust into me faster and deeper, pulling me down onto him.

I moaned out as ecstasy claimed me and he groaned soon after, I rested my forehead on his shoulder letting the waves pass over me.

“I thought you were dead” he said his breathing just as hard as mine.

“I don't die that easily” I joked and we both smiled but his faded quickly

“how did you get away” he asked as he lowered me to the floor and turned me around running kisses along my shoulder and neck.

“He didn’t kill me he did try to” I told him and his lips slowed

“He just sent you to the surface?” he didn’t sound like he believed me

“Yes” he turned me back around so I was facing him and I watched as his shoulders squared as his doubt flooded his features.

“Who else has he sent to the surface?” he asked and grabbed my arms roughly and I realized it wasn't doubt but the sick sinking in feeling of who he had lost a long time ago.

“He hasn’t ever killed anyone... he sent her to the surface too” I said and his jaw went tight and he got out of the shower and walked out of the room, I ran after him vaguely aware of the fact clothes started fitting over my body as I took each step.

“Ryker please!” I said as I entered the battle room and my voice echoed, he didn’t stop as he walked towards the exit.

“She didn’t come back I did” I yelled after him and his feet slowed and I knew it was unfair of me to say. The brothers all placed their weapons down and left the room in haste.

“It was a long time ago Isabella it doesn’t matter anymore” he growled out but still hadn’t turned to look at me

“Then what is wrong?” I asked begging him to tell me to let me in

“Nothing” he spat out

“That's a lie” I said and walked forward but he was still a fair ways away from me but he looked over his shoulder at me and closed his eyes and sighed

“I... I wished her dead... so that I didn’t have to worry about her coming back now that I do not love her anymore... I know it is a foolish thought as it has been a very long time and she has probably grown old and has passed on but I wished her dead!”

I walked slowly to him and touched his arm slowly turning him around to face me

“She was lucky to have you but not everyone gets their happy ending... she probably married had children and grand children she most likely had a good life.... No wishing her dead was wrong but it was a fleeting moment... just know that you loved her and that you can remember her”

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