The Sirens Of Devils Triangle

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012




I looked at the cards laid out in front of me and the frustration increased.

“I give up I cannot play this damn game!” I said groaning and placing my head in my hands.

It was a game to do with numbers and wits, and something about magic but I couldn't play it was just to hard and I didn’t understand it.

Ryker laughed and smiled

“Come on its easy” he said standing and coming over to where I was sitting and stood behind me leaning down so his head was beside mine as he looked at my cards in my hands.

“Not easy” I argued

“it is, look, you use one of your cards to spell the other one it is simple, so if you place this card with the red heart onto the steam what do you get?” he asked

“heartburn?” I suggested and he laughed again

“No, you get lust” he pulled the card out of my hands and placed it over the card with the whirling rising steam. Ryker groaned and I was unsure what was wrong I glanced at him and he grabbed his cards from his side of the table then placed something that resembled a half eight onto the card that looked like a lightning strike and the room dimmed and lightening went across the ceiling.

He pointed to the card that had a heart intertwined with another one and the pointed to the heart I had already played I placed it on the table and felt the magic shoot up my arm and deep into my system as lust filled me and the desire for sex over rid the desire to play the stupid game.

“Now Isabella the point of the game is to deny the magic to win by not giving in” he said as a grin crossed his face as I turned to him and slowly started to rise in my seat.

“I don't care for this game anymore” I said and with that he pushed the game to the floor and leaned me back against it running his mouth along my neck and kissing my lips hard. But as he pulled back it wasn't Ryker who I had been kissing it was K and he gave a wicked smile and licked his lips as he pushed his hips forward and grinded on me privately and to my astonishment I moaned.

I sat up in bed and looked around, it was dark in the room, Ryker was gone the bed empty beside me but as my eyes searched the darkness I found a figure in the corner.

“Awake finally?” K said sounding bored “It really was too easy to slip into your dreams and take control, you were have such a erotic wet dream too, Have you even played that game?” he asked and I pulled the blanket up around my naked chest as my necklace was missing. “I didn’t want you running off on me” He said and held up my necklace between his fingers.

“Why are you here?” I asked and he came forward.

“I sent you to the surface, and you come back! What part of I want him to suffer do you not understand?” he asked, he stood right next to the bed and I could see the tension in his jaw and the hate in his eyes as he glared down at me.

“I didn’t know what I was doing when I came back” I said and swallowed hard as he tisked his tongue at me

“I want you to do something for me” he said and held out his hand to me with my necklace on it I reached for it and he yanked his hand back “not until you agree”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked and he smiled

“I want you to take this drink it and go to Ryker” he said but as he looked over his shoulder something flashed over his features but it was gone too fast for me to see it properly he handed me a small vile with a shiny green liquid inside and I hesitated

“and it I don't?” I asked and he frowned

“I will slit his throat” he snapped I took the vile and brought it to my lips. And poured it in and swallowed.

“What are you doing here Irania?” I heard but my body started to tingle my skin started to tighten and the K by the bed started to shift bones breaking and cracking noises filled the air as he turned into a small petite blonde girl as she let out a low growl of a moan as her face finished changing.

“What did you give her?” the real K asked as he came over to me and laid me down as I was feeling odd, not right but I couldn't pin point it.

“Green sea” she hissed and then giggled as she climbed up on the bed and on top of me as she straddled my hips forcing me hard onto the bed and she placed her hands on either side of my face looking into my eyes

“Why do you insist on giving her sex magic” growled K and she giggled again

“because it is so much fun.I fixed this one, I added a bit of kraken in it” she whispered and cocked her head to the side and gave her brother a smile.

“that means...” K trailed off as he too looked into my eyes and then frowned slightly but a slow smile crossed his face and he shook his head, Irania took his hand and then they were gone.

I laid there as my skin tightened further, my breasts tingled and pussy started throbbing tightening more and more, something wasn't right.

“Ryker!” I screamed but it came out as a moan

It only took him a few seconds before he was in the room and he looked at me concern crossed his face as he came over to me and his eyes caught mine.

“What happened?” he asked and I gave him the bottle that was still grasped in my hand

“Irania gave it to me and ... I drank it” she said and he dipped his pinky finger into the opening then brought it to his mouth and tasted it and all but growled out his anger as it flared.

“How long ago?” he asked dead serious

“About fifteen minutes” I moaned again and arched my back off the bed.

“Don't move I will be right back” he said and left quickly.

He returned with Romeo on his heels but he stayed out of the room as he handed Ryker a bottle of something pink.

“Hope you make it bro” he said and then left Ryker came over to me and pulled the blanket down, slowly and the touch of it over my skin was electric.

“Now listen to me, The potion you drank is a strong one, it wont harm you ... really... it pretty much put you in extreme needing... if we don't have sex you will be like this forever, it has to be .. for a lack of a better word pounded out of your system”

“Do it!” I almost screamed “ why do you look so worried” I asked my voice begging and urgent

“because.... because this potion makes you tight.... really tight and bloody hell you were already fucking tight” he groaned as he grabbed onto my ankle and his mere touch sent a shiver over my skin. “I might hurt you sweetheart” he said and I was already shaking my head, I didn’t care the need was increasing.

“what did Romeo give you?” I asked as his hand slid up my calf to my knee as he pulled me towards him slightly

“don't worry about that” he cooed as he kissed the inside of my knee gently and my hips bucked

“just fuck me already!” I groaned and he actually chuckled slightly as he pulled me closer so he was between my trembling thighs and I felt him nudge the head of his cock against me and I shivered again.

“I want you to take a deep breath” he said and I nodded as he started to push forward, curses being muttered under his breath as he pushed forwards more and it started stinging as he pushed forwards more.

“stop” I said as the pain increased

“I cant” he said and pulled my hips towards him fast and hard then didn’t move as my pussy clenched and tightened around him hard and a shiver ran over his shoulders

“I want you to drink this” he said handing me the pink bottle

“what is it?” I asked

“it will make things easier” he said and I nodded drinking it down and it faintly tasted like bubble gum as he started to move his hips slightly but everytime he did I tightened and he couldn't move. After a few minutes the need was replaced with desire and he started moving his hips again pulling almost all the way out and slamming back into me and pushing a moan out of me each and everytime.

“harder” I practically screamed as he flipped me over and in one swift motion had me on my knees as he pumped from behind.

“when you cum I want you to hold it as long as you can that way it will be powerful enough to knock you out and you should be fine after that” he said quickly and only part of me heard him but I nodded as his hand reached for something but I closed my eyes loving the feeling of him sliding into me. “don't jump it’s a special pearl” he whispered and he reached around me and his finger rubbed my clit a couple of times which almost put me over the edge, then something cool and hard was placed where his fingers were and it started vibrating hard and I moaned loudly my arms giving out as he started picking up his pace of his thrusts.

“hold it” he grunted and my breaths started to come out short as my chest contracted and my legs trembled.

“I cant” I moaned

“I'm not fucking around hold it!” he groaned and his hands held my hips hard

I held it as long as I could my legs shook and I couldn't breath but I couldn't hold it any longer as I cried out but Ryker didn’t let up and the pearl increased pressure and vibrating on my clit as each explosive wave hit me over and over, each wave of pleasure causing the pearl to grow more intense until I couldn't suck in an air into my lungs.

“Ryker!” I said his name as came apart, my vision spotted and everything went black.

I came to and Ryker was brushing my hair behind my ear.

“You okay?” he asked and I nodded “good thank god I don't think I could of held off any longer” he said a smile on his face

I was slightly embarrassed with what just happened as he reached over me and grabbed a small white pearl

“what's this?” I asked and h dragged his finger over it as he placed it in my palm and it buzzed to life.

“These belong to the sea fairies they are very powerful and a pretty perfect cure for the magic you drank from Irania”

“I see” I glanced away from his face, he was to stunningly handsome and it almost hurt my pride to know I wasn't any match for him.

“Do not look away from me Isabella you are a beautiful creature one I intended to explore fully, every little inch of you” he purred and brought my hand to his lips and placed a kiss to the inside of my wrist.

“I am just a bit.... embarrassed that all”

“Don't be, but I do suggest to stop drinking things that could pose harm to you” he stated and I nodded.

“now how about a bath?” he asked and picked me up walking with me to the bathroom.

We both slid into the hot water and I nearly moaned out loud as the hot water warmed me and almost penetrated all my muscles.

Ryker gave me a slow lazy smile as I opened my eyes to find him looking at me, then he sank deeper into the water and disappeared out of my site, I frowned unsure as to what he was doing when I felt his hands grab both my ankles and pull me down, I managed to get a breath in before my face went under the water.

“swim with me” he said and like before I could hear him perfectly under the water, he came over to me and kissed me and I was able to suck in a breath through him.

“breathe” he said and I shook my head we were underwater “trust me” I took in a very small inhale and was surprised to find that I could breathe

“My secret now swim with me, I want to show you something” he grabbed my hand and we started to swim deep down into the water, as the water spread out and turned into the wide span of nothing but blue I was shocked once again, the bath tub just was connected to the outside world.

“The ruins you are about to see are what I protect, no one can touch them except the sirens or it would mean very bad news for the world” he spoke clearly as he pulled me deeper into the water and giant rocks came into focus, they had marking all over them and glowed slightly, I wanted to touch them I really did but I resisted.

“go a head Isabella touch, feel what the ancestors think of you”

I gave him a bewildered face, he just finished saying he was the only one to touch them

“no evil is allowed touching them” I said and I nodded, he took my hand and pushed it towards the ruin, his finger stayed on mine as my palm came to rest on the hot surface. Light flooded my vision and I was thrust into a dream like state as voices drifted through the now milky water.

She is magnificent”

“she will make your son happy over the years”

“Ryker my son I am happy you have found love”

“don't trust her just yet, I don't trust anyone who isn’t siren”

“she has good child bearing hips”

“god what I would give to be back among the living”

“My son ignore them they have been in here too long and have not seen the likes of a beautiful woman for some time, she must mean a great deal to you for you to show her the ruins, but now you have also put her in more danger then she had been in, you understand that she is only mortal, that sooner or later a choice will have to be made”

Like that things snapped back and Ryker pulled my hand away

“come on” he said and pulled me away from the rocks that were seemingly heating the water, I swam quickly trying to keep pace with Ryker but it was nearly impossible he swam much faster as if he were angry.

I followed him out of the opening for the bath and as I broke the surface he was getting out

“Ryker what's wrong?” I asked and he turned, was he crying?

“I had no idea” he stated


“that my father was among them”

I went over to him hugging him and his head dropped to my shoulder and a could hear the hum of the blood rushing in his veins as he wrapped his arms around me and the hot blood male part of his brain kicked in and he pulled me snugly against him.

“Ryker you in there?” Johns voice sounded off

“yes” Ryker responded and left the bathroom

I followed after I dressed. He was pacing as John spoke

“we need to get her back you don't know what they are doing to her down there” John spoke of Shyra and I felt guilty for not remembering but I did now and he was right we had to get her back.

“We have to get her, he is right” I spoke and both men looked at me and Ryker shook his head

“there is no we Isabella this doesn’t concern you”

“it sure the hell does, she went in my place and I'm going to get her back!” I snapped at him and he shook his head

“I will lock you in the god damn room if I have to but you are not leaving this palace”

“you can’t stop me” I countered and stepped right in his face

“I will tie you to the bed and you will not move!” he yelled back

“that's abuse!” I shrieked

“maybe on land but down here what I say is what happens and I'm telling you no!”

“and I'm telling you, you can’t boss me around like you do your brothers!”

“woman you infuriate me” he said and I watched as John left the room slowly backing away as if we were going to explode.

“You are pig headed and annoying!”

“calling names is not nice Isabella”

“yeah well neither is telling me I cannot help!”

“I'm not having you anywhere near them again! If his sister even catches a wiff of ruin on your skin she will have you so fast I wont be able to stop her, she uses magic I cannot go against her in a battle she tricks and doesn’t play fair”

“just let me help you” I said defeated but he shook his head

“I won’t be able to concentrate on a fight if I'm trying to figure out if you are alright”

I sighed and walked over to the bed I was spent and I laid down. I would think more clearly after sleeping I was tired of arguing and the fact was I hated to fight with him I hated to get his blood boiling and I hated my anger getting in the way with his point of view.

So I would sleep on it.

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