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Chapter 26 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 06, 2012



"You're leaving?"

I turned to see David with his jacket on and keys in hand. Ten different scenarios raced through my head about how he was going to Wescott. Maybe for a reward or maybe it was a freakish coincidence that he worked for him.

"Yeah, I have a family get together. I'm already running late. My mother should start freaking out in about twenty minutes." He smiled.

I breathed a sigh of relief and reminded myself that David was in the army so he couldn't be working for Wescott. Plus, he only returned to the country yesterday.

"By some miracle I managed to convince her to wait until today, since I got in so late last night," he went on. " It's probably only because I was home a few months ago on a short leave. But it's a forty minute drive, so I would have fallen asleep as soon as I got through the door." He gave a short laugh before seeming to realize that I'd been slightly frantic a second ago.

"You're...welcome to come along."

"No." I shook my head and smiled, feeling stupid for suspecting David of treachery. Of course he needed to see his family. "Thanks."

"No really," he tried. "There will be tons of food and my family wouldn't mind at all if you came. There'll be so many people, you'll blend right in."

"I can't." For the millionth time, I cursed that tracking device in my leg. A normal day with his family sounded more than appealing to me, but I was quite literally trapped in this city.

"Okay." He picked up on my tone and didn't push. "I'll probably be gone for most of the day. It won't be easy to escape. They'll probably try to tie me down and keep feeding me till I explode," he joked, attempting to lighten the mood a little, but I heard his silent question, wondering if I'd still be here when he returned.

I forced a smile. "Have fun." I would have commented about how I wasn't planning on going anywhere, but honestly I didn't know. I had no idea how long I'd be safe here, or if I even was now. I hated the thought of having to run. For the sake of my foot, but I also didn't want to think about having to give up the one place I finally managed to feel safe for more than a few hours. If I wasn't safe here, I wouldn't be safe anywhere. And I didn't relish having to sneak out on David after he'd been so great.

He nodded and moved to the door.

"David," I called, making him stop and turn back to me.

"Do you mind if I..." I hated asking for more from him, but a shower really was a must at this point. I'd been trying to work up the humility to ask after our conversation at breakfast, but now it appeared as if I was out of time.

"Please don't start asking me to use every little thing." He didn't give me the chance to finish.

"I think that would drive both of us crazy. Mi casa es su casa. Just do what you need to do."

"Thanks." I smiled, glad that I finally seemed to have a little luck in finding him last night. Now if only it would hold.

He nodded again before disappearing out the door, and I couldn't control the compulsion to make sure the lock was secure.

I turned around, feeling a little strange. I lost track of how long I'd been deprived of actual privacy, and here I was in an apartment, completely alone. For a change, there was no one watching my every move on camera. No one making me obsessively check over my shoulder. Nothing.

Even before Wescott kidnapped me, I was never truly free of surveillance, although I didn't realize it at the time. But now I was. For the first time in my life, no one was watching me. It was a very freeing feeling.

But of course, my paranoia was far from gone, so I rushed to the window just to check.

No nerdy accountant or any other suspicious individuals were in sight.

Was it possible that they really didn't have any clue where I was? I foolishly thought that before. But I spent the entire night here and still, it seemed secure.

If all they had to go from was the hundred foot vicinity the tracking device showed them, I should be in good shape for a while. They would be able to get an idea of where I was, but there was about a block of leniency in my favor, and this particular block housed several tall apartment buildings. It was the perfect hiding spot for someone in my position. They couldn't very well go barging into every door in the area.

Content that I was safe, I skipped off to take that much anticipated shower, for once feeling like I might sing while I was in there.


"I'm just going to do it," I muttered, grabbing the small pile of clothes from the bed and heading for the washing machine.

I debated for several minutes if I should take the liberty and use the machine or wait for David to come home and ask first. I know he said not to ask for every little thing, but I wasn't sure if this counted as little. Showering, eating, and using the television were all sort of a given, but I couldn't help thinking that doing laundry was pushing it. I mean, maybe after a few days, it'd be expected, but I felt like I was taking advantage of David's kindness and probably using alot of water for a very small load of clothes.

I never realized how much stuff I had at home. By comparison, I owned nothing now. I had five shirts, counting the one I had on when I escaped and my hoodie, three pairs of pants, some socks, underwear, and that was all. It felt like much more when I had to carry it around everywhere, but now I could see how miniscule my collection was.

That was another issue with the laundry. Having so little to go through, I would have to wash much too frequently for my liking.

I wasn't sure if it was better to just do it and hope David didn't notice, or to wait and hope he wouldn't care that I had to use his machine all the time.

In the end I couldn't bare the thought of putting on dirty clothes after I just got out of the shower. The clothes I had on right before, were technically clean, but I was dirty when I put them on, so by my estimation they were pretty gross.

Of course, once everything was in the washer, I was left with the problem of being in a towel and having no hope of clean, dry clothes for at least an hour. Probably longer judging by the older machines I was using.

I longingly looked back at the bedroom full of David's perfectly good and very available clothing, biting my lip. That was definitely pushing it. David certainly hadn't meant for me to use his clothes. What if he came back and saw me wearing them?

But then, what if he came back to find me in a towel?

Walking back to the bedroom, I vowed just to take a peek. To see what he had. He did say that he didn't care if I looked through his things, after all.

I hastily closed the first drawer that I pulled open once I saw that it was full of his underwear. I really didn't need that mental image floating around my head. He did enough damage to my cognitive skills, fully clothed.

After cautiously opening the second drawer, I almost smiled seeing the large t-shirts that would fit me like short dresses. They were completely perfect for what I needed. That is, if he wouldn't mind...

Oh, stop being such a girl, I scolded myself, pulling one of the shirts from the drawer. Living in someone's debt was really not my thing. I was too worried about stepping over the line. And David had been wonderful, but he must have a line somewhere. Everyone did. His easy-going nature almost made it harder because I wasn't at all sure of where that line would be. And considering how desperate I was, I couldn't afford to even get close to it.

I would just be sure to get the shirt back in the drawer before David got home. He was supposed to be gone all day, so I should have plenty of time.

I pulled on the shirt and chuckled when I looked down at myself. The shirt had an image of Sauron's tower and the words 'Mordor University'.

Curiosity got the better of me and I started riffling through the drawer to see what else was in there. Aside from a few plain ones, David had shirts from the Matrix, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Tron, a few I couldn't identify, and of course Star Trek.

Apparently David was not only a Trekkie, but a general sci-fi/fantasy geek. I was glad he had a dorky fetish. And not only because I was going to have fun with that information later. It made him seem more normal. Part of me wondered what was wrong with him to be so open and trusting of a complete stranger. That kind of thinking was totally foreign to me, especially now. But I guess that was just who David was - open and trusting.

I smiled as I put the shirts back neatly, already thinking up little quips to use when David got back.

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