Insubstantially Me

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Chapter 31 (v.1)

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013




I'd been unable to meet David's eyes throughout my lengthy explanation and he hadn't spoken, giving me absolutely no indication of how he was reacting to what I said. 
"You wanted to know what that was." When I finally glanced at him again, I noted with gratitude that he, at least, didn't seem to think I was psychotic. He looked grim and slightly green.
"That's their way of trying to find me. Because I escaped and I'm too valuable to them to just let me go."
Having told him just about everything, I wasn't sure what else to say. I sat back on the couch to give him some time to digest all the information.
As I waited, he continued staring straight ahead, remaining quiet and I was getting nervous. What was he thinking? Did he believe me at all? I never noticed the small wind-up clock on the computer table before, but now its ticking was impossible to ignore in the silence.
"Say something," I pleaded, unable to stand waiting any longer.
"How?" He finally focused on me, but I had no idea what he was asking. How did I escape? How was any of it possible? I just watched him waiting.
"How can they trace you?" he clarified.
I still didn't have any idea what he was thinking, but I wanted to hug him anyway. He believed me! And if I was judging his expression correctly, he was angry on  my behalf. I would have smiled, if his question didn't remind me of the danger I was still in.
Pulling my foot up onto the couch, I rolled up the leg of my pants and pointed out the small scar on my calf. 
"They put a tracking device here when I was a baby."
David stared at my exposed leg and I found myself holding my breath when he raised his hand to touch the scar. Without knowing the direction of his thoughts, I wasn't sure if I wanted him touching me. But I also didn't want to startle him into a negative reaction, so I held still, waiting. 
Before his fingers could make contact, he dropped his hand, seeming to remember himself.
"Is that all?" He met my eyes again.
"All?" Why was I suddenly disappointed?
"The only trace?" 
I shrugged. "Yeah, I think so." Wasn't that enough? It seemed to be working out well for them, I thought bitterly.
"Can you trust me?" He watched me intensely.
I kinda already did...
"I hope so," I said quietly.
"I have to go." David popped off the couch and I almost had a heart attack on the spot.
"Go?" I shot up after him, frantically. Where could he possibly have to go after hearing all that? Maybe I was reading him all wrong. Maybe he really didn't believe me. Maybe he was going to the police because he thought I was insane.
David quickly shrugged on his jacket and swiped his keys from the hook by the door, looking distracted and determined. He showed no sign of answering me.
"David!" I cried grabbing his arm. "Please!"
I saw understanding come into his eyes when he focused on me again. 
"I know this is probably really hard for you, but please trust me," he said. "I have an idea."
"What is it?" I was desperate to know what he was thinking.
"I don't want to say in case it doesn't work. But if it does, it'll really help."
I clung to him, completely torn. What if I was wrong to tell him?
"Have I given you any reason not to trust me?" he asked and I had to shake my head. Because of course, he hadn't. He'd unintentionally done plenty of things to win my trust. 
"Then trust me now." He gripped my arms. "I'm going to help you."
Realizing that this was exactly what I agreed to when I told him everything, I forced myself to drop my hold on him.
He half-smiled. "I should be back in about forty minutes. Don't worry."
"You're not going to the police or something?" I suddenly needed to make sure that wasn't his idea of helping.
"Of course not." His smile grew and, as it usually did, made me feel a little more relaxed. 
Taking a deep breath, I nodded in agreement with whatever he was thinking, even though it was driving me crazy not knowing what it was.
David moved to the door but stopped before he could slip outside. 
"Don't run." He watched me warily.
I only nodded again, choosing not to mention that I was thinking about doing that very thing. The front door was out since it was in plain view of that man who was probably still outside, but the fire escape was an option.
He stared at me for another minute, not seeming sure so I tried to look more convincing until he finally left me alone, clicking the lock behind him. 
When I heard his footsteps retreat down the hall, I couldn't help running to the window to watch him leave. I didn't think he saw who I was looking at before, but I needed to be sure.
Just like I thought he would be, that man was still standing in the same place. It was more difficult to tell with the night fully descended, but he was there. 
A minute after I reached the window, I noticed David jog down the steps before he walked casually down the street. 
Now all I had to do was wait almost an hour for David to come back, while I knew nothing of what he had planned. Sure, simple. No problem.
David better hurry up or I wasn't going to be able to resist that fire escape.

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