What if? The alternate version of Never Alone

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The alternate version of the original.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - What if? The alternate version of Never Alone

Submitted: February 07, 2011

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Submitted: February 07, 2011



This is not the first chapter in the story. It's more of an introduction.
As the title says, this is the alternate version of Never Alone. It's the 'what if' I've had in mind for a while now. It's not going to be an entire story on it's own. It is the same story as Never Alone up until the beginning of chapter 15, so I won't be putting the first 14 chapters up again. Chapter 15 is very different, however.
I highly recommend going back and reading those 14 chapters - especially if you have not already done so.
However, I realize that you might not want to go back and read the same thing over or whatever, so I'll put up a brief - I hope - summary just to remind (or inform if you haven't already read the other one) everyone of what's happened so far.

First you have Lizzie. She's 15(almost 16), short(5'3, I think), with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She's pretty, even though she just wants to be average. She's sweet, shy, loves her family (parents & brother, Louis) more than anything, and completely blames herself for the fact that her family's never had alot of money - since her parents got pregnant in high school and had to drop out, etc. They've never told her anything was her fault, but she's got a guilt complex.

Then there's Ben. The all American boy. Tall, curly brown hair, brown eyes, muscles (Lizzie assumes from weight lifting even though that hasn't been determined), great at football and wrestling, with a crazy protective side for all girls (stemming from his love for his mother). And of course, Lizzie's favorite feature of his, his adorable dimples when he smiles.

Ben and Lizzie fall for each other pretty much right away, but don't act on it for a while because she's scared of everything and Ben's afraid to scare her. Although, she comes to trust him pretty quickly.

Anna: The best, best friend ever. She's short (haven't said how short, but shorter than Lizzie), short straight brown hair & brown eyes. The first one to befriend Lizzie when she starts school. She's nosy (in an endearing way), outspoken, loves shopping and dressing up Lizzie and has been Ben's best friend since first grade.

Jordan: Anna's boyfriend. Tall, baby face, spiky brown hair, and bright green eyes. More of a minor character.

Morgan: Lizzie's other really good friend. Also short like Anna, curly red hair, blue eyes, and lots of freckles. Similar personality to Anna but with more attitude - not afraid of a fight verbal or not. Loves shopping(although not as much as Anna.), a cheerleader. She's a main character, but not as central as Anna.

James: Morgan's boyfriend. Tall(apparently all guys in this story are tall, lol -but it's from Lizzie's perspective and she's short), dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. Also pretty much a minor character.

Josh: The antithesis of Ben. The guy you love to hate, he's completely evil. I think all that was established about him was that he was tall and blonde (you can use your imagination as to the rest). Spoiled rich kid, never heard the word 'no' and therefore feels he will always get what he wants. He hones in on Lizzie right away and decides he wants her. He creeps her out right away and later traps her in her secluded spot on the school bus and pretty much does what he wants.

I think the rest are more minor characters:
Matt, Nate, and Eric are all Josh's friends and also tormentors of Lizzie, although not really even close to as bad as Josh.

Stacy's 'in love' with Josh and hates Lizzie b/c of all the attention she gets. She's the stereotypical snotty cheerleader and the leader of her own little clique.

And then there are the various friendly people from school - Jasmine, Elaina, Brian, Chad....I think those are the only one's who've been named so far.

So basically Lizzie starts school, terrified of everyone since she's switched schools ALOT and never had much luck in the friend department. The boys mostly always tried to take advantage and the girls were jealous.
Josh & his friends begin to terrorize her right away and Ben repeatedly stands up for her, making her like him. Alot.
She makes friends with Anna, Ben, and the others and they work it out so that she is almost always protected from Josh after the bus incident.
She begins to relax and trust her friends - Ben especially, who teaches her to drive and starts picking her up for school - much to her father's dismay.
A few weeks pass and Lizzie is getting frustrated with Ben because he's being so careful and won't move things along at all.
She has a rare weekend without Ben where she goes to the mall to watch her brother at the arcade, where Josh and Matt find her.
Josh tells her that his father - her dad's new boss - is going to be letting Josh decide who gets fired. Josh tells Lizzie that it will be her father unless she agrees to go out with him.
Lizzie, already feeling uber guilty about her family's financial problems and is a wreck for the next few days trying to keep it all to herself - and especially from Ben - and trying to figure out what she's going to do.
She's repulsed by and terrified of Josh and what he wants from her, but she loves her family more than anything and can't let her father get fired if she can help it.
She's run out of time to make a decision and Josh is unexpectedly waiting for Lizzie in the deserted hallway before her next class, which she's running late for. And he wants an answer.

I still recommend you read the actual story if you haven't yet, but I think that's the important stuff anyway. Guess it wasn't really that brief...oh well...

Anyway, as I said this is the 'what if' version. As in, what if Ben couldn't step in and do what he did in the original story. His father is not the same person in this version. Although he's still not a nice guy either. Basically everything's the same except that one detail and it has a huge influence on the direction of the story.
This story is going to be quite a bit darker than the other one was.

I put the story as a 'Young Adult' b/c that's what the others are and I'm not sure what else to put it as.
Also it's rated as PG, but I think I'd say PG-13. There's not an option for that though...

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