What if? The alternate version of Never Alone

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter 15

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Submitted: February 07, 2011



I guess I wouldn't be able to avoid Josh any longer. I fought the urge to turn and run. It really wouldn't help anything to run away. He could probably catch me easily anyway.

He stared at me as he started coming closer. I had to force myself to stay where I was.

I gasped as he closed the distance between us. Putting his hands on my waist, he backed me up to the lockers and pushed himself up against me.

He used one hand to brush my hair away from my neck as he admired his work. "I like how that looks." he said as he placed soft kisses over the mark he left on me yesterday.

"I need an answer, Lizzie." He murmured against my neck.

I had no idea what to say. I knew what I had to do, but I didn't know if I'd actually be able to follow through.

When I didn't say anything, Josh pulled away to look at me. He looked annoyed.

"Well, I suppose I could just leave early." He said, releasing me. "I'm sure my father won't mind." He started to turn away.

"No!" I cried, grabbing his arm.

He raised his eyebrows and smirked as he looked at my hand on his arm. I dropped my arm back to my side and looked at the floor.

"I'll go out with you." I whispered.

"Good." he said, attacking my neck again.

I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt his hand slide down to my leg.

"I'll pick you up Saturday at seven." He murmured in my ear. I shivered and braced myself for whatever Josh was going to do next.

With the hand on my leg, he began inching my skirt up. I gasped as I felt his hand come to rest on the top of my thigh, under my skirt. He caressed my leg and chuckled against my neck. His free hand found mine and he laced our fingers together.

It was a sweet gesture and insanely inappropriate, considering the situation. I didn't want to hold his hand! I tried to pull my hand from his, but he only tightened his grip. It was a little too tight and I winced.

Josh continued kissing my neck and worked his way over to the other side - the unmarked side. He started sucking on the spot at the base of my neck. I guessed he was trying to give me another hickey. One that would be harder to hide since it was further forward than the other one was.

When he was finished with that, he kissed his way up to my lips. I got that sick feeling again when he slid his tongue in my mouth.

I tried to shut down - to block it out until he was done, but I just couldn't. I opened my eyes, which were now full of tears and turned away from him.

Josh's hand left my leg and he gripped my chin. He forced me to look at him.

"You understand what this means? What I expect from you?"

I blinked back the tears and nodded. Sure, I understood what he wanted, to use me and throw me away. I almost wished he would just get it over with already.

"I'm not talking about a few dinner dates and, er, dessert." He smirked and I felt my face flush.

"I'm talking about a relationship." He said. "You're going to be my girlfriend."

"I'm...? Your...? Why?!" I stuttered.

It was way worse than I thought. Here I was thinking he just wanted a few dates and I'd be free. Instead I'd be stuck with him until he got bored. Who knows how long that could take? And how could he possibly want a relationship with me? I wanted nothing to do with him.

Josh laughed. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" He said. "You're perfect. It's also a plus that I'll get to show you off in front of him."

I had no doubt at all who 'him' was. Ben. It felt like the bottom of my stomach dropped out and new tears stung my eyes. I dropped my gaze. How could I hurt Ben?

But what choice did I have?

"About that." He said. "I really think I'd prefer you not to talk to him at all after Saturday."

At all? As in, not even away from school? Could he really have that much control over me?

I looked up at him again. "But-"

"You're mine, Lizzie." He grinned. "And I don't share. Especially not with him."

"But..." I said again, weakly.

"In fact," He kept going as if I hadn't even opened my mouth. "I think it's time you found new friends altogether. I don't like your other ones."

I just stared at him stunned. I could understand about Ben. I didn't like it, but I understood. Josh hated Ben and so he would want to keep me from him. But what did he have against Anna, Morgan, and the guys?

"Having second thoughts?" Josh asked. He didn't really expect me to say yes. He at least understood that about me - my family was the most important thing in my life. And he was literally making me choose between my friends and my family.

I closed my eyes and took a deep, shaky breath. How could I just betray them all like that? But how could I defy Josh? If I did, Daddy would lose his job. We'd probably have to move again and I'd lose them all anyway.

My throat felt tight and I couldn't look at him when I opened my eyes, but I managed to say, "No."

"I know." Josh said smugly. I still couldn't look at him, but I knew he was grinning. "I just want you to be sure. I can always change my mind, you know."

I looked back at him, nervously.

"I'm very good with coming up with excuses for my father. If, say, I were to suddenly decide someone else has to go." He said. "I hope I won't need to do that." He raised an eyebrow at me.

All I could do was shake my head.

"Good." Josh said as he leaned in and kissed me softly.

He pulled away and frowned. "Hmm." He said. "We're going to have to work on that. You're much too tense."

Did he expect me to like kissing him? He disgusted me.

"Well, plenty of time for that Saturday night I suppose." He grinned.

I shivered slightly.

"And don't forget what I said about your friends." He said. "I'll give you till Saturday to dissociate yourself from them. See? I'm not completely unreasonable."

Yeah, what a prince.

I did my best to glare at him and for the first time in my life I felt real hatred for another person.

Josh only laughed at me and kissed the tip of my nose.

"Until Saturday." He said before he finally released me and walked away, leaving me alone in the empty hall.

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