Second face of Ruth

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



Chapter 7

She ran to Sunny in the kitchen, “Did you allow her to come in?” Sophia asked. “Madam, Who?” “Look for yourself.” “”Oh God, how did you come in?” Sunny asked Margret. “The person who needs will find their way.” “What?” “Don’t change the talk, how did you come in?” Sunny repeated his question. “You took milk in and paper but left the door half open. That’s how I came in. I know what I did is wrong but tell me are my girls awaken?” Margret asked coolly. Sophia was listening to her talk and her heart was pounding very furiously. “No, they are still asleep” Sunny pushed her out of the house and closed the door.

It felt good for Sophia but she was tensed basically the behavior of Margret made her feel fear. “Madam, she is gone. I say to you, I will take care that no more mistakes happen from my side henceforth” Sunny said. “Yes, I believe you. Good morning.” She left and headed to her kids room. Sophia sow from the glass walls, Margret was starring straight at her. A complete expressionless face. They were fast asleep although the sun shone fully its rays falling gently on her daughter’s faces. Sophia woke them up. It was relief for Violet and she soon declared what she saw before is a dream.

Scarlet opened the window and cool wind blew her sleepy face awake. “I had a very weird dream; I don’t know why I was packing my bag.” Sophia said. It was a complete washout of memory, nobody remembered why they were packing or the girls too dint say a thing about the cloths.  After a hearty breakfast, Sophia took the girls to nearby forests, where harmless and harmful animals lurked around.

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