Second face of Ruth

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



Chapter 8

The morning went very well enough, Sophia was telling about her adventure with their father when they came here for the 1st time. “Now where the cottage is, there was a small house when we lost our way, we had seen that there a plump looking lady guided us but since it was late night, she and her husband allowed us to stay that night with them. This place then was even more deserted. If am not wrong, he name was Grace. She had two small kids of 5 years and ten. The eldest was a boy named Thomas and his sister was Beth.

The house was magnificent inside, I still remember every word we spoke and time spends there.” “But, why did that family choose to stay here?” Violet asked. “I did ask her that, her husband said, they had huge sum of rent and loan on their head and their only occupation was farming. To save themselves from going to jail they moved to the interior here where this place was hardly known” Sophia said. “Did you ever see them again, their children?” Scarlet asked. “No, we came here again to see them but by the time they went away maybe they might be caught by the authority.”  “Do you know who build this cottage her?” Violet asked. “I don’t know, next time again we had come here, this cottage was under construction.” Sophia said. “Do you want some lemonade?” a much known voice interrupted them. “Oh, Margret! Um… what—what a surprise?” exclaimed stunt Sophia.

Scarlet and Violet looked at each other. “I saw scarlet walking this path along, so knew you would be here. It is a good place to roam, very cool. I hope I am not intruding.” Margret said. “No, you are welcome.” Sophia said. Margret made the girls sit either side of her. She caught hold of Scarlet’s palm and exclaimed, “Very beautiful. Long fingers, so much so alike.” Margret said. “Alike?” Violet asked. “Uh… my daughter.” Without taking her eyes off from Scarlet, “Your hair is so much alike to my daughter, Ruth. So similar you look.” Margret said. Unknowingly she started caressing Scarlet like her own child. Sophia whole while stood dumbfounded. “I am sorry; I will excuse myself from here.” Margret said and departed. “Mother, am afraid of her, why is she so?” Scarlet asked. “I guess, what Sunny told me is right, her daughter looked like you and she thinks its her.” Sophia said.

It was evening when they turned back from the place. The path which was shortcut to the cottage was through the Oak tree. There was no wind blowing. The atmosphere itself was sweating. When they passed the Oak tree, without wind the leaves made rustling sound. Sophia was quite shocked to see the tree bending down to Margret as though lending the tree’s branch to hold her up and they saw the tree branch moved and was actually feeling the skin of Margret. This sight was already seen by Violet and Scarlet before and they made their way on their own thoughts. Scarlet was walking in her usual pace, she was not aware of the Oak tree. Sophia went on internet and saw the details of Margret’s dead daughter. Ruth looked a exact replica of Scarlet. It was expected. It definitely brought fear to Violet for she started thinking her sister is Ruth.

Sunny always laid a very tasty dinner which made them forget their fear or curiosity. “Scarlet, I feel there is something in Oak tree, why not we go tomorrow there and see if it does the same thing with us too?”Violet asked. “Yes, but don’t let mother know.” “Sure!” Violet replied. It was this time for Scarlet, she got up in the middle of the night, and she felt her throat itchy and dry. She could see through glass walls the moon was in its peak, so pure like a wedding dress gown. She felt a tiny stone fell on her palm. She squinted her eyes to see the stone; it was blue in color and small like a bead. She couldn’t think from where it came from. She put the bed side lamp and walked to the case and kept it safely so that she could show it tomorrow to Violet. She turned back to her bed. She saw herself lying on the bed beside Violet. For a minute, scarlet felt herself making sure that she is alive and breathing. She stared again but this time bed was occupied by Violet itself. Scarlet fell asleep thinking about it.

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