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Kardien note.
1. English isn’t my mother language. I learned hard to English during a few months. I had plan writing in English. I wrote several stories in my mother language before. I still feel difficult to English writing. It takes a long time to finished first chapter.
Please, if you find the wrong sentence, see it mildly, and then give to me the advice or the criticism. These will make my sentence better.
2. My writing speed still is slow. Finished one chapter, it takes many times. I’m still learning English.
3. I finished Chapter.5. It takes many times than I expected. I want more speed writing, show good story to you. I’m keeping effort and learn.
Black Howl.
By Kardien Lupus.
Chapter.5 Tore out
“They came at in front of me.”
She said as if she directed these cohorts. Major part of her face appeared curiosity like pup but not child.
“Is it very dangerous?”
I was success make human words in third time. I knew some serious searching cases. Cohorts used wolves in many purpose; scuffle and shout and gunfire or bite, these mixed at searching case. I had experience from bad events. It already restarted at my front.
“Man kinds, especially bureaucrats were stuck in formality.”
She mumbled or talks to only for me. She was not sharp but readied. We stood on small garden which was set inside of wall. I felt that used sniffing; was hit air touched my whisker. They didn’t make any sort of big sign, but we knew their existent.
“They approached at me for some investigation. They have which kind of discussion; we will be trapped by problem.”
She announced in calm mind. Minutes before she caught signal of invasion even I didn’t notice it. After her guide I noticed their approaching then now they approached.
“They may know only woman live in the house. They prepared in their conference but major of their mind may don’t watch out me. I’m just mere girl.”
Knock, Knock, Knock; Sound started from iron gate. Gate blocked their figures. It was iron but I felt it was like fabric curtain, would be opened. I feared it pact.
“When unexpected event came, formal people didn’t work well. They stick at their arrogant, think they will meet weak girl. If they suddenly trap, they get mess.”
Knock sound was continuing. It seemed had patient tempo. Low resonance sound kept itself. I knew procedure. Cohorts were City detectives that meant keep City’s security. They armed, also were supported by low. Out side was filled tension. Dozen of them readied from their professional; they were so proud but knew their work.
“You should not be feared. I have good plan. I just found it second before.”
She gave short attention to me.
“What will you do? I know them they are arrogant but also stiff; they know what their seat is; these are reasons they are keeping City.”
She stood on garden as curt form. Abrupt event made shocked her but now she did half of recovery. She was preparing next action.
“These are good point.” She said as was removing her clothes. I backed in worry, knew what she prepare. “But, I didn’t want serious action as they think, just will do different thing.”
When she half naked in quick her speed, She shoved statue which had shape of deer; how was funny thing, that beast had gorgeous small deer statue. Statue was clearly shoved then I saw dark color iron side door. Small door was I saw at moon night that her private route.
“Please! Just a minute.”
When she disappeared, only her sound came to main gate. It was odd that my ears didn’t catch it root. It just appeared on back of main gate. Chain of Knock sound stopped. “I’m guard-chief Kraft. Where are you? If you don’t bother me, I want talk to you.” A soft mid-aged voice invaded at first.
I appreciated they didn’t bring any my kind, never sniffed other wolves. Door was pushed with no lock’s disturb. I remembered a fact.
Before half-hour she came to house from her short out. She shut door but didn’t lock, forgot it.
He started trespassing with smooth words. Door was half opened. Man was little surprise from none resistance. I figured man; I didn’t mood at his mild words that was lie. He found me then surprised.
“Bark! Bark! Bark-! I what are you doing this house?”
“Door was just opened. Where is your mistress?”
He choose easy way, didn’t eliminated me. I was acting like foolish dog who readied bark to anyone. “Wait. I’m here!” her sound just popped at gate. I never found its root too but It was hard than before.
“grr-, Trespasser! Trespasser!”
First time he thought his pistol but it was fixed. He was seeing my snarling then decided will using his boots when I attacked him. He didn’t want mess but procedure; He used it his numberless experiences. Bureaucracy, formality demanded paper. If he made any sort of blood, he would write amount of paper than other scenario. It made guard chief hesitate like she had said.
“Trespasser! Trespasser!”
I shouted, was keeping it. He puzzled that I was wolf(was talking in front of him) but seemed very idiot. He wants easy way that generated only several papers but He should find his objective at first. He needed more intellective talk with me.
“A- ‘wolf’, I should talk with your master. I should talk with your master.”
He explained but I was keeping my acting and added more fool motion. I raised my tail than barked.
“Treasure! Can you handle bad dog?”
Guard chief backed from doorjamb then turned with word, called person who named foolishly word.
“I’m not BAD DOG!”
I shouted when He turned to me. He sighed than started think his next good acting. Man may be Treasure squeezed through him that he grasped food.
I was trembling, felt clumsy heart; I was acting against my feeling. I Knew Cohort or guard chief or whatever; they could terrible act with unfair shield which named law even they usually kept their duty. They knew way abuse low as same as they were arrogant.
“What will you do with this one?”
Guard chief said to his man in whisper but I heard well. Human easily overlooked wolf’s ability. I was keeping barking that made they saw to me as idiot and thus ignored me.
“Use food but If it doesn’t work. We can kick it.”
They made conspiracy I heard it. I dog heart got more trembling. Rage or fear, I had two main emotion and I was adjusted to fear. Canine didn’t well pretending but mocking to human it gave advantage to me.
“It is lure!”
He threw a jerky. I shout and prepared against their next action. I backed in silently that they didn’t noticed it, forecasted serious situation.
“If we more hesitate our object just girl may notice our purpose.”
Treasure whispered as glimpsed at me.
“I see. We should not do light waiting before make a mess.”
Guard chief acknowledged. “Stupid thing.” He said as stared me than immediately took action.
“Wait! Wait!”
Her harsh voice came from somewhere. Both men attempted kick me. I dodged but Treasure who wore gunpowder bag and leather bands griped a long iron bar. It was not gun because his musket equipped at his shoulder. Bar struck me.
I wailed. It hit my back. I collapsed then some one’s boot kicked my snout. I bit it. Guard chief shouted. I tried, escaped on whatever way. Out side of gate several cohorts waited behind two guard men, but they didn’t have any sort of mood with me. They were quarreled with many residents.
“Black dog roaming in my house.”
One resident insisted with his horrified face. Others seemed have same problem. What is Black dog? I questioned to my self but had knew truth. She is.
“You should say to match sense.”
One cohort who was talking with resident, he hissed. Small road’s right side, vertical embankment stood in; several house continued through left side. Road was not big. Sun shine only reached at half side of road. Mild shadows chased after people. Their wondering smells blended then filled air. I don’t know what she was doing.
“It popped suddenly. When I was cleaning my house, it appeared then roamed living room. It broke my furniture.”
Hysterical woman said. Others argued same problem. Cohorts gave tiresome look to people. People started more arguing to officers.
“It is eating food in my storage.”
Old man who wore worn clothes said. Cohorts were about to invade and take but they were trapped by problem. Residents were saying they have duty for common that they were gave people’s tax. Arrogant detective should do something for clear but didn’t. I realized its reason.
“Please. We have procedure. We doing some work even now. You should wait.”
One cohort announced; his voice clear that meant their raid failed in half. Residents seemed didn’t accept because their supreme problem was their home; they didn’t care what officers’ present work is. When I decided to slip through half of shadow, someone’s hand approached from my behind.
I dodged and backed. Someone was Guard Treasure; I dare forgot sniffing in my trembling mood. I shocked that I noticed him then his chief; I shouted. Three of live things paused.
“Take down animal.”
Some cohorts said at same time but People stopped their action.
“This isn’t black.”
Residents argued. Dozen officers was making nervous mood as I was slipping through residents feet. They seemed never allow living with black animal. Dozen of armed men were fit for their purpose; they want kicked out animal.
“We should do out all of act in procedure. You citizens are doing over then be calm.”
“We have common’s right.”
If they were black bastard or troop or whatever, they could ignore common. However they were cohorts who have formality and obeyed to law. People said their right. They had vigor because Black dog didn’t make blood but only worrying. Officers never like black if they want do like aristocrat. Thus, they should solve problem only with talking.
“Catch it.”
I escaped from small road as someone shouted my back. I sniffed fresher small from front than before. Escape made me feel good. I turned corner, disappeared from their sight. As a canine, I was afraid to my companion. She taunted cohorts but I didn’t know next. She could Run-away that I was hoping it.
“Four remain with people others go with me. Our girl may know this ruckus’s meaning. We should hurry.”
Guard chief’s voice came through distance that voice rang and spread in buildings. I was keeping my step away from her red house but didn’t know my destination. Unexpected invasion destroyed my new routine like Bronze hall’s well; I felt it.
“Hey! We should catch it.”
I encountered two cohorts; felt this residence’s alleys were labyrinth. I didn’t sniff well alleys. Even wolf’s nose wasn’t perfect. I remembered their hood was twelve that they didn’t all gather at front of her house. Two men might be out line of net. How they heard guard chief’s voice from distance that would try to take me.
“Urgh-! What is- -go away!”
I clung at his chest who say first sentence in front of me. He made little scream then swore. I stuck my fang at his shoulder. He Struggled with more scream, fell down on ground. I earned chunk of flesh.
His colleague deep brown hair man kicked my belly. I wailed as deep as collapsible cohort. Alley side was clam that no one concerned fuss or all of them was out to care their odd black dog. I didn’t want someone’s death that still didn’t want it. However I bit cohort seriously as instinct. I was suitable to punishment.
Man who had bitten gripped his sword with left hand. It was clumsy that I dodged sword. His colleague acted same action but it was right that his main hand. I almost cut to piece.
I attempted to run away from weird calm alley; brown hair fired his musket; my way interrupted. I turned body swiftly. Hurt man grasped his right shoulder with left hand, stared me. I had his flesh draffy in my fang. Brown hair held his empty musket, also he stared me. I felt his anger from miss shot. Brown hair seemed easier target.
I jumped that it was mechanical reaction against menace with threat. When I was flying air, all power had been gathered to my present as muzzle. Brown haired man floundered with his half reloaded musket, then tried to grip sword but it was late. I bit him that made him took down.
I missed his throat. I tore out little part of his body especially shoulder blade. However human was big thing; He resisted that pumped his all power to me. Human hadn’t fang or claw but was two weights than wolf. It was doubtable pact why they forgot their ability then scared but he didn’t.
I expected he would use short sword or pistol; however he struck my head with fist. Unexpected, my all concern at weapons failed. I jerked as was losing my balance. First human thrust knife at me with his raged mind. It wasn’t direct that touched my leg not body but pain was deep. I collapsed and brown hair man kicked me with boots.
“Bad thing. It was not fit to living but death. We shouldn’t catch it. Step aside. I will kill it.”
I stood on bottom; blood smell mild covered air. First cohort said that he get point which could enough to talk. He aimed pistol at my head; it wasn’t empty or half loaded, was full. He hurt, though he could get rest.
I sniffed enormous black powder smell. All part of my nose concern its smell. I thought fire, smell and death. These must expected when death came at me. I doubted that I caused it; this moment seemed indispensable at man and wolf. I was obeyed for my life then unexpected event was taking my all.
It was not sour smell; I saw clearly it. Behind two cohorts, it stood. When human’s finger was dragging trigger, it jumped. I had seen its sinew and muscle twitched quite; it had shown ghastly power. Black thing swooped human.
Gun fired but missed that it hit pavestone in front of me. Black smashed Cohort’s clean shoulder. He collapsed then blood splattered. Another cohort drew his sword, stabbed beast. Black thing was hurt that sword was stuck its left side but didn’t care. It observe man only one second then shoved with teeth; man ripped.
Blood smell filled air. Even canine loved red meat, it was human’s blood. I was feared as it saw me with coal fire eyes. It approached to me. I was backed. Suddenly instinct fully controlled me. I ducked my ears and tucked my tail. Black thing stood before me, its muzzle smeared with blood that was dropping to bottom. As I was cowering, large thing licked my body. She knew me even I was mere animal, but she was awful creature and sour smell made my gut disgusted.
What should I do? I questioned in mind. It was like human’s asking but I thought alike human. Canine sight was Head in low. She was head that I was her low; it was pack which one of human hate words. Even just two creatures stood but pack could be made.
If my heart didn’t bother her, I could like her and obey her. My heart resisted against her licking. It tremor told me in warning. I don’t know its meaning, just knew my mistress was menace creature in now. Black thing was covered by sour and worn leather with hair. Inside of it, burning coal was piled.
“Logan! What is doing?!”
A voice was shouted from away. I recognized him as one of cohort. He might hear gun firing sound. Beast turned head to voice’s direction. I realized what next happening was.
Alley was clam that other sounds’ clearly came from faraway. Houses were ordinary brickworks but I felt weird. A beast decorated weird air.
She had said do not serious thing. First thing wasn’t fearful she did roaming that neighbors screwed cohort hood. Formal bureaucrats should do deal with commons. But second thing was bloody. Though she saved me, she seemed didn’t stop her appetite. It made me was frightened.
I escaped from her care; she examined me; then we split to each other way. She went toward people for gain whatever. I fled from alley and also her house. I didn’t know coal light hid amid of City. I thought I know human well. However, it was broken in this moment.
Black howl Copyright by Kardien Lupus.

Submitted: September 11, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Kardien Lupus. All rights reserved.


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