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She ran. Windows opened then same stingers filed to her and me. I didn’t understand it directly but I knew it associated with Red vest man. People shot something.
In next corner, she was different. I knew what would go. I backed with fear or submission. I didn’t want look it but I saw it. Dark emerged that never could see its content. It filled around with nothing but black. I thought her Milk bath. This moment was as same as that bath. Then dark disappeared, it was came. I tucked my tail and want to escape.
People came. They armed with different shape gun. It wasn’t musket and threw sharp stinger. People seemed wasn’t bad but their reward or something made them rough. They appeared then they shot their gun.
I missed her in next time because two of them popped from my back. I ran away from them to other ways for avoid their raid. I heard people’s scream from my back. However it was all; alleys seemed very calm.
People were after me. Wolves could run well but alleys seemed so weird. They are calm that I accepted but didn’t others. Air was felt stiff; Pavestones, wall and houses were sensed well. I was slowed and hesitated to around things. When I saw front, I recognized wall. It was dead-end. I turned then saw two stingers which were flying toward me.
Before these hit my body, air seemed bent unnaturally. If I forwarded little these clearly hit my fur and skin but didn’t. In this alley, bent air seemed harmonized with other things.
They wore dark clothes; sky was already dark. Two people were undifferentiated except their bright faces. I was feared them that they equipped gun but they also afraid around situation. I thought my opportunity.
I jumped at them. Fortunately, they didn’t prepare against my jumping. My body and one of two’s guns bumped; he didn’t have reaction because his two hands grasped gun’s long body. Man’s two arms disturbed my biting. Jaws didn’t concentrate its strength but I bit.
Two tough muscles snapped toward each other. Chunk of leather tucked at my throat. Skin then flesh also tucked. I swallowed these to belly. Man fell that I was on him. He struggled; hand finds his knife. I sensed it. My hunted leg pumped aching feeling. I fled; at last another people’s gun shot that made clicker sound not firing. These missed in my back.
I confused I didn’t know that I wanted attack or Just hoped for escape. I ran back through alley, felt silence that made me trembled than stained blood at lips. City could make light even in deep night, however, I didn’t find bright point from it. I inhaled air, thus, lung was filled it. I sniffed other people. My ear was backed then I concentrated my sight.
They came close me. Stiff air solidified around things and made silent. In this air, only people were moving that they seemed only alive things. I detected air and upped tail that could have long to inquiry them. I turned my head to around that buildings only had dark stone, several crack existed and identified other alleys. I choose other alley.
Human was menacing at wolf. Wolves knew some human’s way but we never used their tool. They have gun and sword that I learned it early time. I bit them some times and was still alive but these were fortune. If they completely readied at front of me, I might die. I ran through alley then found one pact. These seemed no escaped way to other part of city. Alleys closed from others.
I sensed them and tracked them. People was roaming and searching through alleys. Alleys were close without reason. I would meet them finally that I thought it deeply. I always hesitated to harm people that they had immense power. I knew I would be punished. However they raided then shot stingers that they might want to kill wolf. I urged to snarl. There had no reason mere wolf should die. I thought.
A wolf could sense many things but stiff air shut them all. It was unnatural clear mood. I only sense was moving them directly then shoved bottom with smooth paw and pad. This event made no sound that I was keeping it. I raised my shoulder, paralleled muzzle against bottom. I was keeping my walk but it meant didn’t go toward their front. I planed sneaking then would swoop them in their behind side
“Watch out.”
I briefly showed my body at them. One of three people definitely shouted but it heard mere whisper. Air devoured sound. They chased after me they want to something done at me. Many part of me were still fear, though I wasn’t desperate. I had another plan that was I never did before. I just had thought it but it seemed enough. I would confuse them.
I popped up several moments. I was running fast my wounded leg ached. I tried to ignore it that her bandage remained. Alleys had many turnings that were helped my planed. I went one alley then came out another alley. I was keeping wind like stepping; I could pop up any side. This mischief seemed like instinct. I had thought extemporarily it like as my vein taught me. I made them were flurried. Until I stood their back, I was keeping this feeling.
One of them was left from others. My heart quivered against silence and I thought. What do I do? I questioned. I was attempting to attack him then might kill him. I hesitated really it was dangerous acting against human. But silence seemed to be able to cover it. His smell was sniffed as good meat; its felt mixed my heart trembling. When he noticed something at his back, I had no time.
I was pawing then stretched muscle as prepare. I jumped toward his back that I was crashed like threw ball. I urged something that was like snarling, anger and etc. Urge was simple that it wasn’t like human’s consciousness. I tore his back side neck. It was uncovered part by coat, also weak part of human. Blood trickled then I tumbled with ‘prey’.
He didn’t act well when I crashed his neck bone. He was alive but would die. I made they showed weak point in silence and dark. Two of them were rushing toward to this place. I heard their boots’ sound and they heard friend’s short shriek. I had tasted blood, thus, I should do next step.
I ran into other alley. I heard two people’s sound. Their voice and shaking was much clear in dark. They said about order that was brought them to these alleys. One of them hissed with dead friend then Worry and fear changed to rage. I understand they should chase after something. It was me or my mistress. In this time it was me.
I knew they won’t part but might gather that covered each other’s back. I showed my body several times more. They shot strings at each time. These strings weren’t lethal that I realized it. Its sound was dreadful that needle hit stone then smashed or bent. However it was not musket which was fearful and filled by black power’s smell. They seemed choose different weapon which would use their delicate purpose. It might tranquillizing.
What they intention was; they threw out it. I showed my body in next they didn’t use their long gun. One of them who have acid smell putted out his pistol from waist that pistol was not about string thrower. It radiated gun powder smell. I dodged and one of building’s wall broken.
My felt intensified after gun shot. Alleys seemed wide but blocked in night. I had decided to clear them. What they were that they attacked me. I tasted human blood that It made they seemed more like prey. They had gun and shot at each time. But I know it; I had more strength than them. They were tiring. Two black coat people protected themselves and even attempted to attack me. But I found one point some parts of alley were fully complex and had stairs.
When I found bent stairs, I attracted them to it. They followed with one gun firing. Stairs was long but I didn’t climb it directly. I was out to nearby entrance. They arrived to it. I hid near their behind.
“Do you know what situation is in now?”
One of people said. He turned around his neck to find my existence. His pistol seemed pointed everywhere at least one time. I hid behind one house’s wall; Amount of people lived in City but Inside of wall and nearby and nearby houses never made any sort of sound like dead. I thought I was blocked by weird air. It was bothering me that I knew it. However, I should concentrate at them because their voice showed their fear. It was almost like they became easy prey by themselves.
“I don’t know but that mad wolf sought after us. No one shouted that animal roaming nearby their house. It moved like wind but no one trained animal hunting among us.”
Acid smell man gritted his teeth. Atmosphere transmitted every little sound. It felt was like I stood beside him.
“It seemed no one live near alleys. I never saw light form these window.”
His friend said. They watched out houses in middle of stairs. Air wasn’t cold to me but they might felt little chill. This was summer but chill as same as weird circumstance in this.
“This seems go through to end of these alleys. I think alleys are blocked. We came from wide place to alleys but we saw Dead-end several times. What is this thing?”
Acid man’s fellow continued as pointed upward of stairs.
“I heard from someone.” Acid man said. “We may find crack. Now, I want don’t think our order and hate that mad wolf. Let’s walk we can find exit.”
When Acid man’s words ended, I darted toward them. Moment they made wake point that I wanted to catch it. Acid man said crack and exit but my brain ignored it. I galloped toward them than choose my target. I had tasted blood that had been taught me. I was reading their shock and should finished hunt.
I bit one man’s thigh that he was Acid man’s fellow. Both of them shot me in before moment but missed. Stairs had slope they didn’t shot to lower. I had opportunity. thus, I get his flesh.
Man fell as he lost his weight in stairs. Man’s scream filled empty space which seemed isolated from other world, then I tumbled with man. Man’s body swooped to my head that I lost my biting. I shrieked as stairs hit my back but fortunately, something hold my body. Man was still tumbling then reached bottom with his short scream.
Acid man stared me in upward stairs. He could aim my aching body but didn’t. I was held by protruding part of house. He ran toward end of stairs. Limed Wall stood on it. He wandered around wall. White wall suddenly broke before he found something. Wall was collapsing that color was becoming black. Weird place demolished and disappeared.
Sound, bright and people’s living backed in alleys. I smelled dinner pot’s steam. Black coat people ran away. I moaned and got up. Sour aching swept my body. I looked down at my leg that left foreleg was still bandaged. It was unscathed during hunting and tumbling. I thought I did forbidden thing then thought her, my mistress.
I remembered her concern when I pawed stairs. Nearby house was light that weird thing fully was gone. I reached end where once white wall stood. I saw another alley and building beyond stairs’ top. Human had words which explain scared things but I didn’t know these words. Men’s blood dropped from my jaw. I feared that regained reality. I was wolf who living among human.
“What is it?”
I heard mistress’s voice. I searched it that wasn’t difficult. I sniffed sour smell that located to near empty place between bright house and other one. Two dark things stood in it. One beast felled and another overpowered it. Overpowering animal was she. Unbelievably, two beasts were talking.
“What do you say?”
Beast Who Was overpowered squeaked. Their talking wasn’t like wolf’s human words. These were perfect even they didn’t use their muzzle. Sound just popped and spread.
“This darkness.” She roared. “I never met before even I didn’t make it. My dark just flowed to white than spoiled it.” She-dark thing stared intensely to another. “I didn’t know another me like thing living in City.” She roared loudly. “Who are you and how did created your darkness?”
She asked. They started were looked like human then begun going to human shape. Dark was faded then light which from near house smooth shone their body. Two human shapes remained.
“Did you find the book? Aren’t you?”
Red vest archivist squeaked. I remembered him. He worked one of document rooms.
“You should say clearly.”
She was angry that she had blood smell. Many of smell were others’ but some of smell was her. She was angry but seemed more confused. She wore worn dress that was same as before. How did beast carry clothes when it changed to human? I questioned.
“I just keep Archive for check someone who be finding precious material. We already started to find book. We didn’t want to be bothered by something.”
He whined like canine. She gripped his collar. He shivered but she didn’t loose. I smelled him that his smell was sour but it covered blood, his blood. He was weak that he seemed pale. Empty place was shaded by night and near light faintly lit. His face wasn’t different with shadow. I didn’t want to think what happened between them.
“We? What did we mean?”
She asked. She trembled as swallowed her spit. It was human’s motion. We curled when we were anxious more activity. Human, they seemed pretended.
“You’re just indifferent thing who didn’t care or want not to concern your kin. I won’t say you’re poor but you should know some ones are different. We are gathered. You shouldn’t bother us.”
Man stared to my mistress. His dark emerged that I felt it. It was discomfortable. I had experienced it several minutes ago. Her eyes were lit. Her pale eyes were ash then were lit as coal blaze. She seemed white that she wasn’t dark. I narrowed my eyes and lip tugged to back. I watched. Wolf nature was instant and current. It wasn’t like human’s pretending. Their staring begun to look like canine’s. Pretending disappeared. Dark and white remained after they stared to each other. Man bled a lot but she exhausted. She no had dark but white.
“I should find book. Do you know anything about it?”
She questioned but no had aggression like first.
“You shouldn’t do. We didn’t want to scuffle with indifferent thing. You should do to your mind off from book, and then go away from it.”
Red vest archivist insists. He was trimmed like at morning that I saw him in document room. He was dark thing that trimness wasn’t fit for him. He changed to dark thing as if he wants to recover his right circumstance. She missed his collar as dark wolf fled to some where with quick speed. I didn’t know why I thought it was wolf.
Wolf disappeared and she sighed. I felt this wolf was most weird thing among this evening. I was wolf and watched another wolf. Celina had said she had wolf like part but I realized it at first time. Dark thing was wolf.
“I missed him. How long have you watched?”
She asked to me as lean near gray wall. She perspired with human skin. Canine didn’t perspire. She was human shape that seemed perfect but her wolf shape was ugly. Why is wolf part bad? I questioned. I felt she could linked me even smell was little but she had me like it. Bad wolf. I remembered human’s stories. I didn’t learn it from my kennel in puppyhood, I also wanted learn it, But I knew it. Why wolf was dark?
Human thought could be very complex. They concerned many ways. It could take many times or had imperfect conclusion. Dog thought easier than human. I felt missed her.
“It wasn’t long. I just heard part of you and that wolf’s conversation.”
I answered in human words. I wanted to like her but it seemed need long time. I noticed she could make dark and blocked trap or space. I looked up her that human was high.
“I’m tired.”
She said then putted her hand on her forehead.
“I didn’t know I met obstructer easily. I didn’t have enough time for inquiry. I want book but it seemed difficult.”
She seemed to no have inquiring mood. She had hurt in dark. She wasn’t bleeding that wound was beyond bleed.
“I was lone thing, just had lived in loneness. Are we still friend? I thought I had companion as you.”
She stood walked slowly forward. I followed her back. She walked to fish Market. I remembered one day. I delivered letter as messenger and sniffed fish’s smell from market. I knew she would call coach then went to somewhere that we could rest in that place.
Black howl Copyright by Kardien Lupus.

Submitted: September 23, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Kardien Lupus. All rights reserved.


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