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Kardien note.

1. English isn’t my mother language. I learned hard to English during a few months. I had plan writing in English. I wrote several stories in my mother language before. I still feel difficult to English writing. It takes a long time to finished first chapter.

Please, if you find the wrong sentence, see it mildly, and then give to me the advice or the criticism. These will make my sentence better.

2. My writing speed still is slow. Finished one chapter, it takes many times. Therefore, I decide upload part of chapter in each time.

I’m still learning English.


Black Howl.

By Kardien Lupus.

Chapter.2 Sewing

When I went out from the cage, Cohort Lot stood in center of was scattered working tools. He was trying to something. I saw the board which rested in the wall. I sniffed a sharp tension from cohort’s body.

“May I help you?”

I asked, was in deep concernment. The board covered by cork, It was noticeboard; I thought Lot was going to nail down the board at wall.

“Do you pee on the tools? Could you grab by your paw? Either, do you bite the tools by your muzzle, break these?”

Lot glared at me. I just said to impress Lot’s mind. He was known hate wolves in our experience. He might be angered that he should do a chore.

Lot was bureaucrat even with cohort. However, his job was included bouncer and also janitor working. Lot was greedy man with little ambition, but guard man in Bronze hall was far away from his hope. Besides, Lot was not chief of Main hall guards.

He was finding suitable hammer and nails as watching me. He might be think in real that I could do pee on any spots in floor. Although I knew that what I shouldn’t do. He was keeping search suitable tools and nail. At that time I brought good idea to my mind.

“Can I go out to outside? I just want to inhale fresh air.”

“Kardien, you are suspicious wolf. Are you runaway?”

Lot said. He was intense as he could attempt to drive a nail at my body.

“Who are, ever, want escape?”

I said. It was no use to wolves. No place to dwell in outside. It couldn’t make any better; Lot wasn’t wolf but he also knew.

“That is you.”

He gave up finding suitable tool and fastened his eyes on my face. He hadn’t allergy but it was not bother his dislike. Unfortunately for him, the cage was located in corridor behind entrance. He hated his poor duty. He thought that he was just keeping cunning and hideous animals; it made him to get more frustration.

“I can help you, if you find good way.”

I bared my lip but don’t spread my teeth. It was smile. Some people saw it at first that they thought it was snarling. However, Lot too often saw us. He knew what is meant.

“I don’t need your help, puppy. It was my work, wasn’t your.”

His face seemed unpleasant as I came close at him. He shortly shivered his body. His uniforms, the blue felt coat and scarf and sword and holder, they also shivered with his body. It was clear, I made Lot got a stress.

“I thought. I can find for you, suitable work tools. I sniffed that for you.”

I giggled, made good wolf giggle with small hissing sound. I made contact between my nose and one of working tool. Lot’s face was dim in his stress.

“Get out.”

Ho ordered. He saw at me alike a vulture. I fled from his front side and headed to entrance door.

“Thank you Lot. I will inhale fresh air then come back quickly.”

I said and went through the heavy wooden door.


Out side of Bronze hall was dim and dark place. Streetlamps stood in far away, they faintly glittered. Pavestones was looked a gray color, it like covered by dust. When I walked down the doorstep, I encountered two pupils.

These were woman’s eyes. She wore soft dress and linen outerwear, sat on box seat. I recognized the wagon which stood in front of me. She seemed to she was froze. Many people were little tense but some people who saw us froze in few seconds.

I looked up at her. Animal and human’s relationship was like it. Human was upper state and Animal was low state. Human was tallest kind in all the animals I’ve ever seen. Such human could freeze because they saw animal. It was curious fact.

Horses scared, those snort sound broke that froze her. But she still stared at me. Suddenly she opened mouth.

“Do you know where the fifth entrance of bronze hall?”

She asked in her gentle. She put on a smile. In Human and mere animal’s relationship, It was not usual.

“Yip! Here is fourth entrance; fifth entrance was next, to the left.”

Horses’ snort sound made tense to me but I ignored and said. Horses always went into hysteric at wolf.

“I saw a coach stood in that entrance. Could I stand my wagon and you watch it?”

She mildly said as told to a child. I was looking up at her. The wagon box seat which she seated in, it seemed that made her higher. I was raising my neck.

“It isn’t that I handle. I will watch your wagon in a little while; you should go to desk, ask to the Cohort.”

I always looked up someone that made I was poor. But she was tender to me; Somehow, I didn’t bother to look up her. I sniffed her; her smell was distinct in the dim street.

“Thank gray wolf. Your fur was good gray felt.”

She said and entered the inside. My ears heard resonance of doorstep’s stones. Two horses were keeping snorting. I looked up to the sky. It was deep blue; pale mildew like color cloud huddled in sky and floated. Moon was dying, losing her light; some clouds were passing on her. Few stars decorated sky, they settled on the clouds. Night was dim and little calm.

“It is not my job. I’m cohort, City detective. You have no right to stand wagon in front of entrance. So, I-.”

“I’m not cart steerer who leaves whose sundries in wherever. I have business at this hall. I should meet one cohort.”

When I sniffed tar smell from the canvas, woman and Lot came out from the entrance door. I sniffed moisture in air. I observed open wagon’s hold. It was covered by canvas and tied ropes, might be loaded smooth things. Canvas was coated with tar, it was protruded.

“The cohort, his name is Darfast. He requested to me to repair his coat.”

She pulled out thing from beneath the canvas. It was covered by bag, a coat.

“I have business in Bronze hall. Are you ok?”

She added.

“I don’t know who is Darfast. Goods remained in your wagon hold, seemed had nothing to do your business.”

He quibbled. He was already angry that he should do a chore.

“I will leave from this place and you should keep my wagon. If you don’t that, I claimed your responsibility.”

She said then she tried to disappear with was bagged coat. But lot caught her shoulder. Lot, his face twisted with anger.

“I’m cohort, not gatekeeper.”

He murmured in his have been failed ambition. He wanted success but he was stuck in this entrance. Pale night made his face obviously badness.

“Push off your tail!”

He spitted as he realized my existence. He usually hated that he touch to wolf body. But, at this time, he might feel want kick my hip. I tucked my tail and look up him at once. People felt its dignity as they looked a large statue. However, we always felt this feeling. Cohort Lot showed ugly look. I fled from his sight.

Bronze hall had several inner gardens. Bronze hall named from large bronze roof doom in center. The center connected each sub buildings these had the inner gardens. As the Five king’s streets, Bronze hall was also one of old kingdom’s places. The castle had been built on the Hill then was ruined; Bronze hall was built in ruin of palace.

Before the three centuries, Large massive state conquered The old kingdom. I heard from people. Palace demolished and rebuilt the governor’s house. It was Bronze hall but inner gardens still remained from palace’s era. Even the gardens were converted to lounge who was covered canvas roof and laundry yard and in such.

I was heading to one inner garden near the cage; train yard(People didn’t thought like that.). Sometimes, cohorts thought we were talking detection equipment, gave a sip of coffee to us(attempted poison at us.). Even they made the mistakes; we were not detecting tools. For that reason, they were often retrained to us used simple toy.

Era claimed this garden was train yard but it was just empty lot. All doors in the quadrangle led to storages and grass was thick. This place also was almost only space that was wolves could do roaming.

I stood on grass and felt its freshness. When I was eating breakfast meat, I had a stomachache; Thank to stomach, I was able to rest so far. I rolled my body for my happy and enjoy fine grass smell then I found one small fruit.

I saw it. It was a dark little fruit. I sniffed and tasted it. It was sour. I put my nose on ground and carefully sniffed it. I moved my neck and was up. A tree stood in front of me. Tree was one of sort of fruit kind. People called small and also little sour fruit useless but I know some truths. He or she tree was old even might be for a century. I didn’t know its sex or it had no sex. Anyway sour fruits in grass were good for me. Suddenly I wanted howling but some people still remained in this structure that they might be hate my sound. I gasped in dim air.

I had only howling when I was a pup. It was so old. In human, several years was not the long time, but my life short than human. I didn’t remember young howling. In stead of it, I thought my daily eating meat. In the three times of day, I could eat pale meat and drink water. Hungry wolf Era, She often coveted other’s meat. In the empty lot, my earnest thought was one thing. ‘I want hunting’.

Hunting was a bad word. Most human said like that. Even they enjoyed hunting in frost that was their property; savage animal should do not that. I felt my fang rotted. I only had experience some mice.

“That bad animal is there. Look, she stood in grass!”

Lot. I might be never like him. Again, it was Lot’s voice. I turned my body. He and Aaron with two other Cohorts stood in door way. The door led to the corridor.

“Fluffy puppy, would you come here?”

Aaron said. His voice was gentle but didn’t catch my mind. Something was wrong. Lot grasped heavy hammer. If my conjecture was right Lot hit his finger with hammer in his nailing work.

“I just rest in here and with do nothing.”

I whined and approached to them. Cohorts did not have arrogant face that used to treat animal. It was also weird. I thought that I made some mistake.

“Did you deliver a litter a few days ago?”

Aaron asked. He gave a carefully look at me. I nodded and; delivery had no problem.

“Would you follow me?”

He touched my ear and petted my head.

“yip! I’ll follow you.”

I answered. Little sharp feeling rested on cohorts. It was unusual but I followed cohorts. If they didn’t visit for scold me, they could order to me for something. I thought.

The Sky was dim and also the corridors were same. Outside of the windows was dark and lamps hanging on the walls faintly lit. As the outside, corridors air was not clear; the weather was cold, unlike the summer. Aaron petted me once more.

They headed to someplace with me but they were in no mood for order. Aaron petted me in his warm but unnatural hand for the third time. I felt something wrong.

They seemed to going somewhere for do something to me. Instinct of canine taught to me. However I shouldn’t move without human’s order. As I felt ungrounded insecurity, I was walking with them. Finally we reached the entrance.

Two leafs of the door led to marble well. The well. Second before I realized its mean, a catch pole-. Aaron kicked my pubic with his leather boots. The kick had all his strength. In an instant, I felt my gut twisted. My back floated in a short time then I tumbled back to the ground. The cohort who stood on the right stretched the catch pole toward my neck. Aaron was trying to hit my body with iron rimmed stick. At that time, I met Aaron’s eyes.

Aaron had clear intention. He was breeder in the cage and brought me to this place. But he had closeness to animals for a long time. It made him hesitated for a moment and gave to me a chance. Just before he struck me, I bit him. He shouted as I jumped. Someone hit my back with hammer. It was Lot. I felt great pain from my end. It was agony but I succeeded to flee.

As I reached well, one cohort fired his Musket. A bullet crashed below of well then stink of gunpowder reached from my back. It missed and gave to me more chance.

Opposite side of well had the one large arch. It was half opened and led to the smelly bystreet. I ran to outside through the heavy wooden door. Nearby backdoor, worn wagon stood in. I saw it before that was woman’s cart.

I burrowed its hold. Fabrics were dense beneath the canvas. I dug these and reached hold’s bottom. I didn’t know they couldn’t find me but hiding was best way. Even when I fled to far away, Cohorts finally caught me. They were very good a catching dog. The well stood in another empty lot was meaningful thing.

“Why are you quivering?”

I heard voice came to the wagon. Sound was blunt under fabrics. She told to horse. I thanked to her approach. It meant the wagon will leave soon.

“Lady, did you see one fleeing wolf?”

Familiar and dreadful voice suddenly appeared. It was Aaron’s and I sniffed him.

“I didn’t see. Hmm, what problem is?”

She asked gently in No doubt what is hide bottom of her wagon hold.

“No. It is just small question. I’m sorry to bothering you.”

Aaron replied. He kept his activity involving a wolf. Hideous acting needed to keep doesn’t say.

“Oh? Then I will depart with my wagon. I finished appointment and this wagon I borrowed for a little time.”

She said like ringing. Her voice was like singing bird. But I got into a stew. I felt vibration from wagon. She might be seated on coach box. At that time Lot’s voice intervened.

“Lady looks at this. This part of Canvas was folded to outside. Didn’t you bind with string?”

I shocked. Lot’s breath was exhaled on my back. Only the fabrics were between me and Lot. I’m feared.

“You are- bad apple!”

I heard her astonished voice. It was tense and really astonished. She might be realized Lot at last. They had met before.


“Don’t touch this wagon.”

She snapped. My lung was chocking slowly in fabrics but I didn’t dare struggle.

“I visit to this building on my business matter. I met one of your fellows just ten minute ago. I gave the fixed coat to him. I had made appointment that I would fix his worn coat. I am tailor. But you evicted me with my wagon and particularly these pretty quivering horses.”

Lot’s smell changed. Even I was stuck in fabrics but wolf’s nose was good. He sweated in his stumpy.

“I had business to your one of coworkers. That I had explained to you. Even so, you kicked out me with wagon.”

“I’m just wonder to your wagon.”

He retreated his attitude to hesitation. Pile of fabrics made sight dark. I just closed my eyes.

“Don’t touch this wagon. Thank to you, I wandered for find good empty spot. I was almost too late on my appointment. Do you think I hid the burglar or thief in this wagon hold? Oh, also wolf. It’s ridiculous.”

After short pause, wagon began to leave.


Black howl Copyright by Kardien Lupus.

Submitted: August 09, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Kardien Lupus. All rights reserved.


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