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After a few days later she patted me in her bathroom. In the morning, she finished her washing. She grasped soap and comb that I knew her plan. She was to be washing my body and trim.
I was not pleasure at bath. Bath erased smell; at my body, I accumulated many sell and feeling and memory. In each encounter, many things exchanged and accumulated; body was like human paper that they were wrote down things.
I didn’t want lose recode of Roberui. I needed to study more him. I thought she accept that nature But She kicked my ass. She said this : Clean is better.
I soaped then lost my memory. I was downhearted but she didn’t care. After soaping she trimmed my fur. She pulled out sticky fur. It was ached.
“I hate it.”
I made human words.
“Do you know why people wear dress? It is not only their happiness but they also want that was looked good to other.”
She was trimming my fur with comb. She got mild smile in her face that smile was she usually made. I could make frown that meant little snarl to other kind. But she was doing in her light heart. I couldn’t dare spoil her good purpose.
“Look your shape. I’m right. Neat fur is surely worthy.”
She dragged me to one second floor room. A looking-glass was glittered by early morning shine. Through the high length of glass, smooth shine spread. In our sight, shades was dim than human. Glass seemed like covered by faint pastels. It was looked beautiful.
I saw my shape through the glass. Little roughly and trimmed gray wolf stood in front of me. Her ears were erect that ears were Triangular on certain shape. I bristled at her that was didn’t easy rival. A few second later I recognized she is me. In my instinct, recognized glass was some hard.
Good rival which I can do against. I thought. I didn’t know that my reflection meaning. Glass was clear than anything could reflect water and iron and in such. My heart and gray wolf which stood in glass, were they same? I thought. The question seemed not fit for wolf.
“You are good thing.” She tied string and ribbon. I was wolf but I want didn’t care these. “Today I will go some where. I may stand overnight in there. You should keep home alone.”
Sometimes she went some where then stood in overnight. She said she have some work that she should do. I had kept home alone sometimes. Lonely time made me little tense and silence made me unpleasures.
“I’ll go now and you should keep home well.”
She was grasping large beg and said in the house entrance. She wore tough dress. I could feel its rough feeling. Her smile was still stuck in her face. She seemed neat and clear.
“Yes, I obeyed my master.”
I yipped. She saw my eyes little then slapped door. I was left in the morning. She said my meat and water were putted in storage. I ate them. Lonely guarding was not difficult that wall was high and nearby alleys seemed safe. I never heard or sniffed dangerous things. They seemed always calm like house in this moment.
I was prowling inside the wall. Canine usually needed some walking that was instinct. It was not controlled by logic. Walking was better than itch of paws.
In nothing got special mood, I scratched my ear with my hind leg. She gave some potion for kick out my fleas but It may didn’t work. I felt still itching. Where did I get flea?
Evening seemed serenity. Today and next day were rest day to workplace. Celina’s companions might appear the day after next. Night sky was light. Suddenly I felt some smell.
Weird and stiffen but friendly, it was unusual smell. I lay on her small garden. Roses radiated their beauty; it was like invader who attack at atmosphere. Smell was sour.
I popped my head. Even I lay on small garden but smells that came from every direction. I could detect and identify it but this smell just wired.
I stood on garden then moved. All near sides was dark but my sight was clear. I saw the wall, house wall. In the near side of garden, wall had small and dark iron door that was opened.
“Why is small door open?” I murmured in human words. It was helpful when I needed to clear thought. I never found this door before. Smell came from beyond the door.
I never caught invader’s sign. It seemed was opened by it self. Something inside me made me tense. I hesitated in two seconds then decided. I decided go outside. She said don’t go outside. I never want rogue wolf that even people called me as it. However smell was friendly.
I pushed my body through the iron door. The door made friction sound. It was like breeze that spread to silence. Front from iron door was dried ditch. In right of ditch side, high and vertical embankment stood. Sour smell reached out followed the ditch. I didn’t measure its time even every smell had their time line. Sour smell seemed so old but also seemed so early.
I was tracking down smell. End of short ditch, round tunnel appeared. I don’t know why I chase the smell. Just my instinct strongly recommended. Friendly but disgust, smell was mixed these. Its compound made me uncomfortable. I want clearable defined.
Tunnel also dried. It really dark that even my sight was loss but I could chase smell. It was not intense but rich.
End of tunnel night dim light shined on bottom. I recovered my sight then found sewer gate. Iron cover was opened. Smell lured me. My logic warned me but feeling dragged me to out of ditch. My ears might be hear it, bristle sound. I jumped out from tunnel. I almost slid but stood on pavestone. Sour smell was little stronger then I saw narrow alley. Smell reached out alley.
End of track of smell mossy stonework building stood in. I swallowed than was up my head. Up the stonework bottom the building covered whitely plaster. Sour smell seemed like from mossy bottom but it was not true direction. The smell came from inner side.
Find entrance wasn’t difficult an invisible string was tied nose. Door was opened and smell was strong. At the moment I felt that I want runaway. Bad odor was stronger than familiar smell. Glitter eyes watched to me shortly as I turned my body and began to back to my mistress house.
I returned my body but it wasn’t mean snarl, in stead of I tucked my tail. A big and strange thing stood in hollow inside. It’s big. I thought. Triangle ears fell into each side. I briefly consider show my submission. However it ignored me that it seemed have more important business. Also it even seemed didn’t recognized me. Sour smell came from it. I felt little dizzy. It had stronger power. Suddenly it disappears than no windowed hole remained in front.
I chased it. Even no had any reason that I felt it will make matter. Chase was need in this time. It was fast and knew how avoid human but also carefulness. Often it was up its head than saw something. As if it understand something, it nodded in its bemuse. When the several streets crossed, it stopped.
I looked up sky. Big and bright moon settled in dark sky.
I smelled alcohol from short distance. It saw something that it was street sign. It made pants. I realized it was reading street’s sign. I felt weirdness. It advanced little then read which building’s sign. In front of it wooden sign hung on building’s wall. It read like : H a l l o f F r o n t a n d B a c k. I didn’t know human letters but knew alphabet.
I learned it before bouncer lot came to Bronze hall entrance. Previous bouncer Resiseu He taught me alphabet. He was chatter man that it was only reason to taught alphabet at wolves. He thought it bring more capable of chattering. We might be able to read some paper for him. However he was successes and leaved low duty. I didn’t have time to learn more letters.
It lurked behind shadow then I also lurked shadow from behind it. Waiting was one of endurable pact. I was waiting, breeze came to my side, sniffed them, then someone came from bar.
He wore blue coat and tied sword halt, looked arrogance but fruity young. He was cohort the City detective. He hugged other human it was female. From her body, Sour and low musk radiated but not deep like sourly animal.
Cohorts usually liked feast and eat but not women, that because they cautioned every common people. However, he was smelled very young that he was as same as other common men. He had power and like female.
Animal seemed decided do act. [He bowed his women. I didn’t know He recognized that she also had other male’s smell, but his was young seemed didn’t care it. As the woman was working left way, it began acting. Young human never know it. Suddenly he stopped might felt something but late. It leaved form shadow and jumped to him. He never got a time that take gun or sword. His throat was opened immediately; I felt its pulse; He was struggling but didn’t make sound. It pointed his belly and opened; He was more struggling, grasped sword and swigged but it didn’t surprise; sword just made little hurt to it. He was tore.]
I knew all situations. I was carnivore that made to I must knew it. Woman turned to back. She might hear its sound. [It immediately did response. It ran and dumped his body, jumped woman but not throat, tore everything. She toppled and also didn’t make sound; it eats her; she was twitching but it ignored. Bar wooden door opened some human watch out to outsides but it already hid two bodies using its jaw.]
I resisted bloody smell and hungry then triumph. I was confusing meat and human’s different. Bloody smell very same. When I was got triumph from confusion, it approached to me. [It sniffed and bit me.]
“Hello! Wake up!”
Voice came to ears. Some force tugged my ear; I felt ached. I didn’t open my lids because I felt aching from all over the body. Especially, I felt pain from belly. I opened eye. Little yellow light came to me. It was morning she pinched my right ear.
“Don’t touch me. I feel ach.”
I merely said in human words. But she smiled. I bothered even she was my mistress. I felt fabrics which stuck on my body. I belly was tied bandage. I sniffed sour smell that was faded but still vivid. I looked her and also sniffed more sour smell, and, and also bloody thing. She wore faint blue dress and was smiling.
I snarled, Bristled. I wanted say one sentence in human words. She didn’t throw smile but keeping it. She stretched hand to my body. I opened jaw and raided but she easily avoid. She withdrew her hand form my range. She was still smiling.
“What are you doing to me?”
I asked in human words. First I had disbelief, second I got realization. She was it not even had feeling but also sniffed. I bristled then felt aching. Suddenly I wondered; do I feel correctly? I looked up toward her.
She was smiling that she was knew everything. I sniffed soap. Smile and bobbling smell was meant she disguised for other people. However, she was unexpected that treated wolf.
“Why did you chase me last night?”
She asked and looked my belly then checked bandage’s condition but didn’t touch. She already touched my body for cure. It may cure but my fur rose.
“I smelled and wanted chase it. Its reason is my part of instinct. I don’t know how I explain its feeling.”
I barely said.
“I had forgotten something that had been toward the home. When I unlatched my private door, you stood on garden. I couldn’t dare back to my rooms. I have some doubt that I have my job done well.”
“Your job?”
I asked with my growl. She said experience in her sorriness. Her regrettable wasn’t for them. I remembered it smell’s owner that how she did her job. I felt something was wrong.
“Why do you leave from this?”
I asked with bared teeth when she stood from her crouch. She adjusted her clothes for a few seconds then finished her preparing for go out. Morning’s shine mildly covered bottom. It was warm but I knew it would grow hot. I was set wooden floor, recognized this room was her bedroom. Claret bed stood in window side. Window was half opened, unlocked. Windowsill was carved some claw mark that window seemed one of alternative entrance.
“I will buy several potions at pharmacy.” She said. “They sell potion and medicine only for man and woman but I think it well work for wolf. You are hurt and get a little anxiety that you should take a special care.”
She opened normal door, not window. She was keeping her smile that smile now seemed little scary even to wolf. When she went out through door, I threw a question and bark.
“Why did you save me?”
It was not necessary but I wanted ask. I said crushed words in yipping sound. I looked her that she had some bother and scared things to me.
“I had done determination. I didn’t want doubt my determination.”
She made wider smile at once then shut door and disappeared. I felt more aches that I knew she could really kill me if she wanted it.
Days came and went in stable house. She didn’t show her dark fur, skin was always smooth, didn’t have snout and tail; specially, she acted like kind heart.
She gave food, petted my back(every time, I bristled.), attempted kiss me. House was comfortable but I bothered her. I knew that some cracked at my feeling.
Is this acceptable? It was my question. I might crazy my self that awful wolf. However, she was not crazy that was normal. She didn’t pretend her state. Every time I stared her that she gave smile to me. Smile was natural excuse that had this meant she wasn’t dangerous, and thus, was keeping good life.
I heard this like story before. As human swore to us, they said several bad stories. They insisted we have condemned part in our body and also mind. Thus, A pact, they had bestial animal story had no wonderment. In before, I heard a bad wolf story that a human-wolf.
No human believed its story. Even they hated wolf that it was old ignorant story. They say they are enlightening. I had learnt my logic these enlightened human. I was struck by confusion. How is human-wolf real?
Celina, my mistress was not changed but revealed she. Did she save me just want companion in her bad thing’s side? I didn’t know but scared. My logic was struggling with confusion but instinct very quickly accepted. She was stronger than me, thus, she was my right owner that I should obey her.
After my moon night(She said that time was full of moon.) stalking, nothing was different. She was keeping gentle and loved chatting with her workers. She devoted her roses. However I knew pacts she was thing and killed two people.
“Is anyone there? Is anyone there?”
A voice it came from outside of gate. It was a male and clear voice. Today was another holiday after several days from moon night. Mistress and I only were left house. I stood in midst of small garden when I heard a man’s voice. I thought fresh rose smell might calm me.
“Who’s calling?”
She answered inside of house. I detected another man’s smell. A voice companied with other. They hadn’t curiosity but attention. I sniffed it also. A man repeated his asking. He might not hear her answer.
“Sorry for mistress, can I ask some question? We come from cohort office.”
She went out of the house. She opened entrance door that two men stood in front of her. They wore blue coat and dark pants, were cohorts the City detectives. The man who spoke at first, he asked her.
“Do you know Herian tax officer? If you know him, I should ask some matters.”
Man who wore glass kept his saying. He didn’t wait for her permission. He concentrated at Herian that his face was hard. I recalled that moon night. That young cohort was not tax officer but she gave death at two innocent people. I was getting worried.
“fluffy, you go to Roberui’s dyeing workplace.”
She seated before me then whispered to my ear. She realized some pacts like my worrying. I didn’t know her thought but remembered moon night.
“I know his wife. Why do you ask me?”
She stood then faced to him and said. Two blue coat cohorts filled in door.
“He is missing. Herian associate to taxing problem that I heard from other. I should investigate people who had met him. What do know about tax officer?”
He was going his questioning, seemed thought that these questions may not bother other. He saw me. He didn’t worry me that he might have many sights from cohort’s wolves. He concerned me and asked her.
“What is it?”
“This is my canine. I brought her used my money.”
She pretended as if I had no problem or bad experience, gave sign to me. She lightly struck my hind leg with her shoe. Two cohorts didn’t notice it. This sign meant go to Roberui her father. It was clear which problem was happened. As she held them with several chats, I slipped out through them then disappear from their back.
Black howl Copyright by Kardien Lupus.

Submitted: August 23, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Kardien Lupus. All rights reserved.


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