Chapter 1: my life is to painful

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~~I’m not crazy I am normal
It was a normal day for  me as I woke up from my bed  and I started to stretch  and as I did my  bones gave a very uncomfortable click as I yawned and looked at all my bruises from the other night as I finally went down stairs to find my mum thrashed against the wall black and blue I instantly knew it was my fathers doing before turned my head I felt a strong fist hit against me I  hit the wall with so much force I made a hole in it I gasped for air this happened for a couple of seconds 
 “M... mum a are you al ... alright” I stuttered and looked at my mum as I was trying to hold back my tears that was ferociously fighting to escape from my eyes just then my mum turns to me “Hey sweetie I’m ok run Alice before you get hit again” she said quietly to me so my abusive father wouldn’t hear her warn me 
 “what about you  I cant leave you here alone your body looks like it has  had enough” I started to stare at my mums shaking legs as she fought with herself to stand
In reality they were only talking for a couple of seconds before Alice’s father grabbed her his fingers grabbed her neck as her mum looked on helplessly as her daughter fought her father desperately in an attempt to get him of off her neck her mum could hear Alice struggling to breath as her face turned pale and her movements weak because of the lack of air she was getting 
(Alice’s mum) “get off her your killing her” she repeats three times the final time her shouting it he eventually let go of Alice as he did Alice dropped to the floor
(Alice’s dad) “Don’t shout at me and as for her that’s what she gets for coming down stairs when she knew I was in a bad mood” he shouted right in her face
(Alice’s mum) “How would she know that and it doesn’t give you the right to hurt her if you want to hit someone do it to me” my mum said strongly
(Alice) “Mum no” she pleaded as he looked up to her 
(Alice mum) “Go and cover up your bruises and act normal like nothing happened”
Her father interrupts
(Alice’s dad) “And if you don’t you will pay” “now get to school”
(Alice) “Ok father” she said her voice sounding strong and confident when really inside she’s breaking and don’t know how much longer she can put up with her situation 
I ran up stairs and pulled out some plasters that matched my skin tone my mother gave me a whole years supply you would only know it was there if you touched me
I ran out the door and walked past my mum as I swung open the door I saw a raven haired boy pitch black hair with hazel eyes apparently his name is shun, and he was with a blue haired girl which was runo, and another boy with brown hair and reddish brown eyes and his name was Dan, and another girl with silvery white hair she looked beautiful  and her name was Julie, and another girl with light brown orangey hair with brown hair and apparently her name was mira another blond boy with piercing icy blue eyes  and his name was marucho,  and their was a girl with light brown orangey hair and brown eyes her name was Mira and another boy with bleach blond hair he looked mysterious and scary he was awfully quiet he was called Keith clay aka spectra phantom  I started to look at myself I knew where all the bruises were I sighed I was feeling insecure as is slammed the door and walked down the winding streets to my new school  before I knew it I heard my father call me back I complied knowing if I didn’t I would get severely punished for it later my father kissed me I was surprised  I thought in my head why was he kissing me was someone watching or was he becoming my old father I used to know after that moment I ran down the road
Shuns pov
I saw a girl with orange gingery hair witch swayed in the cool breeze she was wearing purple and black dress completed with the same leather gloves and trainers she looked beautiful but hang on why was she surprised when her father kissed her maybe he’s not an affectionate person or maybe theirs something a lot deeper going on in that house
Just then I got disturbed from my thoughts as Dan spoke
(Dan) “Hey bro do you think that’s the knew pupil that Mrs. Blossom was talking about “
(Shun) “I think it is Dan but their something not right with her I can sense it”
(Marucho) “Your just paranoid shun”
(Shun) “I hope your right”
We arrive into school and enter the class room
Alice’s pov
I arrived at school the receptionist told me to stay where I was  until Mrs. blossom came and took me to my new class room the first bell went and Mrs. blossom came and got me she told  me to stand their until she called me in
(Mrs Blossom) “hey class today we have a new student her name is Alice”  “Alice will be sitting next to shun and when she comes in don’t ask her to many questions ok” she looked around to the whole class as she did she saw their heads slowly nod “good” she called me in
I walked in I was nervous and exited I thought it was stage fright and then i thought to myself that couldn’t be I was never scared when I was the centre of attention so then what is it that I’m feeling now
Mrs Blossom “Alice why don’t you tell us a few things about your self”
Alice “well my name is Alice and I come from Russia in Moscow we moved to Japan
Everyone started to clap
Mrs blossom “well Alice today you will be sitting next to shun because he is your tour guide around the school shun could you put up your hand please” shun put up his hand and Alice sat next to him she started to speak again” attention also there is a new seating plan so everyone could you please get up and walk to the back of the room
I walked to the back of the room as she called out everyone’s name I wasn’t listening then it was just me shun marucho spectra Dan Julie runo left and we sat at the back and then we played a little game we had to get to know each other everyone went then it came to our table and Dan spoke first
(Dan) “Hi I’m Dan kuso and I’m a pyrus brawler and the strongest in the world I’m the leader of the bakugan battle brawlers resistance (bbr for short) “and maybe you could be our new member “he finishes as the next one spoke
(Julie) “Hi my name is Julie and I’m a subterra brawler I’m apart of dans team and i love shopping i hope to take you as well some time” she finishes
Next to speak to me was marucho then runo
(Marucho) “Hi my name was marucho and I’m one of the smartest kids here and I’m apart of dans team I’m an aqous brawler I hope to engage in a battle soon”
(Runo) “Hi my name is runo and I love to shop I’m dans girlfriend and I’m apart of dans team I’m a Haos brawler”
Dan butts in “you forgot you have a foul temper” runo “what did you say to me” (Dan) “nothing runo nothing
Next to speak was shun and Mira
(Shun) “Hi my name is shun kazami and I’m a ninja him apart of dans team and I’m an ventus brawler I live next to your house hope to hang out some time”
I nodded at him right now I love the table that I’m at know because they gave a friendly vibe
(Mira) “hi my name is Mira clay and I’m Keith’s sister I’m apart of dans team and I’m a subterra brawler I love to go shopping and I hope we can hang out more
All eyes turned to Keith
Mrs blossom “Keith your going to speak if you don’t its detention time after school and your not skipping it because I will take you out of your class room”
(Keith) “Fine my name is Keith clay and I’m apart of dans team I’m the second strongest in dans group and second smartest and my nickname is spectra phantom but people call me spectra or Keith for short and I’m Mira’s older brother”
He made it sound cool and smooth he was so mysterious and I need to know more about him
I started to talk to them they asked me a question about my family
(Dan) “So who do you live with?”
I stuttered at first as I was choosing my words carefully “I live with my mum and abus... I stopped and changed it around I live with my loving caring father as well I cursed my self because I nearly blew my cover and if I have said that I would put my self in deeper trouble
I looked at the clock it was break and it was up to shun showing me around after class he completely pulled me out the room
Shuns pov
I pulled  Alice out of the class room to show her around and as we reached the stairs I pulled  her up the stairs she didn’t retaliate or pull back she simply let me this couldn’t be a good sign and in class when she stopped at mid sentence it sounded like abuse but I’m going to watch her closely I pointed out important places like the toilets library computer rooms lunch hall and out side space P.E room and the rooms on our time table it took 10 minuets only as I walked her to the atrium
Alice’s pov
Shun pulled me to all of the important places I was making sure I played attention I was used to getting pulled dragged and thrown around and so much more but it hurt as his fingers gript my bruises I didn’t tense so he couldn’t feel the difference I was normal so he didn’t suspect a thing I really want to tell someone wait no I cant it will put me in to much danger and my father I love him very much I will ride this out to the end so I can find back my old one not this one who abuses me in loads of ways imaginable yes they hurt a lot and yes its not normal after we finished he took me to the atrium a huge warm space and there was Dan , runo, Mira, Alice, spectra, marucho and now us and a whole bunch of fan girls
Hey shun Dan spoke look who it is its Alice marucho said how are you he asked me with a kind smile “I’m fine” I replied even though it was a lie
(Dan) “Look girls could you go no offence i got a girlfriend and look we need personal space”
They all went and sighed disappointedly
(Shun) “fan girls their annoying” hey spectra what you up to”
(Spectra) “doing science project with marucho” "actualy let me re phrase that im trying to do a sience project"he replied smoothly
(shun) "The bells going to ring soon Dan so let’s get to our lesson"

(dan) "ok bro" "common gang"
They all head to their lessons

30 mins later

(Shun) do you want to walk with us since we all live on the same street
(Alice) I’m ok I can walk by my self  I need to be home before five I got a strict father who wants me home
I felt happy being in school no one shouting hitting me throwing me and grabbing me about and sexually abusing yes that’s right my life is a whole mess the bells gone its home time hw is father going to react is he going to hit me is he going to be ok or is he going to drag me into the bedroom
I ran down the road knowing I have exact 30 minuets to get home my legs hurt but I learnt through years of experience to ignore it
Shuns pov
I saw Alice run out of school concerned and frightened its like she’s avoiding people but why i hope within time I could discover that story she hiding in that eyes of hers tomorrow I’m going to confront her tomorrow maybe then I will get to know because its driving me crazy but is it to early yes it is i need more proof

Submitted: May 03, 2014

© Copyright 2020 kartz . All rights reserved.


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