Chapter 2: shoking sounds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~~Alice pov

I reached the door I sighed trying to act strong just then father swung open the door and i ran up stairs to go in my dull looking room and I sat there until i was needed mum came in my room

Alice's mum) "its ok Alice we will get through it you don't have to put on a brave face on all the time

Just then mum got called and she complied and i just sat there crying from down stairs i heard screams shouting and loud banging sounds I'm asking my self why Why is this happening I cant deal with it anymore i went down stairs and shouted at him it disgusts me to say his name

"Will you stop it right now I've had enough with you "you have no right to do this can you just stop and look at us look what you've done to me and I haven't done anything to deserve this"

Just then father grabbed me by my neck and dragged me up stairs into his room and locked the door from the inside i heard banging on the door it was my mum trying to get in

Open the door leave Alice alone please don't hurt her anymore i heard my mum beg dad threw me on the bed and next minuet I knew everything went black after a couple of minuets that felt like hours i resumed consciousness and I looked around I tried to get up but I was tied to my bed and i heard my father run up stairs I heard mum crying in pain in the basement tears were streaming down my eyes then there stood an evil figure with an evil grin

"So Alice are you going to be a good little girl and open up your legs for me" "Alice" he said my name in a purvey way

"I cried harder and shook my head and I tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out

"It wasn't asking you I was telling you" he ripped of my trousers and forcefully pulled my legs apart

And i screamed as he forcefully put his ... into my ... and at first I fought him but to no prevail I gave up and simple let him now on then I will give a pained yelp and noises when he finally got off of me after 3 hours he unchained me and told me to clean my self up as he left i slumped down on the floor crying my wyes out and stayed their for hours and then my father came up and saw i hadn't got changed and he started to go into his abusive routine i screamed in pain because it really hurt i haven't got no clothes on to cushion the blows to my body so my natural reaction was to scream my mother came in and started to hit him and they started to argue and he pushed her down the stairs i herd a few bumps and then silence I was in shock I stood their in my bedroom blood leaking out of me like a never ending tap it stung but I ignored it I hope mum is ok

Shuns pov

I was in my bedroom with the gang and we can here screaming three different types Keith picked out Alice's voice I picked out the mums and we all could here the dad

(Dan) "I hate to admit it shun i think you were right

Mira) I can defiantly tell its abuse because certain thing that the mum and dad said is hinting towards the subject and Alice

(Dan) "I don't think it's that serious "

(Keith) "It is Dan Mira's right "

(Dan) Oh I forgot you to are siblings of course your going to agree with each other

(Marucho) "Well Alice did shout" "look at us look what you've done to me and I haven't done anything to deserve this"

(Keith) "And the mum did shout "you don't have to put on a brave face on all the time"

I finally joined in the horrific conversation

(Shun) "And we all heard the dad" "So Alice are you going to be a good little girl and open up your legs for me"

Runo was shocked she finally spoke

(Runo) "And we heard Alice scream"

(Julie) "And her mum"

All the gang nods suddenly their was a knock at the door my mum answers it and shouted "its Gus" (shun) "Send him up" (shuns mum) "you heard him "I heard Gus's heavy foot steps

(Gus) "Did you hear that sharp scream?"

(Shun)"You heard it to?" I asked

(Gus) " yeah"

(shun) "Well most of us is convinced its abuse but Dan thinks different"

(gus) "What do you think master spectra?"

(Keith) "I agree with shun for once"

Before I knew it

(suns mother) "Shun its getting late" I looked out side oh gosh it is we will speak tomorrow in school about it I watched as all my traumatized friends leave i heard the door shut I sigh I wish she would just speak and tell me but she's too scared its understandable but if she doesn't its going to get worse i went to bed i drifted into my nightmare

Alarm clock went off 7; 00 uggh school I want to see what Alice looks like. hopefully she isn't to hurt who am I kidding of course she hurt those moans screams and yelps was going on for proximately 3 hours I'm surprised she hasn't committed suicide i was bought out of my thoughts when mum said your clothes are in the bathroom I put on my clothes and head down stairs I ate my breakfast but i was still distracted from the other night I hope she's ok and if her silence continues I will confront her I don't know how she is coping to tell you the truth and keeping it bottled in those eyes she where's a mask to hide what's really going on I'm going to brake that mask

(Shuns mother) "Shun are you alright you seem spaced out "

(Shun) "I'm fine mum I assure you"

I put a fake smile on hoping she would by it and she did thank god I'm waiting for the gang to pick me up at least I know it wasn't just my paranoia oh how its good to be paranoid sometimes there's my queue to go to school Dan and the others our here that's funny where is Alice hopefully she comes in today because until i know the truth even though I know it I want to here it come from here mouth then I will tell the teacher and school because I'm so concerned for her its unreal hang on where's Alice I don't see her she better come in today I walked to school the gang

(Julie) "I'm so disturbed about yesterday I didn't get hardly any sleep I was too busy thinking with about poor Alice and how she must be hurting in every possible way imaginable we need to confront her but how"

(Shun) "I'm doing it today its today or never"

(everyone) "We all agree"

(Mira) "But there's a problem we can't force her to speak and she's going to say nothing happened all the way shun

(Shun) "We pressure rise her"

(Keith) Basically that's peer pressure

(shun) "So"

(Keith) "Ok ok do it your way but don't say I never told you so"

I got to school that's weird where's Alice I hope she is ok

(spectra) "Its starting to sound like you love her

(shun) "Whatever man"

Submitted: May 04, 2014

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