Chapter 5: test - pregnant pregnant or not

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~~I woke up on something soft I yanked my arm in a panic ouch that hurt I looked at the arm that the pain came from huh an IV tube and I looked at my body I still had my clothes on then I tried to sit up ouch that pain I lifted up my top and I felt a small bump and I felt my ribs and I heard a grinding noise I tried to sit up but somebody went I pushed me down I looked up and I saw shun and a doctor/nurse came in and started to restrain me to the bed I felt useless as she pulled out a needle I started to panic and started to try and get off the bed but it was no use

I looked out the door and saw a police officer trying to stop my father getting through the door since when did he arrive I was pulled out of my thoughts by a stinging sensation the needle was in and then out a couple of seconds past and I was out of it

Where am I I was running up the grass hills tears running down my face and blood everywhere my legs collapsed under the weight of someone's force I looked up it was my father I looked to the side of me and saw my mother laying there her blood stained gown blew in the wind I screamed but it was muffled by my father's moans what was he doing I don't know because I woke up from my nightmare

My vision was blurry I looked up and saw a bright light it was so bright I closed my eyes I felt someone undress me

(Shuns mother) "Shun pass me the hospital gown"

(Shun) "Here you go is she going to be alright"

(Shuns mother) its early days but if we have enough evidence then we could get her out of this but something tells me she isn't going to speak willingly"

I heard the camera snaps there taking pictures of my bruises I must stop them before the court finds out yeah I want to be free but I can't help but feel I'm going to get into trouble for it if he gets off the hook so I'm not going to say anything I felt them put the hospital gown on it felt cold but fresh like it doesn't cling to your skin I was put back in bed and the doctor/nurse and shun left

Shuns pov

Alice is body is worse than I thought every inch of skin is covered in scars bruises and fresh bleeding marks I will do what it takes to free her from her nightmare

(Shuns mother) "Shun I need to talk to you"

"Yeah what is it"

(Shuns mother) "I think Alice is pregnant but I need to do more tests and her father is not giving up so I think he has something to hide we all know its abuse but the poor little girl isn't going to speake you can tell if she's put up with it this long she isn't going to talk so I need to collect evidence forcefully and she is going down a long road to recovery shun"

I stood their gobsmacked Alice is pregnant I cringed at the thought of her father's poisonous sperm swimming in side her and fertilizing her innocent egg

"Basically that is incest and it's against the law so he can get done for rape am I correct"

(Shuns mother) "yes he can but I need to confirm it and print out the results and keep it safe she looks like she would do almost anything to protect her father but why what has he got over her"

"I don't know but I will see if I can prise it out of her" "but I'm not holding any promises"

(Shuns mother) "Ok and also all your friends know about my findings and I asked them to give me a statement so I can give it to the police women and I need you to do the same"


(Shuns mother) "Thanks shun"

Then that was that I wonder does she even know and does her father know probably no but what if her father finds out what will happen to her I hate not knowing things it drives me crazy and I can't think strait I'm going to be here for Alice weather she likes it or not

Alice's pov

I was laying their still as can be but then I get this twinge I gag then I went to be sick I vomited and because I was tied down I couldn't get it out my mouth and I choked but then shun came to my rescue and untied me I vomited all day it was 12;00 and I'm still awake my body isn't allowing me to sleep even though I am tired my eyes won't close

Just then the nurse came in

(Shuns mother) "Alice you need to rest"

"I can't sleep I'm trying and it's not working"

(Shuns mother) "Do you need to go to the toilet"


(Shuns mother) "ok Alice could you do me a favour"


(Shuns mother) "Go in the toilet and wee in this pot do you need help"

"No" I replied un enthusiastically

I went into the bath room waddling along because I was still sore and torn I went inside took out the pot and placed it under me and I urinated it was a little more difficult than I thought I looked down and saw stiches where my father tore me I sighed I doubt I would be able to cover this up I wiped myself and walked back to my hospital bed and handed the pot over to the nurse she ruffled my hair and left saying

(Shuns mother)"now get some sleep


I closed my eyes and fell to sleep dreaming for the first time in ages

Submitted: May 06, 2014

© Copyright 2020 kartz . All rights reserved.


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