Chapter 6: arguments

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~~Shuns pov

(Shuns mother) "Oi shun wake up I got the test she is"

"She's what?" who are you talking about?"

(Shuns mother) "Alice"

(Shun) "What about her is everything alright?"

(Shuns mother) "I wouldn't say alright but I found out she is and while she was a sleep I took a swab and found her father's semen on it and she's 2 months pregnant and she doesn't know and nor does her father"

"So he did get her pregnant and who's going to break the news to her"

(Shuns mother) "I was thinking you would go and tell her"

"Fine I will tell her" I sighed and walked off into her room

Alice it's me shun I got to tell you something she looked at me obviously not grateful she was there but I shrugged it off because it must be a lot to take in

(Alice) "What do you want first you snitch on me and then you're coming in here acting like you didn't do anything?"

She half yelled to me

"Alice I can explain" but before I could finish she interrupted me

(Alice) "Shun I don't want to hear it I trusted you lot to keep things quiet but no its too much to ask of any of you"

Alice you're an ungrateful bastered who acts like they love to get beatings and impregnated fine I won't give you my help and when you come crying and begging to me I will turn you away so remember this and here's a news flash idiot your pregnant that's right p.r.e.g.n.a.n.t so congrats on that "not" so go on run back to him and see how long you will last I can't watch you get hurt know more so I'm going to turn away from you and act like I don't know you or anything going on"

I stormed out the room

(Shuns mother) "I take it things didn't go well"

"No because she's an ungrateful bitch and all she wants to do is run back to that poisonous father of hers "

(Shuns mother) "Shun you can't say that there might be a reason"

"What reason could there possibly be other than she obviously likes the pain fucking whore and do you know what I don't care does my face looked bothered"

(Shuns mother) "No not at the moment but when you think of what you just said you will regret it trust me shun I know"

"Whatever "

I heard my mum sigh

As I stormed off down the corridor

Alice pov

I heard him screaming at his mum calling me a whore and things like that do you know what I don't need his sympathy he's so hart less and selfish if he really cared he would off spoke to me about this and now when I get home theirs going to be some serious consequences and oh my gosh im pregnant father can't know about this he'll probably kill me I don't know what to do I laid my head back and started to cry just then there was a huge bang on the door it's my father

Just then shuns mom came to the scene

Hang on sir she can't go home with you just yet

"I don't care at this moment she's my daughter and I have rights now hand her over or I will take her by force"

Before he could hurt anybody I waddled my way two the door and opened it and walked towards him

"I feel fine now "

Even though it was a lie

he grabbed me forcefully by the arm and gave me a look that said you better not of told them me understanding the look I shook my head he smiled it was an evil smile we got home and I walked up stairs it was a lot to do I got changed and he walked up stairs thinking what did I do wrong now

(Alice's father) "Have they got any evidence?"


(Alice's father) "are you sure"

"Yes father"

To my surprise he left me

No one's pov

Outside the house a slim figure and long hair swaying in the midnight breeze was watching them

So she's pregnant hey and she isn't going to tell her father well not for long Alice I will tell your father and then I can have my dear shun back he probably misses me already poor boy he doesn't know he's in love with me in school Alice I'm going to make your life hell"

There were three different pitched giggles in the back ground

"Right girls"

(Girls) "Right"

They disappeared and ran off in the night sky

Shuns pov

Hey that's weird I thought I saw a figure standing there just now all well it might be my imagination and I carried on walking I walked back to the hospital I was feeling guilty my mother was right she knew I would I just got mad and lost my patience its very rare we ninja's loose our patience but it happens from time to time all well there is no excuse I will just apologise and clear the air and show her I'm sorry

I walked in the pure whit building it smelt of disinfectant like it always did the fresh smelt smelt so nice this is why I loved to go into the hospital I met my mum on the second floor she looked hysterical

"Mum what's wrong?" I asked

(Shuns mother) "He's just taken Alice"


(Shuns mother) "Alice's father and since he's her guardian we couldn't do anything about it"

"Oh no" I ran off the corridor only to be stopped by my mother

(Shuns mother) Shun don't if you go to her house you might make the beating worse

"How can you expect me not to go after her "

(Shuns mother) "Shun don't let's just sit back until tomorrow I will take her out of school in a couple of days and I will have a police with me so it isn't classed as kidnapping"

"Alright" I reluctantly stayed where I was

Alice pov

Finally peace I laid on my silky smooth bed and stayed still I was called for dinner mum decided to give me a brake so I wouldn't have to cook and I'm thankful for it I slowly walked down stairs and sat on a wooden chair I tucked myself in and didn't look up until my food came

"Thanks mum it smells delicious"

(Alice's mother) "Thanks sweetie I hope you enjoy it"

"I always do mum so you don't even have to say that"

She gave me one of her weak smiles and I gave her one back to be honest we haven't smiled properly in ages it seems like a lifetime ago when we would smile and laugh and joke with each other what changed you may ask you see I'm not really sure myself I ate quickly and ran upstairs so I wouldn't be seen or heard it saves me from quite a few beatings I was called

(Alice's father) "Alice!"

"Yes father"

Go and get some groceries from the shop and make it quick or else


I went out in the cold air and went to the shop it was really dangerous going out at midnight especially on the main roads yes the roads were busy but a lot of things happen and I hated going out at this time I swear he only does this to me to make my life more miserable than it already is

I got out my list and start to shop around I heard a group of girls all different pitches I recognised one of them her name was autumn and she loved shun the boy that was helping me there was rumour's going around that she was jealous of me for being next to shun but you can't blame me because he is one hot guy any way I waked pass them and looked over my shoulder the group leader turned her nose at me and started to look up and down I wanted to say what's your problem but I decided against it because it's only going to cause more problems

Submitted: May 10, 2014

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