Chapter 7: bullies caught red handded

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~~I returned home soaking and drenched I put the bags of goods away and walked up stairs schools in 3 hours let me make the most of the 3 hours I have left and get some sleep I threw myself on my bed and I gave an uncomfortable moan and fell asleep

I woke up to the sound of an alarm urrgh school grate how worse can it get I walked to school still annoyed but sad why am I sad I don't know why but I am anyway I got so many looks I knew what they were looking at but I pretended not to notice and I sat down across from shun I gave an annoyed sigh and caught all of them staring at me then I heard them whisper some thing

(Mira) "Shun you need to apologise and forgive her she probably has got a point" and also stop being arrogant because it's not fooling me because I know your hurting in side"

(Shun) "Ok you got me but she's the one who's being difficult

Then I jumped in

"oh ok I'm being difficult ok then here's a news flash I was being like that for two reasons twat (1) "so I don't have to leave my mother there to take all of the beatings and" (2) "because I was scared for you shun because if he finds you I don't know if you will live to tell the tale" "you ignorant stuck up boy"

Then I walked off then I heard someone call my name "Alice" I looked back and shun was running after me then everything was a blur as I felt a nock to my head and then I saw my life flash before my eyes I went into a dark hazy sleep it was me in the future my body covered in dirt and bugs crawling in and out of me I gathered I'm in a coffin is this me in the future I was woke up by shun

"Alice I'm sorry I miss understood you I had no right in calling you all those names I hope you can forgive me not having you around is like I am nothing like I don't belong anywhere Alice I …I love you with all my heart and soul do you feel the same way"

No way did he just say that am I dreaming or is this real yes it is he …he loves me oh my gosh

Yes shun I do forgive you for being an ass hole and I do feel the same way but something tells me this isn't the right time but I love you to but I know some people will not like it like the fan girls in our school I got off of the large bed and went to brake I didn't go with him because I don't want anyone knowing about us

Just them autumn came barging into me I gave and an angry sigh then as I knew confrontation happened "what autumn"

Shuns mine ok not yours you pregnant whore

"How do you know who told you"

(Autumn) "No one told me I was spying at the hospital and found out but from here and out you better be careful who you speak to and where you go" Alice"

She walked away leaving me in shock and I turned around to go outside and eat by myself I thought she was done obviously not she swiftly turned back around and kicked me in my back I stumbled head first to the wall and hit it off of it now I was angry I turned around to look the demon of a girl in the eye

(Autumn) "What's the matter Alice cat got your tongue?"

"It's not my fault that shun doesn't like you I didn't take him away from you just face it he doesn't like you so stop trying your starting to piss them off with your constant flirting and your annoying high pitched voice you bully"

(Autumn) "Bully I'm a bully you don't know the meaning of that word Alice I can make your life hell"

"My life's already hell autumn so you're a little late on that one by the way stalk someone else because it's not working love" I practically hissed at her

She lunged at me I dogged her but then to my surprise the group joined in I was outnumbered by three it was all over in the matter of minutes I laid their coughing up blood

(Autumn) "Look at her she's so weak ok girl lets finish this lets bruise this pretty little face and see if shun wants to go out with her now"

They continued to kick me and punch me they held me down and one held my head still so autumn can beat the hell out of me I must say she has a strong punch when it was over I went to the toilet and cleaned myself up and wiped the blood of my face and there was a lot of it I walked out of the toilet to see her standing there again and she told me

(Autumn) "You better keep your mouth shut ok or your beatings will get worse for you here on out"

I nodded and walked past her towards my lesson English that's great I sit next to Mira but I like Mira so this shouldn't be so much of a drag I walked over to her then I felt something in front of me and I automatically tripped over it with a big thud but I cushioned my landing by falling on my side big mistake because my ribs are still broken I let out a little moan and got strait back up then walked over to Mira I didn't bother arguing because I didn't see the point it will just get me a bigger beating at lunch time I was dreading lunch I really was is my school life more hurtful than my home life well I will just bear with it that's all I can do until mums out of this situation then I will go and open my mouth but until then it isn't going to happen soon though

I took my seat and Mira started to speak to me

(Mira) "Alice what the hell was that why didn't you speak up or stand up for yourself"

"it's because I'm tired of fighting I have hardly any energy left and I'm saving it until I get home because I need all the energy I can get"

(Mira) "Alice why do you go back"

"Like I said before I don't want mum taking all the beatings for me her body is on the brink of giving up so if I can by her some time to rest by taking her beatings then I will"

(Mira) "Alice are you sure that's what she wants her only child to get an un just beating and so severely"

"don't take it in that way she doesn't want me to do it I'm just returning her the favour because when I was small she used to throw herself in the middle of punches and protect me but now her body can't do it anymore so I am"

(Mira) "So you mean this has been happening for years"

"Yeah but I don't know why I never asked her at all why this happened he was never like this before until turned 5 years old that's when he turned abusive"

(Mira) "You should ask Alice and whatever the reason is it doesn't justify what he does to you and it's not your fault either but I still think you shouldn't go there tonight"

"I have to Mira but I promise I will ask and only tell you what answer I get"

(Mira) "Cool and by the way what happened to your face I can see outline of bruising"

"Oh it's nothing"

(Mira) "Alice don't lie to me it's your father isn't it"

"Actually it's not but I'm not telling you who"

(Mira) "Why"

"Can you just drop it please?"

(Mira) "Very well but if I see you hurt again or get an inkling that your hurt I will pressure you to tell me and the others ok"


It's now lunch I walked down the stairs into the car park/playground that very rarely had children in it and adults I walked over to the wooden round smooth table and took a seat and rummaged in my bag to find my lunch thank god I found it I placed it on the table and ate slowly and quietly thinking many things then I heard their annoying voices again I turned my head slowly just in case they didn't know I was there but chances are small but it was too late they were heading over to me hastily I thought to myself lets get this over with and I saved them the trouble and walked over to them and immediately it started they let me go when they heard feet coming in their direction but they were to late to escape it was shun and the others coming to my aid

Then I heard a venomous angry scream come from shun "autumn!" why "why did you do this"

Shuns pov

(Mira) "So that's what's happening"

"What's happening?"

"Alice came into English with a bruising face and black eye" so I'm assuming it's because of them four fan girls

"autumn" Why" why did you do this"

She didn't answer me straight away

(Autumn) "because that ugly bruised up weak bitch took you away from me" "and I guess I got jealous and started to take out my anger out on her she makes an excellent punching bag you know" "babe please forgive me and forget this ever happened"

"what are you talking about I never loved you and I never will because (1) your annoying (2) you think of yourself so that makes you self-centred (3) I hate your guts and everything about you" I don't know who told you I like you but your sorely mistaken because I hate fan girls get it through that thick skull of yours and also if you go near Alice again I will show you a side that you never have seen before because she's my girlfriend now so get over it you deluded bitch and also the only bitch I see around here is you so congrats you just described you're self now run along before I do it for you

That was a lot but I hope they haven't been beating Alice up for too long because if they have I will never forgive myself

Alice pov

After that the day went smooth now it's going back home and walking into hells door once more but with one question on my mind why I was thinking this all the way home why has he turned into a monster and what happened I will confront them both after I know he isn't intoxicated with alcohol I sighed this is it my questions can be asked

Submitted: May 10, 2014

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