Chapter 8: why?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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~~I walked in the house the floor is squeaky clean I run up stairs to get changed and I wait for them both to come in I half expect father to hit me when he walked through the door but the door opened and to my surprise he didn't he saw me but he didn't bother to shout at me raise his hand to me he done nothing nothing at all that's strange but in a way its kind of good because my body is tiered to day to struggle out of the beating I would of got I head down the long winding elegant stairs and joined them in the kitchen he seemed calm enough to ask the question so I did

"Father why are you so abusive to me and my mother"

They were both quiet it was an awkward silence so I waited for them to break the silence and to my surprise mum was the first one

(Alice's mother) "Do you want me to tell her or do you want to do it"

(Alice's father) "You can because I'm not going to listen to it because I don't want to be reminded

I watched as my father left the table and went upstairs probably to his room to get some sleep and then I resumed back at the question in hand why She looked deep in to my eyes and started to speak after sighing

First Flashback

It happened when you turned five I was inside the house because we had guests over and as you know you need to get around to everyone so I did but I was a little tipsy and got led up stairs and into a bed room and started to you know what and as we were doing that I didn't hear your father coming up the stairs and I tried to be quiet but it was no use he had already heard me and he swung the door wide open and the guy that had led me in the bedroom ran off I don't know where but he just ran I looked into your fathers eyes I knew he could sense fear and I could sense anger and hatred

"So that's why is that it is that all you did and how dare he hit us because of that"

She shook her head

(Alice's mum) "No Alice there's another incident listen please listen carefully"

I looked deep into her sad eyes and watched her close them and then she spoke letting a single tear drop run down her face I wanted to wipe it but I decided against it and let her be for a few minutes then she spoke

Second flash back

and then there was another time when I was stuck in the house your father still hadn't forgive me for the incident before but trusted me enough to leave me on my own so he did and I heard a window smash so I ran upstairs with my pregnant self to investigate knowing he wouldn't be happy if he saw the window shattered and broken I entered in his room where the sound came from and it wasn't there I searched every single room but came to yours and opened it and saw the shattered window but before I could do anything the man jumped at me and I took the weapon that laid behind your bed and strike at him it was enough to keep him down but I didn't know at the time and I killed him striking a blow to his head well after that you're father came home and walked up stairs following my screams

Alice's father

What the fuck he walked over to the body and examined the face

What have you done you bitch you killed my brother

I didn't know honest I didn't he broke in and I panicked I struck him and he was down but I guess I thought he would be able to stand up and escape and I swung at him again and killed him by accident

That's my brother he screamed at her and she ran down stairs and listened to her father crying softly she quietly walked up the stairs and watched him cradling his dead brother in his arms rocking back and forth tears streaming down his sore red face the next day he had the funeral and he got him cremated he's on the shelf …

I interrupted "Then why does he hate me instead of you "

He hates you because you were always calling for me as a little kid and trying to protect me and your father didn't like that so he directed most of his anger out on you he saw you as a traitor so he didn't want you dead because he sees no pleasure in that so he rather causes you grief and misery and he know you won't open your mouth about it because your too scared

She carried on

(Alice's mother) "And after that I missed carried"

"Why did you miss carry?"

Because after that your father turned violent and started drinking to remove all his hatred but it made him angrier and he became abusive and he carried on and killed the baby so that's that does that answer your question

just then their was a huge bang and I knew my father was waking up he walked down the stairs towards us and started to shout and head towards us I naturally ducked when I saw a punch coming for me but mother on the other hand hasn't recovered from the last time so she was slow and got caught and father pined her to the wall my efforts to get him of off her was futile but then something snapped in side me and for once in my life I spoke up

"I know why your doing this but it isn't a good enough reason to do this to us yeah you lost your brother but he broke in and god knows what would of happened if mother left him alone and walked away you got to understand that"

(Alice's father) "what would you know what its like to be hurt over and over by someone who you thought who loved you and also you don't know what it feels like to lose someone"

"yes i do know what its like to be hurt over and over again by someone who I thought loved me" "father"

the last part left a bitter taste in my mouth I don't class him as my father but I know if I don't give him the respect he wants then he's going to get angry even more and mother is in a critical state at the moment she's still recovering from the fall down the stairs and father wont let any of us go to the hospital just in case we open our mouths he's paranoid

(Alice's father) ahahahahaha don't make me laugh you don't know anything your a kid how can I put this simply your hart hasn't been hurt or tampered with in such away where it never heals you see my hart is broken basically there's a piece missing and until that piece is replaced I will keep doing this until its mended

go to hell you monster you mean nothing to me

listen daughter im the one who feeds you puts a roof over your head and puts clothes on your back basically what im trying to say is your finished without me

reality hit me and I remembered everything its true what hes saying without me I have know where to go and I will surly die if he kicks me out I sighed in defeat I couldent win this one but to my surprise he let her go she went dropping to the ground and he walked out the door thank god for that what else could go wrong

Submitted: May 11, 2014

© Copyright 2020 kartz . All rights reserved.


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