Call of Legends

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In a far distant galaxy, there lies Navimundo, a world that ignores the rules that make up our own. A large world made up of several floating continents, circling around an immense electric ocean guarding the core, each with its own forms of life and culture. This land is ruled by ancient magic, powerful technology, and the hands of Gods themselves.

Not always a peaceful place, Navimundo is on the brink of war. The stronger nations on the continents wish for complete control, while an ancient prophecy looms ever closer with the promise to end all.

Swooping Claw, a young boy from the desert, is rapidly caught up in the middle of a massive revolution and secret organization as he and fellow "Chosen Ones" from the other nations are forced into preventing full-blown catastrophe from long forgotten powers. Dealing with new "gifts" that slowly kill them, and knowledge of what the world will soon become, Swooping Claw - and the other children of the lands - must decide what they ought to do, and how to best live, before they are unable to turn back.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Call of Legends

Submitted: March 30, 2012

Reads: 222

Comments: 4

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Submitted: March 30, 2012




"The land is far older than any of us could remember. Even the Gods themselves, ancient and powerful, barely remember its beginnings."

The old man was going through his story again. It was a tale that was full of powerful history, and knowledge - far stronger and more important than the hunting and training the other, younger citizens went through. Stroking his long, greying beard, he continued with that wise voice, full of the tales of magic and wonder that made any child's eyes wide with excitement.

"There is one being, if one were to ask the gods, that they sometimes mention in passing. Often called the Great Father, he is the one that created this world. Once, a long, long time ago, when the rocks were new, and water was plentiful, the world was whole. All the lands and people were one, with no person sitting above the others. The Great Father had finished the world, and created his children, the seven Gods. He had set upon them the task to fill the world. Create the plants, the magic stones, and the Runes that we all have marked across the land that grant power. As they did this, he took a deep slumber, sinking into the Core of the world itself. The brothers and sisters, finished with their assigned task, decided it was their turn to be in power while the Father slept. They had each decided to create their own life, their own people. Dividing the world amongst themselves, they had populated it with fantastic beasts and, most importantly of all, us. The Soulborn, their greatest creations.
After this was done, they had competitions. Instead of letting the people work together, and they themselves work together, for a better world, they made fun of the other's work, and all the Sibling Gods started wars amongst their people to prove dominance to each other.
Their strife, arguments, and war were all terrible. It turns out that one of them, the Forbidden One, whose name was wiped from the annals of history long ago, had decided to cause the war. He had tricked them into attacking each other, just so that his own Kingdom - the Land of Death - would prosper. He turned the fallen Soulborn races and his own creations into terrible beasts, and, as the Gods and the People were getting sick of battle and starting to find amends, the Forbidden One attacked them all. He was far more powerful than they single-handedly. For a while, it seemed he would win, and would start a terrible reign of an eternal darkness.
This was when the Father, woken from his slumber by the chaos of the land, had to intervene. Deciding that his children and their creations were far too young and proud to live peacefully amongst each other, he split the world. With all of his strength, he divided the land, and forced all the life apart. The world was heaved into the sky, split into individual continents. With the remaining strength, the Father imprisoned the Forbidden One deep into the core, before locking himself in there, so that the two would be stuck forever powering the world, and unable to escape.

It has been eons since this time has passed. The lands are much calmer, as the Gods have decided to remain peaceful through any mean. The people, us, the Soulborn races, all try to get along and share the bounty of the land. Fear, greed, and pride are all terrible things, said to weaken the seals holding back the Forbidden One. It is why humility, respect, and a courageous heart are all so important to our race. Why we, as the Children of Set, live in this barren desert."

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