The Last Bastion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Last Bastion

Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Submitted: June 26, 2012



Toto.... We aint in Kansas no more”. Her companion looked up.

What do you mean Hannah?”

She motioned for him to get off his ass and then pointed out over the cliff side.

Holy shit” he rubbed his eyes but the image stayed.

In front of them was a city. They had lost track of where they were but the city was sacked to the ground. Buildings stood burned out. Skyrises with no windows. A hollow monument of a once great civilization now reduced to ash.

We should go into there” she muttered and sat down on the cliffside again.

They hadnt been able to see the city from walking through the forest but the rise in the terrain which lead to this cliff side had revealed the painful truth.

Look girl. I might just be a dumb farmer but Im not stupid. That there is a safety hazard. Probably crawling with stiffs waiting to devour us. It aint safe”

He put his head between his hands. He rubbed the bald dome as she liked to refer to it and looked back up at her awaiting a response.

Look Terrence. That city might be crawling with more of them than we have encountered before. But were both in our best shape, best age and armed to the teeth. We can be smart about this. Scavenge the city, get a hold of some much needed supplies plus it would be a hell of alot easier to go through it rather than skipping around it. Its still a few kilometers up ahead and we can scout it out as we go along”

Its because Im black isnt it?” He said while laughing. She smiled at him

Yeah totally. Im gonna use you as bait because we all know that thoose things love you more than me. Im way too skinny and dry for them”

They both burst out laughing. Terrence lifted up his bag and took out two cans of soda. Hannah reached into her pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes.

You know youre fucking lucky that we hit that drugstore. Booze and cigarettes to last you a life time. Ofcourse when you go through them like that they wont last you much more than a month”

She smiled and brushed her brown hair off of her face while trying to ignite the cigarette.

I just wish we got better lighters”

Here let me” he pulled it from her hands and lit the cigarette for her.

Youre not the least bit curious?”

About what you look naked? Oh yes very curious”

She burst out laughing. It wasnt the first time he had made a pass at her like that. It brightened up the overall sense of doom and heartship they had suffered from since the beginning of their journey.

No about whats in that city down there you big softie”

Not really... Look Im from the country side. Spent all my life operating heavy machinery and harvesting crops. Real mediocre life compared to yours. I dont know the first thing about sneaking around and avoiding contact with the enemy”

Oh and I do?” she softly punched him on his shoulder. He was lying down resting his upper body on his elbow.

Well youve been getting into all sorts of covert ninja shit probably. Wouldnt surprise me”

Look the only sneaking around I ever did was in Hitman” there was a pause as he tried to process the information

Its a video game, you play a Hitman doing contracts killing people and stuff. Its real fun, if we ever find a laptop Im going to show you. Ofcourse we'd also have to find the game but thats the least of our worries”

He looked even more baffled now than before. He tried to express something about heavy machinery and the added bonuses of keeping up maintenance on harvesters but she cut him off.

My point was that Ive never had to sneak around in real life. And I was crap at it in that game. Used to cheat and get all the weapons and then just kill everything that moved”

could come in handy right about now” he sighed and laid down on his back starring at the sky. It was midday and a rather hot one at that. The clouds passed on completely oblivious to the fact of what was going on downstairs. At a rather slow pace as no wind was moving.

How many more of theese do we have?” she pointed to the soda can. He sat up and ruffled through his bag. She did the same.

I count 4 more” she said and took another drag on her cigarette.

I got 3 more. 2 orange and one diet” he smiled at her and winked.

Look if anyone needs diet it has to be you. I just said we should bring them along so as to not rot away our teeth for when we arrive at Fort Knox okay”

He laughed. ”Im beginning to loose faith in this Fort Knox story of yours. The broadcast stopped before I even met you and besides the nearest military base must be around Union City. And I seriously dont hope that you intend on going there”

Maaaaaaybe” she took the final drag on her cigarette and discarded it.

Okay..... Lets move” She stood up and extended her hand to him. He sighed, took it and stood up. They brushed the dirt off of their clothes, put on their bags and started looking for a path leading down the cliff.

Terrence?” they had walked for about half an hour in complete silence. The descent had been troublesome as no paths were leading down the cliff. Hannah had insisted on hanging on to her soda. As she described it it was important to stay hydrated to which he had implied that drinking soda would be very counterproductive as it only furthers your need for water. She had put out her tongue at him and made a cringy face.

There hadnt been anything to talk about and they both agreed that silence might be best when moving into new territory in order to not get ambushed. Be it by stiffs or by other survivors looking to capitalize on them being only two and quite underarmed.

Hannah touched her gun. It was a standard issue police force gun that she had gotten when she was in New Nottingham. That seemed so long ago. Even further away was the time she used to sit on her balcony back home and smoke and contemplate about life. Her condition deemed that she had to have control of her sorroundings. The irony being that ever since the initial break out she didnt have control over anything apart from herself. She had been lucky to scavenge a pharmacy about three weeks ago. Gotten a whole galaxy of different drugs then left New Nottingham to pursue a new life on the road. As long as she could keep medicated there wouldnt be an issue.
”Yeah?” he muttered while grabbing on to his rifle. He scanned the sorroundings then looked at her.

Do you think that we would ever have met if not for this predicament?”

He stopped for a short while then resumed walking.

Nope. I would have never have come to New Nottingham apart from maybe buying fertilizer. Im not much for travelling”

Oh so youre like a hobbit then?” He stopped.

Like a what?”

She laughed

Did you never see Lord Of The Rings?”

Nah.... I only ever went to the movies if my girlfriend wanted to. And even then it was all this sappy romance bullshit she wanted to watch so I usually fell asleep while she was sat there weeping like a baby over that English guy stuttering while trying to invite a chick out. Luckily she broke up with me about two months ago so I didnt have to sit through crap like that ever again”

Youre a real catch for any girl you know that?” she winked at him.

Hell yeah girl. Im a strapping young man. Early thirties, prime of my life as you put it”

She didnt say anything. She just looked at him and gave him a quirky smile.

Oh like you havent thought about it. We might be the last people on earth you know” He held out his arms.

Thats for me to know and for you to...” she was interrupted by a sound a few meters away from them. The bushes moved and a little group of birds took off into the air. Terrence drew his gun and scanned the area from which the sound came. Hannah grabbed the fire axe that was attached to the side of her bag.

Be carefull with that or youll put someones eye out” he whispered.

Well good. Thats exactly what I intend on doing”

She started moving forwards towards the bushes with the axe ready to attack anything that came out of there. There was another sound and a hare rushed out of the bushes. She gasped then turned around.

Oh it was just a har...” something grabbed onto her from behind. It felt like a womans hand. Small and delicate yet very strong. A pulsating stench of rotten flesh eminated from behind her.

Stand still Hannah Im gonna get it”

Hannah tried to get free of the corpse grabbing onto her but to no avail. The zombie let out a sigh and grabbed onto her even harder. She froze for a second and tried to analyze the situation. She quickly awoke from her slumber as she felt the corpse moving closer to her. She started writhing to try and get free. Thrashing around and somehow managed to turn around so she was facing the corpse. She lifted the axe and put the shaft in the corpses mouth.

Terrence.. For gods sake dont fire that rifle youre gonna attract a load more” she yelled while trying not to panic.

Terrence responded by getting out his hunting knife, running over to her and then grabbing the corpse to let Hannah free lest something bad would happen. He was somewhat succesfull and Hannah managed to seperate herself from the corpse. He then pushed it away from him knocking it over.
”NOW” he yelled at Hannah who rushed over and gave the corpse a forceful blow to the body. She hacked away three times before managing to hit the corpse in the head thus killing it.

Are you allright?” He examined her swiftly before holding her tight. She dropped the axe and started crying.
”There there girl, youre safe now, its allright” she grabbed his back and held on tightly. It had been a little too close for comfort and after the initial adrenaline rush there had been room for her emotional side again.

Did it get you?” He asked while holding her out, examining her again.

No” she wiped the tears off of her face.

Look we gotta keep moving theres probably more of them” she said while sobbing gently.

Are you sure youre alright? You dont look alright” he looked sincerely concerned. Like the outlook of loosing his companion on the road had been a little too real. It had all been a game up until now. They had only seen a few stiffs and they had only had to dispose of a handfull. And even then they did it by use of firearms.

Why did you have to whack it with the axe? You Conan now?” he said jokingly.

Oh so that one you have seen?” She laughed while picking up her axe.

Ofcourse.... Its a classic”

They resumed walking towards their goal. The city wasnt that far off and they would reach it by nightfall.

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