The Last Bastion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Tranquility pt 2

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



Chapter 7 - Tranquility - part 2 (continuation of last chapter, please read previous chapter)

”Oh thanks Martin” Hannah lunged forward and gave him a hug. He pulled his arm around her and enjoyed the brief yet heart warming hug.

”We'll bring some towels when dinner is ready, you girls be safe” Terrence said and motioned for Aurora and Martin to follow. The three staggered off into the distance. Hannah stood for a moment and watched Terrence walk away. Even though she would see him again in a minute it felt like they were seperating forever. Such was the reality of this world.

”You wanna head back to the house?” April said while she observed Hannah who were standing there looking like a kid whoose cat had just left her for good.

”No... Lets go back to where we were”


They headed back towards the small lake and sat down in the comfortable cool water. Hannah sank down until only a bit of her shoulders were sticking out of the water. The bottom part of her hair was resting in the water. The sun was still going on strong and heating the water, it had the perfect temperature for an afternoon bath. It would be evening soon and they would have to leave this little slice of heaven behind.

”Well that was nice” April said as she wiped herself off with one of the towels Terrence had brought out for them. Hannah was sitting down on the rocks with the towel wrapped around her.

”Im starving, what about you?” The young mother continued her stream of talking.

”Some dinner would be nice” Hannah yawned while picking at the wet bandages around her arm. The wound was still hurting but the bleeding seemed to have seized completely. It had been a long day and she was eager to climb into bed with Terrence and enjoy this new sense of security they had achieved.

April unhooked her bra and reached down for her t-shirt.

”Arent you gonna get dressed?” April stopped as she realized that Hannah was trying to uncover her wound.

”I dont think you should be messing with that” her ”concerned mother” voice was back on. Hannah shrugged.

”I just wanna see really”

”Get dressed and lets have Aurora look at it, sound good to you?” She slipped on the t-shirt and threw the wet bra on the ground. Hannah got up and started rumagging with her underwear. April stopped what she was doing and looked at the awkward dance under the towel.

”Its... just us here you know”

”What.. what do you mean?”

”Well its not exactly as if someone will be lurking in the bushes waiting for you to get undressed” She laughed.

Hannah blushed slightly and picked up her pants.

”Now thats gonna be tricky” April continued with the embarassing lines. Hannah giggled to herself.

”Look its nothing I havent seen before, I can turn my back if you want” April turned around and removed her panties before grabbing her pants and gently putting them on.

”Its just... Im very... uncomfortable with nudity” Hannah said as she removed the towel to put her pants on.

”That must complicate things abit with Terrence?” April sat down to put on her shoes.

”Well yes abit... As long as there are covers to climb under I dont mind, its just...”

”Ive never had that problem, we are women Hannah, no matter how we look men will always think were gorgeous, and especially you, I mean Ive given birth and didnt exactly stress the part of getting back in shape, but youre gorgeous”

Hannah put on her t-shirt and removed her bra from under it. Aprils comments seemed abit out of place for the current state of things, them being half naked and all.

”Look Im not coming onto you, dont worry, but youre gorgeous, you need to believe that” April looked out across the stream of water and arranged her hair in a pony tail.

”Thanks... its just”

”I know Hannah, Ive been there myself, but sometimes you just gotta... you know.... just let it rip, amp up your sex appeal and strut around like everyone wants you”

Hannah almost choked at the sudden laugh that burst out of her.

”What?” she looked at Aprils turned back. ”You can turn around now”

April leaned backwards and tilted her head so she could look at Hannah.

”Just... work it girl”

”Youve been watching too much tv” Hannah sat down to tie her shoes.

”I may have, but eventually all men grow tired of the girl theyre with, no matter how sexy she is, its all about confidence, if you can make him believe that he is lucky to be with you then youve won”

Hannah stood up again and extended her hand to help April up.

”It was easier back in the day, before all the crap” Hannah said with a slightly depressed tone in her voice.

”Before the walking dead came out of everywhere?”

”No before that even... I had some bad luck... Only ever dated like three people”

”Oh really?” April looked at Hannah like she was trying to unmask a grand lie.

”Yep.... Never really had much luck with the guys”

”And what would you describe Terrence as?” They started walking back towards the house.

”Luck?” Hannah clenched unto her wet delicates and tried to empty them for water by wrenching them around.

”Skill Hannah.. Skill, he is gorgeous and you worked your magic”

”But I didnt do anything, it all happened when we were drunk a few days ago” Hannah pulled the long sleeved hoodie tighter in around her, it might be the height of summer but it seemed a bit cold to her all of a sudden.

”Well the important thing is that you reeled him in, Ive seen the way he looks at you” April said playfully. Hannah pulled out a cigarette and lit it. It might be dinner soon but she felt like she needed it.

”You know, maybe you and Terrence should nip off to the lake on your own later, Ill keep the others entertained” Hannah pondered the proposal. It seemed like a good idea to get some alone time with Terrence after all of this Martin nonsense.

”Maybe we will” she said as she took a long outstretched drag on her cigarette.

The closer they got to the house the more they could smell the meal that the others had cooked. They sat down on the porch were Diego was still sat, he had taken out a cold beer and greeted the two girls as they turned the corner round the house and into the driveyard.

”There you two are” he stood up and welcomed them with his arms wide open. April sat down in the chair across from Diego and Hannah in the one next to him.

”What are they cooking?” The young mother said before anyone could sit down.

”Oh some pork or something, some of the meat we picked up on the other farm”

”The other farm?” Hannah asked with a sense of growing curiosity in her voice.

”Yeah, there are a few other farms around here, one of them had livestock so we got us some meat” Diego said as he took another sip of his beer.

The three of them sat there for a few moments enjoying the evening sun and not really talking. Gabriel had come out to embrace his mother and tell her about the amazing fun he had had drawing monsters on napkins. He had proudly displayed a poorly drawn version of what he insisted was Legolas the elf beheading an orc while surfing on a shield. Seeing the two now sitting there chattering about nothing at all was a massive relief to Hannah, something about the innocent way in which this battle hardened boy saw the world greatly appealed to her, it somehow reminded her of all thoose years ago where she and Martin had battled the vast armies of the undead, taken on demonic lords or even just had opted for a quiet night at the inn, when some warlock had come in and been a menace thus hurling them along on yet another quest to save another imaginary world from the clutches of evil. However now she was locked in this world and its wicked ways. The great plague of the 21st century, all that she and her friends had talked about on thoose prolonged nights in the basement, fuelled by alcohol, cigarettes and the high of just having saved the world. Back then they had all the answers but nothing could have prepared them for the real thing. Seeing theese things get up and walk at you, after having sustained severe trauma to their bodies, was a horrific sight that noone could have possibly been prepared for. Hannah shuddered and pulled her legs up closer to her body. Her wound was aching and she just felt so cold and tired all of a sudden. She needed a break from all of this and now she had it but was still unable to relax.

”Y'all allright?” Aurora had popped her head out of the door and looked around at the foursome sitting on the porch.

”Yeah, were just fine” Diego said. April looked at Hannah with great concern.

”Well dinner's ready” Aurora said before going back inside. The smell of whatever they were cooking eminated through the open door and filled the lonesome farm with a sort of homey feel. The four of them got up with Hannah being the last to leave her seat. Somehow each meal seemed like a special occassion. Noone knew if they were gonna eat again the next day, noone knew if they would even be alive to see the following day. In this world were the undead ruled, peace and harmony seemed to be a fleeting echo of world that didnt exist anymore. All of them longed for this world, yet none of them were able to get back to it. They were locked in survival mode and it was a dog eat dog world. But tonight not even the vast hordes of the recently re-animated could interrupt their peace. Or so she hoped.

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