The Last Bastion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - At the heart of the city

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



Chapter 3 - At the heart of a city

Hannah ran with no sense of direction, she just had to move fast and that was all that she knew. Behind her a horde of hungry corpses were making their way through the obstacles she had thrown down before them. She reached the door to the streets. Pulled it open and ran outside. The rain was pouring down and quickly drenched her clothes. Across the street was an old cinema, the entrance was covered by two cars parked in a v formation and on the front hung a sign crafted from sheets sown together.

No dead inside

”Good enough” she thought to herself and quickly dashed across the street. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute and her anxiety was kicking in real hard. Every step she took seemed to echo through the streets and her legs were like jelly. She tried to ignore it but running was awkward right now. She fell, her body hitting the street and her gun falling out of her hand. She looked to each side. More dead were coming her way.
”GET UP” She bit her teeth together and sat up fast. She reached for her gun just in time to see a corpse reach down from above. It fell on top of her. She frantically tried to hold it off and fumbled for her gun but it was to avail.

The corpse sank its teeth into her neck and tore out a chunk. The pain was excrutiating and she cried out in agony.

”Whats wrong girl?” Terrence stood in the doorway in his boxers and a t-shirt. He was clearly distressed.

Hannah looked around the room. She felt her neck. It was sore for some reason but there were no cuts, bites or scratches. She looked at Terrence. She was sweating profusely her heart was in her throat. It was just a nightmare.

”Nothing... Just... just a bad dream go back to sleep”

Terrence rubbed his eyes. It was beginning to brighten up outside. The sun wasnt up yet but birds were singing as the world was waking up.

”You scared me half to death” he yawned.

”Im sorry.. Look go back to sleep Ill be fine”

”You woke up half the neighbourhood...” he paused ”if there was a neighbourhood to wake up that is. Look Im up now, been up alot earlier than this before and I am making you breakfast”

Hannah smiled at him. She realized now that she was half naked and covered herself with the sheet.

”Ill be up in a minute”

”Cool” Terrence winked at her and turned around. He left the room and went into the dimly lit hallway closing the door behind him. Hannah looked at herself. Her underwear was completely drenched in sweat. It had been quite the dream. So realistic, so potent. She put her legs out over the side of the bed and ran her hand from her feet to her knees. She needed to shave them soon. Something that she had taken for granted but she had used her last razor and forgot to get more at the supermarket. She undressed and reached into her bag. The door opened and Terrence looked at her. He then quickly closed the door before she realized what had happened.

”Oh shit Im sorry. Should always knock”

Hannah laughed.

”New rule” Terrence sounded slightly baffled ”Knock first”

Hannah laughed again and got out her spare set of underwear. She went through the pile of clothes she had pilfered from the old appartment and picked out something at random. Clothing had never been her thing and it wasnt exactly like there was an occassion to dress for. She could hear Terrence was still outside the door.

”Come on in dude” she stood up and applied some much needed deodarant. Terrence walked in and looked at her.

”Better?” She leaned her head to the side with a wicked smile.
”Much better.... Look I didnt mean to come in unannounced.. Not used to having a girl in the house and all”

”Its worked out fine this far hasnt it?” She threw down the deodarant and went past Terrence into the hallway. It was dark but there was light in the living room. The faint glow of lit candles. The whole appartment smelled of something she hadnt had since they had been in the supermarket.

”Is that?”

Terrence had followed her, he went into the kitchen and got a cup full of steaming hot.

”COFFEE” Hannah nearly jumped into the air with joy. She had been so preoccupied on their visits to the supermarket that she had completely forgotten about something she considered a necessity. Terrence handed her the cup.

”Yeah I got some last time we were there. Its instant so it'll probably taste alot like crap. But its the best I can do”

Hannah took a big sip then realized it was very hot. Her initial joy of being reunited with coffee had led her to forget about the basics of how to make it. Terrence got a second cup and they sat down at the table. A fragrance of eggs and bacon was slowly beginning to fill the room.

”What time is it?” Hannah yawned and took another sip of coffee.

Terrence looked at his wrist watch.

”5:30... Time to get to work”

Hannah dropped her jaw. She had never in her life been up at 5:30 unless she had been pulling an all nighter which happened more than it should have.

”You look shocked?” Terrence laughed.

”Yeah. Ive never been up this early”

”Its healthy. Or so they say. As the outbreak happened I was about to go on vacation. Seems like I got a longer lasting one than I expected”

Hannah spat out her coffee laughing. She sat the cup down while spilling coffee all over the table.

”Vacation? Is that how you see this?”

Terrence scratched his emerging beard.

”Yeah. Its kind of like a hassle free enviroment you know. No money shortage, no people to deal with, no getting up early to milk the cows. Its all good. Never slept better”

Hannah looked at him while wiping the tears off her face.
”Yeah I guess youre right. This is kind of like a long vacation”

She reached into her pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes. It was half empty. Terrence got up and went into the kitchen. She was starving even though they had been eating pretty decent for the last few days. He brought out two plates filled with eggs, bacon and slices of bread.

”So what are the plans for today?” Terrence said with his mouth full. Table manners where a thing of the past and it was quite liberating for both of them. No society meant no norms or standards to adhere to.

”Well... We hit the streets.. We go by car, park it somewhere safe and then go scavenge. I reckon we have to find a safe house out there so bring your tools”

Terrence put down his fork. Hannah took her last bite and then continued.

”We should probably try and cover as much as the city core as we can before the sun goes down. We probably wont make it home so we really need to find a safehouse”

Terrence looked at her.

”Arent you forgetting something?”

Hannah looked puzzled.

”What do you mean?”

He pointed towards her legs. It dawned on her what he meant.

”You usually get one out the second you put the last bite in your mouth”
She complied. Got out her cigarettes and lit one up. The after food smoke was a ritual that settled her. Like a cold beer after a hard days work. It was liberating. The nicotine hit her blood and it seemed like her body was expanding. She could feel her breathing and lingered on it for a moment. Every moment like this was precious in this day and age. Even before the outbreak this ritual had dominated her life. Most found it rude. That she would get out her cigarettes the minute she was done, not waiting for anyone to finish often excusing herself from the party to go do the deed. But it settled her. The sensation of smoke entering her system and the nicotine relaxing her body. In her world, fear was the dominant feeling. Fear of people, fear of dying, fear of living.

”So lets get going?” Terrence pulled her back to the world of the still living. She excused herself.

”Yeah. Let me finish this and then we size up our supplies and get going”

”Best to travel light” Terrence took both their plates and went to the kitchen. He got out a bottle of water and washed the dishes.

”So” Hannah sighed before she began her summarization.

”We have 6 bottles of water left. Were bringing half. We should have enough ammunition for close encounters but nothing more than that. Were bringing the camp cooking set. A few briefs of premade foods. We have....” she paused and did a count.

”24 cans of soda left. We bring?” She looked at Terrence

”Id say 10, you take the majority Ill take a few. You seem to love them more than I do” He paused.

”Listen we still have some beers left. You wanna bring some ?”

She nodded.

”Okay.... Well lets get packing and hope the appartments we find are in the same condition as the ones out here”

Hannah took a soda.

”Make that 9 cans of soda” he said

”No this is just for the road” She winked at him slyly. Terrence laughed.

They started packing their gear. Made sure their guns were loaded and set to go. This would be the most daring feat they had done to date. Travelling from New Nottingham had been very uneventful. A few stiffs had fallen in the process but Hannah had seen the signs and moved out before the outbreak was complete. Back when she left there were still living about and the military was roaming the streets. She had stayed in her appartment for two days before realizing that the city was getting abandoned. The military had left their outpost on the west side of the city and when she had gone to the main point of entry for traffic the military had told her to seek to Union city. Helicopters had flown over ever so often but they didnt exactly warrant safety for the people on the ground. She had gotten out of the city just a few days before the power was cut. Stocked up on food on the last day of official opening in the supermarket and then braved the road. She had reached Terrences town about a week later. The road from there had been uneventful given that most towns on the way to Oldham City had been small villages with no living denizens. And they had left the road to seek into the woods as the stiffs didnt seem to care for the woodlands. Now they were about to venture into the heart of what was once a buzzing metropolis. But if the outskirts were anything to go by then nothing would happen. It seemed that the stiffs had all decided to try their luck on greener pastures and it sure as hell wasnt here.

The sun was beginning to show itself as they closed the door to the stairwell. There were no stiffs around and their car was where they had placed it, up against the stairwell. They started loading their gear into the car and Terrence got a gas cannister from the trunk. It was half full, they were in luck.

”Hannah” he looked at her holding the cannister. She was about to get into the front drivers seat.

”Yeah?” She stopped in her tracks.

”Could you pop open the gas lid”

She looked at him like he had asked for a complicated mathematical equation to be solved then and there. She had no idea what anything on a car was. Had never been interested and would probably never understand what the big fuss was all about.

”Its one of the tiny handles under the seat. It should have a fuel icon on it”

She sat down by the side of the car with the door open. There were three little handles. One for the trunk she assumed. One for popping the hood and one for the fuel lid. She popped it open and Terrence started filling it up. Hannah stood up again and took a sip of coke. The sun was caressing her skin with that wonderfull morning glow. It was strange how she never had appreciated that before she thought to herself. The delicate rays of a sun that is waking up. The faint glow and slight heat increase. It was very comfortable and seemed like she had taken it for granted all theese years. To her the morning sun was a nuisance that shone through her window when she was trying to sleep.

The air was cool and a light breeze hit her. It brought with it the smell of grass wet from morning dew and the smell of decay that was usually hanging thick in the air was nowhere to be heard of. It was nice.
”Well.... thats that.... I need to check the gauge to see how much fuel we got” He put the cannister on the pavement.

Hannah put the keys in the ignition and started the car. It showed a nearly full tank.

”Well thats about good enough, you wanna drive or should I?” Terrence smiled at her.

”Well best if you do it, I might crash into a building or go too fast”
”And whos gonna bust you for it?”
She looked at him and smiled ”Noone I assume, but better let you drive” She moved over to the passenger seat. Terrence took the cannister and put it back in the trunk. Closed it and got in the drivers seat. They were ready to go on their most ambitious trek to date.

The drive was short and had to be done through backstreets. They had had to turn around a fair few times as cars were obstructing the path. They then reached a military blockade that had been long abandoned. Terrence decided to park the car here. There were no stiffs around and the city had grown denser for each road they ventured onto.

They got their bags and weaponry and set off.

Hannah approached the military blockade. A lonely soldier was resting against the sandbags. His face partially digested and his guts lying in his lap. She checked his head and couldnt find a bullet hole of any sorts.

”Do you think this one is dead?” she looked at Terrence her axe ready for a nasty surprise.

”Best to play it safe dont you think?”
Hannah shrugged then planted her axe in the soldiers head. His body sunk more into the street and a foul odour of rot came billowing out of him. Black liquid was oozing out of his head and it wasnt until now Hannah saw that his eyes were full of maggots feasting on his remains. She carefully checked his side to see if he still had any weapons on him. There were none to be found. He checked his pockets but he had no spare bullets.
”Someone has been here” she muttered while looking past the blockade. There was a lonely stiff crossing the street at the far end.

”What you mean?” Terrence saw the stiff aswell. He was scanning the sorroundings to see if more were about. It was the end of the house area of the city. Further on highrises loomed. Some where battered beyond belief some were still intact.

”Hes got no weapons or ammo to speak of”

”I guess youre right” They both moved further on down the street. The stiff hadnt spotted them. In the distance they could see streets full of abandoned stores. A few signs proclaiming cheap offers on various food items were visible down the road.

The city was empty. Birds occassionally flew over but there were no sounds apart from the rustling of rats and other animals who now seemed to be the only inhabitants in this run down empty shell of a once great city. A paper was blown by the wind and hit Hannahs leg. She reached down and picked it up.

It was showing the 15th of June the day she had left New Nottingham.

”Is it the end of the world as we know it?”

The headline had an omnius ring to it. She quickly skimmed the article. It was the same old nonsense she had heard so many times before. An outbreak of some sort of unknown mutant virus that killed people and reanimated their corpses. It said it originated in the south or atleast that was the CDC's assumption. It had began in the drug infested Lower East Side of Rotham and had spread quickly to the whole country.

Terrence stopped when he realized she wasnt moving. She looked up from the paper. Took off her bag and stuffed it in there. They moved on. The sun had had time to fully wake up and was heating the streets. It was slightly obscured by menacing clouds that hung low in the horizon. It would surely rain yet again.

They didnt know where they were at all. They had a faint idea that they were a few hundred meters from their car and the military blockade. There were no signs of anything at all. After a little while and only seeing cafés and eateries Terrence stopped and looked at Hannah.
”Looks like we wont find much here. I suggest we head into one of theese side streets and see if we have more luck. It would appear that were not on the main street as it is”

Hannah concurred. A sign in the distance pointed to the center of the city. They decided that their best bet was to head that way.

It was a long trek and the street towards the center of the city seemed to drag on and on. It was high noon and the air was slightly chilling. The wind had picked up and there was a certain feeling in the air. Like thunder was approaching. They had passed even more non priority shops. One selling cell phones, one peddling discount shoes and a ton of kebab shops along with residential appartments. The signs had persistently pointed them further and further on into town. The skyrises they had seen earlier were now close by. The sound of rot hung more permantly in the air here. Like a thick cloth moistened in a rotting carcass was dropped in their near vicinity. Hannah covered her nose with her shirt but quickly gave it up again. The smell was all around. Like a harbinger of death. They had passed yet another military blockade that was abandoned. A lone tank stood there burned out completely like someone had strewn a load of bombs over it just for the hell of it. Carcasses littered the streets and crows were perched on top of them eating away at their insides. For some reason the disease didnt seem to affect animals at all and if so they would just have to deal with it.

”Hell yeah” terrence nearly shouted and startled a bunch of birds who took off into the distance.

Hannah looked at him then at the storefront he had spotted. ”Earls Arms Emporium”.

The store was boarded up. The windows had bars in front of them and there was no light inside. Hannah put her face against the glass and tried to get a peek. The windows were dirty and left some residue on her face. She wiped it off and went to the door were Terrence was trying to pry open the boards to no avail.

”Hand me that axe” he pointed to her hands. She handed it over and Terrence started taking wild swings at the boards. They werent very sturdy and came off quickly. He crouched in front of the lock and got out his lockpicking tool handing the axe back to Hannah. She went into the middle of the street and looked around. A tiny kiosk nestled inbetween two run down appartment buildings caught her eye.

”Im gonna go in” she said while moving towards the door. Terrence muttered a reply while trying to concentrate on the lock.

The store was tiny. Nothing but a single row of anything you might need. A fridge with leftover coke, milk and juice stood to one side, next to a row of goods. Anything from candy to glue. An odd composition of commercial goods she thought. She peeked out the storefront. Terrence was still working on the lock and there were noone around him. She went behind the counter to find the corpse of the store owner. He had been shot multiple times but showed no signs of stiff likeness. No bites, no scratches. Just a man cut down by the incensere. Even though the sheer brutality of what had happened here was apparent she didnt think much of it. A corpse is a corpse.

She stood with a leg on each side of the body while searching through the cigarette rows. Most had been stolen but she did manage to find a lonely packet at the far end of a row. A cheap brand but it would have to do for now. She looked out the window again. Terrence was still sat in front of the store but now he had been accompanied by a stiff. It was walking slowly but steadily towards him from the way they had come from. Hannah quickly ran outside the store, her axe drawn and ready for the fight. The stiff noticed her and went towards her. She stood still for a moment assessing the situation. She leapt forward and plunged the fire axe into its head almost cutting it in half. A sound of skull being met by steel and a thud was heard as she hit it. Almost like the silly puddy one uses to make fart sounds with.

Terrence heard the commotion and looked over his shoulder. Then went back to work.

Hannah took out a cigarette from her old pack and stuffed the new one in her pocket. The sun was baking down from above and the temperature was steadily rising. The wind still blew strong and she had quite the difficulty lighting her cigarette. Terrence was cursing loudly at the door while trying to get it open. It wouldnt budge. He stood up again packing away his tools. Then with great conviction and a firm almost soldier like pace went over to Hannah. Without as much as a word he grabbed her axe, went back to the door and took a few swings at it. Luckily the door was made of wood and after a few swings, and probably due to Terrence's tinkering with the lock it swung open revealing a dark room.

The gun store was not the biggest one they had seen. Weapons hung in glass containers all over the room. Most were gone but they did manage to get a hold of a few light handguns. Hannah decided not to switch out her police standard issue handgun and instead went for the ammunition. Having had a mother in the police force she knew a little about firearms and knew which rounds to get. She took about five packs of a 100 shots in each into her bag and looked at Terrence. He had smashed a glass container and retrieved what looked like an army rifle.
”Thank god for no gun control” he said while smiling widely. The gun he had picked was a semi automatic rifle with a magazine holding up to 12 shots at a time. A lifesaver in theese trying times. He went behind the counter and retrieved a boxes of round. Took his old trusty rifle off of his shoulder and took of the strap to put on his new weapon of choice. The new rifle was fitted for a scope so he stripped that off of his old gun aswell.

In a matter of minutes they were ready to venture back out onto the streets. An empty soda can broke the silence as it was caught in the wind and flew through the streets. Terrence had a firm grip of his new aquiring. Hannah thought he looked something similar to a little boy on christmas morning. But it was not a smile of joy that was on his lips. It was a smile of knowing that now he had a solid defense.

A lonely stiff had made it out into the street. It was a guy with black short hair and a nice suit. He had stains of blood on his white shirt and was holding on to a dog leash. Some poor fella who had been out walking his dog when he ran into an infected. He groaned loudly and dragged his feet towards Hannah and Terrence. She motioned for Terrence to put his gun away and approached the stiff. She swung at him and planted her axe across his face making a nasty gash. The blow had gone in across his cheek and he was bleeding profusely from the wound. He kept moving towards her. A little too close for comfort. Terrence moved closer with fast paces and readied his gun. Hannah took a step back and swung again. This time she hit the stiff square in the forehead and it dropped to the ground with what seemed like a sigh of relief. She lowered her axe and wiped the sweat off of her face. She swung again at his head. This time with the spiked end of the axe. His face caved in and left a horrid mess.

Terrence reached her and lowered his rifle. Hannah was standing with her legs spread, the axe still nestled deep within the skull of her victim.

”You alright?”

Hannah withdrew her weapon from the head of the stiff. It made a squishing noise and blood and liquids started oozing of its injury.

”Yeah Im alright. Motherfucker wouldnt die” She stood still for a moment then instinctively reached for her cigarettes, lit one and took a big drag on it. Terrence looked at her as if he was deeply concerned.

”You sure”

Hannah nodded. She was shaken by the incident. It was the first time since the beginning that she had missed. It was fairly straight forward but in the heat of the moment she had missed her target. Her anxiety issues were kicking in hard. Her whole body teeming with a mixture of adrenaline and fear. Uncontrollable fear. She took a few steps back from the corpse but her legs felt like jelly. She was starting to shake and her heart was racing a million miles an hour. Tears were beginning to push their way through her eyes.

”You dont look allright” Terrence put his hand on her back as to comfort her.

”Can we.... relax for a minute?” She wiped her eyes. She wasnt about to start crying over something that was so trivial theese days.

”Sure” Terrence started walking towards the tiny store Hannah had visited earlier.

”Was it safe?” He pointed towards the front of the store. Hannah nodded and followed him.

She hurried inside and sat down on the end of the counter with her back against the wall. She had another cigarette and and took deep breaths of air which she exhaled through her nose. Classic breathing excersises. Terrence was pacing back and forth between the shelves looking for supplies. He found a back of peanuts. The expiration date said sometime next month. He took one out and tried it. They were still good.

”Here you need to eat” He handed Hannah the bag and then went to a fridge, got out a couple of sodas and handed her one. He sat down on the floor with his back against the counter. He took a sip of soda. It was kind of warm but it was as good as anything at this point.

”So.... should we go home?” He looked up at her. She was reaching into her bag.

”No... lets keep on I just need a few moments” She withdrew her mp3 player and put her headphones on. Terrence could hear a faint stream of music coming out the speakers. He was about to say something but stopped in his tracks, best not to say anything at this point.

Minutes went by as the sky darkened more and more. It was around 1pm already. Outside the streets were still empty. Terrence stood up and walked around the store. He stuck his head outside and looked down the street. In the distance he could see four or five shapes shambling aimlessly around. He took aim and looked through the scope. They were stiffs indeed. He went back into the store and looked at Hannah. She was sitting with her eyes closed breathing in and out slowly. He poked her gently, she took off her headphones and opened her eyes.

”You allright there?”

She nodded.

”We better get moving, theres a whole bunch of them coming our way”

Hannah jumped down from the counter and put away her music. She readied her axe and motioned for Terrence to lead the way.

The walk had been majorly uneventful. Hannah hadnt said a word and Terrence had thought it best to keep quiet. Instead he focused on his surroundings. Those weeks he had spent hunting in the wild with his granddad had really paid off. He had never thought that he would be this grateful for the basic advices he was given.

Be prepared

Be mindfull of your sorroundings

Move in silence

”Guess this is it” he broke the silence. All around them skyrises were towering over them. It was around the afternoon and the trek towards the center had been uneventful. A few stiffs had shown themselves but Terrence and Hannah had avoided any further altercations with them. The sky was virtually black. Dark clouds filled to the brim with all manners of bad weather were looming omniously over them.

Hannah stood still for a minute. She looked around. There were storefronts all around them.

”So whats next” She looked at Terrence.

”I guess we take a look around” He started moving down the street they were on. It was a long street with a load of little side streets to it. Everywhere there were electronics stores, restaurants and clothes stores.

”We need to....” she paused. They got what they came for so why were they still in the middle of the city.

”I reckon we find somewhere that has food. Scout the city abit”

Hannah nodded. They werent here on any agenda. Curiosity was the drive force now. They looked at each other. The vastness of the objective at hand was overwhelming. Hannah opened her mouth but something broke the silence sooner.

”What was that” Terrence scouted in all directions. They had both heard it. A distant snap of a gun being fired. Then silence. They relaxed again.

”Someones alive out there” Hannah said while knowing she was underlining the obvious.

Another shot broke the silence. It came from the left a little further down the road. Or so they thought. Terrence started moving in the direction and Hannah followed suit.

”Better prepare for the worst” He said while nodding towards Hannah. She put away her axe and took her gun out instead. They moved slowly down the street towards the sound.

Another shot was heard. Terrence changed direction. The shots were coming from all over the place.

”Whoever is firing is moving” Terrence stopped to get a sense of direction from the sounds. A lonely stiff moved out into the street, it didnt as much as look at them it just shambled along after the sound of the gunfire.

”Terrence stop” Hannah looked at him, her face painted with concern.

”We gotta help him out girl, who knows what kind of shit situation he's in”

”Yeah I get that. But thoose things are drawn towards noise”

Terrence lifted his gun, took aim and before Hannah could object he placed a round in the stiffs head.
”There, theyre gonna come looking for us aswell”

Hannah sighed. They both started running towards the sound.

They had carefully moved between buildings, stores and wreckages of cars. There had been more shots and they seemed centered around an appartment complex. The concentration of stiffs was higher and they had had to slow down their pace and carefully plan their moves. They had planted themselves behind a toppled car. All that was between them and the appartment were a small handfull of stiffs. A few came billowing out of the side streets. Another gun shot was heard.

”Alright enough of this” Terrence stood up and waved his hand. ”STOP FIRING” a few stiffs turned their attention towards him. For each second that passed more and more stiffs were coming out of the side streets.

”We need to split up. I take the left you take the right” Hannah made sure her gun was fully loaded. Terrence looked at her

”No its too dangerous”

”Look.. We split up for five minutes get control back, you hit that idiot over the head for attracting more of them and then we clean out. Take refuge in the appartments and th... great”

A loud crash was heard as a strike of lightning struck down somewhere far away. Rain started pouring over them. Hannah looked at Terrence and smiled.

”I dont know why. But we might aswell try and save his sorry ass” she stood up and ran to the left of the car.

”HANNAH” Terrence shouted then beat his hand against the car wreck. He ran to the left and started covering for her. He dropped a few stiffs. She got into position across the street, stood up and shot a stiff at close range. Terrence moved closer to the appartment. Another gun shot was heard. He waved his hands above his head but had to pull them down as a stiff was close to him. He put a slug in its head.

Hannah was breathing heavily. She was moving fast but the path to the appartment was obstructed by car wrecks. She shot a stiff but hit it in the chest. It kept moving towards her not even registering the fatal shot. She stood still for a moment, took aim and fired at its head. It dropped to the ground with a large thud. She assessed the situation. It would be quite easy to jump atop the cars and then move that way towards the appartment. Or so she thought. In the next second a large crash was heard as a fenced gate was toppled. About fifteen stiffs came shambling onto the streets. They were all looking at her. She raced to the car and climbed on top of it. Beneath it were a few stiffs who instantly took to her. One came climbing onto the hood of the car. She planted a bullet in its head.

A gunshot was heard. It was Terrence. He took out a few stiffs but there were too many.

”RUN GIRL” He shouted, there were slight panic in his voice.

A stiff grabbed on to Hannahs ankle and groaned at her. She withdrew her foot and kicked it in the head. The stiffs that had toppled the gate had moved onto the street at quite a fast pace. She was overwhelmed.

Another gunshot was heard. Terrence and the stranger were trying to clear her path but to no avail.

She jumped off the hood of the car and fell down to her knees. She was up again quick. Her heart pounding and adrenaline coursing through her veins. She tried to run towards the appartment but it wasnt possible. There were too many of them. She looked around and found an escape route to the right. She ran but got disorientated, the groaning of the stiffs rose to a fever pitch. They were everywhere and more of them where coming out of the streets adjacent to this one.

Terrence fired a few rounds into some stiffs. He saw Hannah jump down and dissapear. He ran a few steps forward and shot another stiff. There must have been around 30 of them. The stranger was shooting frantically with no aim. He looked at Terrence and muttered a few words that sounded like sorry. Then went inside the complex dropping all of his supplies on the pavement.

”motherfucker” Terrence said while biting his teeth. He couldnt see Hannah anywhere and the stiffs were all around. He cried out for her but there was no reply. He then went to the door and took a hold of the knob. It was locked. He started pounding on the door while shouting.

”OPEN NOW” But noone answered. He tried a few more times. The stiffs were getting closer and closer. He shot a few more then had to reload. Suddenly the door opened and a scrawny looking pale faced kid with greasy brown hair opened the door.

”GET IN” he shouted and Terrence complied. The door was shut and they were left in the dark. The stranger lit a flashlight and lit it on Terrence. He held a gun to his face.

”Were you bit?”

Hannah ran with no sense of direction, she just had to move fast and that was all that she knew. The rain was pouring down and got in her eyes. Across the street was an old cinema, the entrance was covered by two cars parked in a v formation and on the front hung a sign crafted from sheets sown together.

No dead inside

”Good enough” she thought to herself and quickly dashed across the street. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute and her anxiety was kicking in real hard. Every step she took seemed to echo through the streets and her legs were like jelly. She tried to ignore it but running was awkward right now. She fell, her body hitting the street and her gun falling out of her hand. She looked to each side. More dead were coming her way.
”GET UP” She bit her teeth together and sat up fast. She reached for her gun and got a hold of it. A stiff was standing over head bending in for the kill. She raised her gun and fired a shot in its face. It fell down on top of her. Her anxiety was killing her. She dragged it off of her and got on her feet. Quickly jumped on top of the parked cars and took a hold of the door to the cinema. It was open.

”Thank fuck”

She went inside and quickly closed the door. A lonely stiff had followed her across the car and was beating on the old wooden door. She took a quick decision and opened the door. The stiff fell forward into the cinema. She fired a round into its head and dragged it inside before closing the door again. She took a nearby chair and barred the door with it.

The cinema foyer was dark. She had no flashlight but the faint rays of sunshine coming through the blanket of dark skies illuminated parts of the cinema. There was a beautiful stairwell leading up to what must have been the showing rooms. A corridor that lead to the bathrooms with an emergency exit sign hanging over it. She sat down on the floor with her back against the door. All she could hear was the horde outside and the rain smashing against the windows. She was safe now but for how long.

They had been seperated and she wasnt sure she would ever see Terrence again. Her heart was pounding fast and the emotions struck her hard. She started crying like a woman possessed. There was no way of escaping this she thought. There was one decision and one decision only. To opt out. End it all.

She got a firm grip of her gun. Took a deep breath then stuck it in her mouth.

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