The Last Bastion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Beginnings part 2

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



Chapter 4 Beginnings part 2 - please do read the booksie chapter 4 this is the continuation of that chapter)

She closed the door behind her and made sure it was locked. Outside she could hear sirens and helicopters circling the skies. The explosions had been calming down abit but the quarantined areas were only a certain size and it wouldnt take a lot to bomb them back to the stone age. There were still a few hours to burn before she had to get out of town. She went to her window to check if the military was still positioned at their barricade. A lone car drove up to it at quite the speed. The men took aim and got ready to fire. The car increased its speed intent on ramming its way through the sandbags it seemed. The men started firing but the car started swirving all across the road to avoid it. When it came near to the barricade it took a hard turn around it hitting one of the soldiers. He flew quite the distance. The firing continued and crushed the vechiles windows but it kept on going. Soon it was out of reach of gun fire. The men all got in a parked military vechile and started racing after the car that had escaped. Now was her window of opportunity.

She quickly got her best bag and started filling in things she would need. She packed a spare set of clothes, some soda and some canned food. She ran to the kitchen and got her can opener. It would come in handy for sure.

She smacked the lid on her computer and packed it aswell along with a power cord. She wouldnt need it for long but she wanted to copy some music to her phone while on the road. She got her phone battery charger and every spare pack of batteries she had. She emptied her remotes and other battery driven appliances. Last was the cigarettes. The two cartons were the last thing she had room for. She zipped up the bag. Made sure she had her coat, her phone, the gun, lighters and her headphones. She quickly slammed the door and made sure it was locked before heading to the elevator. The trip down to the bottom floor seemed like an eternity but in fact it only took a couple of seconds. When she got out a man was getting into the elevator. He had a grim look on his face and was carrying a crate of food. He nodded when she held the door open for him. She had no time for pleasantries but if she didnt hang on to what made her human then what would be left. She nearly ran onto the streets. From what she could see the barricade was still abandoned. She made her way towards it. A few people were walking around in the streets on their way to places unknown. She didnt care, all that was in her mind was getting past the blockade and into the woods sorrounding New Nottingham. Once there she could easily walk to the next town and find some shelter. The thing that worried her the most was the thought of staying out in the wild overnight. She had no choice but she hadnt remembered to pack a blanket and now was too late to turn back. She walked firmly in a fast pace. She could hear gun fire in the background but didnt pay it any attention.

The blockade was nothing more than a few sandbags strewn across the street. The car had had an easy task of getting past it. She took her first step past the blockade. Her first step out of the quarantined zone and into freedom. She looked all around her but there were no sign of the military vechile. She wasnt gonna take any chances and started running as fast as she could towards the woods. Getting to the woods would mean obtaining her freedom totally and then she would be on her way to Union City. The bushes thickened and outcroppings of trees started sorrounding her. All of a sudden she heard what she had feared the most. Tires screeching. She looked along the road. It turned around a corner a bit further down and the screeches came from there. She quickly dug behind the bushes. The military vechile drove past her without paying her any attention. She waited till it was parked before she started walking further down the road. She was keeping within the bushes and sustained a multitude of cuts and bruises. Nothing to be worried about. She had plenty of scarring already so what was a little naturally induced scarring gonna do?

She reached the woods and made sure she was a few hundred meters within them before she sat down. She looked at her phone. 80% power left and it was around 8:30 pm. What would she do next?

She got out her computer and started copying tracks from her library onto her phone. It wouldnt last the entire trip to Union City but it would count for some of the way. And as the battery started dying she would have to turn it off. Only for special occassions or when she really needed it she agreed with herself.

”A bit of that... and a bit of that.. and hellooo” she copied random songs she liked. A little bit of everything. Some hardstyle, some metal, some rock, some pop. When she was done it was 9 pm. She hadnt the faintest idea of how far away the next town was. Williamsburg if she wasnt much mistaken. A very small cozy town inhabited by would be city slickers. It had a lot of farms and there would probably be a barn she could take refuge in. She heard a rustling in the bushes a few meters away from her. She stood up thus dropping her computer. She took out her gun and pointed towards the bushes. A few moments was passed in silence. Then a deer stuck its head out of the bushes to greet her to the wild. She looked at it. A beautiful creature completely unaware of what was happening all around. And after humanity had been long gone that deer along with the rest of the population of animals would probably go on to take over the cities that would be the only remaining clue about our once great civilization. The deer looked at her for a few seconds before it leapt up and away from her. She let out a sigh of relief and put away her gun. Sat down and closed her computer. She had done the walk to Williamsburg before but it was getting close to dark and she didnt have a flashlight. She quickly packed up. Got out a cigarette and began walking. The air was cool enough to allow her to cover her top with a black zip up hoodie adorned with a band logo for a belgian band. The back of it was a grim picture with the text ”Humanity Is A Disease”.

Williamsburg seemed deserted. It was 10:30 pm and after a load of detours she had finally reached the outskirts of the city. Nothing moved in the city. She decided to try and knock on a door. There was no answer. No lights inside so she didnt know if people were asleep or dead. She instead decided to search for a barn and after about 5 minutes she found one. The front door was closed but there was a ladder leading up to the hay storage area. She scaled the ladder and found herself in a nice and cozy hayloft. Here would be a good place to sleep and she was absolutely exhausted after the days ordeals. She went to the very back and found a nice bale of hay. After fidging with the string a little bit she managed to open it and submerged herself in the hay. It was nice and warm and would act as a blanket for tonight. Tomorrow she would search the homes and find something more sustainable.

Morning had been around for a few hours when Hannah finally woke up. She looked at her phone. It was around 10am. The sun had come back in full force and was shining through a cloudless sky. She got out her computer and opened it to charge her phone. Better spending the battery on the computer first and only use the analogue batteries in case of an emergency. She got out her phone and saw she had received a text from Charles. She had completely forgotten to text and tell him that she had gotten out alright.

”Did you make it?”

She quickly texted a reply. He would probably be up right now.

”Yeah I made it out. Slept in a barn. Gonna search houses for supplies and make my way towards union city”

She checked her computer. It was picking up an internet connection that wasnt password protected.

She went online and checked a map. There were about two smaller cities before the next large one. The only catch was that it would take weeks to get to the larger city. She could hope that the infection hadnt spread too fast and that she would be able to check into a hotel or two along the way.

When her phone was done she gathered her things. Put on a hardstyle playlist and made sure she was far away from any hay before she took a cigarette out. The town was still deserted. She went up to the nearest house and knocked on the door. The door slid open slowly revealing a deserted home. She went inside with her gun ready. The experiences yesterday with the little girl had made her aware of the dangers of not being prepared for the worst.

She couldnt hear any sounds anywhere. The house was void of people or personal belongings. She noticed that there was a distinct lack of pictures. Around the living room things were scathered on the floor probably done so while someone hastily packed away their stuff. On the sofa there were two neatly folded blankets. She took one of them. It was big enough for her. She wasnt the tallest person in the world. In fact she was rather short. Something she had always been annoyed about but at this moment it seemed like a blessing. She rolled it up and stuck in between her back and the bag. The trip could begin.

It had been about a week since she began her trek. Navigating in the woods was quite hard when you had to do it without a map. She had been able to set up camp at vantage points each night and had eaten her canned foods. It was by no means a delicious nutritious dinner but she had to eat. She had forgotten to pack toilet paper which was probably a bad idea. She missed her bed. She missed watching tv-shows all night and she missed her coffee. Waking up without it was a tiresome job but she didnt have any coffee with her nor any means to boil water for it.

She was in close proximity to the next town. She had no idea what it was called for she had never been this far out in the woods. The treeline was receeding as she stepped foot onto a field of corn. The stalks reached higher than she was. This seemed like an ideal place to hide and gather supplies. The corn was still a little bit greenish when she peeled back the leaves but she managed to find a few that were ripe. She stuck them into her pockets at knee height.

The walk through the corn was slow and took a lot of effort. Leaves constantly beat against her face and when she finally reached the end she was battered and bruised. In front of her was a farm. She was stood by the barn when she noticed something. There was smoke billowing out of the chimney. She readied her gun and walked slowly towards the house. The door was open and there was music coming from within the house. It sounded like Bob Marley. It was definately Bob Marley. She snuck a peek inside. The entrance had a bunch of coats hanging in it and rubber boots littered with dirt.

”Hello?” She called out but received no reply. There was a faint aroma of something cooking spreading throughout caressing her nostrils. There had to be someone alive in here. She navigated her way to the kitchen.
”Stand up for yer rights” A mans voice was reciting the lyrics of the tune. She turned a corner and there he was. An african american fella. He was about a head taller than her. Wearing a white dirt t-shirt. He was bald and very muscular. She readied her gun as per instinct. In the past week she had had to take down a few infected. Or stiffs as she had come to know them. She took a step into the kitchen and beat her foot against a cupboard. The man turned around. Saw her gun and instictively put his hands in the air.
”Is it safe?”

He looked puzzled.

”The house. Is it safe?”

He nodded.

”Okay.. Im gonna put away my gun now” She lowered her weapon.

”Damn you make one hell of an impression. Busting into my house like that and raising your gun at me”

”Im sorry.. I dont know why”

”No I understand. Seeing alot of thoose things outside does that to you”

”So its here aswell?”

”Yeah... Been that way for about half a week or so, everybody left quite quickly”

”So why are you still here?”

”Look.... Im Terrence” he held out his hand to her. She came closer and shook it.

”You hungry?”

She nodded. She was very hungry.

”Do you have any... coffee?”

He let out a broad smile.
”Girl I got it all, lets eat and get to know each other”

His friendlyness was welcoming in all of this.

They had had a good meal. A solid lunch is the backbone of any good day as he had said. He had served her some different meats and veggies. All warm and cooked. She hadnt had proper food in a week so it was abit of a shock to the system. She leaned back in her chair and got out a cigarette. He looked at her.

”Oh shit sorry... Do I have to go outside?”

He shook his head.

”No.... You just smoke that thing and tell me who you are and what youre doing here”

She lit her cigarette and took a drag. It was a great tension reliever and she had needed that.

”My name is Hannah. I came from New Nottingham. We were hit about a week or so ago. Things turned ugly really bad”

”Thats next to Jamestown isnt it?”

”Yeah... Or outbreak central. Has the news been on at all?”

”Nope... They stopped broadcasting on the local channels a few days ago and the news network is reporting that they will be shutting down soon. The whole country has been hit”

She gasped. So it was actually happening. The worst case scenario was unfolding and everyone was powerless to stop it.

”Well anyway.... I am headed to Union City to meet up with a friend”

”Hell of a time to be making social calls” he laughed.

”Yeah... Ill find him and then we will head to the relief center I was told about”

”Seems like a good idea”
She nodded and inhaled some more smoke.

”So...... what are you doing hanging around here?”

”Its been my home all my life. Passed down from my father to me. I do the farming of the crops. Slaughtering of the animals that sort of stuff”

”Has there been alot of stiffs around here?”


”Yeah you know... Walkers.. Corpses... Dead people... Infected... Whatever you want to call them”
”Yeah theres been alot. Ive had to put alot of townsfolk down”

”So why are you still hanging around here?”

”I got nowhere else to go. I have no direction so I thought Id stay here...”

”You want to........... travel with me?”

He smiled.

”Sure.... When do you want to leave?”

His willingness to up and leave his birthplace seemed odd.

”Look were not gonna”

”not gonna what”

”You know...” she made a funny face....

”I dont follow you....”

”Were not gonna do it....”

He laughed out loud.

”Well I think you look cute but that wasnt the first thing in my mind when you popped round in my kitchen”

She blushed and hid her face. Extinguished her cigarette and stood up.

”Thanks for the meal Terrence”

He stood up aswell and got their things.

”Well make yourself at home. Ill gather up my things and we'll leave first thing in the morning. Theres a guest room upstairs and the electricity still works”

She appreciated his open arms. She needed a nights sleep in a real bed. She went to the living room and turned on the tv. There was alot of dead channels but finally she found the news network.

are in... It seems as though this disease has taken a turn from the worse. As we have been reporting for the past week the dead seem to be rising from their graves. The military are now advising everyone to seek to their nearest relief center. We are reporting live from Union City where most of the inner city, in fact everything beyond the bridges has been walled off. Supplies are scarce but rationing is in effect. CDC officials are still falling short on the manner of obtaining a cure. It looks like the end folks. If you are seeing this then seek to your nearest relief center. Dont attempt to contact family or loved ones as they are more than likely either dead or on their way to a relief center. I do apologize for my harsh tone but there is cause for concern”

”Ill be right back. I need to set the animals free”

She got out of her seat.

”Can I come?”

”Yeah ofcourse”

They went into the courtyard and approached the stables. Setting the animals free seemed like a fitting end for this farm.

It was morning. Another day as a survivor, another day alive in this world gone bad. She could smell that something was cooking downstairs. She sat up in her bed and looked for her clothes. The bed had been comfortable and a nice break from sleeping on the ground. Not to mention that she had done a while with no blanket at all.

She gave up looking for her bra. She was hungry and the thing was missing yet again. She had this thing about misplacing her underwear when she had first taken it off. She got on her t-shirt and her trusty military pants. The corn was strewn across the floor. She picked it up and stuffed it in her bag. It would no doubt come handy at some point in the not too distant future. She got her stuff and put it on top of her bed then went downstairs for what was no doubt breakfast.

”Mornings” Terrence sounded cheery.

”Good morning” she yawned. She wasnt good at waking up.

”What time is it?”

Terrence looked at his watch.

”Its around 11am”

”Really? Why didnt you wake me?”

”Its okay.. Ive been around town getting some gas. Had to take down a few........ stiffs.... Im surprised I didnt wake you with the shots”

”No not really. When I sleep. I sleep”

”Well if something is worth doing its worth doing right” He laughed then served her a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, sausages and bacon.

”All homegrown. Itll taste better than anything youve ever had”

”Or ever will have again” she took a bite of the eggs. A literal explosion of flavor happened in her mouth. The eggs werent the way she normally did them. They were creamy, rich and full of different flavors.
”Wow man... This is really good”

Terrence sat across from her at the table with a plate of his own.

”You can cook Ill give you that”

He took a bite of sausage. Didnt reply but she could see he felt slightly awkward about the praise.

”So... Why do you wanna leave?” She looked at him. He looked up from his plate and thought about it for a minute.

”I dont have anything left here. Sure I can try rebuilding society starting with my farm. But how can it be worth rebuilding something when I have noone to rebuild it for. The whole town is full of thoose things and here I am still having my door unlocked. I had to put down atleast 6 of them this morning and the noise just attracted more”

Hannah had a slightly uncomfortable feeling in her body. He looked at her and began again.

”Dont worry. I went across town and then didnt fire a single shot on my way back. I crossed a few fields and went into the farm through my cornfield”

She let out a sigh of relief.

”But you know. I was kindda minding my own business thinking the military would have it handled when I saw the first broadcasts. Then it got really bad and Ms Johnson across town became really ill after being bitten by someone. One of them must have strayed from New Nottingham and come here” he took another bite of his food then stopped. Got up and went to the kitchen counter.

”Shit I almost forgot. I have coffee as per request” He sat down again and handed Hannah a cup of steaming hot coffee. She took a big gulp. It had been some time since he had had coffee and the taste was absolutely heavenly.

”Anyway.. I started hearing about the relief centers or whatever you wanna call em. The nearest town to this place is as small as this one. I figured Id go check out how bad it was you know. So I got in my car and went to New Nottingham but was turned away at a barricade on the south end of town”

Hannah looked up and smiled.

”Thats where I live... or used to live...”

Terrence laughed. ”Damn thats a coincidence. Well I couldnt really see much of anything there and I had hoped to get to the relief center. You know for business. I had the car packed full of meats. I come back and all hell has broken loose back home. My old man had been bitten and fell ill. The stiffs were overrunning the place quite fast and I had nowhere else to go. I put down my dad and then cleaned out the house. Thought I might aswell enjoy the last few days I had on this earth. I wasnt expecting to make it this far. Theese things are vicious and then you came along”

Hannah laughed. It all seemed too good to be true. The last survivor of some small place she just happened to stumble upon. And he was friendly and wanted to travel with her.

”And now Im about to leave my birthplace behind and start a new life somewhere”

”Not just somewhere. Union City... I heard on the news that everything past the bridges has been walled off and is under military control”

”I dont know. Ive never been there. You might aswell be describing a secret city on the moon. Wouldnt know if it is true or not” He laughed.

”Union City is basically built on this river system. The part of city they are using is not alot but its big enough to house a lot of survivors. Ive only been once and that was many years ago”

She had finished her food. She leaned back into her chair and got out her cigarettes.
”Do you mind?”

”No go right ahead” Terrence put down his knife and fork. He took his coffee mug into his hands. He had a contemplative look on his face.

”What are you thinking about?” Hannah exhaled a puff of smoke.

”The easiest route towards Union City. I dont think I own any maps. We didnt travel much”

Hannah took another sip of coffee. The blend of cigarettes and coffee fit perfectly together. Atleast in her mind.

”Do you have a tent? And some sort of roll up matresses?”

He thought about it for a while.

”I think I have some sleeping pads from when I was a cub scout. But no tent anymore”

”Thats a damn shame”

”Yeah... But we can sleep in the car. I know its a clichee that the hick black man drives a Ford Tran... a van.... but its ideal for this place. We used to make runs on the hardware stores in the area when we were building our new barn”

”Great. We can sleep in the back”

”I filled the tank and have another two cannisters with gas so we should be able to make it quite far”

They both stood up at the same time. Hannah had finished her cigarette and was in the process of emptying her coffee mug.
”Is there any more?” She held out her coffee mug towards Terrence. He smiled and took a hold of the coffee pot pouring more into her cup.

”Ill find the sleeping pads and then we'll get ready to go. Theres leftovers still on the pan if youre more hungry”

He went out the door into the living room and up the stairs to the first floor. Hannah took a few bites of the left overs before doing the dishes. There was still running water. A good sign that atleast somewhere in the near vicinity things were still working. Her pocket vibrated. She took out her phone and looked on it. It was a text from Charles. She hadnt gotten one for a while now.

”Making good progress towards Union City. Gone to the coast and tracking it upwards. How r u?”

She texted him back. She was happy that he was safe.

”Fine... Met another survivor named Terrence. We are leaving for Union City soon”

A few seconds passed before the next text came along.

”Things out here are dead. Theres still electricity in some areas while other areas are blacked out. I managed to charge my phone in an abandoned hotel. Was five stars and everything”

”Met any survivors?”

”Noone... The roads are a mess with abandoned cars. Tons of dead walking around. This thing spread fast as all hell. Its only been a week and the entire north seems to have gone to hell”

”Well be careful” The text message didnt send. She tried again but to no avail. The little icon showing if there was a mobile signal had gone off. All ways of communication were dead.

She walked into the living room and sat down in the couch. It was comfortable. A leather couch that had been all worn out by years of faithful use. She flicked on the tv but all channels were dead. Terrence was rumagging around in the attic. She noticed a collection of dvd's not alot but a few. She quickly flipped through it and found a random dvd to watch. It was a man versus food season 2 dvd. She popped a disc in the player and started watching.

”Oh I see youve met Adam” Terrence stood in the doorway with two rolled up sleeping pads under his arm.

”Yeah I was just.... This show is awesome...”

”Yeah it is... I dont watch a lot of tv but that show I watched faithfully. Theres something about food I love. Anyway. I got the pads. Can you help me load up the car with supplies and then we'll be out of here”

”Sure” She turned the tv off again.

They walked outside towards the van. Terrence started loading things into the back of it.

”Oh whats this?” She held up a shining red firemans style axe. It had a bright red handle and on the back of the axe head was a metal spike.

”Oh I used to be a volunteer fireman. You should keep it its good for close combat I assume”

She took off her backpack. There were a few straps on the side used to keep the bag together. It fit perfectly into there.

They continued loading the car in silence. Terrence had no cooling boxes but took some meat from the freezer.

When all was set he locked the door to the house and they slowly drove onto the road. A road that would eventually lead them to their goal. Union City.

”Oh this cant be happening” Terrence beat his fists against the driving wheel. The car grinded to a halt in the middle of a forest road. They had been driving for a few days and only stopping to sleep and sign off on nature as it were. Now the car had no gas and they had spent the two extra tanks they had brought.

”I guess we'll have to walk from here on” Hannah unhinged her seatbelt and opened the door. It was midday and the sun was bright.

In the past couple of days they had passed a few cities. Hannah had insisted on finding a pharmacy excusing herself with female needs as the reason for the slight detour. Terrence had asked no questions on the matter.

Now they were stuck on a forest road god knows how far from civilization. Terrence got out of the car and went to the back. He opened the door and got out his bag. The sleeping pads fit underneath it. He rolled both of them up into one bundle.

”Lets get going then” He looked down the road ahead. It snaked on through the forest to some unknown location up ahead.

”We should go through the forest. Less creeps”

”And more chance of getting some food. Were running low on supplies”
”Can you hunt?” Hannah got out a cigarette.

”Yeah.. Its been a while but I bet I can get us some game for dinner if need be”

They walked off into the woods. They had a rough idea of where to go but no real sense of direction.

”Toto.... We aint in Kansas no more”. Her companion looked up.

”What do you mean Hannah?”

She motioned for him to get off his ass and then pointed out over the cliff side.

”Holy shit” he rubbed his eyes but the image stayed.

In front of them was a city. They had lost track of where they were but the city was sacked to the ground. Buildings stood burned out. Skyrises with no windows. A hollow monument of a once great civilization now reduced to ash.

”We should go into there” she muttered and sat down on the cliffside again.

They hadnt been able to see the city from walking through the forest but the rise in the terrain which lead to this cliff side had revealed the painful truth.

”Look girl. I might just be a dumb farmer but Im not stupid. That there is a safety hazard. Probably crawling with stiffs waiting to devour us. It aint safe”

He put his head between his hands. He rubbed the bald dome as she liked to refer to it and looked back up at her awaiting a response.

”Look Terrence. That city might be crawling with more of them than we have encountered before. But were both in our best shape, best age and armed to the teeth. We can be smart about this. Scavenge the city, get a hold of some much needed supplies plus it would be a hell of alot easier to go through it rather than skipping around it. Its still a few kilometers up ahead and we can scout it out as we go along”

”Its because Im black isnt it?” He said while laughing. She smiled at him

”Yeah totally. Im gonna use you as bait because we all know that thoose things love you more than me. Im way too skinny and dry for them”

They both burst out laughing. Terrence lifted up his bag and took out two cans of soda. Hannah reached into her pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes.

”You know youre fucking lucky that we hit that drugstore. Booze and cigarettes to last you a life time. Ofcourse when you go through them like that they wont last you much more than a month”

She smiled and brushed her brown hair off of her face while trying to ignite the cigarette.

”I just wish we got better lighters”

”Here let me” he pulled it from her hands and lit the cigarette for her.

”Youre not the least bit curious?”

”About what you look naked? Oh yes very curious”

She burst out laughing. It wasnt the first time he had made a pass at her like that. It brightened up the overall sense of doom and heartship they had suffered from since the beginning of their journey.

”No about whats in that city down there you big softie”

”Not really... Look Im from the country side. Spent all my life operating heavy machinery and harvesting crops. Real mediocre life compared to yours. I dont know the first thing about sneaking around and avoiding contact with the enemy”

”Oh and I do?” she softly punched him on his shoulder. He was lying down resting his upper body on his elbow.

”Well youve been getting into all sorts of covert ninja shit probably. Wouldnt surprise me”

”Look the only sneaking around I ever did was in Hitman” there was a pause as he tried to process the information

”Its a video game, you play a Hitman doing contracts killing people and stuff. Its real fun, if we ever find a laptop Im going to show you. Ofcourse we'd also have to find the game but thats the least of our worries”

He looked even more baffled now than before. He tried to express something about heavy machinery and the added bonuses of keeping up maintenance on harvesters but she cut him off.

”My point was that Ive never had to sneak around in real life. And I was crap at it in that game. Used to cheat and get all the weapons and then just kill everything that moved”

”could come in handy right about now” he sighed and laid down on his back starring at the sky. It was midday and a rather hot one at that. The clouds passed on completely oblivious to the fact of what was going on downstairs. At a rather slow pace as no wind was moving.

”How many more of theese do we have?” she pointed to the soda can. He sat up and ruffled through his bag. She did the same.

”I count 4 more” she said and took another drag on her cigarette.

”I got 3 more. 2 orange and one diet” he smiled at her and winked.

”Look if anyone needs diet it has to be you. I just said we should bring them along so as to not rot away our teeth for when we arrive at Fort Knox okay”

He laughed. ”Im beginning to loose faith in this Fort Knox story of yours. The broadcast stopped before I even met you and besides the nearest military base must be around Union City. And I seriously dont hope that you intend on going there”

”Maaaaaaybe” she took the final drag on her cigarette and discarded it.

”Okay..... Lets move” She stood up and extended her hand to him. He sighed, took it and stood up. They brushed the dirt off of their clothes, put on their bags and started looking for a path leading down the cliff.

”Terrence?” they had walked for about half an hour in complete silence. The descent had been troublesome as no paths were leading down the cliff. Hannah had insisted on hanging on to her soda. As she described it it was important to stay hydrated to which he had implied that drinking soda would be very counterproductive as it only furthers your need for water. She had put out her tongue at him and made a cringy face.

There hadnt been anything to talk about and they both agreed that silence might be best when moving into new territory in order to not get ambushed. Be it by stiffs or by other survivors looking to capitalize on them being only two and quite underarmed.

Hannah touched her gun. It was a standard issue police force gun that she had gotten when she was in New Nottingham. That seemed so long ago. Even further away was the time she used to sit on her balcony back home and smoke and contemplate about life. Her condition deemed that she had to have control of her sorroundings. The irony being that ever since the initial break out she didnt have control over anything apart from herself. She had been lucky to scavenge a pharmacy about two weeks ago. Gotten a whole galaxy of different drugs. As long as she could keep medicated there wouldnt be an issue.
”Yeah?” he muttered while grabbing on to his rifle. He scanned the sorroundings then looked at her.

”Do you think that we would ever have met if not for this predicament?”

He stopped for a short while then resumed walking.

”Nope. I would have never have come to New Nottingham apart from maybe buying fertilizer. Im not much for travelling”

”Oh so youre like a hobbit then?” He stopped.

”Like a what?”

She laughed

”Did you never see Lord Of The Rings?”

”Nah.... I only ever went to the movies if my girlfriend wanted to. And even then it was all this sappy romance bullshit she wanted to watch so I usually fell asleep while she was sat there weeping like a baby over that English guy stuttering while trying to invite a chick out. Luckily she broke up with me about two months ago so I didnt have to sit through crap like that ever again”

”Youre a real catch for any girl you know that?” she winked at him.

”Hell yeah girl. Im a strapping young man. Early thirties, prime of my life as you put it”

She didnt say anything. She just looked at him and gave him a quirky smile.

”Oh like you havent thought about it. We might be the last people on earth you know” He held out his arms.

”Thats for me to know and for you to...” she was interrupted by a sound a few meters away from them. The bushes moved and a little group of birds took off into the air. Terrence drew his gun and scanned the area from which the sound came. Hannah grabbed the fire axe that was attached to the side of her bag.

”Be carefull with that or youll put someones eye out” he whispered.

”Well good. Thats exactly what I intend on doing”

She started moving forwards towards the bushes with the axe ready to attack anything that came out of there. There was another sound and a hare rushed out of the bushes. She gasped then turned around.

”Oh it was just a har...” something grabbed onto her from behind. It felt like a womans hand. Small and delicate yet very strong. A pulsating stench of rotten flesh eminated from behind her.

”Stand still Hannah Im gonna get it”

Hannah tried to get free of the corpse grabbing onto her but to no avail. The zombie let out a sigh and grabbed onto her even harder. She froze for a second and tried to analyze the situation. She quickly awoke from her slumber as she felt the corpse moving closer to her. She started writhing to try and get free. Thrashing around and somehow managed to turn around so she was facing the corpse. She lifted the axe and put the shaft in the corpses mouth.

”Terrence.. For gods sake dont fire that rifle youre gonna attract a load more” she yelled while trying not to panic.

Terrence responded by getting out his hunting knife, running over to her and then grabbing the corpse to let Hannah free lest something bad would happen. He was somewhat succesfull and Hannah managed to seperate herself from the corpse. He then pushed it away from him knocking it over.
”NOW” he yelled at Hannah who rushed over and gave the corpse a forceful blow to the body. She hacked away three times before managing to hit the corpse in the head thus killing it.

”Are you allright?” He examined her swiftly before holding her tight. She dropped the axe and started crying.
”There there girl, youre safe now, its allright” she grabbed his back and held on tightly. It had been a little too close for comfort and after the initial adrenaline rush there had been room for her emotional side again.

”Did it get you?” He asked while holding her out, examining her again.

”No” she wiped the tears off of her face.

”Look we gotta keep moving theres probably more of them” she said while sobbing gently.

”Are you sure youre alright? You dont look alright” he looked sincerely concerned. Like the outlook of loosing his companion on the road had been a little too real. It had all been a game up until now. They had only seen a few stiffs and they had only had to dispose of a handfull. And even then they did it by use of firearms.

”Why did you have to whack it with the axe? You Conan now?” he said jokingly.

”Oh so that one you have seen?” She laughed while picking up her axe.

”Ofcourse.... Its a classic”

They resumed walking towards their goal. The city wasnt that far off and they would reach it by nightfall.

© Copyright 2020 KasperHorndrup. All rights reserved.


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