The Last Bastion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 7 (v.1) - To old friends... part 2

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Chapter 5 - To old friends... - part 2 (as always please read previous chapter, this is the continuation of that)

”Black celebratiooon” Hannah almost silently sang along with the song. Terrence laughed.
”This is good. Who is this?”

”Depeche Mode... Old sort of electronic pop band. Great music..”

”See Martin.. Thats the benefit of knowing Hannah. Even though the world has gone to shit you can count on her to broaden your horizons”

Martin took a sip of his beer and grinned. ”Yeah... She was always quite the nerd”

Hannah poked him in his side. ”Oh youre one to talk mr Golfang”

Martin looked embarassed.
”Golfang?” Terrence did not follow.

”Yeah... Back in school Martin used to play Dungeons And Dragons all the time. He practically lived in his mums cellar”

”Oh youre so holy.... You used to come round all the time”

”Yeah cause I wanted to see my friends”

”Oh yeah.... So the Serephina thing that was just”

Now it was Hannahs turn to look embarassed. Terrence burst out laughing.

”Whats so funny”

”You know... I actually used to play that game back when I was in school”

Martin and Hannah looked shocked.

”Yeah... I had this thing where I would play a warrior.. bash in doors kill people”

Martin laughed. ”I did not take you for a DnD guy”

”Nope I hide it well”

”Well since were being honest and all” Hannah took a big sip of wine. ”I actually enjoyed playing with you guys”

”Remember the time where you guys all died to a pack of goblins”

”They were heavily armed” Hannah said insistingly. They had been over this a million times in the past.

”Oh really.....” Terrence took the pack of cigarettes and lit one. Hannah did the same.

”Once... I was in this wicked fight with a dragon” Terrence leaned back and tried to remember.

”The entire party was lying down. And I was left alone with it. I was down to my last few hitpoints and the dragon wasnt about to go down”

Martin leaned forward in his seat. ”What happened then?”

”Well it was my turn and I was about to go down. So I roll the dice and score a critical hit. The dragon died then and there and I walked away with all the treasure”

”Slick” Martin took another sip of beer. Hannah got out of her seat and sat in the couch. She yawned. The alcohol was getting her quite sleepy and she was feeling abit tipsy. Terrence quickly got up and sat next to her. Martin looked at the pair and smiled.

”So how long have you two been together”

Hannah froze. ”Were not together”

”No.. On the road.. When did you meet”

She let out a sigh of relief. ”About.... Three weeks ago”

”So not that long after the outbreak then”

”Nope.. I left before it all went really bad. The military was about to bomb the city”

”Yeah I saw that on the news.... That was crazy”

”Yeah..... Did they actually go through with it?”

”Yeah.... The news channel said so.... The military did a last desperate attempt at containing the situation and bombed the place” Terrence said and looked at Hannah. Her heart sank. Her old life had been irrevocably erased. Terrence laid his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. He could see it pained her.

”You okay there?”

”Yeah... Im fine... Thats just.... All my friends... Or people who used to be my friends”

”We all lost” Martin said then immediately understood that he had been to harsh.

”I mean..... Everything changed last month. At first I thought the military would contain it.. But then the CDC pulled out and I lost all hope”

Terrence and Hannah looked at Martin.

”They what?”

”Yeah... It was on the news channel about two weeks ago. They kept broadcasting until about a week and a half ago. The CDC had tried to develop a cure but had to leave their research when Union City got swarmed. Thoose who made it out alive are now in the relief zone”

”Is that thing still a reality?” Hannah looked concerned

”Yeah... Last I heard they were still in there. The military has walled off all the bridges and were sweeping the island for walkers. They are trying to rebuild”

”Thats where were headed” Terrence still had his hand on Hannahs shoulder. She was starring blankly into the wall. The touch seemed to relieve her and he wasnt about to let go.

”cool....” Martin took a sip of beer. Hannah all of a sudden stood up and went to her phone. She changed the playlist and an atmospheric sound came flodding through the speakers.
”Time for some party music. Remember this Martin?” She sat down in the couch again.

”Oh yeah. Darude!”

Terrence looked at Hannah. She still seemed shaken but smiled at him.


”Yeah... Back in school when this came out we were jumping all around the classroom to this song”

Martin went into the kitchen and lifted up the cooling box. He sat it down by the coffee table.

”Darude means party.... Lets drink”

Terrence reached into the box and got out a couple of beers. Martin took the chair and sat it down on the other side of the coffee table.



”Can you find the song Back In Time by Dj Dana? And turn it up abit will you”

Martin turned around and turned the music up the started shuffling through her phone. Hannah quickly turned her attention to Terrence. She kissed him passionalety. Terrence smiled broadly and returned the favor. After a few seconds she pulled back. Martin was still bent over the phone.

”No actually can you make that Superstar Dj by Dark Oscillators?”

”Yeah sure”

She went back to Terrence. He started laughing.

”Whats so funny”

Hannah quickly got back in her seat.

”Oh nothing he just does that from time to time”

Martin turned around again. Hannah quickly kissed Terrence again. The sound of Superstar Dj came on. Hannah got back in her seat and started dancing around in her seat.

”I love this song”

”This is ehm.. a departure” Terrence looked at her.

”Yeah... I know... A few years ago I got really into hardstyle... Always wanted to go to an event but never did.... and now its too late.. He is the superstar DJ” She sang along with the track and did some wild gesticulations with her arms.

Terrence laughed at her. The music wasnt Bob Marley but for partying it was allright. Martin took a sip of his beer and let out a burp. He had been going pretty heavy on the drinking and seemed abit drunk.

”Hannahs always been a music freak” He laughed.

”Really?” Terrence leaned forward in his seat.

”Yeah... Back in school she used to come to our DnD sessions with all kinds of stuff. I started listening to metal because of her”

”Did you keep it up” Hannah had settled down again.

”Nah.... Kind of grew tired of it. Still listen to some occassionally”

”I wanna listen to something more uptempo” She leaned back and grabbed a cigarette.

”Here we go again” Martin sighed. Terrence looked at him a bit puzzled.

”What you mean?”

Martin laughed ”When we were at parties or basically any social event Hannah would get completely obsessed with controlling the music”

”Oh I wasnt that bad”

”No.... really.... cause I distinctly remember having to sit through a whole night of brutal death metal from Slovenia”

Hannah let out a hearty laugh. ”They werent from Slovenia.. And it wasnt a whole night”

Terrence looked confused.

”Dude.... We were at this party right. It was right around graduation and Hannah had been allowed to play one song that she liked because her friend was throwing the party. Nobody else wanted to hear her music. So she puts on some crazy ass song I cant remember”

Hannah interrupted him ”Shredded Humans” she was still laughing.

”Yeah what she said. Anyway she put it on and the dancefloor was decimated. We the geeks were standing with her at the stereo just talking about stuff. Now the song ends and her friends come back over and puts something she wants to listen to on. But Hannahs not having any of that. So for like half an hour she promised that this song will be the last. She played her stuff over and over”

Hannah snorted and laughed even harder. ”And Riley came up to me and called me a bitch and then her and her gang left”

”Yeah. And her friend was so pissed at her because the popular kids had left the party so she got a small ghetto blaster and went outside with some of her friends”

Hannah took a deep breath and regained composure. Terrence was laughing aswell.

”The party pretty much ended with us hijacking the stereo playing whatever we wanted to play until we were kicked out”

”And my friend never wanted to speak to me after that” Hannah took a sip of beer.

Terrence dried his eyes. ”That is some crazy shit”

”Yeah.... We were called the Party Kill Crew after that” Martin proudly proclaimed.

”She was a bitch anyway” Hannah leaned back in her seat.

”Thoose were the days.. Wonder if...”

”If they are still alive?” It seemed all conversation pieces ended this way. In some kind of trying to reason with the world, size up who had made it out alive and who hadnt. Martin took a sip of beer.

”Oh well... Who the fuck cares. Im sure the group made it out alive. You know Zack moved to Union City last year to study at the university”


”Yeah he moved in with his girlfriend. Theyre probably still alive. The military relocated all survivors when the infection hit Union City” there was a glimmer of hope in Martins eyes. Some part of him wanted to believe that not all traces of his past were gone for good. Hannah had a contemplative look on her face. Terrence looked at her.

”What are you thinking about?”

”Well... With the three of us. And Zack in Union City... We got a group”

”For?” Martin looked puzzled.

”DnD ofcourse!”

All three of them laughed. The idea of them sitting in Union City playing roleplaying games was ludicrous.

Martin got out of his seat and went to the kitchen. He came back with a bottle of vodka and a wicked grin on his face.

”Time to bring the heat”

Terrence cheered. They were all drunk at this time. The alcohol consumption had been fast and merciless. Martin seemed worse hit than everybody else. He had trouble sitting up straight.

”You alright there?” Hannah looked at him.

”Yeah... Im just... Fuck it... Lets drink..”

He slobbishly poured everyone a drink in their cups then raised his glass.

”To new and old friends” He downed his entire shot in one go. Hannah took a small sip. She already knew the taste of straight vodka didnt agree with her but being drunk meant that she had an easier time enduring it. Terrence downed his entire shot in one go. Hannah cringed. It burnt through her throat and a warmth spread in her stomach.

”this is awful” she sat down the cup. Martin turned around and started looking through her phone. Hannah used this to kiss Terrence again. He didnt seem drunk at all. She slobbishly kissed him. He returned the favor with perfect precision. He was a good kisser and the alcohol intensified the experience.

”This is remember” Martin turned around. Hannah quickly got back in her seat. The sound of very simplistic and old music came through the speakers. Martin looked at them with a playful smile on his lips.

”Where you two?”

”No... youre drunk Martin...” Hannah blushed.

”Here have some more beer” Terrence reached into the cooler and got out another beer. The vodka seemed to have an instant effect on Martin. He was rocking along to the music.

”Fuck I forgot all about how good theese guys were”

”I know that song” Terrence took another sip of beer. Hannah pulled her legs into the couch and rested them in Terrence's lap.

”Do you?”

”Yeah... Joy Division right?”

Hannah was amazed. It was her favorite band and her ”boyfriend” seemed to know them.
”Looooove.... Love will tear us apart... again” Terrence quietly sang along

”Yeah I knew this guy who was really into them”

”Awesome... Theyre my favorite band you know”

”Gotta start listening to them more then”

Hannah smiled at Terrence and he smiled back. Martin was pouring more vodka. He was well and truly toasted.

”To...” He quickly drank the drink and poured another one

”You know” he sounded drunk off his ass ”You know if you two were like... You know... Id be fine with that”

”Good to know” Hannah looked concerned. Martin was putting away the drinks quite rapidly. He finished another one and poured another one.

”Drink up”

Hannah took her cup and sipped a bit more vodka. The taste was vile. Terrence took his entire shot and poured another one.

”So you know... If you got something to tell me then do it now... I can take it”

”Look Martin....”

”Dont you Martin me” he motioned for Hannah to stop talking.

”All my life Ive been chasing you... And here you are... the end of the world” He paused and quietly laughed to himself

”I mean.... Im one of the last people on earth and here you are with some... farmer”
”look Martin” He had obviously seen them and the blow had sent him spiralling downwards. He seemed hellbent on drinking himself into a coma

”No no... its fine.... I mean... I only adored you through school. But then came college and I gave up but I never forgot you”

Terrence looked at Hannah. He didnt seem too happy with the events unfolding. She put on an apolagetic look.

”Martin I think you should go to be..”

Martin interrupted her. ”No Im fine.... If youre happy Im ha...” he paused and held his hand up to his face. He looked a bit queezy.

”You alright?” Terrence looked concerned. If he was about to hurl they had to get him to the bathroom

”Yeah... what was I say... god I love this song” He took another sip of vodka. Suddenly he got out of his seat. He heaved for a moment.


”Excuse me” He ran to the bathroom. They could hear him throwing up out there. Hannah was drunk but not too drunk to not register what Martin had been getting at. She stroked Terrences arm.

”Look I had no id...”

”Its not your fault.. He's drunk, he obviously adores you”

”Yeah but its not mutual... I dont like him... Never did.. I mean I like him... But not in that way”

”I know... Look lets get him to bed and then get some more to drink” Terrence stood up and went to the bathroom. He stuck his head back out laughing.

”Motherfucker fell asleep”

”Really?” Hannah went to the bathroom. Terrence flushed the toilet. Martin was lying on the floor fast asleep. Terrence crouched down and prodded him.



”Its time to go to bed man” He took a hold of Martins arm and maneouvered him to his appartment and into bed. Hannah went back to the couch. She put some mellow music on her phone. Since Terrence had responded so well to Joy Division she thought she would keep listening to that. She took the cups of vodka to the kitchen and poured them out into the drain and got a fresh bottle of wine. There was still lamb left. She cut a piece off and went to sit in the couch. Terrence came back and closed the door. They had lit a bunch of candles as the sun was going down and now that it was all dark the only light to illuminate the living room was that of the candles. Terrence sat down in the couch. He looked at Hannah. She was smiling.

”Hes gonna feel that tomorrow” Terrence noticed the wine. He checked his cup then poured some wine. He offered the bottle to Hannah. She poured some wine and grabbed two cigarettes. She lit them and handed one to Terrence.

”Thank you for being so nice to him”

”Yeah well we gotta get along dont we”


They sat a moment in silence and looked at each other. The song Atmosphere was playing. The singer sang solemnly and the music droned on.

”Look I had no idea... Or well I had an idea that he liked me... But I thought that he had put that away and its not like I was intending on bumping into him”

Terrence smiled. ”Its okay.. Really Im fine with it... Just a bit of a surprise”

Hannah smiled back. She turned around and put her back against Terrence. He carressed her hair. They sat like that for a moment, enjoying the moment.

”So the cats out of the bag”

”If he remembers it tomorrow it is” she took a sip of wine. She felt drunk but not in the least bit fragile in mind as she used to be. It all seemed right to her. Sitting here with a man she cared deeply for. Enjoying the end of the world.

”Hannah I think youre amazing.... The way you handle this situation despite your problems”

She was abit taken by surprise. She sat up straight and looked at Terrence. He quickly retorted.

”I mean in light of what you told me last time we got drunk, with the illness and such”
She relaxed her muscles. She didnt like it when people started talking about her as ill. Yet it felt soothing to know that he cared enough to bring it up.

”Well..... Its a bit hard really”

”Yeah I know... But youre handling yourself well” He took a drag on the cigarette.

Hannah quickly got up and changed the music. She needed to change the subject.

”You liked Cynic so heres some more of that”

”Great.... Cheers” He raised his cup, she locked hers with his. They both took a drink.

”Lets stay here for a few days... And lets lay low on this thing” Terrence had understood that she didnt want to talk illness. She was drunk but not like last time.

”Yeah.... Lay low?”

”Yeah you and me.... Lets keep it our thing... In case Martin doesnt remember tomorrow”

”I guess youre right. Must be hard for him. The girl of his dreams. Taken” she laughed.

Terrence smiled. ”By a farmer... A black farmer”

”Ooooh...... He must really be kicking himself right now”

”We know our craftmanship, not like you city slickers”

”Whats that supposed to mean” she playfully shoved him in the side. He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her close.

”That I do things better than he does, cause Ive actually done a day of hard physical work”

”Yeah you sure got it down alright” She relaxed and enjoyed being held. The security of it seemed a welcome thing.

”Guys must have gone crazy for you back in the day”

”No actually not... Ive only had a few boyfriends. It never worked out”


”I dont know.. I guess Im hard to keep happy”

”Well I can offer wine and protection but itll cost you” he said jokingly.

”Oh really... Itll cost me....” she laughed ”what is the toll good sir”

”Oh I dont know..... You promise not throw me into a swarm of stiffs to save yourself, that kind of thing”

”I think I can keep that promise”

”Speaking of which... I am sure as hell not going back into town.... I think we should try and travel around it”

Hannah concurred and took another sip of wine.



”Im happy... are you happy?”

”Couldnt be happier.....”

© Copyright 2020 KasperHorndrup. All rights reserved.


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