The Last Bastion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Revelations

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



Chapter 6 - Revelations

It was around 10am when Hannah awoke from her sleep. She rolled around in bed, her head hurting more than usual after a night of drinking and her entire body being famished for both food and water. She didnt usually get this hungover but they had been partying pretty hard. She extended her hand to the left hand side of bed expecting Terrence to be there. The bed was empty but there were signs of him having been there. She rolled around on her back and drew her hands to her face while moaning and yawning. She could hear slight noise coming from the living room. Music was being played.

She lifted up the covers and took a look down. Her body showed signs of bruises and she had no clothes on. She closed the covers again and sat up straight. The sun was peeking in through the windows and birds were cheerfully chippering away outide. She looked out the window for a moment the city was laid before her, empty, void of life and bursting to the brim with the undead she assumed. Her dreams had been a mess of impulses. It always happened when she was drunk. She had a tendency to dream vivid and lifelike dreams to the point where she could feel what she was being put through in her dream. It was part of the reason why she had been such a night dweller, the fear of going to bed knowing that a nightmare was inevitable was too much to bear sometimes. So she spent most of her life being wide awake and only sleeping when her body shut down.

She scooted over to the left side of the bed and got a hold of her pants. She withdrew a pack of cigarettes but it was empty.


She noticed a bottle of water on the nightstand it hadnt been there when they went to bed. She took a big gulp, it was still cold. She smiled to herself at Terrences display of affection.

”Oh well”

She quickly put on some underwear and a t-shirt before venturing into the living room. She didnt feel the need to put on a pair of pants since she guessed it was only Terrence who was up. Martin had had a lot to drink and was probably down for the count for a while.


Terrence sat in the couch reading a book he had found.

”Mornings” Hannah sounded miserable. Her voice was barely hearable and her head was pounding hard. She sat down. There was a pack of cigarettes on the coffee table. She got one out and lit it. The smoke was liberating. She sat the water down on the table and leaned back putting her legs in Terrences lap. He reached down and starting carressing her feet. She smiled at him.

”No word from Martin?”

”No he's probably out for a while now” Terrence turned the page.

The music was smooth and soothing. She instantly recognized it as Joy Division.

”So you like them?”

Terrence looked at her. A bit confused. ”Huh?”

”The music..”

”Oh yeah. Hope its allright I put it on. The silence was excruciating”

”What you reading?”

”I have no idea, but its boring as all hell”

Hannah laughed and relaxed into her seat. She closed her eyes for a minute and let the music fill her. She had always been an avid fan of music. It calmed her down and kept her thoughts at bay. She used to have music on all the time but since the outbreak she used it to relieve stress in tight situations. Her body was aching and she had a hard time getting comfortable.

”You hungry?” Terrence closed the book and put it on the coffee table.

”Yeah... really hungry”

”Well I found some foil so I kept the leftovers from last night if you want some”

”Sure thing”

Terrence got out of his seat and moved towards the kitchen.

”I can get it myself you dont have to service me” She tilted her head and rubbed her eyes.

”No its allright. You just sit there and relax. I can imagine you got quite the hangover”

”Like you wouldnt believe. How much did we drink?”

”Alot... Im not feeling too good myself but alot better than you probably”

”You didnt seem drunk at all last night”

”No I can hold it in pretty good. Martin on the other hand” he laughed.

”Yeah.... do you think he suspects us?”

”Dont know and dont care.... If he cant handle it then he should be a man and say something so we can work it out”

”Hmmm.... I guess youre right”
”Yeah but he might not remember, he went pretty wild on the vodka”

Terrence opened the oven and put something in it.

”20 minutes then you can get your food”


Terrence sat back down on the couch. They sat and looked at each other for a while. Hannah offered him a cigarette and he took it. The moment was precious to her, it was all about theese little glimpses of normality in this world turned upside down.

There was a knock on the door. Hannah got out of her seat and went to the door. Martin was stood outside looking like he had died. His eyes were barely open and his hair was a mess. He sighed.

”Good morning”

Hannah laughed. ”Mornings”

She could hear Terrence go into the kitchen. Martin walked into the hallway. He looked at Hannah and now she realized she wasnt wearing pants. She excused herself and went to her room. Martin proceeded into the living room.

”I put the rest of your food from yesterday in the oven. 20 minutes or so”

”Thanks man” Martin sat down on the couch with a sigh. He didnt look like he was on top of his game. Hannah came into the living room fully dressed. She sat down on the chair that was still stood across from the coffee table. She looked at Martin and let out a laugh.

”You alright there?”

”Noo” his voice let on that he was in pain.

”You two need some food in your system. Look... Im gonna go and check something out. The food is ready soon so you two just stay here” Terrerence said. He looked at Hannah for a brief moment. She looked back at him with concern painted all over her face. He looked at Martin who was oblivious to their exchanging of looks. He was busy trying to keep hold of himself.

”Martin can you go check on the food? I need to get something from my room”

Martin got up and went to the kitchen. Hannah motioned for Terrence to follow her. He got his backpack ready and went with her outside of the appartment. Hannah stood still for a minute as Terrence closed the door to the point where it was barely open. They walked towards the stairwell.

”Im not happy about this” She said trying to mask her concern.

”Look Ill be carefull. I want you two to eat and get the worst hangover out of your system”

”Be real carefull okay...” She touched his arm. He smiled at her and leaned in for a kiss.

”I promise. Ill be back within the hour”

Terrence opened the door to the stairwell and went downstairs. She stood still for a moment and looked at him descending. She waited to go inside until he was gone and she heard the door smash below.

”Hannah?” Martins voice was heard from outside the hallway.

”Yeah?” She went back to the hallway. Martin was standing in the appartment doorway.

”You alright?”

She realized she looked affected by the goodbye. She went inside past Martin without uttering a word.


She sat down in the couch. Martin came out with two plates of food.

”I think its done”

Hannah took the plate. It was a bunch of roasted potatoes. She took the plate back to the kitchen and got out the leg of lamb, carved a few slices and went back to the couch. They ate in silence. Martin constantly looking at her. Her mind was somewhere else. Centered on Terrence. She didnt know why but she couldnt shake the feeling that something bad would happen. She wanted to be there with him but he had been right. They were in no shape to start roaming the streets.

”So was I drunk?” Martin broke the silence.

Hannah laughed. ”Like you can imagine, youve always been bad with alcohol”

”Really? I cant remember much of anything...”

”Nothing at all?” Hannah looked at him.

”Well I remember bits and bops here and there”

”So no specific events?”

”Like what?”

”I dont know just you know maybe something that would upset you?”

”Was I upset?”

”Oh... no... its just” She quickly focused on her food, she had said too much already.

Martin looked at her playfully. ”What are you fishing for?”

”Nothing... nothing.... eat your food”

Martin took another bite then paused for a minute. ”You and Terrence look awfully close”

”What?” he wasnt gonna let down apparently.

”Yeah you were sitting close all night from what I remember”

”Oh well were good friends”

”Just friends?”

”Yeah just friends”

Martin smiled. ”Oh so....”

”so what?”

”nothing.. nothing at all” he concentrated on his food.

They finished off and Hannah reached for her cigarettes. Martin took the plates into the kitchen and sat down next to her. Casually he swung his arm back on the headrest

”So I was surprised to meet you here”

”Same” Hannah lit her cigarette

”I mean.... I kindda figured you would be dead with the bombing. But part of me knew you were alive” He paused for a minute. ”Hannah I always liked you, you know that”

Again with this thing. She sighed.

”I mean.... We almost hit it off once...”

”Yeah but thoose were different circumstances”

”How is it any different now”

”Ehm... look outside?”

”Yeah but I mean Im alive, youre alive...”

”Yeah but its just different”

”Oh Im sorry to hear that....”

”Look Martin... back then I was drunk and vulnerable....”

”Oh so I was a pity fuck?”

”We never fucked remember”

”No but it came close.....”

”Yeah and thats as close as it will ever come...”

Martin looked away. ”I had maybe hoped...”

”No let me finish. I had maybe hoped that you and I could figure something out. I never forgot about you”

”But you dated that girl from out of town back then”

”Yeah well that was just.. to pass time.... It never felt right”

Hannah stared into the tv. The conversation was getting her uncomfortable. Martin had already tried kissing her the day before and now when Terrence was away he tried something similar.

”So what have you been up to all theese years?” She had no better way to turn the conversation than to change the subject.

”Nothing really... Getting by..... But thats not what we were talking about...”

”Martin.. For gods sake..... Im not interested”

Martin got out of his seat and walked towards the door.

”Look I gotta be on my own for a minute” He closed the door behind him. She could hear him walking across the hallway then slamming the door to his appartment. She leaned back in her seat and had a think. This was not a good situation. Two men who both wanted her. One of whom had her and the other one who was pining for her. She needed to set the record straight. Maybe Martin would respect it if she just came clean about her and Terrences relationship.

She took out another cigarette then went through her stocks. There were enough for a long time but with Terrence picking up the habit again maybe they were better off getting some more.

She went to the kitchen and got a soda from the cooler. She looked out the window. The sun was baking the streets. It was odd. She never realized how lonely the sky looked with no planes or helicopters in it. She was used to the occasional overhead flyby from a plane but there was nothing of that going on. No people leaving for vacation or travelling the country. Just a void of nothing but clouds and birds. They had conquered the airspace once again.

She sat down in the couch and took another drag on her cigarette. A feeling of emptyness was spreading in her stomach and through her body. She felt very emotional, like she was on the verge of breaking down and crying any minute now. It mixed with her feelings for Terrence. She was a mess. She went to her bag and got out a small container of pills. She poured one into her hand and took it. It was a pill designed to relax her system and clear her thoughts and calm her down a bit. She wanted a beer but it would greatly increase the effects of the medication, she had always steered away from alcohol in conjunction with theese pills but right now it seemed like the ideal solution. She went to the kitchen and got a beer. There was dead silence and it penetrated her. It was uncomfortable. Her thoughts were all over the place.

She went back to the couch and put on some music, opened the beer and took a sip. She had never had a moment like this to relax in the midst of the so called apocalypse. She had always been moving forward in her efforts to get to Union City and then she had met Terrence and hadnt been alone for weeks. It had been exactly a month since the inital outbreak. The world had changed so fast. And was it just her part of the world that was affected? The news had said nothing about the rest of the world. Europe? Asia? What had happened there.

She paused for a moment. There was a sound. She sat in silence waiting for it to resume but nothing was heard, had Terrence come back? Nothing was heard. Maybe she was imagining things. She took another sip of the beer. Her medication had begun working. She felt slightly dazed. Her mind slowing down and her thoughts becoming quelled by the medically induced calm. She took a cigarette and put her feet up on the couch reaching down across her legs and raising the legs of her pants to her knees. She needed to shave thoose legs. She had never been one to become excessively hairy but small hairs were coming out of her legs. Another thing she had taken for granted in what seemed a past long gone.

There was a sound in the hallway. Then someone knocked on the door. She slowly got out of her seat and went to open it. It was Terrence. He was sweating and had blood on his shirt. Fresh blood.

”what happened?” Hannah immediately wrapped her arms around him. ”Are you hurt?”

”No nothing happened. Just ran into a few stiffs”

”Did you find what you were looking for?”

”Yeah... Youll see soon enough” He winked at her and hugged her back. They stood there for a few minutes before Hannah pulled back. She wiped her eyes.

”You alright girl?”

”Oh... yeah.... its nothing”

They went inside the appartment. He sat down in the couch and got out a cigarette. She went and grabbed a beer for him. He opened it and took a sip. She stood in the middle of the room for a minute contemplating her next move. She sat down next to him with a sigh.
”So is the city still as dead as it usually is?”

”Yeah... There are abit more stiffs around, I think we better start thinking about getting out of here... Wheres Martin?”

”He went to his room. We had.... a talk” She took another sip of beer.

”A talk? About what?”

”He did it again. Confessed his love and all”

”Oh man”

”I rejected him but I dont know if he understands...”

”Man... I dont know what to do about him”
”No its pretty shit....”

”Yeah.... Well maybe we should tell him?” Terrence had said exactly what she was thinking.

”Theres pros and cons to that I think.... We could tell him so he'd know for sure... But he might get all pissy.. I dont know... Never been good at this” Hannah took a sip of beer. It seemed an obvious decision. Why should they hide it.

”Well... lets give it a few days... just to get him used to being with people again”

”Yeah...” She leaned over and gave Terrence a kiss. He stroked her hair gently. He could see that she wasnt feeling good.

”How are you?” He had a concerned look on his face.

”Im allright... Just a bit shaken... Hangovers you know”

”Yeah.... Was the food alright?”

”Was good”

They sat and looked at each other. Hannah was trying to figure out what Terrence was thinking but couldnt read him that well. He just sat there and looked at her. Eventually she put her back to him and laid up against him with the pack of cigarettes in her hand. He put his hand around her and rested it across her chest. They sat for another few minutes in silence, the only sound being the soft caress of the music. Terrence was the first to speak.

”Listen I have an idea”

She tilted her head back and looked at him. ”Go on”

”We fortify here for a few days. Go down to the mall right now and get supplies. The city seems safe enough out here. Maybe we should think about getting a house”

She didnt like the idea. They were safe in this appartment. Being high off the ground and the only entrance being a narrow staircase with a locked door in front of it was comforting. A house would mean more chance of attacks and they didnt need that.

”But were safe here”

”Yeah but Ive been searching the streets. There are a few houses around that would be as safe as this. Fences and closed off gardens. We could fortify them even further and it would mean that we had a garden to spend time in”

She liked that idea. The appartment was too small for three people even with Martin staying in their old one.

”Okay.. Lets do it”

”Great...: We should go to the mall right now and get supplies for a few days”

”Sure... Ehm... what about Martin?”

”What about him?”

”Well he seemed kind of angry when he left. Should I go talk to him?”

”Probably a good idea. I can do it if you want to”

”Yeah... I dont think he wants to see me right now”

Terrence got out of his seat.

”You get ready Ill go get him” He walked out of the appartment and she could hear him treading across the hallway and knocking on Martins door. He opened and a conversation she couldnt quite hear went on. She got out of her seat and gathered her bag. Terrence came back into the appartment with Martin. He had obviously been sleeping.

”Were all set to go”

”Right.... Lets do this then”

Hannah sat in the car. She looked back to the passenger seat. Martin looked out the window with a contemplative look on his face.

”We got a surprise”

”What” he didnt pay her any attention and didnt seem all too interested.

”Were relocating. To a house. Terrence said he found some good ones”

”What?” Martin looked at her in disbelief.

”Why would we do that? We got it made in the appartments. Its safe there”

”Yeah but we can have more space and a garden, means barbequing”

”I dont care about barbequing I care about being alive. Why would you decide something like that behind my back”

”Well you werent there and Terrence”

Martin interrupted her. ”Oh so ”he's” the leader of this group”

”Noones the leader... Dont get all bent out of shape about this”

”I just think its stupid. We have a safe situation going on in the appartments”

”Yeah but theres no space dude” Terrence said from the drivers seat. They were approaching the mall.

”No but atleast its safe”

”Yeah well... Thats what WERE doing Martin” Hannah had lost her patience with him.

”Okay okay.. Ill follow.... But it better be safe”

”Its safe man.. trust me” Terrence stopped the car. They were in the parking lot in front of the mall. It was empty.

”Great.. the coast is clear so lets get going”

They got out of the car and walked towards their back entrance. Martin was purposely slacking behind. He was acting like a little kid who wasnt allowed to get the candy he wanted. It was bugging Hannah. She wanted for their group to work.

The mall was as quiet as ever. The back up generator was still running and the lights were still on everywhere.

”So what now?” Martin mumbled while staring at the floor.

”We shop.. Get anything you need and lets get it to the car” Terrence looked at him smiling. Hannah appreciated that he was trying his best to make friends with Martin. Martin continued to stare into the floor.

”We go back to the appartment when were done here and get our stuff and go to our new place”

”Sounds good. Lets shop” Hannah said cheerfully. Martin excused himself and walked off down a corridor. Hannah and Terrence looked at him while exchanging concerned looks. When he was long gone Terrence spoke.

”What the hell is his problem”

”Lets just give him some time to blow off some steam... Hell be fine eventually”

”I hope so”

They went towards the supermarket. Their main concern was getting food and water.

Martin shambled along down the corridors. He had no idea of where he was going he just needed to get some alone time. He was still suffering from his hangover and reeling from the blow of Hannah turning him down. He had hoped that she would have jumped into his awaiting arms but no such thing had unfurled. Now he was saddened and abit angry. The fact that Terrence and Hannah had apparently decided upon a plan without him didnt exactly help the situation. He stopped in front of a store. It was a hunting store filled to the brim with all manners of hunting paraphenalia. He walked inside and searched the shelves. Alot of stuff he didnt need but he did manage to find some tents. He would bring theese to Hannah and Terrence and show them once and for all that they needed him. If they were gonna go for Union City they would probably have to stay outdoors and tents would come in handy. He shopped around a bit more when something caught his eye. In a glass display box sat some knives. Shining brightly in the flourescents they appealed to him. He didnt have a close combat weapon and he needed something to fight with close quarters. The keys were sat in the display box, he opened and took out a big knife. It was heavy with a wooden grip. It had good balancing and most importantly it was very sharp. He got the matching sheat and stuck it in his belt. A solid find he thought now he wasnt just another useless idiot. Hannah would have to appreciate that atleast.

Hannah and Terrence had filled their baskets with all the frozen meats they could find. There had only been two legs of lamb and then they had gotten all kinds of processed frozen foods for the rest. Terrence wasnt too happy with the promise of having to eat processed food but as he put it ”its not like I have much of an alternative”. Now they were, once again, stood in the beverage section. They loaded up on water and soda then stopped at the alcohol section.

”We should probably get some more” Hannah looked at Terrence.

”Yeah but.... it didnt exactly pan out all too well last time with Martin”

”No but time passes faster when you drink and you get to escape this horrid situation”

”I guess youre right” He loaded up on beer.

Hannah started feeling more and more tired. The effects of the pill she had taken were grabbing a firm hold of her. She started feeling a slight bit sad.

”Im gonna go get some air”

”Okay... Be carefull”

”I will”

She kissed Terrence. He looked concerned. The sadness was painted on her face. A nasty side effect of the therapy was that she had become very good at displaying how she felt. Good in a civilized society but rather useless in a world where the major population group were mindless corpses. She quickly walked towards the exit. She wanted to be alone for a while and to try and regain composure. The realities of the world was beginning to sink in.

Martin walked around the mall window shopping. He had gotten a large backpack from the hunting store and was intent on filling it. He found a clothes store and browsed the goods. He got a hold of a stack of t-shirts. Pants and other items of clothing. It seemed like a silly idea but he wanted clean clothes and maybe being snappy dressed would somehow impress Hannah. His thoughts started wandering. An internal rage started filling him. Why was she rejecting him. What was it that he didnt have that she needed. He was perfect for her. Always had been. He stopped for a moment and stared into the shop. The silence was eery. She had no business rejecting him. He could give her a place to lay her head in theese times of need. He started thinking back. To when they were in school together. He had always gone above and beyond to try and comfort her. She had been quite the hellion. One moment she was all smiles the next she was a shattered wreck crying in his arms. It hurt that even though he had been there to soothe her she somehow didnt seem interested. The rage started overflowing. He took a hold of a pile of pants and threw them on the floor. Why was he not good enough. What more did she want. They were perfect for each other. The same set of interests. He had only given up because she withdrew after school. He had wanted to get on with his life and go through college. She just seemed like she wanted to stay a wreck.

He got out his knife and walked up to a mannequin. He wildly stabbed at it and punctured it. The rage consumed him. He wanted her so badly. He had never given up trying to be with her. The fact that they had almost had sex after a party where she had broken down and started crying, yet again, and he had soothed her and walked her home. She had kissed him and had invited him inside. They had been lying in the bed kissing. He had never forgotten that moment. It was the best time of his life. The mannequin fell down. He sat on top of it with a leg on each side of it. Stabbing at its head in a wild spat of rage. She needed to see him for what he really was. He was a nice guy and yet he could never impress her. He had watched her get her heart broken time and time again and had been there to pick up the pieces. And now here they were. The end of the world and she had the audacity to turn him down. He stood up again fuming with rage.

He would make her see his good sides. And he would make her love him.

Hannah sat down on the pavement with her back across the mall. She took out her pack and lit a cigarette. It was all too much really. She had met another survivor. A good friend of hers, and yet he was making it hard for her to be happy about their meeting. She started wondering her mind was slow and the thoughts werent coming as fast as usual. Would it be better if they had never gone to the center of Oldham? Would they have been better off alone. Would she have kissed Terrence if not for the incident and would they have to part ways with Martin.

The tears started forcing their way through her eyes. The sadness consumed her. The pills slowed down her brain and made her defenses weakened. She wasnt able to put up the facade of being happy. In fact she realized that she wasnt happy. Would it be better if she hadnt started a thing with Terrence? Would it be better if she removed herself from the equation?

She started crying softly. She buried her head in her arms and let it out. Slowly and gradually. The world was changed into an even more hostile enviroment. She heard steps next to hear then felt a hand on her back. A familiar voice spoke softly.
”Whats wrong girl”

She looked up and saw Terrence crouched next to her. He had a concerned look on his face.

”Nothing.... Im fine” she smiled through the tears.

”No... thats not gonna work on me, tell me whats up”

She put her head down again and started crying abit harder. She looked up again and wiped the tears away.

”Its just too much. I cant do this”

”Do what?”

”This whole end of the world business. Its just....”

”Yeah I know...”

”Do you?” She looked at him. ”Do you really?”

”Well yeah.... Its tough to live in this world.. I can only begin to imagine how it must be for you”

”Its so hard. I want to go back to my old life... Before any of this happened”

”You cant Hannah thats the thing. You just have to keep on keeping on”

”I know... but.... have you ever wondered if what were doing is the right thing?”

”Were surviving and were doing it honorably”

”Yeah.... but... what if the grand scheme of things is for humanity to die out... What if we arent meant to survive”

Terrence held his arm around her. She was shaking. She took another cigarette but was shaking so bad she couldnt light it. Terrence grabbed the lighter and lit it for her. He took a cigarette of his own and sat down next to her.

”Look... The way I see it is that thoose who are left alive are the ones meant for this world. Its like the great flood of modern age. Purging the filth and getting rid of most of the population in order to start from scratch”

”Terrence I dont..... You should have seen her”

”Seen who?”
”When I left the cinema I found a stiff. Badly injured. She looked so... sad.... Like she had given up fighting. She didnt even try to get a hold of me. She just kind of gave up”

”Thats... odd”

”Yeah..... Maybe killing them isnt the right thing. Thats why I messed up last time we were here. I just couldnt bring myself to hurt someone that might have been someones dad or son....”

”I see..... But its not like we have a choice....”

”No but... I really want us to have a choice... Were killing people and were doing it without even thinking”

”Look... Its either them or you... You dont have to like it but in order to survive you have to do it... Theres no way around it” He kissed her... She pressed her head close to him, she continued crying.

”Its just......... Martin seems to hate me and I just want us to get along.......”

”He'll come around”

”And you... youre just so amazing and I feel so sorry that I cant get better for you”

”You dont have to do anything for me girl”

”But if it was the normal world I would get further in my therapy and then get better and better but instead Im stuck with a treatment in progress that Ill never finish. I dont want to be like this forever”

She was ready for the talk about her illness. She just wanted to hold Terrence afraid that he was getting ripped from her any second now.

”Look I love you the way you are...:”
She paused...

”You what?”

”I love you the way you are...”

”You.... love me?”

”Well yeah....” he kissed her forehead. She reached up and grabbed his cheeks and kissed him passionately.

”I love you too”

The tears werent pressing onwards anymore. Getting it out of her system had been nice.

”Hannah.... How does it make you feel all of this?”

”Pretty shite....” She scoffed and lit another cigarette.

”How about you and me?”

”Its weird... I feel in love... But it also means I go through all of my emotions all the time. Im afraid”

”Afraid of what” he spoke softly. Grabbed the pack and lit one himself.

”Afraid Im gonna loose you like Ive lost everybody else”

”Youre not gonna loose me. I am gonna get you to Union City no matter what”

She looked at him and smiled. He was beautiful as he sat there in the sun.

”There you two are.. Ive been looking all over for you” Martin was stood in the doorway carrying two tents and a big backpack.

”Yooo Martin... You ready to go?”

”Yes... I feel amazing” He was all smiles. The rage fit had helped him get his feelings out of his system.

”Hannah? You ready to go”

Hannah nodded and stood up. She and Terrence went inside the door and picked up all the baskets that Terrence had filled and went towards the car. In the distance they could see a stiff making its way onto the parking lot. None of them paid it any thought. They were aware but it wasnt a threat.

Martin got in the backseat and after they were done piling in the goods both Hannah and Terrence sat in the car.

They drove back to the appartment without uttering a word. Martin was looking out the windows and seeemd awfully cheery. Hannah was just sat there staring out the front window.

After having gotten their stuff from the appartment they drove off to a new destination. It was a rather large house. Two stories in the middle of a bunch of houses. They had passed some minor appartment complexes on their way there but their goal had been this house. Hannah stepped outside the car and took a closer look. It seemed safe. Whoever had lived here had been big on privacy. The front garden was elevated on a bed of rocks. Aproximately a little under a meter off the ground. Along the border of it ran a small hedge. Not alot but big enough, in conjunction with the bed of rocks, that a stiff wouldnt be able to get into the garden. The driveway was open but only about big enough at the bottom for a car to block it completely. It widened out in the garage and gave space for people to get out.

She got out her axe and walked up along the driveway. There were no sounds apart from the breathing and steps of her companions. Terrence followed after her with Martin staying by the car. He had insisted on staying behind as he would only slow down the group according to himself.

They reached the garage. It was half open. Hannah reached down and pulled the sliding door all the way up. With a whooshing sound the garage beared itself to them.

It was more expansive than the driveway. A bunch of tools hung on the back wall and boxes were piled up in the corner. There was no sign of a car.

”Well thats safe then..”

Terrence started walking towards the door. As the garage had been half open, showing evidence on someone leaving in a hurry, so was the front door of the house. The wind playfully opened and closed the door and the hinges made a slight noise. It sounded eerie to her. Like in thoose horror movies where the door slowly grinds on its hinges.

The entryway was small. There were a few shoes stood in a mess on the floor. Adult shoes. Children shoes. Some jackets hung on the wall. Even though Terrence had previously scouted the place they found it best to be careful. Better safe than sorry. There was a door leading to a room in the entrance way and a door leading to the boiler room. A large boiler was slumped against the wall and next to it was a washer and a dryer.

”Ill take this room you take the other” Hannah slowly grabbed the door knob leading in to the room from the entryway. The door opened swiftly and without a sound. It was obviously new. Inside she found what looked like an average teenagers room. Posters ,of half naked big breasted models slumped across cars attempting to strike a sexy pose, that would cause a teenager doped up on hormones enough to buy them, adorned the walls. A cabinet for clothes was stood alongside the wall and a small one man bed against the other. The room kind of broke off around the entryway and in the nook there was a table with a computer and a tv with a dvd player hung on the wall. She turned her attention to the dvd collection that was sat on some shelves beside the tv.

”Assbangers 4, Please Cum In Me 2, Finding Nemo” she burst out laughing. Terrence came running into the room.


She showed him her findings of adult entertainment and an innocent childrens movie flinged in between them in an effort to seem innocent but only establishing some sort of gross thought of a child growing up too fast. Terrence burst out laughing. He pointed at the movies.
”Ive seen that one many times actually”

”What Assbangers 4?” She tilted her head and did her best to give him the killer look.

”No Finding Nemo.........”

”Oh..... Well... lets just put them back on the shelf”

They walked into the entryway on their way to the boiler room. Terrence turned around and grinned with a wicked smile.

”Besides Assbangers 4 isnt as good as the first one and production quality was at an all time low after the sequel” he tried to sound casual without cracking up. Hannah burst into laughter.

They quickly searched through the small boiler room. A laundry basket stood on top of the washing machine full of dirty clothes. To the side of the room stood three rows of bookcases filled to the brim with boxes. Each box had a label on it. Next to the bookcases was a door. Terrence looked at Hannah.

”Thats probably leading down to a cellar, ill check it out... You clear the rest of the house”

Hannah nodded. She made her way into a kitchen.

A small table was stood to the side of the kitchen. The doorway leading into a hallway was right in front of her. The kitchen wasnt too wide and was long. She lowered her gun and checked it out. Gas stove, they were in luck.

The cupboards were full of all sorts of food. A small number of cans laid on the floor in front of it and there were a handful inside. Different kinds of ready to eat meals in cans. Whoever had lived here had obviously stocked up and taken what they deemed necessary for the trip. All manners of cereal, pasta and other dry cooking products were in the cupboard aswell.

Behind her was a long kitchen counter extending down to the doorway. A sink in the middle. On the wall hung a rack of garlic and in a bread container she found a molding old pack of bread that had taken on a life of its own. She closed it and went to the doorway. There were five options here. She opened the door on her left hand side closest to the doorway. It lead into a small bathroom. Even smaller than her own.

The doorway beside it had no door. It lead to an entrance that didnt seem to be used. Odd location for an entry she thought.

On the wall beside the open doorway was another door. She opened it slowly and walked inside. It seemed to be the master bedroom. A kingsize bed stood in the middle of the room up against the left wall. The right wall was full of closets. She could see into the front garden from the window in this room.

She went outside and closed the door and turned her attention to the right hand wall. A door lead into a kids room and then there was an open doorway leading into the living room. She quickly checked the kids room. It had belonged to a little girl from what she could see. It was a tight fit room but they had made the most of the space available. Posters of various landscapes hung on the wall and a big rainbow was painted across the left hand wall. An elevated bed stood at the end next to the window facing the front yard.

The living room was quite big. It extended the entire length of the kitchen and boiler room. A dinner table stood in the front and in the back a sofa setting with a large flatscreen tv up against the wall facing the driveway. A door at the end she was standing in lead into a narrow computer room. She heard Terrence walking through the house. He stood in the doorway he had one hand behind his back

”We clear?”

”Were clear, did you find anything interesting?”

”Actually....” he pulled out his hand and held a dusty bottle of wine.

”Ooooh” Hannah cheered.

”Its a 2005 Château Mont-Redon” he dusted it off.

”Okay...” Hannah paused... She didnt know anything about wine.

”Old wine is good I take it?”

”This one is”

It was around evening. Terrence had prepared some food. They had taken a leg of lamb due to the house running on gas. Martin had once again stuck to his chicken fingers. They were now down to only cans, meals that came in a bag and processed foods. Terrence's worst nightmare.

Hannah leaned back in her seat and grabbed her cigarettes. She passed one to Terrence.

”You know we gotta get you your own pack”

”Yeah..... We probably should”

”And youre gonna have to find them on your own you know”

He laughed.

”aye captain...”

Martin looked at them and shook his head. He got up and took out the plates. Hannah quickly kissed Terrence. She brushed his cheek overflowing with stubbles. Then sat down as Martin got back into the room. He stood for a moment then stretched his arms and yawned.

”Man Im tired”

”Go to bed then?” Hannah turned around in the seat to face him.

”Yeah.... who gets what?”

”I reckon you take the teenagers room. Ill take the little girls room and Terrence will take the master bedroom”

”I can live with that...” He went into the living room and sat in the couch. It was made of leather but quite worn after years of faithful service.

”Werent you going to bed?”

Martin looked at her.

”Yeah in a minute I just want to stay up a little while longer..” he looked at his wrist watch.

”Its only 8pm”

Hannah rose and went into the kitchen. They had positioned their cooling boxes around it. They had four all filled to the brim with soda, alcohol and food. She started going through the cupboards for some candles and quickly found a large bag. Terrence walked into the kitchen and put his arms slowly around Hannah.

”Hey you” she tilted her head back and kissed him. His arms were caressing her stomach. She turned around and kissed him, slowly, then more passionately. He pressed her up against the cupboards and kissed her neck. She let out a tiny moan. Terrence stopped.

”I have a surprise for you” he smiled.

”Oh why did you stop”

”Eeeh.. Martin?”

”Oh yeah thats right, curse that guy”

Terrence laughed.
”We should probably....”

”Head in?”


Hannah put some beers and sodas on the table then formed a small pouch with her t-shirt. She filled it and Terrence took the rest and the candles.

”We bring offerings of beer!”

Martin sat up straight. He was half asleep already.


They sat it all down on the table. Hannah started spreading candles around the table. The sun was slowly beginning to set but it wasnt dark yet. Martin opened a beer and took a big swig. He leaned back into his seat.

”You know this is pretty neat actually”

”Drinking beer?”

”No this whole..... survival business.... going from one place to another.. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring. No rules no boundaries, just freedom”

Terrence laughed. Hadnt been long ago he said some of the same, only in a different wording.

”Cheers to that”

They all took a sip of beer then relaxed in their seats. They savoured the moment. Who knew how long this state of tranquillity would last. At some point they would have to move on towards Union City but daring the road seemed like a bad decision especially considering their experiences in Oldham Central. Martin started to doze off. His head nodding as his body required him to sleep. Terrence looked at Hannah. She smiled back at him. He had a look in his face like this was what he had been waiting for. He prodded Martin gently.


”Yeah.. Im here”

”Dont you think its time to go to bed?”

Martin sat for a minute. Lifted his beer but ended up setting it down on the table.

”Yeah... Im tired... Ill take the teenager room”

He got out of his seat and walked out of the living room. Terrence kissed Hannah gently. She leaned back and laid down on the couch her entire being focused around Terrence. She wanted him she realized. Years of being away from physical contact with a person she cared for had made her biological clock tick louder and louder. They heard Martins steps dissapear in the building. Terrence sat up.

”Okay... Lets wait a few minutes and then I have something to show you”

Hannah looked at him with wide eyes. What could it be?

Half an hour had passed. They had checked on Martin but he was fast asleep. Terrence had gotten a shopping basket out and covered it with a wash cloth. He was now leading Hananh onto the street. The dark had set in and a cool evening breeze met them as they stepped onto the street. They had brought their close combat weaponry for safety. Even though Terrence had a plan it was still better to play it safe than to end up getting swarmed. Hannah carried her gun as always.

”What is it?”

”Youll see”

She hated not knowing. She was very curious by nature and the idea that he was whisking her off to some place unknown bothered her. They passed a few houses and got to where the appartment blocks started. Terrence stopped at the door to an appartment block and crouched down in front of the lock. He got out his tools and started messing with the lock. He was getting quite good at it now, a locked door that before had been a major hassle had become a minor inconvenince now. The door swung open and Terrence motioned for her to follow. They left the fading lights of the sun outside and lit a flashlight. Hannah was getting anxious. She wasnt much for dark places, had never been much for it as a matter of fact. She reached into her pocket and grabbed her pack. As they went up the stairs only guided by the flashlight she felt anxiety eroding her nerves slowly. She made sure to be behind Terrence, rather close. She would grab his arm but she wasnt much for playing the damsel in distress. She had taken care of herself for a decade or so and she wasnt about to give in to her anxiety issues just like that. She started doing her breathing excersises with every drag on the cigarette.

”Is it safe?” She whispered for fear of making noise that something would hear.
”Yeah.... I reckon so... Door was locked”

They advanced further up the stairs until they got to the very top floor. The stairwell ended in a door with a green exit sign hanging above it. Terrence pushed the door open.

They were stood on the roof of the building. A completely flat roof made of concrete, small antennas where gathered in a hub on the building they had just exited. Terrence took her hand and guided her out on the roof. He sat the basket down and removed the washcloth. He removed two rather large blankets to unveil the contents of the basket. There were two cups, two bottles of wine and some chocolate. His intentions became clear and she blushed as she realized it. A little romantic island on the top a building. Stranded in the urban sea.

”I thought we needed a little special night you and me” He smiled at her revealing his perfectly kept teeth.

”You are something else you know that” She leaned up against him with her back to him, he wrapped his strong arms around her and held her tight. She tilted her head back and kissed him. This was right. This was perfect.

Terrence laid out the two blankets. One to lie on the other one to have on top.

”Do we camp out here?” Hannah sat down on the blanket. He sat next to her.

”I guess we could do that”

”I would love that”

Terrence got out the two cups and poured some wine. The dusty bottle he had found earlier and had saved for this moment in time. They toasted and drank their wine. Hannah was lying down with her upper body resting against Terrence who was sitting up straight. They sat in silence and watched the moonlight paint the streets as the sun died out and dissapeared into the horizon.

”Hannah... Hannah wake up” Terrence sounded anxious. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Her body was aching from sleeping on the roof but it had been a perfect night. She was cold but the sun was slowly rising and heating up the city. She looked at Terrence. He had a wild look in his eyes.

”HANNAH... We gotta go”

She suddenly woke up. His tone of voice suggested that he was distressed. She got up on her feet and he grabbed her hand practically dragging her to the door. They ran down the stairs as quick as they could and opened the door to the streets.

”Terrence... wait” Hannah stood on the pavement for a minuted and gasped for air. She always had an adjustment period after waking up where anything would make her winded. Sleep was still hanging on in her system and the confusion as to why they had to leave so urgently had scrambled her thoughts. She looked around and saw exactly why. Stiffs. There were about 10 of them all shambling in their direction. The street was fairly long and straight so they could see far. The stiffs had yet to spot them but it looked pretty bad. They started running towards the house.

Terrence shut the door after they had both entered. He went right through the house and into the master bedroom. Martin came out of the living room and met them in the hallway.

”Where have you been?”

”Out...” Hannah stood in the doorway to the master bedroom. Terrence had placed himself at the window looking out onto the street.

”All night?”

”Yeah we..”
”DAMN” Terrence sounded irritated. He quickly went outside of the house.

”So you were out... Scavenging?”

”Not exactly?”

Martin stood for a moment and pondered the situation.

”So you and him.... you are..”

Hannah sighed. No point in keeping up appearances, the cat was out of the bag.

”Yes.. we are”

They saw Terrence standing in the front yard. He was crouched in front of the hedges making a small hole to look through. Martin looked like his heart was sinking.

”Well... I... congratulations?”

”Martin I know how you fee...”

”No Hannah... No you dont.... I need some air”

He turned around and exited the bedroom.

”Martin dont go out there”

But he didnt hear her. Terrence would surely stop him. The last thing they needed right now was more people in the front yard. They had no idea to what extend the stiffs were aware of their pressence. Could they smell living people? Were they purely based on visual contact with their prey? She looked out the window. She saw Martin going down the driveway. Terrence was busy looking out of the hedges to notice Martin.

”Great” she said out loud. She ran all that she could out of the house and into the drive way but Martin had gone onto the street. Terrence heard her feet hitting the gravel and turned around. He put a finger in front of his lips motioning for her to be silent. She ducked down and ran over to Terrence.
”Martins out there”


”Martin.. he found out about us and got mad, he's in the street”


They could hear the shuffling of feet and moans of the undead on the other side of the hedge. Hannah made a hole in the hedges and looked out onto the street. About five stiffs were walking around out there with more inbound.

”What do we do” she whispered to Terrence.
”We cant go out there, its too dangerous, he has fend for himself”

Hannah sat down on the grass and got out a cigarette.

Martin had walked for a little while. His pace was fast and resolute, he was walking as far away from the house as he could. The blow of realizing that Hannah had decided to be with Terrence had not been easy to cope with. He was angry and sad, the feelings blurred together and filled his being. He should have known, a part of him HAD known but not for sure, now it was painfully evident and it hurt. He stopped for a minute to look around. The streets in front of him were empty. There were loads of houses around some had their doors open some hadnt. He turned around on his heel and looked at the path he had been walking. In the distance he could see about a dozen shapes shambling towards him. He checked his side for his gun. It was hanging by his side faithfully resting in its holster. He drew it and checked the magazine. It was fully loaded as he had reloaded back when he met Terrence and hadnt fired a single shot since then. He tried making a plan. The best idea had to be to get into one of the open houses and stay there till the herd of stiffs had passed through. He made a quick decision and ran up a driveway to a random house. The stiffs were getting closer.

He shuffled as fast as he could and grabbed the handle of the door it was locked.


He quickly ran back down the driveway and onto the street. Although they were moving slowly theese creeps could quickly sneak up on you and they were closer than he would like them to be. He looked around and saw a house with an open door. As fast as his feet could carry him he ran into the house and shut the door. For a minute he stood still to compose himself. A sound was heard in the house. He was not alone.

Hannah and Terrence had moved back into the house. The stiffs hadnt spotted them so they were in the clear they thought. The herd had been massive. Easily well over 30 stiffs all shambling towards some unknown destination. Now the pair of them were sitting in the living room drinking beer to calm their nerves. Concern was painted all over their faces but Hannah especially looked like she was crackling behind her facade.

”Im sure he'll be allright dont worry” Terrence took her hand. She took out another cigarette and started pulsing away. Terrence did the same. A hell of a situation to be in. A gunshot was heard not that far away.

He had killed it just as it came round the corner. A male too decomposed to determine the age of. He had to get out of here. The gunshot would drag the stiffs in and they had probably passed on by now so he could escape out the back. He quickly ran to the front door and into the driveway. 5 stiffs were walking up the paved driveway. They noticed him right away but he acted fast. Dashed across the front lawn and jumped onto the street thinking he was safe. He looked at the direction of their safe house and his greatest fear was confirmed. There were too many to count and they were all walking towards him. Some of them had already spotted him and with loud agressive groans they made their way towards him. Instinctively he raised his gun and started to kill them. One by one they fell as he progressed closer and closer to the safe house. When it was possible he dashed in and around them. The stiffs reached out for him but he was faster than them and none of them could grab hold.

He reached the driveway and started backing in past the car shooting the ones that followed. When he was within the yard he ran to the door and hurled it open. He was met by Hannah who hugged him as he appeared. Terrence was in the boiler room beside.

”We gotta go” Martin said frantically.

”There are so many out there and they are coming up the driveway”

”Yeah with all that shooting you do youre attracting them” Terrence said

”It was purely acting on instinct... Look lets go quickly”

They rushed around the house gathering what they could carry. A cooling box each, their weapons, some blankets then ran to the car. A few stiffs had made their way past the car into the driveway. Martin raised his gun to fire but Terrence yelled at him.

”NO More will follow” then proceeded to kill the stiffs using his knife. More stiffs entered and the group found themselves cornered. Martin pulled out his knife and started stabbing wildly at the stiffs. The three of them were stood fairly close to each other and the combat was heated. More stiffs followed and Terrence drew his rifle.

”Just kill them... We have to get the car freed”

They started firing at random into the crowd of stiffs. The undead attacked relentlessly but the addition of the guns to the equation had tipped the scales in the groups favor. The car was quickly freed and they loaded their goods and got into their respective seats. Terrence fired up the engine and drove through the horde of undead, trampling a few in the progress. Soon they were on their way again.

Hannah sat staring out the window. She was feeling slightly dizzy. She put her hand in her lap, it was wet. She looked down and noticed a massive pool of blood on her clothes. Then she felt the sting on her arm. She looked over and there was a huge gash on the underside of it. The blood was flowing freely from her arm. This was not good.

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