No one would know

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Another day.. Funny

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Submitted: April 11, 2010



The next morning I woke up feeling hot and sweaty when it was cold. I looked and saw my alarm clock read 6:02 am. I got up and walked to the bathroom. My bare feet touched the hard cold ground. I eventually got dressed and straightend out my hair a little bit and put on my black eyeliner. After I was done with my make up I put on my jacket and walked out my room. I noticed my mom's door was closed so I didn't bother checking up on her. I walked into the cold bitter morning. The wind hitting my face and how painful and cold it was. I continued walking and just as I was about to cross the bridge I heard someone yelling my name. Just as I was about to turn Emily stood in front of me with Jenna and Bliss still running in back of her. \"Where were you?,\" she asked worried. \"Hi, umm I stayed for tutoring,\" I said as I looked at her tiny body. She was wearing a red ripped up Megadeth shirt with black tight skinny jeans like the ones I was wearing with little black flats, her shirt flashed a lot of skin but she looked fantastic unlike me that wore a long sleeved navy shirt with a black jacket with black pants like Emily and black and white high top converse. She continued looking at me worried as Jenna and Bliss caught up panting and saying \" Hey where the fuck were you\". \"Sorry I didn't tell you guys. I sort of forgot. But I'll tell you guys next time,\" I said. \"Oh it's just I was really worried Bella and I went looking for you and you wouldn't answer my calls or texts\", Emily said so innocent. \" Im sorry,\" I said again. She looked up and said \" Okay\".  It was silent but Emily did have a reason to worry. She never really worried about anything but me and her were like sisters, I was the only person she truely cared about and worried about. I always took care of her well since we were little. 

\"Arent you cold?,\" I asked putting my hand on her snowy white shoulder. \"Of course not silly!,\" she giggled. We started walking to school and Emily talked about Bryan and I just wanted to tell her shutup but I decided not to. We got to school and we all parted our ways. Today was so boring and slow. Lunch was the usual. We just hung out at the stage with everyone else like always. I joined converstations and everyone kept asking about Max and I simply shrugged and said he would be back soon. What about Max never came back, that's all I could think about. I needed to stop thinking about Max and pay attention to what's going on.

Walking into Mr. Ryder's class was a weird feeling. He sat at his desk typing on the computer keyboard. \" Hello Isabella\", he said in a friendly tone smiling as he looked up from the computer screen. I simply smile and walked to my seat. Kurt and Melissa starred at me with their long grins. \" So what's up!,\" Melissa asked. I starred at her and before I could answered her the bell rang. Mr. Ryder said hi  to all the students and said a funny joke that made the whole class laughed even i laughed. He started talking about todays lesson and wrote things on the board. Today was a tuesday, a shorter day then the rest. School ended at 1:46 today when on normal day's it ended at 3:00. The class ended soon and i did the same thing from yesterday: the last one in class, gave him my daily check and told him i would see him later. By afterschool i called Emily and told her i was staying afterschool, she sounded upset and told me we needed to' hang out later.

The walk to' Mr. Ryder's class wasnt to' long or to' short. I got there on time and he smiled. We sat in the back close to' the big window as he tutored me. Again i was old shy quiet Bella, i didnt even move and i felt mean for not laughing at a joke he made. He got up and looked for something in some drawers behind us. Then some stuff fell and i jump to' my feet and helped him pick up the stuff then i something caught my eye- a black book with orange shiny words stamped on the cover \"Clockwork Orange\". I stood there shocked. He actually read this book! I flipper through the pages and he noticed i had the book. \" Its a very good book, i got it when i went to' London for my thriteen birthday,\" Mr. Ryder said. \" Its called....,\" he said as i intrupted him by ending his sentence by saying \" A Clockwork Orange!\". I think thats when the shy Bella shut down and Bella Bella came out. We sat there talking for hours about our favorite songs, bands, movies, shows, the popculture, celebrities and even politics! I found it even more shocking when he revealed many things, similar to' mine. We had so much in common. Pretty soon the clock read 3 and I said goodbye and lefted.

Later I was walking and Emily send me a text message telling me to go to Jenna's house so I went. Jenna's house was like about 3 streets away from my house and 5 streets away from Emily's house. It wasn't a long walk but it seemed like forever. I finally got to Jenna's big blue house. Jenna's dad is the Sheriff and a very well respected one too! Her mom died years before I met her (she was ran over by a drunk driver when Jenna was three years old). I felt bad and guilty about Jenna's loss. She didn't have a mom. I know I would die if I didn't have one either. Jenna still had older sisters and a dad ( something I didn't have). Well I do have a dad but because of his job he is constanly gone that's probably why my mom left him. He worked a lot and rarely saw him probably just Christmas but he wouldn't stay long. He missed some birthdays and other stuff like I don't know when I need him. I got over my anger but there is still a little flame burning there deep in my heart. Continuing about Jenna, her sisters are in their earlyand mid twetnies. Rebecca, the oldest was in Chicago, happily married and with children. Amy and Jane the twins were in completing their first year in NYC my dream college! The one I would go to! Her sisters were so far away but came when they could which made Jenna and her dad Carl happy.

Sheriff Blaze's police car wasn't no where in sight which meant he was working like usually. I just love Jenna's last name: Jenna Blaze. The house seem quiet and peaceful unlike Jenna! I knocked on the door slowly. I could see someone through the blurry see through glass window on the door but I couldn't tell who it was. \"Hey Bella!,\" Emily screamed as she open the door and I could hear loud rock music probably The Doors. She jumped on me and smelled like alcohol. I wrinkled my nose to the awful and famaliar stench but hugged her back. \"Hi Emmi,\" I said squeezing her tiny body. \" Come on let's party!,\" she said taking me into Jenna's house. I was wisked away with the music and loud talking of the girls and the strong smell of alcohol burning my nose. I couldn't wait to tell the girls about today which was weird! My day hasn't ended just yet....

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