Justifiable Killers

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When the Ingenium explosion of 2034 happened, the world was plagued with radiation. It wasn't until 30 years later that Espers were exposed to the world. Hated by all, and loved by none, Espers are people who inherited ingeniums from the explosion. Alice and Zeeda are two of the few Espers left in the world. They have been working for the American government since they were 6, but when they are sent to Great Britain, the girls get a wake up call on just how hated their species really are.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Justifiable Killers

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013




It took one bomb, one bomb that made the Tsar bomb look weak, that was all it took. The Ingenium Bomb, named after the side effects were discovered, didn't have an owner. Why? Probably because it exploded in its home country, taking 18 others with it. There were no survivors in those countries, and the radiation spread universal. Many people died of cancer, others died of the poison, others became cursed. Espers, as they were known, were the children of the children who survived and had no stable DNA. The children either died or became Ingenium users, it would be better to die then to become a user. 
When scientists in Europe found out about the children, they studied them till there was nothing left to learn. They were able to come up with a cure for the unstable DNA and the children became normal, well, most of them. Espers were still being born, it was rare, but it happened. 
They were hated, everywhere. Some countries even banned them from entering their country, they probably would have killed their mothers as well, if it weren't for the fact that giving birth to an Esper killed the poor woman. Espers, unstable for most of their lives, didn't have complete control of their Ingenium, they often killed and were labeled as monsters or children of Satan. 
Since 2147, Espers are so rare that all of them could be put into one school with no issue, which is exactly what America is doing. Collecting all the Espers from other countries and training the, pairing them up with others of their kind to form teams, and giving each team its own military official. In 2186, a team specially made for those Espers with more than one Ingenium was formed, it was called, the Justifiable Killers.
~ ~ ~ 
"Yes, we do acknowledge that the last Justifiable Killer was killed in battle," the man in the black suit was sweating from his neck, he was nervous standing before the leaders of the nations. Their stares pierced him till he thought he would bleed out. 
"Then find more, there has to be more of the little freaks!" a man with a booming voice was yelling, he was on his feet pointing his wrinkled finger at the poor suited man.  He was the American appointed leader of Saldia, a nation formed from the remains of those that were affected by the Ingenium Explosion. 
"We are trying sir, but it seems that most of the Espers were annihilated by the Mortem Virus," the suited man explained, it is true that the Mortem Virus killed half of the already rare Espers, it was created for that exact purpose, it was also true that America has sucked almost every country dry of their Espers. 
"Get the dark coats on it, set up school health tests and find more of the resources," a younger man added his voice to the conversation, he was the actual president of the United States, he was quite smart and had respect for the Espers he was collecting. He referred to the dark coats, an unusual action, no one liked to speak of the dark coats. The dark coats were simply scientists that studied Espers, they had a tendency to be ruthless and have no morals, they were feared by many, and were easy to pick out in a crowd with their black lab coats. 
"Yes sir," the suited man quickly exited the large room, running into an even scarier situation. General Stiever, feared by the dark coats themselves, was waiting for the poor man, he just couldn't get a break today.
"I believe we need to talk," she had a demanding voice which was very raspy, she was known for smoking cigars. 
"About what, may I ask," the suited man tried to play it off as if we wasn't about to shoot himself in the heart to get away from the woman before him. 
"I know where some powerful Espers are," this intrigued him, the answer to his problems might just be standing in front of him, he was glad he hadn't simply run away now. 
"Try Russia, the Angel Family Orphanage, and New York, on the streets, most likely conning someone," with that the woman left, proper stance and with not a single ounce of emotion.
The suited man did as he was told, and soon enough he found the two Espers, Stiever must have been talking about, Alice Ere, a 6 year old from Russia and Zeeda Yuro, also 6 years old and form New York. They were perfect and suited man has a sneaky suspicion that they were both eligible for the Justifiable Killers team.

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Justifiable Killers

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