They Don't Know About Us

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Charlotte and Kendall have been in love since they could walk. Because they've been neighbors all their life, their friendship began before their relationship. But suddenly it's all gone. Shattered into a million bits. Kendall has been kidnapped, and nothing in the world will stop Charlotte from finding him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - They Don't Know About Us (Chapter 1)

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013



Prologue Kendall is my everything. He is my breath and my food. He is the gravity that holds me to earth and the medicine that keeps me from going insane. I gently rest my head on his slightly muscular shoulder as we walk along the street in the winter weather, his hand in mine. I look around at the tall buildings around us. I stop and look at the Old State Capitol. It's large with a black fence around it. Small yellowy bricks make paths from each gate to the Capitol. I've been in there once it was interesting, all the facts and history about it. We continue and cross the street. Before we make it across, Kendall picks me up and cradles me like a baby. He skirts to the other side and pushes open the doors to Coldstone Creamery. The lady at the counter smiles at us and I laugh uncontrollably. Kendall sets me down on the tile floor. I press my hands against his chest and kiss him lightly. Putting his hands on my waist, he pulls me closer and kisses back. The lady is older and smiles warmly. \"Do you two need anything?\" She asks. I pull away from Kendall and turn towards the lady blushing. \"Sorry,\" I apologize for no reason. \"Yes, I'll have a scoop of Mint Chocolate.\" \"Make that two scoops,\" Kendall says, not letting go of my hand. She rings them up on the cash register. \"That's five dollars and sixty two cents.\" I open my purse to get money out, but Kendall hands her a ten. \"Hey, you know I'm not broke!\" I joke, softly knocking his head. He has dirty blonde hair that needs to be cut and sparkling green eyes. I take my ice cream and we head back outside, eating and walking at the same time. We walk all the way back to our houses which are small, but not tiny. I don't mind the size; I actually enjoy it. \"You coming in Charlotte?\" Kendall asks, opening the door. He already knows I'm going to. \"Like usual.\" I don't think me and Kendall would ever be like this if we weren't neighbors. I walk down the skinny hallway to Kendall's bedroom. Both of us flop on the bed and Kendall takes out his laptop. \"Now what are we looking up?\" I ponder, rolling on my back and looking up at Kendall. He pushes my blonde hairs off the computer. I flip to my stomach and hug his arm wrapped in a gray thermal tee. \"Things to do on a...\" Kendall glances out the window. Wispy snowflakes start to fall. \"Snowy day.\" He touches the small sliver of bare skin between my sweater and my jeans and brings me close. We kiss. Even though we've done it a million times, I feel tiny sparks in my stomach as he cups his hand around my face. I slightly bring my legs around his. He stops and opens his eyes. \"Forever?\" \"Forever,\" I whisper, and he softly kisses my neck. And this is when our wonderful forever begins.

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